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World War I

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Which branch did she serve in? Did she enlist or was she drafted? How did she feel about the draft? Was she opposed to serving in the military or was she proud to serve her country?

  2. Describe basic training. Who was her commanding officer? Who were her peers? Where and for how long was she trained? What did she learn?

  3. Did she have trouble getting along with anyone in her unit? Why? What became of it? How did she deal with it?

  4. Did she have a nickname? What were the memorable nicknames of others?

  5. How did she feel about sharing her space with others? Did it feel cramped at first? Was it easy to get used to?

  6. What was her most vivid memory of this time? Specific people or places? A certain event?

  7. Did basic training build up or cut down her self-confidence? Why or why not? Did she feel as if she was well-prepared for her duties? Did it turn out that she was prepared?

  8. Was she especially skilled at one particular task? Did it become her "specialty"?

  9. Where was she stationed after basic training? What were the people and the surrounding areas like? How long was she there?

  10. How did she keep in touch with her friends and family back home during this time? Did she save any letters she might have written or received?

  11. Did she become close friends with any of those she fought with? Did they keep in touch in later years? Did she save any of their lives? Did they save hers?

  12. Which battles did she fight in? Describe the time, place, number of participants, and what happened. How did these battles affect the war as a whole? What role did her unit play in this battle?

  13. World War I is often described as a war fought "in the trenches." Did she experience this type of fighting? Describe what this was like.

  14. World War I introduced many new things to warfare, including tanks, U-boats, poison gas, and aviation. Did she use any of these innovations during the war? What were her experiences?

  15. Was she injured in any way? Describe what happened. What went through her mind when she realized she was hurt?

  16. If she was injured, did she heal quickly or not? Did she return home because of the injury, or did she go back to fight? How did it change her in ways that she noticed years later?

  17. Did she ever need to take someone's life? Describe the experience and how it affected her both immediately and in the long term.

  18. An armistice was declared on November 11, 1918, after 10 million soldiers had been killed. Did she join in any victory celebrations? What was the mood of the soldiers?

  19. What did she think of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points and his treaty making capabilities? Did she think that this was a peace that would last? What did she think of the League of Nations?

  20. Why did she leave the service? Honorable discharge? Injury? End of active duty? Describe the circumstances and how she felt about them.

  21. Was she able to return to "normal functioning"? Was it easy to put it all behind her and get on with her life, or did she have to struggle? What was hardest to adjust to once she returned?

  22. Was there someone or something that was helpful in getting her through this period of adjustment? Could she suggest anything helpful to someone going through a similar situation?

  23. After all was said and done, what did she learn from her experiences in the military? Why were these lessons valuable to her? How did they change her and her ideas or values?

  24. How would she be different if she had never had these experiences?

  25. What sort of memorabilia did she save from this time? What did it symbolize to her? What memories and feelings did it bring back after the war?

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