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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. What made her decide to continue her schooling after completing her undergraduate degree? Was it a difficult decision? Why or why not?

  2. Did she go back to school right after graduating from college or did she do something else for a few years?

  3. It usually takes several years to get an advanced degree. Did it seem like an overwhelming project when she first began?

  4. Did she have children or a spouse when she went back to school? Did continuing her education create any problems for her family?

  5. Did she have to move to a new town or state to begin her studies? Was she able to adjust to the new atmosphere? What kinds of difficulties did she run into?

  6. What area of study did she undertake when she went back to school? What level of degree was she aiming for? Why did she choose this level and area of study? Did she have a specific job in mind?

  7. What differences did she find between her graduate and undergraduate education? Which of her schooling experiences did she enjoy more, graduate or undergraduate?

  8. After beginning her studies, did she ever regret her decision to undertake them? Why? Was she able to overcome her doubts?

  9. How did she finance her graduate studies? Was earning the money or getting a loan difficult? Did she get a scholarship? Did she teach at the undergraduate level to defray the costs?

  10. Did she work while earning her advanced degree, or was she a full-time student? If she worked, was she able to manage her time well?

  11. What kind of social life did she have while earning her advanced degree? Was it the same as when she was an undergrad? Did she find that she had to spend too much time with her books to be social?

  12. What kinds of grades did she get as a graduate student? Did she find the classes easy or difficult?

  13. Did she have any special professors or mentors? What did she learn from them?

  14. Did she write a thesis? What was the topic? How long did it take to finish it? Did she enjoy writing it?

  15. If she finished her degree, how long did it take her? Did it take her longer than the norm? Did she have a celebration on the day of her graduation? Who attended? Did she receive any special gifts?

  16. If she didn't graduate, what happened that she was unable to finish her degree? Were there monetary problems? Did she find a job that she preferred to school? Was she just not cut out for grad school?

  17. How did it feel to leave school behind her? Was she sad to go or did she look forward to facing the "real world"? Did she have a job lined up? Was she getting married? Did she think that she would ever return to school?

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