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The New Deal

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Did you support Roosevelt in the 1932 election? Why or why not? Did he seem like the person who could pull the country out of the Depression?

  2. Did you hear Roosevelt's first "fireside chat" in March of 1933? What did he say? Did it inspire confidence and hope in you?

  3. Roosevelt's first one hundred days in office are famous because of the numerous programs, acts, and agencies that he created and implemented. Were you affected by any of this activity? Did you get a job, government aid, or a loan because of it?

  4. Soon after his inauguration, Roosevelt reformed the banking system in an attempt to make it safe for depositors again. Did you feel that you could trust the banks after Roosevelt's adjustments to the system?

  5. One of Roosevelt's agencies, the NRA, was controversial because it granted businesses the right to set prices and control production levels, contradicting anti-trust laws. What was your feeling on this? Was it necessary for industrial recovery?

  6. Unions rose in popularity during the New Deal era. Did you belong to one? Did your wages or working conditions improve because of a union?

  7. The Social Security System was created in 1935. What did you think of this innovation? Did you feel that it should or shouldn't be up to each individual to provide for themselves?

  8. If your family had financial difficulties during the Depression, did life take a turn for the better after the New Deal policies were implemented? When did you notice a change?

  9. It was WWII that finally brought the U.S. completely out of the Depression, but did you think that Roosevelt's New Deal helped the recovery along? In what way?

  10. What did you learn from going through the Depression and the New Deal years? Did this experience change your character at all? In what way?

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