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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. What was the name of the school she attended? Where was it located? How many people attended her school? What did the building look like inside and out? Did she have a school mascot or school colors? How about a rival school?

  2. Did she go to a private or religious school? If so, why? In what ways was it better or worse than going to a public school?

  3. Was her transition from junior high to high school smooth or rocky? What made it easy or difficult? Did her friends or family members make a difference?

  4. What did she wear to school? Did she have to wear a uniform? What were the latest styles for students at the time? Looking back after she had grown, did she laugh at what she wore?

  5. Who were her best friends? What did they do together? Did any of them have nicknames? Did they keep in touch after leaving school?

  6. Did she have any "crazy" friends? People who did things that she wouldn't risk herself? Describe them and what they did. What's the craziest thing she ever did during high school? Why did she do it?

  7. Did she and her friends play practical jokes on others? What kinds of jokes did she play? On whom did she play the jokes? Friends? Teachers? The principal?

  8. Did she ever get into trouble? Often or rarely? What did she do and why did she do it? How did she get caught? What kinds of punishment did she receive?

  9. Were there any "groups" in school other than her own? Did they have nicknames? What were they like? Tough? Brainy? Was there tension between her group and other groups? What caused it?

  10. Did she feel like a member of the "in" crowd? Why or why not? How did that make her feel? Did they have a certain way of dressing or a special place to "hang out"?

  11. Who were her favorite teachers? Why? How did they influence her or what did she learn from them? With which teacher did she have the most trouble? What caused the problem?

  12. Did she spend much time doing school work? Why or why not? Was school easy for her or did she really have to work hard? What were her least and most favorite subjects? Why?

  13. How were her grades? Did she ever try to cheat to get a better grade?

  14. Did she ever flunk anything? Did she not try hard enough or was that subject just not her cup of tea? How did she feel about flunking? How did her parents feel about it?

  15. Did she participate in any extra-curricular activities? Drama or debate club? School band or cheerleading? Why did or didn't she join? What did she get from these activities that she didn't get in regular classes?

  16. Did she participate in school athletics? Which sports? Did she earn a letter for any sports? What did this letter mean to her? Did she continue playing this sport after leaving school?

  17. Did her school have a prom? If not, why? If yes, did she go? Why or why not? Where was it? What kind of music was played? With whom did she go? What did she wear? Did she have a good time?

  18. Did she earn any special honors in high school? For what? Academics? Industrial arts? Sports? Describe them and what they meant to her.

  19. In later years, how did she feel about high school? What were her happiest and saddest memories from this time period? What was the funniest thing that happened to her? Did she wish she had done anything differently?

  20. What sort of memorabilia did she save from high school? Yearbooks or autograph books? What's written in them? How about essays or school books? Over the years, what kinds of memories and feelings did these items bring back?

  21. What did she learn during this time that wasn't specifically taught in books or in the classroom? Where and from whom did she learn these things? How did these lessons help her later?

  22. In what ways did she grow during this time? Did she become more open to new ideas and different people? More independent and mature?

  23. Looking back in later years, did she agree with the views that she held at the time? For example, did she have the same ideas about money, race, or work ethics? Why or why not? Did things she learned change her ideas?

  24. What did she do during the summers of her high school years? Work? Stay at home and relax? Why?

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