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Early Louisiana Settlers, 1600s-1800s
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Early Louisiana Settlers, 1600s-1800s
Find your ancestor in Early Louisiana Settlers, 1600s-1800s. This great data set is part of the Genealogy Library subscription.
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Early Louisiana Settlers features approximately 57,000 names of Louisiana residents from the 1600s to the 1800s.

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This data collection is made up of the indexed images of eleven books originally published by the Genealogical Publishing Company. Comprehensive in its coverage of early Louisiana, this unique collection of census records, family histories, military records, and immigration records references approximately 57,000 individuals.

 Sources for Early Louisiana Settlers, 1600s-1800s:
  • Louisiana Census Records (Two Volumes)
    by Robert Bruce L. Ardoin
    Avoyelles and St. Landry Parishes, 1810 and 1820
    Iberville, Natchitoches, Pointe Coupee, and Rapides Parishes, 1810 and 1820
    In these two volumes you will find information about; parish of residence, name of the head of household, number of persons in each family, gender and approximate age of each household member, page number on which the individual's record appears.
  • Old Families of Louisiana
    Stanley C. Arthur and George Campbell Huchet de Kernion
    Here you'll find a comprehensive series of genealogical records of the pioneering families of Louisiana. The foundation of the book is a series of newspaper articles from the New Orleans Times-Democrat by Charles Patton Dimitry. Though the author's articles focussed mainly on early French and Spanish families, this volume includes families of English, Scottish, and Irish descent. The majority of the individuals referenced by this book had origins in Louisiana prior to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
  • The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana and Creoles of German Descent
    This book is a first-rate resource for researchers interested in the early German and Swiss settlers of Louisiana (and especially in the area along the Mississippi west of New Orleans known as the German Coast). The author devotes the beginning of this work to the early German families and their settlements in Louisiana. Nearly one-half of the book is a compilation of approximately 2,000 Names of German Habitants on Both Banks of the Mississippi Above New Orleans, as based on the official census of 1724, and a roster of Additional German Names...Not in the [1794] Census." Included among these families, it should be noted, are Germans from Maryland and Creoles of German descent.
  • Gulf Coast Colonials A Compendium of French Families in Early Eighteenth Century Louisiana
    by Winston De Ville
    Compiled by an authority on Gulf Coast and lower Mississippi Valley genealogy and history, this work contains published vital records (births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths) pertaining to the inhabitants of the French parish of Mobile during the first half of the eighteenth century. The records, kept by the parish priest, are arranged in alphabetical order and include the names of family members and birth order of the children. Since Mobile was a frontier outpost of the French empire in North America, most of these record pertain to officers and enlisted men who served in Louisiana and Alabama. You'll also find reference to everyday citizens such as merchants, clergy, trappers, artisans, small farmers, clerks, and slaves. Generally, you'll learn the dates of vital events (births, marriages, deaths or baptisms) and an individual's place of birth in Europe.
  • Louisiana Colonials: Soldiers and Vagabonds
    Winston De Ville
    This is a list of passenger lists from seven ships that embarked from ports in France for French Louisiana in the years 1719 and 1720. Louisiana settlers included the army as well as a selection of criminals, smugglers, debtors, and vagabonds. For each of the roughly 500 passengers you'll learn; name, age, height, color of hair and personal characteristics, occupation, city of origin.
  • Louisiana Troops 1720-1770
    by Winston De Ville
    The names and service records of more than 2,000 enlisted men and officers who served France in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and the Illinois County can be found in this book. Compiled and translated from official sources housed at the Library of Congress, it lists first the enlisted men and then the officers who served France during the 18th century. The two lists typically provide; date of discharge, death, or desertion , rank , place of service , On occasion you'll also learn other personal details such as names of family members, date returned to France, rate of pay, etc.
  • The New Orleans French, 1720-1733: A Collection of Marriage Records Relating to the First Colonists of the Louisiana Province
    by Winston De Ville
    One of the most important collections of Louisiana vital records, the marriage records compiled in this book generally provide the following information; parents' names, places of origin, dates of marriages, names of former spouses, name of priest who performed the ceremony (available in the Addendum)
  • The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana from 1699 Through 1732
    by Charles R. Maduell, Jr
    Census records have proven to be the foundation and touchstone of genealogical research. The 28 censuses compiled here are the earliest available for the state of Louisiana. Locations covered include Fort Maurepas, Biloxi, Mobile, Natchez, and New Orleans. In addition to the census records, you'll find a list of more than 1,700 girls of marrying-age, a 1726 list of persons requesting slaves, landowner lists, and a roster of persons massacred at Fort Rosalie in 1729. Other features include a synopsis of Louisiana's colonial history and tips on French colonial naming practices.
  • Louisiana Soldiers in the War of 1812
    by Marion John Bennett Pierson
    This is a complete roster of the 12,500 persons who took part in the Battle of New Orleans and the War of 1812. This book was expertly compiled by the author from the card files of the office of the Adjutant General in Washington, D.C. and is a comprehensive index to the compiled service records of the 1812 soldiers from Louisiana. Arranged in alphabetical order, for each individual you'll learn; full name, rank, company.
  • The Canary Islands Migration to Louisiana, 1778-1783
    Sidney L. Villere
    Here you'll find passenger lists of the eight vessels that brought Canary Islanders to Louisiana between 1778 and 1783. Each of the 2000 Islanders were classified upon arrival as farmers or soldiers and for each you'll learn; relation to the head of the family, ages of children, dates of embarkation, names of captains of the vessels
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