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Personality and Values

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Individuals have common and unique experiences that have the potential to shape personalities and values. What were some of her experiences that affected her personality and values?

  2. From where did she get her values? Were they from her parents, friends, school, religion, or family? Was there one significant person or place that influenced her?

  3. How would she have described herself? Perhaps good-natured or irritable, responsible or undependable, analytical or creative, funny or serious? Would her description of herself be the same as other peoples' descriptions?

  4. Did she have any favorites? What colors, foods, songs, and activities did she prefer over anything else?

  5. What was her disposition like? Was she an extrovert--talkative, open, and adventurous? Or was she an introvert--more comfortable by herself, shy, and cautious?

  6. Did she have the same traits in public as she did in private? For example, was she as funny or easy going in a crowd of unfamiliar people as she was with small, intimate groups?

  7. What things did she strongly approve of or value and why? For example, a good education, strong family ties, freedom, privacy, or the right to choose one's future?

  8. What things did she disapprove of? For example, women working outside of the home, political involvement in foreign countries, divorce, or abortion? Why did she have such strong views on these issues?

  9. Were there ever issues she thought were worth fighting for? What did she do about them? What were the results?

  10. Did her personality resemble anyone in particular? For example did her sense of humor resemble her dad's, or did her sarcasm descend from a grandparent?

  11. Did she ever wish she could have changed her personality or values? Why? In what ways would she have changed them?

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