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Family Relations

Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. How many children were in your family? How many boys? How many girls?

  2. What did you do with your siblings? Did you play together when you were young? Did you talk about friends, school, or other matters as you grew up?

  3. Did you have to share a room with any of your brothers or sisters? If so, what was it like? Did you enjoy having the company, or did it seem like you never had any privacy?

  4. Did you fight with your brothers or sisters a lot? If yes, what did you fight about? Attention? Friends? Chores? Clothes? What did your parents do when you fought?

  5. Was there ever any teasing among you and your siblings? Did any of the jokes continue throughout your lives?

  6. Was there one brother or sister you always felt you could count on? Someone you could always talk to? Did they always seem to be there when you needed protection? Did you think of this person as your best friend or guardian?

  7. Did you borrow each other's clothes? If yes, with or without permission? Did anything ever get ruined or stained when it shouldn't have been worn? If yes, what happened?

  8. What was the best part about having brothers and sisters? What was the worst?

  9. Did you go to school together? How many years apart were you? Did you do things with the same crowd? If so, did it ever cause any kind of conflict? What was it? Whom with?

  10. Did you ever date a brother's or sister's friend? If so, how did they feel about it? Did it cause problems between you? What kind? How did it all turn out?

  11. Did the baby of the family seem to get away with murder? Was it you who was the baby?

  12. Did you always seem to get blamed when something bad happened? Did you ever try to blame things on your siblings? If so, what were some of the incidents? Were your parents good about letting everyone tell their side of the story?

  13. Were you and your siblings often asked to watch each other? What happened during these times? Was anyone bossy? Could you do anything you wanted?

  14. Did you look up to one of your siblings with admiration? Did you want to be just like them? Did you turn out with similar or completely opposite personalities?

  15. Did you feel your parents favored one of the children more than the others, or was everyone treated equally? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be an only child? Did you ever wish you were? Why or why not?

  16. If you were a middle child, did it seem like you were always too young but not old enough? Did the older ones always pick on you and leave the youngest alone? Did the youngest always blame you instead of the oldest?

  17. Once you were grown, how did the relationship between you and your siblings change? Did you see each other very often?

  18. Did you have a twin? Was it a brother or sister? Were you identical? What was your twin's name?

  19. If you had a twin, did you ever play the switching game? Whom did you try to convince? Did you succeed? Did you do this often? How did this affect your relationship with your twin?

  20. Did you feel like you were always competing? How did you compare to each other in different aspects of life? In sports, musical talents, academics, friends, and character, for example?

  21. If you had other siblings, were you closer to your twin? Did you share everything like best friends or did you fight and compete over everything?

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