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Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s
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Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s
Find your ancestor in Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s. This great data set is part of the Genealogy Library subscription.
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Early Kentucky Settlers features approximately 225,000 names of Kentucky residents from the 1700s and the 1800s.

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Comprehensive in its coverage of early Kentucky, this data set includes a unique collection of court, marriage, military, and probate records. In all, approximately 225,000 individuals are referenced within the indexed images of the pages from twelve books.

Produced in collaboration with the Genealogical Publishing Company, this compilation is especially useful because much of the information was collected from local sources and covers the period of time before Kentucky began keeping record of vital events in 1852.

 Sources for Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s:
  • Kentucky Court and Other Records, Volume I
    by Mrs. William B. Ardery
    This important work covers the time period from 1725 through 1875 — one of the most important in Kentucky's history. This book includes a great variety of records ranging from wills and lists of marriages to abstracts of estates and inventories of Revolutionary soldiers. You'll also find abstracts of courthouse records for the Kentucky counties of Barren, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Davies, Fayette, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Montgomery, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Scott, and Shelby. In addition, there is an index to estates and inventories of Revolutionary soldiers.

  • Kentucky Court and Other Records, Volume II
    by Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery
    Like Volume I, here you'll find reference to virtually every type of genealogical record pertinent to Kentucky and the part of Virginia from which Kentucky was formed. Many thousands of Kentucky's early settlers are referenced within the deeds, church minutes, marriages, Bible records, and tombstone inscriptions. You'll also find abstracts of court records for the Kentucky counties of Fayette, Jefferson, Lincoln, Bath, Bourbon, Bracken, Clark, Fleming, Harrison, Hardin, Jessamine, Mason, Madison, Montgomery, Nicholas, Oldham, Scott, Woodford, and Warren.

  • Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865
    by G. Glenn Clift
    Approximately 8,000 individuals are included in this compilation of marriage notices from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. For each marriage, you'll learn the name of the bride and groom, their marriage date, and (often) the place of residence and parents' names. Each record's source is listed as well.

  • Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854
    by G. Glenn Clift
    These 5,000 obituary notices were extracted from six early Kentucky newspapers and originally published in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. A typical entry will include names of the deceased person's family members and their date of death.

  • Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812
    Kentucky Adjutant-General's Office
    The names and service records of approximately 20,000 soldiers and officers, both regular and militia, are included in this primary reference source for information on men who served in the War of 1812. The muster rolls are laid out in tabular format by regiment and company, and then the names are arranged by rank. Along with this information on regiment, company, and rank, you'll typically learn dates of appointment or enlistment and remarks as to when the individual was discharged or deceased.

  • Kentucky Marriage Records
    This book lists every marriage published in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society since 1903 except for those published G. Glenn Clift in Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865. Nineteen of Kentucky's oldest counties are represented here: Barren, Bourbon, Christian, Floyd, Franklin, Grant, Greenup, Hardin, Lawrence, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Muhlenberg, Nelson, Pike, Shelby, Union, and Woodford. Based primarily on courthouse records such as marriage bonds, licenses, ministers' returns, and marriage registers, the combined lists contain references to approximately 50,000 persons.

  • Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories
    by Junie Estelle Stewart King
    The earliest wills from thirty-eight counties formed between 1780 and 1842 are abstracted here. It includes an index of wills by county as well as a general index to the book.

  • Kentucky in the War of 1812
    by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry
    This book helps to put the lives of Kentucky's early settlers in historical context. It includes a comprehensive account of Kentucky's participation in the War of 1812 and references battle heroes, biographical notices, and records of service of many Kentucky soldiers.

  • Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky: Also a Roster of the Virginia Navy
    by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry
    Nearly all of Kentucky's adult male settlers had been in service in the Revolutionary War. This is especially true of the settlers who came to Kentucky from Virginia since many of them were granted bounty lands in Kentucky for their service. In all, approximately 6,500 individuals are referenced within the rolls covering officers of the Virginia Line who received Kentucky land bounties; Revolutionary pensioners in Kentucky; the Illinois Regiment that served under George Rogers Clark in the Northwest Campaign; and the Virginia Navy. You'll also find a roll of pensioners, arranged alphabetically by county, with rank or grade, the state they served from, character of service, the act under which they were beneficiaries, the date they were placed on the rolls, and their ages.

  • A Complete Index to the Names of Persons, Places and Subjects Mentioned in Littell's Laws of Kentucky
    by W. T. Smith
    This important resource indexes all individuals included in the early statutes of Kentucky. Effectively, this is the Kentucky equivalent of Personal Names in Hening's Statutes at Large of Virginia. For each of the 5,000 persons named in this index, you'll learn an identifying piece of information, such as occupation, legal status, relationship, as well as the volume and page number in Littell's Laws where the name originally appears.

  • Remember the Raisin
    by G. Glenn Clift
    Reprinted with the permission of the Kentucky Historical Society, Remember the Raisin has been regarded as one of the richest collections of Kentucky War of 1812 source material ever published. The Battle on River Raisin, which was fought in and around Frenchtown (now Monroe), Michigan from January 18 through January 23, 1812, was one of the four principal campaigns of the War of 1812 engaged in by Kentucky forces. American forces were defeated at Frenchtown and approximately 60 Kentucky soldiers were massacred. When news of the massacre reached Kentucky, patriots exhorted one another with shouts of "Remember the Raisin!" thereby helping to encourage participation in the remaining battles of the War of 1812. Remember the Raisin is a comprehensive look at the Battle on River Raisin, including the events leading up to the battle, troop movements, and eyewitness accounts of the skirmishes and the massacre itself. It includes detailed biographical and genealogical sketches of nearly 100 officers and enlisted men who served on River Raisin. For each individual you'll learn the name of his company, his company's commander, his rank, and details of his military service. You'll also find a miscellaneous listing of Kentucky veterans of the War of 1812 compiled from a variety of sources including newspaper files, pension lists, county histories, veterans' publications. Not limited to the Frenchtown campaign, it references approximately 700 Kentucky veterans of the War of 1812 including some or all of the following information: name, county of residence, date of enlistment, unit, campaign(s), and date of birth and/or death.

  • Kentucky Pension Roll for 1835
    Report from the Secretary of War, in Relation to the Pension Establishment of the U.S.
    Excerpted from the U.S. Pension Roll of 1835, this is a thorough list of approximately 2,500 pensioners who resided in Kentucky. For each individual, you'll generally learn the name, rank, pension allowance, sums received, state of service, date pension commenced, age, and details of military service.
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