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North Carolina Wills, 1665-1900
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North Carolina Wills, 1665-1900
Find your ancestor in North Carolina Wills, 1665-1900. This great data set is part of the Genealogy Library subscription.
 Data on your ancestors may include:
Names of family members, witnesses, and probate officers
Details of property owned
Details to help you find a copy of the original record

North Carolina Wills features approximately 134,000 names from wills and inventories dating from 1665 to 1900.

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The four titles reproduced here were originally published by the Genealogical Publishing Company and reference approximately 134,000 individuals who were authors of or mentioned in a will or inventory. Ranging from abstracts to full, unabridged texts of wills, these probate records can help you gain an understanding of North Carolina's industrial and social life by giving you insights about its citizens and their property. Probates, such as those indexed and collected here, are especially valuable because they often provide details regarding both property and the nature of a person's relationships with family and friends.

 Sources for North Carolina Wills, 1665-1900:
  • North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900
    by Thornton W. Mitchell
    An index to more than 75,000 persons who died and left wills in North Carolina between 1655 and 1900, this volume represents one of the single most important finding-aids in North Carolina genealogy. Organized by surname, you'll find name of testator, county in which the individual's will was proved, date of probate, book and page number where you'll find a copy of the will, and location of the original will. The author also provides a concise history of the probate records of all 107 North Carolina counties. Within the history he details the date of the county's formation, the territory from which it was formed, the dates wills were first filed and recorded, the various record book designations, the status of the records, and the location of the original, recorded and copied wills.

  • North Carolina Wills And Inventories
    by J. Bryan Grimes
    A critical source on North Carolina's pre-Revolutionary War families, here you'll find the full text of 200 wills and 50 inventories. This includes the period of time when the recording of wills was the responsibility of North Carolina's counties. The records not only provide detailed assessments of an individual's material possessions they also note family members, friends, and relationships.

  • Abstract Of North Carolina Wills, 1663-1760
    Compiled from wills found in the Office of the Secretary of State of North Carolina, the abstracts collected here reference approximately 20,000 names. Alphabetically arranged according to the name of the testator, the abstracts usually provide the following information: date of will administration, place of residence, names of plantations mentioned, page number and will book in which you'll find a copy of the original record, and names of family members, witnesses, and probate officers.

  • An Abstract of North Carolina Wills from About 1760 to About 1800, Supplementing Grimes' Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1663-1760
    Arranged alphabetically by county and by surname, this volume supplements a 1906 work by J. Bryan Grimes containing abstracts of the State Wills. The State Wills were those recorded during the period between 1663 and 1760, when it was required that wills be filed in the office of the Secretary of State. After 1760 wills were recorded at the county level. This comprehensive volume covers abstracts of wills from 1760 to 1800 from the entire state of North Carolina. Generally, you'll find the following information: name of testator, dates of will, and names of family members.
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