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Updated August 24, 2013

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Citizens of Osceola and many persons from the country who remained in town after the Republican Convention of last Monday, were shocked to learn, soon after 9:00 o'clock that evening, that Charley Osborn, a citizen of Lowry City, had been drowned in Gallnipper, about one mile north of Osceola. At 8:30 o'clock that evening, in company with Wm. Miller, who resides near Damascus, Mr. Osborn left Osceola in a buggy for home. When they reached Gallnipper, Osborn remarked that he would cross at the ford, instead of on the bridge, in order to water his horses. Remembering the heavy rainfall late that afternoon and fearing the stream could be past fording, Mr. Miller protested against attempting to cross at the ford, but, Osborn was driving and would not listen to Miller. The team was driven into the swollen stream and was ultimately swept down stream. Both men were fairly good swimmers and instead of going ashore, remained in the water, endeavoring to save the team and vehicle. After drifting down sixty or seventy yards below the ford, Miller told Osborn they'd better go ashore and abandon the horses, but Osborn continued trying to save his horses. Soon the latter, discovering his strength was fast failing, called to Miller to come to his assistance. He responded but before reaching him, Osborn went down. Miller endeavored to locate him when he would come to the surface. As the night was dark he could not do it. After remaining for some time for his companion to get out, and after calling him a number of times to learn if possibly, he had reached land, Miller returned to town and reported what had happened. As the night was very dark no one made an attempt to recover the body until Tuesday morning. Early that morning a large number of men went to the scene of the accident to recover the body. The stream had fallen and six men walked abreast down stream searching for it. After proceeding between a quarter and a half mile, one of them found it a short distance below the Frisco bridge on the above mentioned stream. One of them had a forked stick, which was hooked on one of the drowned man's ankles when the body was located. The water was three or four feet deep at that point. The corpse was brought to the surface and carried to the bank, where it remained until the arrival of the family of the deceased. It was decided an inquest should be held and the body was placed in a wagon and brought to town. The vehicle was driven to the court yard where W. C. Holsapple, acting coroner and a jury proceeded to investigate the manner in which death was brought about. There was of course but one witness present when the drowning occurred, namely Wm. Miller. His testimony, in effect, is set forth in the foregoing.
Following is the verdict rendered by the coroner's jury: We, the jury, impaneled to deliberate upon the cause of death of Charles Osborn, find upon testimony of Wm. Miller, that his death resulted from accidental drowning in Gallnipper creek, near the bridge on Osceola and Lowry City road. R. L. Love, Frank Birdwell, R. Davis, R. S. Snuffer, H. Petry, and P. Brown composed the jury. The face of the deceased was badly bruised and skinned when removed from the water, the result, in all probability, of being struck by the struggling horses in trying to free themselves from the harness while deceased was endeavoring to assist them. One horse was drowned, but the other was found next morning after the accident, a short distance above where Osborn's body was found. It was still fast to the drowned animal and standing in the water. The vehicle was pretty badly demolished. The undertaker from Lowry was here at the inquest and took charge of the body. The remains were interred Wednesday afternoon at the Dunkard Pleasant Mound graveyard, a few miles northeast of Osceola. Deceased was probably fifty or fifty-five years of age and leav

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Family Photos
  • Axline Wedding Picture 2005 (59 KB)
    Jessica Lynn Axline became the wife of Sirous Kamali on October 9, 2005. This is a picture taken at the wedding. Jessica is the great-granddaughter of Marie Osborn Ryan.
  • Son of Becky Osborn Franklin (70 KB)
    This is Chad and Sharon Franklin. Chad is the son of Becky Osborn Franklin who is the daughter of John W. Osborn. This was November, 2005
  • Everett W. Osborn (27 KB)
    This is the oldest son of Lew and Yvonne Osborn taken in Europe when he was in the Air Force.
  • Pizzo Family Picture 2005 (3 KB)
    This is Bobbie, Roberto and Mia Isabella Pizzo. Bobbie is the daughter of Johnna Gallaugher; Johnna is the daughter of John W. Gallaugher; and John W. is the son of Bill and Frances Osborn Gallaugher.
  • New Great Grandson of John Wesley Osborn (25 KB)
    Jason & Brennah Harbert with new son Dane Richard Harbert who was born August 8, 2006.
  • Lew and Yvonne Broadway Osborn (35 KB)
    This was taken in 1949 after the funeral of Gladys Osborn (Lew's mother).
  • Gladys Steele Osborn and son Lewis Everett Osborn (24 KB)
    This was taken in Oklahoma.
  • Lew & Yvonne Osborn with Children (41 KB)
    This was taken in 1944-45? in Illinois. Lew, Yvonne, Everett, Larry and Kaaren Osborn.
  • Frances Osborn Gallaugher new addition (14 KB)
    Johnna Gallaugher with grandchildren, Mia & Vittorio who was born July 31, 2006.
  • Osborn Family (31 KB)
    Frances Gallaugher, Margurette Bell, Marie Ryan in front. Gordon, Frank, Bill Gallaugher, Lew, and Glen Osborn with Aunt Pearl Osborn Reading in back.
  • Pam Gallaugher (49 KB)
    Pam is the daughter of Bill and Frances Osborn Gallaugher. She is in charge of the 2002 Osborn Reunion. We should all let her know how much we appreciate the work she is doing.
  • L. J. Ryan, Luther and Marie Osborn Ryan (32 KB)
    Marie is the daughter of Everett Ware Osborn and Gladys Steele Osborn.
  • The Cooper's with a new cousin in Kansas. (35 KB)
    Shannon and Blake Cooper hold little Vittorio Michael Pizzo.
  • Children of Frances Osborn Gallaugher. (16 KB)
    Pam Gallaugher, Joan Gallaugher Parks, Jim Gallaugher, Deloris Gallaugher Woodward, and John Wayne Gallaugher.
  • Family of Marie Osborn Ryan. (42 KB)
    In front is wife of the late L.J. Ryan (Betty) with her daughters on each side of her Paula and Terry with Terry's husband Bob Axline in the back. Granddaughter,Kelli Ann, is on the left.
  • Barb, Ginger & Kaaren (11 KB)
    This is Barbara and Ginger (John Osborn's daughters) with Kaaren (Lew Osborn's daughter).
  • Family of Lew Osborn who attended reunion. (13 KB)
    Megan Leonard (granddaughter of Kaaren Osborn Bangert and Maurice Bangert) Maurice Bangert, Kaaren Osborn Bangert, and Kathy Bangert Leonard (daughter of Kaaren & Maurice).
  • Lew Osborn (18 KB)
    This was taken in California in the 1950's...
  • Johnny and E. W. Osborn (16 KB)
    Johnny is the son of John Osborn and E. W. is the son of Lew Osborn.
  • Megan and Nicole (38 KB)
    This is Megan Leonard (great granddaughter of Lew Osborn) and Nicole Franklin (granddaughter of John Osborn.)
  • Leonard Family Photo (32 KB)
    This is Kathy Bangert Leonard (granddaughter of Lew Osborn) with her family. Phil, Megan and Aaron Leonard.
  • John Gallaugher Great Grandson (10 KB)
    John and Elinor Gallaugher meet their new great grandson Vittorio Pizzo.
  • Osborn Kids - 1910 (32 KB)
    Marie, Glenn, Frances, John & baby Frank.
  • Parents of Ruth Rickner Osborn. (29 KB)
    Thomas McAfee Rickner and Cora Lillie Woods Rickner, parents of Ruth Osborn (Mrs. John Osborn.)
  • Osborn Girls (20 KB)
    Marie, Frances, Margurette and Grandmother Osborn. Photo submitted by Pam Gallaugher.
  • Those first cousins attending the reunion. (73 KB)
    Shirley Osborn Blevins, Donald Osborn, Bobbie Osborn Johnson, Pam Gallaugher, Joan Gallaugher Parks, John Wayne Gallaugher, Deloris Gallaugher Woodward, John Osborn, Gayle Osborn Musslewhite, Judy Osborn Durrett, Kaaren Osborn Bangert, Mildred Osborn Herrington, Jim Gallaugher behind Mildred.
  • Aaron Leonard & Kaaren Bangert (24 KB)
    This was taken recently at the farm in Clay County, IL.
  • John Osborn and Jim Gallaugher. (38 KB)
    John Osborn is the son of John and Ruth Rickner Osborn. Jim Gallaugher is the son of Bill and Frances Osborn Gallaugher.
  • Megan Leonard, granddaughter of Kaaren (23 KB)
    Megan played volleyball for the University of Illinois Springfield volleyball team before graduation in 2006
  • Some attending Osborn Reunion. (53 KB)
    Standing is Pam Gallaugher with Donald (son of Frank Osborn) Osborn, David Bell (husband of Margurette Osborn Bell) and Maurice Bangert (husband of Kaaren Osborn Bangert).
  • Larry Osborn with sister Kaaren (23 KB)
    This was taken in 2004 in Illinois.
  • Larry and Yvonne Osborn (24 KB)
    Larry and Yvonne Osborn at Hoover Dam celebrating her 80th birthday in 1997.
  • Angie, Scott & Jonathan Scott Daniel (112 KB)
    This is the newest addition to the Lew Osborn family. His grandfather is Larry Osborn. This is Angie, Scott and Jonathan Daniel who was born March 14, 2002 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Ruth Rickner Osborn Shipley (22 KB)
    Ruth was married to John Osborn, she still lives at Olney, IL and makes quilts for all her grandchildren.
  • Osborn Reunion 2002 (41 KB)
    This is the whole group who attended the Osborn Family Reunion in Mounds, Oklahoma.
  • William Robert Gallaugher (111 KB)
    This is Billy Bob, son of Elenor & John Wayne Gallaugher. Grandson of Bill & Frances Osborn Gallaugher-he did a wonderful job of preparing the food for our reunion. Thanks Billy Bob!!
  • Emma Jo Cooper (7 KB)
    First granddaughter of Pam Gallaugher, Emma Jo was born November 4, 2006 in Kansas. Her parents are Shannon and Blake Cooper.
  • John Gallaugher and David Bell (55 KB)
    This was at the Osborn Reunion in Mounds, Oklahoma. John is the son of Frances Osborn Gallaugher and Dave is the husband of Margurette Osborn Bell.(David P. Bell passed away July 22, 2006 in Levelland, TX)
  • A group photo from the Osborn Reunion in Mounds (70 KB)
    Standing: Ken Parks, Johnna Parks Raida,Blake Cooper, Paula Chapin, Kelly Chapin-Foster, Michele Scott, Cindy Newsom, Rhonda Freeman, Amy Holly, & Kim Durrett. Front: Kathy Leonard, Terry Ryan Axline, Billy Bob Gallaugher, & Cole Parks.
  • The first Grandchild for Pam Gallaugher (14 KB)
    Thanksgiving Day Pam met her new granddaughter, Emma Jo Cooper.
  • Terry Ryan Axline (39 KB)
    Terry is the daughter of L. J. Ryan, granddaughter of Marie Osborn Ryan.
  • Great-Great Grandchildren (89 KB)
    In back is Megan Leonard, in front is Taylor Packard, Whitney Parks, Tyler Parks, Cole Parks, Danielle Freeman holding Rachel Wood, Raenee Newsom with Kendall Durrett in front of her.
  • Frances Osborn Gallaugher Family at Thanksgiving (54 KB)
    Children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren of Frances. Thanksgiving 2006 in Kansas
  • Cortney and John Osborn (78 KB)
    This is Cortney Osborn (1982) with her dad John Osborn (1939). He is the son of John Osborn and grandson of Everett W. Osborn.
  • Oklahome Reunion 2002 (50 KB)
    Donald Ray and Donald Dean Osborn at reunion 2002
  • Reunion at Mounds, OK 2002 (41 KB)
    This is all of the Osborn's who attended the family reunion in Mounds, OK 2002
  • Aaron Leonard & Maurice Bangert (27 KB)
    Aaron Leonard is the Great-grandson of Lewis Osborn. This was taken on his 16th birthday, June 25, 2002
  • Mary Jane Gwin Biggs (32 KB)
    This is the mother of Gladys Steele Osborn. She married John Reese Steele in 1862. She is the daughter of James Biggs and Mary Jane Gwin Biggs.
  • John Reese Steele (29 KB)
    This is the father of Gladys Steele Osborn. He married Margaret Jane Biggs. He is the son of William Philip Steele and Nancy Elizabeth Peery.
  • Osborn Family possibly about 1922 in Mounds, OK (67 KB)
    Front: Lewis Everett, Emory Franklin Jr., Vernie Leroy and Gordon Burl Osborn. Behind them: Ollie Jack "Red" and Frank Presley Osborn. On the left: Margurette Valene, held by her mother Gladys, Marie, Luther Ryan, Mary Betty, Emory Franklin holding his son Don Earl, Mattie Pearl Osborn. To the right of Don Earl is John Wesley, Otis Claude "Boog", Theodore Glen, and Grandmother-Frances Ann Osborn
  • Sophia Ware Osborn at age 59 in 1886 (42 KB)
    Sophia Ware Osborn is the mother of Charles Ware Osborn who is the father of Everett Ware Osborn.
  • Kaaren Osborn Bangert and Everett M. Bangert (79 KB)
    This picture was taken beneath the oldest oak tree in the State of Illinois in the year 2000.
  • Osborn Family Reunion Flyer (27 KB)
    This is the information about our Family Reunion in June, 2002.
  • John Osborn daughters (12 KB)
    Donna, Susie and Becky Osborn. In the '50's
  • Larry E. Osborn's Family (34 KB)
    Angela Osborn Daniel, Kay Shane Osborn, Larry Osborn, Yvonne Osborn, & Edward Osborn (1997)
  • John Osborn kids in the 1950's (15 KB)
    Children of John and Ruth Osborn. Also two of Ruth's sisters children (Rena).
  • Four Generations (43 KB)
    Kaaren Osborn Bangert, Kathy Bangert Leonard, Megan Leigh Leonard & Yvonne Broadway Osborn
  • Bill and Frances Osborn-Gallaugher (67 KB)
    Wedding picture, November 8, 1924
  • Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth Osborn (39 KB)
    Front: Barbara, Ruth and Becky Back: Johnny, Ginger, Donna, and Jack Osborn
  • Two Aunts and Cousins (79 KB)
    Ruth Rickner Osborn (Widow of John W. Osborn) and Yvonne Broadway Osborn (Widow of Lewis Osborn) and some of their children.
  • Grandchildren of John and Ruth Rickner Osborn (56 KB)
    Back: Chad Franklin, Jill Lewis, Debbie Henrikson, Tamara Vest. Kurt Edwards, Paul Osborn Front: Cortney Osborn, Nicole Franklin, Ruth, Tina Young, Kim French
  • Children Frank Osborn (HURRICANE VICTIMS SAFE) (153 KB)
    Back row left to right Linda-Frankie-Donald-Bobie.front row Betty-Trease-Opal BETTY, BOBBY, FRANKIE, JOHNNY AND TERESE ARE IN NEED OF ANY DONATION YOU CARE TO SEND. THANK YOU!
  • Greatgrandchildren of John & Ruth Rickner Osborn (62 KB)
    Back: Rebecca Henrikson, Emily Vest, Austin Edwards, Allison Edwards, Shauna Hegwood, Sarah Henrikson, Braxton French, Rachel Henrikson Middle: Hunter Franklin, Allison Young, Cole Hildebrand, Preston French Front: Jack Young, Ruth holding Kaleb Osborn, Haley Franklin
  • Yvonne Broadway Osborn with greatgrandsons (41 KB)
    This was taken in 1997 with Larry's grandsons - Nathaniel and RC
  • Tombstone at Mounds Cemetery (127 KB)
    Parents of Gladys Steele Osborn
  • Frank Osborn Children in New Orleans, LA (29 KB)
    Frank, Betty, Donnie, and Opal Osborn Salvato.
  • Phil and Aaron Leonard with big bass (67 KB)
    This was taken a June 1, 2005. Phil is married to Kathy Bangert Leonard and Aaron is their son. Lew Osborn is Kathy's grandfather.
  • Jim and Xenia Gallaugher (32 KB)
    This is son of Frances Osborn Gallaugher and his wife when they visited us in Illinois
  • W. J. Ward Gallaugher (18 KB)
    Son of Xenia Kunzman & Orville James Gallaugher. Date of birth: 22 June 1974 - Killed in car accident 15 Sept 1992 Laid to rest at Highland Cemetery, Medicine Lodge, KS
  • Megan Leonard and James Doerfler Engagement (17 KB)
    Megan and Jamie will be married June 2. We are proud of them.
  • Nicole Lynn Franklin (37 KB)
    This is the granddaughter of John & Ruth Osborn. Daughter of Gary and Becky Osborn Franklin at her graduation in 2005.
  • Stephen E. Bangert (56 KB)
    This is the son of Kaaren Osborn Bangert and Maurice Bangert.
  • Lew, Yvonne, Ruth & John Osborn from Illinois (38 KB)
    This was probably taken in 1962 when they were in Louisiana to attend the funeral of Lew & John's brother, Frank Osborn.
  • Megan Leigh Leonard married James William Doerfler (19 KB)
    The wedding was at the Ingraham Christiam Church, Saturday, June 2, 2007.
  • Vernie Osborn Tombstone in Mounds, Oklahoma (51 KB)
    Tombstone of Vernie Osborn, son of Everett & Gladys Osborn.
  • Lew Osborn with son Everett home on leave. (58 KB)
    This was taken when Lew arrived home from work with son Everett who was home on leave from the Air Force. (1956-57)
  • Family Photo on the wedding day. (35 KB)
    Aaron, Phil, Kathy Leonard with bride and groom--Kaaren, Maurice, and Stephen Bangert.
  • Grandsons of Larry Osborn (22 KB)
    These are the sons of Angela Osborn Daniel. Nathaniel, Jonathan & R. C.
  • Angela Osborn Daniels family (51 KB)
    Angela & Scott Daniel with Nathaniel (9) RC (11) and Johnathan (15 mo.)
  • Music for the wedding featured Stephen Bangert (26 KB)
    Uncle of the bride, Stephen Bangert, played the piano for the ceremony.
  • New Grandson of Larry Osborn (17 KB)
    Phillip Jeremiah Daniel was born April 16, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the son of Angela and Scott Daniel.
  • Steve Bangert (8 KB)
    Steve is the grandson of Lew Osborn. Maurice and Kaaren Osborn Bangert are his parents. This was taken in July, 2005.
  • Five Generations (29 KB)
    This is Ruth Rickner Osborn Shipley holding Ali Denette Ruth Ann Hilderbrand. Standing is Donna Osborn Hosselton, Jan Hosselton Hostettler, and Amanda Hostettler Hilderbrand. They are descendants of John Wesley Osborn and his widow (Ruth)
  • Keri Michels (28 KB)
    Keri is the daughter of Dana Hosselton. Donna Osborn Hosselton (daughter of John & Ruth Osborn) is Dana's mother.
  • Dana Hosselton (25 KB)
    Dana is the daughter of Curt and Donna Osborn Hosselton. John & Ruth Osborn are Donna's parents.
  • Everett Ware Osborn & his mother Frances Ann (46 KB)
    Not sure of the date of this picture but since Everett died in 1926 would be prior to that date.
  • Aunt Betty Osborn, Otis Claude, Lew & Bill Osborn (54 KB)
    Taken Summer, 1955 in Mounds, Oklahoma
  • Some Osborn relatives (36 KB)
    Glen, Gordon, Luther Ryan, Lew Osborn Back row: John Osborn, John Wayne & Bill Gallaugher.
  • Rehearsal dinner was at Dieterich, IL (15 KB)
    Bride and Groom, Megan and Jamie, as the sun was setting.
  • Another Osborn picture (85 KB)
    Lew, John, Marguerette, Frank Osborn to name a few.
  • Angela & Scott Daniel family 2007 (17 KB)
    R. C., Nathan, Angie, Scott, Jonathan and Philip Daniel. Daughter and grandchildren of Larry Osborn.
  • Charles Ware & Frances Osborn Family 1898 (75 KB)
    Back row: Everett Ware, Lewis, Oscar Henry, Alva Earl "Pete". Front Row: Mattie Pearl, Charles W., Frances Ann, and Emory Franklin
  • Family of Lew Osborn (69 KB)
    Everett, Steve Bangert (grandson) Kaaren Osborn Bangert and Larry Osborn in Illinois recently.
  • Jonathan Daniel (37 KB)
    Grandson of Larry Osborn ready to play ball.
  • Mildred & Gordon Osborn (74 KB)
    Taken in 1956, not sure of location
  • Larry E. Osborn's Grandsons (39 KB)
    Nathaniel, Jonathan, and R. C. Daniel (children of Angie Osborn Daniel.) 2003
  • Lew & John Osborn children in 2005 (119 KB)
    Taken November 19, 2005 - Kaaren Osborn Bangert, Becky Osborn Franklin, Ginger Osborn Duff, Johnny Osborn, and Susie Osborn Poehler.
  • Taken in Illinois in the 1980's (44 KB)
    Kaaren Osborn Bangert, Margurette Osborn Bell, Kathy Bangert Leonard, Yvonne Broadway Osborn, Ruth Rickner Osborn, Ginger Osborn Duff, and Becky Osborn Franklin
  • Aaron Leonard, Great-grandson of Lew Osborn (28 KB)
    This was at Charleston, IL in December, 2003. The Holiday Tournament consisted of 16 teams, Aaron's team (Effingham, IL) won this tournament and Aaron was the Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament.
  • Family picture in fall of 2009. (58 KB)
    Maurice Bangert holding Addyson, Kaaren Osborn Bangert holding twin Bryleigh, mother of the babies is Megan Leonard Doerfler standing at the back with Kathy Bangert Leonard. On the left side is Steve Bangert and on the right side is Uncle Aaron Leonard.
  • Margurette Osborn Bell (37 KB)
    This was taken at the Osborn reunion in Missouri in the early 1980's-modeling her new bathing suit.
  • Sons of Emory & Betty Osborn. (27 KB)
    Many years ago Boog, Bill & Manford Osborn in Mounds, OK.
  • Kasey Michels (26 KB)
    This is Kasey Michels, daughter of Dana and Wilbur Michels. Dana is John & Ruth Osborn's granddaughter.
  • Everett W. Osborn passes away (7 KB)
    This is my brother, E. W. who passed away August 26, 2012 at the age of 74 years young. He had a stroke in 2006 & was living in assisted living in Warner Robins, GA when he passed away. Burial was in Flora, IL in Floral Garden of Memories.
  • Jill Hosselton Lewis (14 KB)
    Jill is the daughter of Curt and Donna Osborn Hosselton. Granddaughter of John & Ruth Osborn.
  • Kathy Bangert Leonard Family (32 KB)
    Family photo of Kathy & Philip Leonard. With Megan and Aaron Leonard.
  • Betty & L. J. Ryan (39 KB)
    L. J. is the son of Luther & Marie Osborn Ryan.
  • Donna Osborn, Kaaren Osborn and Larry Osborn (10 KB)
    This is an older photo taken in the 1950's in Illinois at the home of Lew & Yvonne Osborn.
  • Vernie Osborn (21 KB)
    Vernie is the son of Gladys Steele and Everett Weir Osborn. He died young with a ruptured appendix.
  • Levelland, TX Sept. 20, 2004 (50 KB)
    This is Jack Bell, Larry Osborn, Dave Bell, and Joyce Bell Hall. A recent visit in Levelland, TX (FLASH: Uncle Dave passed away July 22, 2006)
  • Lew Osborn (29 KB)
    This is the big catfish caught by Lew Osborn in the Little Wabash River in Illinois.
  • Robert and Terry Ryan Axline with family (61 KB)
    Robert and Terry are standing. Daughters Christine and Jessica are holding granddaughters Amalie and Madelyn. Ryan Lucas Axline, their son, is sitting with them. 2004 Christmas picture. Terry is the granddaughter of Marie Osborn Ryan.
  • Mattie Pearl Osborn Hannah Reading (104 KB)
    Pearl Osborn, sister of Everett Ware Osborn with her son Maurice Hannah.
  • An old picture of Frank & John Osborn's girls. (32 KB)
    Susie (John) Opal Marie, Betty (Frank) Becky (John) and Teressa (Frank) daughters
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