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Gender Issues

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. Did her ideas about what was and wasn't acceptable for men and women to do agree with society's ideas? How did she express her objections, if she had any?

  2. What were society's perceptions about the proper roles of women when she was growing up? Were women meant to stay at home and care for the family or could they have jobs? Were any jobs strictly for males?

  3. What were the acceptable roles for men? Were men supposed to be the heads of household? The breadwinners? The disciplinarians? What kinds of work were acceptable for men? Were any positions strictly for females?

  4. How did clothing styles reflect society's ideas about men and women? What was she expected to wear? Hats or gloves? Did she have to wear long sleeves all the time?

  5. Were there differences in the ways that boys and girls were raised? What were they expected to learn? How were they to act? Did she think that this was fair? Did she raise her children this way?

  6. Describe the social lives of men and women at the time. Could young women go out without an escort, smoke, or drink? What about young men? How did these rules affect her, if at all? Did she ever try to rebel against them? What happened?

  7. How did society's ideas change during the course of her lifetime? Did she fight for or against these ideas? What did she do? Take part in demonstrations or sign petitions?

  8. How did she feel about child care? Whom did she think should take care of the children? The mother, the father, or both? Did she think that this was something that the state should provide for if the parents needed to work?

  9. If the parents worked, how much time did she feel that mothers and fathers should have off when there were new children in the house? What type of pay should they receive during this time?

  10. As she matured, did she think that women had it much better than they did when she was growing up and starting a family? Why or why not? What about men? How had their lifestyles changed?

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