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Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s
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Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s
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Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s, features approximately 200,000 names of Virginia residents.

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Uncover many valuable resources from Colonial Virginia, including the colony's first census list, compiled in 1623-1624. While indexed and available here, few such lists of early inhabitants still exist. As a result, family historians researching Colonial Virginia often turn to other types of records for information.

In this data collection, you'll discover more than 200,000 Colonial Virginians listed in land record abstracts, census records, militia lists, and immigration records. The great variety of records can help you construct a more comprehensive picture of your ancestors, establishing relationships, land holdings, and approximate arrival times in the colony.

 Sources for Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s :
  • Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666
    This is a list of immigrants to Virginia who were not original patentees of land. For each of the nearly 25,000 individuals, you can learn the name of the patentee or sponsor, and the date and place of residence. Information was collected from original records in the Virginia State Land Office.
  • Some Emigrants To Virginia, Memoranda In Regard To Several Hundred Emigrants To Virginia During The Colonial Period Whose Parentage Is Shown Or Former Residence Indicated By Authentic Records (2nd Edition)
    This book represents the first attempt ever made to collect the names, parentage, family connections, and former residences of Virginia immigrants. It is an alphabetical list of names, with brief notes concerning them and references to the printed books or manuscripts from which the information was collected. With this book, you not only learn names and family connections of early Virginia settlers, you learn where to look to verify a source or research for additional information.
  • Virginia Colonial Abstracts (Volumes 1-3)
    Compiled by the great Virginia genealogist Beverley Fleet, this work was originally published in thirty-four paperback volumes between 1937 and 1949. Much of the information was compiled from colonial records on file in county courthouses across the state and most of the abstracts were based on the earliest records known to exist. Records include birth, marriage, and death, tax lists, court orders, militia lists, wills and deeds, etc. This may be the greatest set of colonial Virginia records ever published.
  • Virginia Gleanings In England: Abstracts Of 17th And 18th Century English Wills And Administrations Relating To Virginia And Virginians
    The series of articles entitled "Virginia Gleanings in England" originally appeared in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. The complete Virginia Gleanings series, assembled here in book form, comprises some eighty-five articles, the bulk of them contributed by Lothrop Withington from his post in London. The gleanings consist of abstracts of English wills and administrations relating to Virginia and Virginians and bear reference to heirs and issue, family members, administrators, property, bequests, places of residence, and dates of emigration. Together they shed light on the English origins of Virginia families of the 17th and 18th centuries, and name some 15,000 persons in passing. These family "gleanings" are furthermore extended backwards and forwards in a remarkable series of textual annotations.
  • Colonial Records Of Virginia
    A collection of some of the earliest documents of colonial Virginia, this book includes a 1623 census of the inhabitants of the colony as well as a list of persons who died in Virginia between April 1622 and February 1623. The documents collected in Colonial Records of Virginia were obtained from the Public Record Office of Great Britain. Altogether, nearly 2,000 of the earliest inhabitants of Virginia are identified.
  • The Colonial Virginia Register: A List Of Governors And Other Higher Officials Of The Colony Of Virginia
    A list of the officials of the colonial government of Virginia, this book provides the individual's full name as well as information such as type of office held, dates of office, and dates of birth and death.
  • English Duplicates Of Lost Virginia Records
    Since its publication in 1958 this work has been regarded as an important source book for colonial Virginia genealogy. It contains transcripts of numerous historical documents and provides a great deal of previously difficult-to-locate information pertaining to Virginians of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Much of the information collected here was previously unknown and came from the Public Record Office in London (mostly from reports sent from Virginia to the Colonial Office). Among the documents collected here are lists of colonial officials, naval and militia officers, petitions, French refugees (1700-1702) and lists of ships leaving and arriving at Virginia ports. Milton Rubincam of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly remarks that "No student of colonial Virginia history, biography, and genealogy can afford to be without this source book."
  • Personal Names In Hening's Statutes At Large Of Virginia And Shepherd's Continuation
    Based upon the copious, authoritative collections of Virginia's colonial laws, this index of about 7,500 names (with 25,000 references) identifies thousands of early Virginia settlers.
  • Cavaliers And Pioneers: Abstracts Of Virginia Land Patents And Grants, 1623-1666 (Volume 1)
    This is one of the most outstanding records of early emigrants to Virginia. It records the earliest Virginia land grants and patents, giving the name of the patentee or grantee, the number of acres, locations and dates of settlement and names of family members. Further, it provides references to marriages and wills. In all, it lists the names of thousands who were transported or brought over by the early settlers as "headrights." The index contains the names of about 20,000 persons.
  • The Quit Rents Of Virginia, 1704
    The first part of this work, the Quit Rent Roll of 1704, includes information on the fourteen counties that paid tribute to the King. The remainder of the work lists those in the Northern Neck area who were granted lands by the Lords Proprietors. For each of the 6,000 individuals listed, you'll learn their county of residence and the acreage owned.
  • List Of The Colonial Soldiers Of Virginia
    This list of colonial soldiers includes the names of those who were known to have been engaged in active service in the French and Indian War, the Indian Wars, Lord Dunmore's War, and other incidents prior to the Revolution. Drawn from company rolls, bounty applications, the Washington Papers in the Library of Congress, "Hening's Statutes at Large," and "Journals of the House of Burgesses," this list represents a large proportion of the entire Virginia militia. It is believed that almost all members of the Virginia regiment under George Washington are accounted for here. In all, approximately 6,700 soldiers are identified in this work, each with references to the exact source of information.
  • Virginia's Colonial Soldiers
    An authoritative register of Virginia's colonial soldiers, this volume includes information taken from county court minutes and orders, bounty land applications and warrants, court martial records, county militia rosters, "Hening's Statutes at Large," the Draper manuscripts, and manuscripts in the Public Record Office in London. More than a catalogue of names and dates, it includes the military's "size" rolls which routinely give the soldier's place of birth, age, residence, occupation, and physical description. Sometimes you'll even find an enlisting officer's impressions of the soldier.
  • Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776
    This list cites several thousand officers and soldiers complete with information on their rank, service, and any land they received. The information was collected from militia rosters of various counties, county court order books, and land bounty certificates.
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