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Ontario, 1858-1869 Marriage Index
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Ontario, 1858-1869 Marriage Index
Find your ancestor in Ontario, 1858-1869 Marriage Index. This great data set is part of the International & Passenger Records subscription.
 Data on your ancestors may include:
Name, age, residence, and birthplace of each spouse
Names of parents
Marriage location and date
County where the marriage was recorded
Source and location of original record

This Ontario Marriage Index features approximately 50,000 names of individuals married in Ontario between 1858 and 1869.

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 More details about Ontario, 1858-1869 Marriage Index:
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Save yourself time and effort — hunt for your ancestors' marriages in one master index, instead of looking through microfilms of approximately 40 county marriage registers or indexes one-by-one.

  • Comprehensive coverage of Ontario marriage records between 1858 and July 1869
  • Approximately 50,000 individuals referenced
  • Genealogically valuable because the records were collected before Province-wide registration of marriages began
  • Also valuable because surviving microfilmed records in each county throughout the Province are collected together, and details merged into one Province-wide index for the first time

Now you can access County Marriage Registers for Ontario quickly and easily — most records also give names for both sets of parents.

 Sources for Ontario, 1858-1869 Marriage Index:
Official County Marriage Registers for Ontario.

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