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Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers
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Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers
Find your ancestor in Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers. This great data set is part of the International & Passenger Records subscription.
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Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers features approximately 131,000 names of Canadian residents.

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Early settlers of Nova Scotia and Ontario included American colonists (particularly Loyalists) as well as English, Scottish, and Irish immigrants. Among the six titles reproduced here, you'll find historical essays on the settlement of Nova Scotia and Ontario, Loyalist lists, population returns, maps, and immigration records. Originally published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, these books reference approximately 131,000 individuals.

The scarcity of surviving civil records from Nova Scotia and Ontario makes those found on this data set even more valuable. Among the unusual resources collected here you'll find a comprehensive collection of newspaper columns that focus entirely on New England families of English descent who settled in Nova Scotia around the time of the Revolutionary War.

 Sources for Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers:
  • Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, Volumes I and II
    by Leonard H. Smith
    Volume I brings together a comprehensive collection of abstracts on Nova Scotia immigrants spanning more than 500 pages. The result of more than a decade of work, it brings together dozens of manuscript sources from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and from archives in Fredericton, Church Point, Ottawa, Boston, London, and Paris as well as 450 articles from Nova Scotia periodicals. Sources for the information include township books, passenger lists, and church land, passenger, probate, and vital records. Fully sourced, the information that you'll find about an individual generally includes name, occupation, place of origin, age, family members, name of ship, date of arrival, and military affiliation.

    Volume II identifies immigrants reported in selected periodicals published outside Nova Scotia and selected diaries and journals, generally providing name, place of origin, names of spouse and parents, date and place of arrival, and source citation. Among the most comprehensive sourcebooks on Nova Scotia immigrants ever published, these two volumes are a great tool for Scottish, Irish, English, German, or Loyalist ancestral research.

  • Loyalists And Land Settlement In Nova Scotia
    by Marion Gilroy

    This rare work encompasses all surviving information on the nearly 10,000 Loyalists who were eligible for land in Nova Scotia. Each Loyalist is identified by name, date and site of grant, acreage, and, in some cases, the individual's military rank.

  • Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Genealogies Transcribed From The 'Yarmouth Herald'
    by George S. Brown
    In nearly 1,000 pages, this volume focuses almost exclusively on New England families who migrated to Nova Scotia around the time of the Revolutionary War (many of them descended from Mayflower colonists). Published between 1896 and 1910, George Brown's columns in the Yarmouth Herald traced families from their earliest known origins in the old world to the end of the nineteenth century. Combined, his columns amount to a virtual encyclopedia of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia families. In addition to the 186 articles collected here, you'll find an Introduction by the noted Nova Scotia authority Colonel Leonard H. Smith Jr. and additional articles containing selected Yarmouth source records.

  • Early Ontario Settlers
    by Norman K. Crowder
    In nearly 200 pages, this book contains official records of the early settlers of Upper Canada, or Ontario, from 1783 through 1789. Among the information collected here, you'll find population returns, provisioning lists, settlers' location lists, maps, and lists of immigrant arrivals. Many of the settlers named in the records were from the American colonies (especially New York's Albany area and Mohawk Valley). The core of the work consists of two provisioning, or ration, lists for 1784 and 1786. Usually, you'll learn the following information about an individual listed: name of head of household, place of settlement, age, and statistical details of the family.

  • Ontario People: 1796-1803
    by E. Keith Fitzgerald
    A transcription of the District Loyalist Rolls of 1796, this volume records individuals who appeared in court to confirm their land rights and possibly to obtain Loyalists status for the benefit of their children. For an individual listed here, you'll often find their full name, township, and place of residence. You'll also find maps of Upper Canada.
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