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Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records
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Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records
Find your ancestor in Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records. This great data set is part of the International & Passenger Records subscription.
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Philadelphia Naturalization Records features approximately 113,000 names of immigrants filing for naturalization between 1789 and 1880.

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With information on more than 113,000 immigrants from nearly 100 countries, this data set will be a great resource for researchers whose family settled in Pennsylvania.

 Sources for Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records:
Information compiled in this data set was originally edited by P. William Filby and produced as a book volume called Philadelphia Naturalization Records. That book volume was compiled from an eleven-volume index originally completed by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) around 1940. That index is generally considered to be one of the most important documents in the American naturalization and immigration archive.

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