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Physical Characteristics

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Describe what you looked like in your teenage years. Describe how your physical characteristics changed over these years.

  2. If you went through puberty in your teenage years, describe the experience. What changes occurred?

  3. Describe your hair. How did you wear it? Was there a particular style name associated with the way you wore your hair?

  4. What color was your hair? Did you perm or color it? Did you spend a lot of time fixing your hair for school, work, or other events? What did you have to do to it?

  5. Describe your body. Were you tall or short? Thin or stocky? Muscular or not?

  6. Were you happy with your body, or did you wish any part(s) of it could be different? How did you want it to look? Did you do anything to change it? Did you workout or have surgery?

  7. Did you have difficulties maintaining your weight? Did you feel you were too small or too big? Did you do anything to change your weight?

  8. Describe your face. What was your complexion like? What did your eyes, nose, and other facial features look like? Did you wear glasses or braces? If yes, how did you feel about wearing them?

  9. Did you look like or resemble anyone during your teenage years? Did you like looking like this person? Why or why not?

  10. Did you have any tattoos or ever want to have one? Where were they? What did they look like?

  11. At this time in your life, if you could have changed your physical characteristics in any way, what would you have done? Why?

  12. Did you feel happy with the way you looked? Was your appearance important to you?

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