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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Did you believe in God or a higher power? At what age did you develop your religious beliefs?

  2. Who introduced you to religion? Your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, or a friend? How was the concept first brought to you?

  3. Were you raised to follow or have faith in any particular religion? How did it affect your childhood? Were there any particular traditions or customs that your family followed?

  4. Were you involved in any religious movements or revivals that helped you to develop your faith? What were they like? Describe them.

  5. How has your spirituality affected your beliefs and values? Did you think they were different from society's values because of your religion? In what ways?

  6. Were you ever involved in any circumstances in which you were made to feel uncomfortable because your beliefs or values were not those of society? What was it like?

  7. Did religion change at all after you were introduced to it? Has the church or your place of worship changed at all? In what ways? What about people's beliefs and values?

  8. Did your religion follow the teaching of the Bible, Koran, Talmud, Book of Mormon, or another book or doctrine? Which one? Who was it written by and what does it teach? Who was the book or doctrine inspired by?

  9. Did you have a personal faith that does not involve fellowship or a church? Was your God a personal God that you prayed to?

  10. On what day of the week did you worship? Describe what happened on these days. Did you attend a religious service and then do something special with your family or friends?

  11. What was your place of worship like? Was it more of a social center or a place to worship and learn? Why? Describe the building. Was it a temple, a church with stained glass, or did you meet with others in someone's home?

  12. What was involved in the typical service? A lot of prayer, singing, and preaching?

  13. Were there special ceremonies like confirmations, baptisms, bar or bat mitzvahs, or child or family dedications? What were they like?

  14. Were you ever involved in a ministry? What was it like? What was your role in the ministry? What did you find most challenging about being in the ministry? What did you find most rewarding?

  15. If you were involved in a ministry, did you have to travel to foreign countries? What were your living arrangements like? Did you live with other missionaries, or did you have your own home?

  16. Were there various stages in your personal faith and growth? Were there times in your life when you felt more spiritual than others? What were those times like?

  17. Did you believe in prayer? Did you ever have any prayers answered? What was the situation? Did you think it was just coincidence or did you believe it was truly an answered prayer?

  18. Did you and your family differ in religious beliefs? How did the differences come about? In what ways did it affect your relationship with your family members? Did they respect your beliefs?

  19. Did you ever have any arguments or discussions over the issue of religion with your family? Describe one. Was the issue ever resolved? Did any family members convert to your religion or you to theirs?

  20. Did you or will you bring up your children with the same religion or beliefs that you have, or will you let them choose their own religion and beliefs when they are old enough?

  21. What about astrology? Did you believe in it? Did you know your sign? Did your horoscope ever predict anything that came true? What was it?

  22. Did you believe in life after death? What did you think happens to someone after they pass away? Has this affected your faith in the hereafter? Did your views change as you matured?

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