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Below is a list of Writing Ideas to help you with your biography. See our instructions if you need help printing these Writing Ideas or finding Writing Ideas related to other Topics.

  1. What was the name of the town or city where she grew up? What state or country was it in?

  2. Describe it. Was it a big city, a small town, or rural? What was the surrounding terrain like? Was it flat? Hilly?

  3. What was the climate of the place that she grew up in? Did it have seasonal changes with hot summers and cold winters?

  4. What was the population of her hometown? Was it small enough so that everyone knew each other? Did she like its size?

  5. In later years, what special memories did she have about the town that she grew up in? Did she like to reminisce about her favorite place to play or favorite shop to visit?

  6. Was the home that she lived in special to her? What did it look like? Where was it located? What made it unique?

  7. Did her town have any special landmarks? Was there a big park? A river? A statue? What made her town different?

  8. Was her hometown famous for anything? What? Did an important person live there? Is there a food that is her town's specialty?

  9. What kinds of people lived in the town that she grew up in? Were they all of a certain ethnicity or was there a wide variety?

  10. Were multiple languages spoken in the town where she grew up? What were they? How did this affect the atmosphere of the town? Did certain sections of the town reflect the nationalities related to these languages?

  11. Did her town have any special yearly events? Was there an Independence Day celebration? A winter or harvest festival? What happened on these days?

  12. Did her town have a main street? Describe it. Did it change over time?

  13. Did her hometown have "good" and "bad" areas? What made them this way? Where did she live? How did she feel about that?

  14. What was the best part about growing up where she did? What was fun to do on evenings and weekends? Were the people especially friendly?

  15. What was the worst thing about the town that she grew up in? Was it too small or too big? Did she feel like there was nothing to do?

  16. How long did she live in this town? Did it change while she was there? What changed? Did she like the changes or not?

  17. If she moved away from this town, did she ever go back? Why or why not? Was it the "perfect" place to grow up? Is it still? In your opinion would she want to raise a family there today?

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