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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. How far back could her family trace its roots? From where was the information collected? Who gathered the information together?

  2. What details were collected about her past family members? Was a lot of information available, or just names and dates?

  3. Do any family trees exist on her ancestry? If yes, do you know who created them? How large are they?

  4. What did her ancestors look like? Are there any pictures of her ancestors? Which ones? How old are these pictures? Where are they kept?

  5. What nationalities did her family include? Just one, or several? What languages did her ancestors speak? Did she learn to speak these languages as a child?

  6. Did her family have a strong sense of their ethnic background? What ethnic traditions did her family carry out? Did she celebrate specific holidays, eat special foods, or dress in a particular way?

  7. Who were the first members of her family to come to the U.S.? Where did they come from? Why did they leave their homeland? When did they arrive? Where did they settle? Why? How did they get there?

  8. Did she ever live in or visit her family's country of origin? If yes, describe the experience. Did she feel at home there?

  9. What level of education did her ancestors receive? Where did they learn--in the home or at school? Was education always important in her family or not?

  10. Was her family religious? What religions did her ancestors practice? Did she grow up practicing this religion too?

  11. Was there a traditional occupation in her family? What did her ancestors do?

  12. What size were her ancestors' families? Large or small? Was this common for the time period?

  13. What were her ancestors' finances like? Were they well off? Were any assets passed down from generation to generation?

  14. What kind of medical history did her family have? Did any illnesses run in the family? Were people in the family generally heavy? How long did her ancestors live?

  15. What heirlooms were in her family? Where did they come from? To whom did they belong in the past? Where are they now?

  16. Describe her parents. What did they look like? What were their personality traits? Did she inherit any of this from them?

  17. Give a brief description of what her parents did with their lives. Did she follow in their footsteps? What did she learn from them?

  18. Describe her grandparents. What did they look like? What were their personality traits? Did she inherit any of this from them?

  19. Give a brief description of what her grandparents did. What did she learn from them?

  20. Are there any other relatives you want to write about? Did she have a favorite or least favorite relative? Describe this person. Were there any relatives she looked forward to seeing? How often did she get to see them?

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