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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Why did she decide to attend college? Was it expected in her family, or was she the first to go?

  2. How many different colleges did she apply to? Did she pick just one or two favorites or did she apply to several?

  3. Were the applications difficult to fill out? Did she work on them for hours or complete them all at the last minute? Did her efforts pay off?

  4. Which school did she attend? Describe it. Was it big or small? Liberal arts or a technical school?

  5. Where was it located? Did she go away to college or stay close to home?

  6. If she went away, how did she feel when she left for college? Did she feel mature and independent? Was she scared of what was ahead of her? Did she have any expectations about how she would perform academically?

  7. Did she "go wild" when she first arrived at college, knowing that her parents weren't looking over her shoulder? Did she enjoy being her own keeper or was it scary for her?

  8. What kind of a schedule did she have at school? Did she take a heavy load of courses and have a job too, or did she find herself with a lot of free time? Was she most likely to be found in the library? In the pub? In the gym?

  9. Did she have a favorite class or professor? What did she learn from this class or person? Was anyone her mentor at school?

  10. How did she decide what subject matter to study? Was there an area of study that was particularly popular among students of her age?

  11. Who were her friends in college? How did she meet them? Through classes or the place that she lived? Were they friends that she had in high school or did she meet new people?

  12. Where did she live at college? In a dormitory, rooming house, or at home? If she didn't live at home, what did her room look like? Where did she get her meals? How was the food?

  13. What was most surprising about college? The difficulty of classes? The variety of people who attended? The ideas that they had?

  14. Was she a participant in any extra-curricular activities? Clubs, sports, or the newspaper staff, for example? Why did she become involved in these activities? Was it a way to meet new people?

  15. What types of campus events did she attend, if any? Were there plays or concerts? Did the school have a football team? Were there school dances? With whom did she go to these events?

  16. Did she play any college pranks? What did she do? Was she ever disciplined for any of these pranks?

  17. Did she ever have the chance to travel abroad during her studies? Where and why did she go? What did this experience add to her education?

  18. Did she ever transfer between colleges? Why? Where did she go? Was it easy or difficult to make the transition? Which school did she like better and why? Did she think that transferring was a positive part of her education?

  19. Did she save any memorabilia from her college years? Papers that she wrote or books that she used? A scrapbook? What feelings or memories did these items bring back in later years?

  20. Overall, how was her college experience? Later in life, was she glad that she went? Was it an experience that she would want her children or grandchildren to have? Or, did she find that college wasn't her cup of tea?

  21. If she graduated, did she attend her graduation ceremony? Why or why not? Did she wear a cap and gown? Who spoke and who attended?

  22. If she graduated, how did she feel about leaving school? What kinds of life expectations did she have as a graduate? Did she think that as a college graduate she had a head start on life? Was she overly optimistic?

  23. If she didn't graduate, what happened that she wasn't able to? Were there monetary problems or family needs? Did she find a career that didn't require a college education? Did she not like the college atmosphere?

  24. If she didn't graduate, how did she feel about leaving? Was she glad to be moving on? Was she sad to leave friends and school? A little bit of both?

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