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Subsequent Marriages

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. How many times did she marry? Had any of her spouses previously been married?

  2. Why did her previous marriage end? Was there a divorce? If so, was it amicable or bitter? Was there a death?

  3. What did she learn from previous marriages that she brought into the new relationship?

  4. Did her expectations of marriage differ after having been married before? Why? In what ways?

  5. Was she reluctant to remarry? Why or why not?

  6. How and where did she meet her new spouse? What was the initial attraction? How long did she date before she was engaged? Did she live with her spouse before she was engaged or married? Had her spouse been married before?

  7. Describe her engagement. Who proposed? Was the proposal a surprise or was it expected? What was their reaction?

  8. Did both families approve of the engagement and marriage? Why or why not? When did she first meet her in-laws? Were they accepting? When did her spouse first meet her parents? Did they welcome her spouse?

  9. How long was her engagement? Did it seem to last forever or did time just fly by?

  10. What was their wedding like? Did they have a large ceremony, a small ceremony, or did they elope? What made them decide to have it this way? What was the preparation like?

  11. Describe how she felt. Did she have the same feelings as she did during her first wedding?

  12. Who attended the wedding? Were their family and friends present? Did anyone participate in the ceremony? How did they choose them? Did they have a flower girl or a ring bearer? Who were they? Were children from previous marriages present?

  13. Was the reception memorable? Was food served? Was there dancing? How many people did they invite? Was it as elaborate asher first marriage?

  14. Did they have any traditional customs or rituals at the reception? What were they?

  15. Did they go on a honeymoon? Where did they travel? Describe the vacation. What was most memorable?

  16. Did they go into marriage thinking they could change something about the other? What were some of those things and how did it work out?

  17. Did they go through any major adjustments when they were first married? How did they work through the issues of joint finances, housing, and living with another person? Were there any children involved?

  18. If children were brought into the marriage, how did each spouse adjust and react to having an instant family? If there were initially problems, were they able to overcome them?

  19. Describe the various stages of their marriage. Were there any high points that stand out? What about any low points? In what ways did their marriage grow stronger or weaker from them?

  20. How did they spend their holidays? Did they trade off between families? If they traded, did it put a strain on the families?

  21. Did she feel she had to give up anything when she got married? Her home, career, independence, or friends?

  22. What did she gain by getting married? A lifetime companion, more time with the one she loved, financial security?

  23. Describe her spouse. In what ways was her spouse different from or similar to her previous spouse?

  24. Who played which roles in their marriage--breadwinner, homemaker, and decision-maker? Did these roles change over time? In what ways?

  25. At the start of their marriage what did they have in common? What about their differences? After being married for awhile, did either person change?

  26. What issues did they argue about when they were first married? Money, politics, child rearing, religion? As their marriage matured, did they argue about the same issues?

  27. What differences were there in each of her marriages? Did being married before help or hurt her subsequent marriages? How?

  28. Did her different spouses ever meet each other? Did any problems arise between her different spouses? Over what issues?

  29. Did this marriage end? If yes, why? Was it through a divorce or death?

  30. If she had it to do all over again, what changes would she make in any of her marriages? Why?

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