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The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy
By Val D. Greenwood
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The Researcher’s Guide instructs the researcher in the principles of genealogical research, and identifies the various classes of records employed in that research, groups them in tables and charts, explains their uses, and evaluates each of them in the context of the research process. This 3rd edition incorporates the latest thinking on genealogy and computers and includes a chapter on the property rights of women. 676 pp., illus., indexed, third edition, 2002.
Citation & analysis for the family historian
By Elizabeth Shown Mills
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Discover priceless stories and ancestral information hidden within the details of your very own family photos. Genealogical photo expert Maureen Taylor will teach you how to take a deeper look into a photo and gain an in-depth perspective on your family’s history. Using Taylor’s proven methods of analysis and interpretation, you will glean a wealth of facts from every photo as you learn how to: Identify and verify the people in your photos, using details such as poses, props and print material to determine dates and places. Locate additional family photographs to build your own personal visual history collection of past generations. Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photographs, is a unique approach to revealing more about our genealogy than ever before. Take this guide and watch your ancestors’ cherished images spring to life with detail and accuracy.

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