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Feathers Ancestory.......... Down to Bettie Lynn Feathers

Updated July 14, 2003

About Our Family Research

This is a work in progress! (A homemade "hodge-podge") This dialog box will change often, to reflect new information, so please read it with each new visit. If you visit later and it says the page is down/discontinued, try again later/next day. This web-page is only updated every few MONTHS, now.

There are a few of Aunt Viola's old photos left that haven't been added, of people/families that might be outside of the "Feathers" lineage (Flanary, Donahue,...see links for more names). If you recognize one, let me know, so I'll add any related photos for you.

If the dialog in a link conflicts with what's in this dialog box, go with this. Also, view the "UPDATES" link. It's easier for me to change it here and/or in "UPDATES", than to try to find all of the related links.

Information added will usually include the provider's name & contact information, for the benefit of other researchers. If you do not want yours added/want yours removed, let me know (see NEW e-mail address at bottom of web-page).

(Poem) My life is not my own. It is the Lord's. I am, who I am, because of Him. Finding out who my ancestors were, and where they came from, will only enhance my ability to understand my family history, and add to who I am. It can never take anything away that I do not freely give. And, I can not give what is not mine.

Daddy said he was "Irish, German, and Cherokee". (I don't know if he meant all from the Feathers side or in combination with his mother's side, Proffitt) He said that his granddaddy(Emory A. Feathers???) used to sit him on his lap and tell him the story of how Daddy's g-g-granddaddy (Samuel Elcaney Feathers???)was the "Chief of the Cherokee Indians". (That would make the "Chief" my g-g-g-granddaddy....right???).....Mama always suspected that Daddy and/or Emory was exaggerating about the "Chief" part. If Samuel is from John of Ireland, then it could not be least from the "Feathers" side. When daddy said his "granddaddy", maybe he didn't specify which one, and, with a name like "Feathers", Mama just assumed he meant from the Feathers side. If so, maybe it was from a man on Daddy's mother/g'mother/g-g'mother/g-g-g'mother's side????

Daddy also said that Beattie "Birdie/Big Chief" Feathers, the UT Hall-of-Famer, was his (second or third??) cousin, too....ANOTHER mystery with different family tales. But, my HUGE-UT-FAN son, Daniel, is just itching to know!!

Veteran researchers have good information, but from opposite directions!.....Earl "Cuz" Feathers (FINALLY HEARD FROM "CUZ"! He's writing a BOOK!! See "RESEARCHERS" link!) said we were definitely linked to his family, by way of John Feathers of IRELAND (and invited us to a couple of his reunions!...Good groceries!!).....But, last year, Edwin Allen Feathers wrote to me (on a message board) that we seemed to be SOUIX (according to a sketch that his mother had that was made by Omer Feathers).....And, I thought, a lady (on another message board???), told me we were very likely from an APACHE Chief (or nobleman).

The more I search, the more I suspect that, although we have the same last name, it's for different reasons, and alot of us probably are from different backgrounds. FeatherSTON(E) of England...Feathers IN THE WATER (Just a sample taken from census book, not necessarily related)of Cherokee Nation...FeTTERS/VETTERS of Germany...and so on.

Family Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later browser)
  • Bettie Lynn Feathers Family Tree (1 KB)
    This Feathers Family Tree only goes back as far as Isaac & Tavia, at this time, but I will add to it weekly/monthly, as more information is found. During the transfer from the Family Tree Maker to this page, some mistakes appeared...David Lee/Leroy should have the last name of Gianelloni added to it......Aubra is NOT married to himself!!! (Wallace's obit didn't mention his sons' wives).......David and I (unwed...pre-Church days) had a son, Leather Maverick Howard...It's a "Western Thang!" (But the Family Tree Maker will not allow me to enter another child to either David's or my profile box, much less without a listed "spouse".).........I'm not 100% certain of the Emory/Wallace connection at this time. They might be cousins instead of brothers......I entered more graveyard names than what are showing here. Look at the obituaries in the "Photos" section for some graveyard names.
Family Photos
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - WWII ? (1 KB)
    WWII(?) Photo - Daddy was very young in this photo, probably around 18-20 yrs. old, around 1940-45? He served in WWII and in the Korean War. In one of them he was in the "Army Air Corps". Probably WWII. (My understanding is that they were the "Air Force" before today's Air Force existed. Then they became the Army's Aviation Division, kind of like the Navy has an Aviation Division). Daddy was a character! He remained very patriotic and taught me as a child to stand, straight, still, and quite, hand on heart, to the National Anthem whenever we were up "late" watching T.V. (Back when T.V. shut off before midnight!),how to handle the flag...never letting it touch the ground. He'd make mama furious painting everything red, white, or blue,.....but especially when he did his signature "marbelizing"...white with red and blue newspaper sponging is done today, but it wasn't very acceptable back then! (Daddy only worked with a paint/carpenter crew long enough to afford to "pull a drunk", Mama said, Then he'd quit and stay drunk 'till he was broke, sober up, get thirsty, and do it all over again,....So he had lots of spare time on his hands to paint!!) She came home from her factory job one day, and he'd painted our entire bathroom in red, white, and blue "blotches"...including the floor!!...Talk about a MAD MAMA!!.......One holiday season, she threw him out for stenciling her entire kitchen with Christmas designs in gold.....He liked gold too! (I thought it was pretty. I have an old kitchen cabinet that still shows the stenciled ornament design through the white paint Mama immediately covered it with)! But the hardest paint job for us to live down was when he took a paint brush and two different shades of blue house paint and gave our 1964 Plymouth push-button-automatic a two-toned paint job!!! We were just too poor to afford a professional, or even spray paint, but the neighbors never let us live that one down!
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - Amputee- 1982 (1 KB)
    Amputee Photo - This was Daddy at the Sommerville Nursing Home the day of my wedding, June 6, 1982 (...Don't take off your shoes to count,..I was 4 1/2 months pregant at the time...That's what happens when you get out of Church...not proud, just honest). The Director, Rick Summers, is by him. We had our wedding at the nursing home so Daddy could be there. Without legs, he was very heavy to maneuver, they said. We had just moved back to TN, and weren't in Church, so we had no place set-up to be married in. The nursing home offered to give us a ceremony to help us and to entertain their residents. Our preacher was a Feathers, now that I remember right!!! (Forgot all about that! I think he was from Sommerville [Fayette Co.] But said we weren't related....If you're out there....HellOOOOOOO!!!....Seems like his name was Carl? Anyway, he wouldn't accept money for the services. [Now, there's a preacher I could get used to, although I try to tithe nowadays!]) Daddy had "Phlebitis" (can't spell it, but it sounds just like...Flea BITE us....Weird, huh? Nothing to do with fleas.) It's from poor circulation. The fact that Daddy was an alchoholic made it alot worse, from what I was told. He'd had a hole in his ankle all the way to the bone...groce. The disease rots your limbs from the inside out. Once in your body, you'll die. While in the limb, you can have it cut-off and save yourself. That's what happened to Daddy. So they amputated one leg just below the knee, and, later, the other just above (late 70's/early 80's?). He'd had a stroke (during a drunk spell. Doctors warned him it'd happen) and was paralyzed down one side. (His mama was paralyzed on the other side from one). He couldn't talk, but could still CUSS! He'd go, "Baaa,baaaa,do, da, SH__!" and shake his head 'cause he couldn't find something or couldn't make us understand him. He could sing repetitive songs like, Row, row, row your boat. Mama took him a typew
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - 1982 (41 KB)
    1982 Photo - Daddy's first time to see his only grandchild (at the time), Daniel Lin Howard, born 11/1, and Daniel's daddy, Linville Power (was supposed to be Powell) Howard - Sommerville Nursing Home, Sommerville (Fayette Co.) TN
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - 1977 (34 KB)
    1977 Photo - Daddy & me - I think Daddy was at Hillcrest Nursing Home and his mom, Grandma Augusta "Gus" (Proffitt) Feathers had been at Raines Nursing Home, and I got the names of the nursing homes mixed-up when I wrote "Raines..." on the back of this photo...Since I was only 17 then, maybe it's not age as much as I thought!!!
  • How to Trace Scots-Irish Ancestory (371 KB)
    Article (Part 1 of 3)- I clipped this out to go, then missed the meeting. I'm sure their meeting notes have contact information for this guest. The head of the Jefferson County (TN) Historical Society is also a big Scots-Irish history buff, and he could help, as well.
  • Bettie Lynn (Feathers) Howard Family - 2000 (61 KB)
    Family Photo - Daniel Lin Howard, Bettie Lynn (Feathers) Howard, Leather Maverick (Gianelloni) Howard, and Crystal Lynn Howard. Originally from TN, we moved to FL in 2001...But, WE'RE ALL VOL IN THE FALL!! Daniel will be attending College, possibly majoring in Mathematical Engineering with a minor in "something to do with sports!" Crystal is living at her dad's in AL, attending a Christian high school, and babysitting her newest baby brother. Leather's going into 2nd grade at a christian school. He favors my daddy alittle, although he's the spitting image (and has the temperment, girl craziness, and charm) of his daddy, David Gianelloni...Well, that could be from "Grandpa Feathers"' genes, too! I was homeschooling but now work for a call center (If your AT&T cell phone order gets botched, I might be the one taking your call to "fix" it!), and plan to take real estate classes this winter.
  • How to Trace Scots-Irish Ancestry (328 KB)
    Article (Part 2 of 3)
  • Calendar back to 1717 - For research (466 KB)
    Calendar -This calendar used to be in the phonebooks. (Are they still???) I found this one about a year/two ago and held onto it "to use for something someday." It came in handy when Elizabeth (Hobbs) Feathers' obituaries said two different dates of death. I checked to see which date fell on the day of week mentioned in both obits and it came out to be the 3rd, not 4th. If you don't have one, use this one by printing it......Handy as a pocket!!!
  • How to Trace the Scots-Irish Ancestry (357 KB)
    Article (Part 3 of 3)
  • Elizabeth "Bettie" (Hobbs) Feathers (?) (196 KB)
    Photo - I'm not sure, but I believe Aunt Viola told me this was her mother. (I am just trying to go through Aunt Viola's photos and decifer the notes...if any...on back. Some notes are from where I had asked Aunt Viola and wrote down what I thought she said. Some seem to be contradictory! This could be an older relative, like Emory's or Elizabeth's mother, or even Aunt Viola herself. Judge all of these photos on this web-page for yourself. I'm no expert on photo age analysis, clothes of the times, etc. I just hope that entering photos will trigger a viewer's memory of their own family photos to compare them to and, hopefully, solve any mystery about the person's identity).
  • Cherokee Reservation Brochure- NC (308 KB)
    Brochure - This has a toll free #. (I just called, so it's still good), and a web-site. (This brochure is about 5 years old, so the prices might have increased). Cherokee has the council building and archives for the Cherokee people, especially the Eastern Band. I'm told you have to bring official, notarized documentation of a direct ancestor being no farther than 1/16th back, before they'll let you into the archives, now. They close around 5pm eastern time.
  • Rodney Parsons - Active Service Testament (55 KB)
    Photo - Found with Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard's belongings. Due to the confusion surrounding the two Feathers/Parsons couples, noticed on GenForum's message boards, I thought I'd add this photo. Maybe it will help. It might have been a second-hand Bible, as there are penciled notes as well as Rodney's info in marker. Note that it says "Parsons", not "Parson". I wonder if Birmingham was his permanent or military address. I do know that Aunt Viola was very close with a Louise Parsons of Knoxville, who later moved to Morristown, TN. I spoke with her when Aunt Viola died, in 1996, so she was living then. Maybe she was married to one of the Parsons from the branch you're searching and you could contact her about it. This Bible is likely from her family.
  • Natural Bridge of Alabama Brochure (223 KB)
    Brochure (Front) - Supposedly the hill has a "face" like an "indian". My kids took the trail and said they saw it, but were more interested in the "cool bugs", and stuff along the way! I stayed and jotted down notes from the lady who ran the place, who could talk more than me!! She said that there were alot of "Feathers" nearby, and she was a wealth of information on Native Americans. Her hubby's a Civil War buff, but too quiet to get a word in edge-wise between the two of us! They sell civil war stuff, small pottery gifts (made from local red clay. The brochure mentions that there are graves of civil war soldiers nearby. That might give someone a lead looking for family in that area.
  • Feathers Family with cousins (?) (58 KB)
    Photo - Found in Viola's belongings. I suspect this to be (Front) Cecil, their daddy or granddaddy, Viola, Noah, two young cousins & their dad in uniform. (Back) Viola's mother or grandmothers. I'm pretty sure Aunt Viola told me that the cousins stayed with them while their dad was in the service. I have seen the man with the mustache in several family pictures. He is either Emory, or Emory's or Elizabeth (Hobbs)'daddy. The women look more like grandmothers than mothers, but the one on the left strongly favors Viola and a picture noted as "Viola's mother", only alot older...?? These might be Elizabeth's parents and her aunt and the grandchildren were living there or visiting...or the grandparents lived with them. The older boys might be Hershel and Cecil, but one of the three is missing, 'cause the smallest boy's legs are too short to be Hershel, who was older than Viola, and you can see how long her legs were compared to his. The cousins were possibly Flanary's (or Donahue's, or Quillen's) Also, note the detail on the top of the columns. This house is in several photos, so was probably a long term home of the Feathers clan. See if it matches any of the homes in your photos!
  • Natural Bridge of Alabama Brochure (113 KB)
    Brochure(Back) - Just west of Birmingham, right on the highway. (See "Front" for more text).
  • Feathers Family Farm & Orchard (?) (243 KB)
    Photo - Found in Viola's belongings. The story from Aunt Viola, was that this was the back of their farm where their orchard was. She said they raised fruit trees. Her brothers would travel to get orders for the trees then return to fill the orders and deliver them. (...Now, Mama told me that "Mr. Feathers", Cecil, made and ran 'shine, at least when Cecil was married. Aunt Viola's tale might have been a watered-down and more socially acceptable version, or one she'd been told and believed as a young girl/woman. But, they probably did sell trees, then, Cecil, at least, started running 'shine later) On another note: This looks (to me)like the same view as where the photo of the old woman and a Native American man had their picture taken and on back was written, "Grandma and the Indian". I haven't run accross that picture again, yet, but will enter it when/if I do, as it has always interested me. I used to think they were a "couple",possibly the Cherokee connection to our family, but now don't believe their grandchild who wrote on the back would've referred to their granddaddy as "the Indian". He must've been a friend of theirs or a customer, possibly a worker, but wasn't dressed like a worker. He was statuesque and dressed more like he was his own person, not someone's hired hand. Anyway, since I haven't found that picture, and I feel like it relates to this one, I thought I'd mention it here until I do find it. Does this look like a view from any of your family's photos? Look at the house. Although it has a porch the buildings are usually in back of a house, making this the back as Aunt Viola told me. There is a winding driveway or narrow road going toward the hill with a row of trees marking what's probably a fenceline.
  • Trail of Tears (Bike Run) Brochure (1 KB)
    Brochure (Front) - It seems like I've known several Cherokee who like motorcycles! So I thought I'd add this, 'cause you're bound to get some great contacts from it, whether or not you even ride in it, if you're trying to find the "Cherokee connection" to your tree! (See "Back" for more info)
  • Trail of Tears (Bike Run) Brochure (495 KB)
    Brochure (Back) - This brochure is about 5 years old, but has info to get you started.(See "Front" for more text).
  • UPDATES (71 KB)
    12/12/2002: OKAY!..I QUIT!!....I've been typing for hours, and the stupid thing told me "INVALID FILE TYPE"!!!(tried to enter under "related files" but can't figure-out how, so have to use "Photos" for everything) That's it!. I'll update tomorrow on: Isaac G. vs Isaac J.;(Octavia) "Tavia" Knox; Beattie ("Birtie") Feathers.... 07/04/2003: (I don't think I ever updated from last time, so don't look for it...I'd switched to dial-up and it took too long...back on high-speed now!!) Today, I've added "RESEARCHERS" (contacts), and "Related Links" (web-sites). I'll add more to these in time (Check with each visit for new entries). I haven't visited some sites, muchless all of their contents, so let me know if anything warrants removal....07/14/03: Dillard Newman wrote me, wanting to share his family history with Feathers in his "blood-line" (See "RESEARCHERS")...Earl "Cuz" Feathers' Feathers/Webb Reunion's the 2nd sat in Aug, in TN(See "RESEARCHERS")
    People, like you, researching the Feathers or other families. (Also, ph #/add to places I don't have web-site addresses for)... Earl "Cuz" Feathers - Kingsport, TN (John Feathers/Ireland): Chet Feathers - USA (Germany): Ed Feathers - NY (John Feathers/Ireland): Geoff Hampton - San Diego, CA, formerly of Knoxville, TN (Edgar Feathers/Cherokee): (See his web-site links)...Herbert Gootee - USA (Native American): Newman - USA (Henry Feathers, Washington Co., TN): Carr - USA (Feathers): Ron Campbell - Chicago, IL (unrelated to Feathers, but researches them and others (I've misplaced his e-mail address, but you can find it at (under Feathers)... Libby (Clift) Ramirez - Lilburn, GA (My half-sister, not Feathers-related, but researching her dad's and our mom's sides, and her hubby's...Clift/England; Kelly/Ireland; Ramirez/ case you've run accross these names in your own searches and can give her leads, especially before coming to America): Historical Collection (Knoxville, TN) (865) 544-5744 (See "Jefferson Co. Hist Soc." brochure)...Jefferson Co. Historical Society (TN) PO Box 267, Jefferson City, TN 37760-0267 (See brochure)...Natural Bridge of AL, (205) 486-5330 (See brochure)
  • Feathers Family & Farm House (?) (1 KB)
    Photo - Found in Viola Feathers' belongings. It is very old broken, and faded. Send it to your documents then pull it up and view it under your magnifyer. This large home has a rock foundation. I don't believe the house on the farm with the orchard has such a large foundation, but might, since this is the front view and the orchard farm house was taken from the back. I have run into several pictures of families who's names and photo locations I do or don't recognize but don't know their family connection to ours, such as...Logan Gray Flanary, Selma Juanita Flanary, Mary Flanary, Nida...(just realized, this might be Selma Juanita Flanary! If so, then the Flanary's are Aunt Viola's cousins, as I suspected, and she is the one in alot of photos with Aunt Viola's family...Well, Halleluah!! Possibly on Elizabeth [Hobbs]' side. Manzy & Della Quillen (whom I suspect to be in-laws/cousins), Donahue (also suspect to be in-laws/cousins),...EsCalon, CA; Hiltons, VA...etc. Some of the pictures of people/homes on this page might be of cousins, in-laws, etc., might or might not be of the Feathers Lines. As relatives die, you get their old photos and then when you die, someone gets a combination of yours and the ones belonging to everyone you were close to who'd already died. So there's no telling which photos were ones Aunt Viola originally had as a young woman, or ones she collected later of her mother's, Aunts, husband's,... who might've gotton alot from their older relatives as they'd passed away,..... So, there's no telling who's family this is in this very old photo!
  • Feathers Cabin (?) (198 KB)
    Photo - Found in Viola Feathers' belongings. This is very old, and I just love it! (See that homemade gingerbread, and that shake roof?!) Unfortunately, I scanned it sideways for a bigger picture, but it wouldn't let me rotate it this time (So, don't get your neck into a crik looking at it for too long!!) The man favors one in many photos I have. Could be a Flanary, Quillen, or Donahue, but suspect it to be Emory Feathers, or his daddy (whom I believe is Isaac G. Feathers) or granddaddy..??? This might have been their primary home, or one built for their retirement years.
  • Feathers in Pajamas??? (41 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongs of Viola Feathers. Now, this photo just tickles me to death! It's a man in white pajamas and a light-colored robe tied around him standing on the porch. He's grinning like a possum holding out a suit of some kind. The suit is dark, but has a wide light-colored belt like a military uniform. So maybe he's proudly showing off his uniform! I'm not sure I've ever seen this house in other photos....Do you recognize it??? This man could be a Flanary, Quillen, or Donahue, also. (Later, I realized this might even be my daddy, William Emory Feathers. He was a vet of WWII and the Korean War. I just can't date these pics well enough to say either way. He was born in the early 20's)
  • Bearded Feathers (?) (214 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. This might be the Flanary, Donahue, or Quillen family, instead of Feathers. The man is round, and, it looks like, he has a thick dark beard...alot like Ulysses S. Grant! The woman's face has high cheekbones and a very narrow jawline.
  • Two Women Behind Picket Fence (61 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. These might be Feathers, Flanary, Quillen, or Donahue women. The house has a picket fence near to it...probably due to a small front yard, like houses in town, rather than in the country.
  • Feathers Home (?) (52 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. This is a pretty house. It has dark trim and fancy gingerbread around the tops of the columns, especially on the balcony, and scalloped siding in front, on top. Possibly a Feathers, Flanary, Quillen, or Donahue home. Does it match any in your photos???
  • Emory?..."Nida"? (Selma Juanita Flanary???) (1 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. This is the best photo I've found of Aunt Viola's immediate family. Assuming the man and woman are her parents and not grandparents, it'd be: Emory "Lonzo" Feathers, Elizabeth "Bettie" (Hobbs) Feathers, Lelia "Viola" Feathers, cousin "Nida" (most likely Selma Juanita Flanary), Hershel Feathers, Cecil A. Feathers, and Noah G. Feathers. This is the very same house as the one taken of this family a few years earlier. It has to be Emory & Elizabeth. If not, then I just have no pictures of him, and I don't remember Aunt Viola ever mentioning living with her grandparents instead of her parents. The woman strongly favors a much younger picture marked "Viola's mother". If it's not her, then it might be her mother. I know that Elizabeth died in 1961, and her obituary listed her as ...widow of.., so this couldn't be Aunt Viola living with only her daddy and grandmothers. In the earlier picture, Noah (or Hershel) was missing, and there was a younger boy next to a little girl. In this picture all three brothers are there, but the younger boy (and one of the old women) is missing. Since the woman was probably too old by then to stand and take pictures, and since she's not in this later photo, I assume her to be dead by the time this photo was taken, and it must be the younger boy (Flanary cousin? Logan Grey???) taking this picture, and Noah (or Hershel) taking the earlier one. Since husbands and wives are usually together, I wouldn't think that Elizabeth would have been the picture taker for either or both, but that'd explain why the woman looks so much older than the man (at least to me). I guess, though, her sitting in that chair, and being so thin, just makes her look older, 'cause she has a nice face. Another possibility for the picture-taker would be A.B. "Porter" Feathers who often lived with them and did free-lance photography. He could have taken one or both photos.
  • University of Tennessee Notables (1 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Eastern All-Army Mentors training at Yale Field. I received an e-mail from Geoff Hampton, who was frustrated about not being able to verify his granddaddy "Edgar Feathers"' Cherokee connection. (See "RESEARCHERS" link for e-mail address) He related to my story about Daddy claiming fame to Beattie Feathers (UT...just in case a non-fan is reading this and wondering who he is!) and said his mama had claimed Beattie plus Herman Hickman, another famous football player there, but he'd never made the connections. (Later my son pulled up Hickman and saw that he IS from the Feathers lineage). So, since alot of us are from East TN and are UT fans, I thought I'd add this clipping....GO VOLS!
  • Class of ...???(early 1900's) - April 30th (289 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. Back reads: "(?...looks like the written word "signed" or "surprise" ???, then two scrawling initials, then ..)Feathers, Attorney". (I'm quite sure that Aunt Viola had mentioned someone in the close family being an attorney, and I thought it was Noah. But he would've been too young to be the one referred to in this picture, and I think I saw in his obituary, or something, that he was said to have been in a different line of work. Maybe he was one and it didn't work out or he retired to something else.) The girl circled is Aunt Viola. (She was born in 1901 and looks about 7, to me, in this picture). My own note (from the 80's, when she lived with me, and I was trying to get everything documented through her) on back reads: "1916?" Aunt Viola would've been 15, if that were the case, so it's got to be earlier than that. There are likely to be cousins from the area that were attending this school, also. It would've been in WEST Virginia, I believe, or in TN, as Aunt Viola said her family moved to Tazwell,TN from Bristol, WV when she was a "young girl" (I've caught myself saying "Virginia", but I mean WEST Virginia, since it borders TN...I think!!...Anyway,...whichever one is right above TN and has Bristol in it, right above Kingsport,TN!!! That's where our family came from, per Aunt Viola. (or whichever one's farther from TN!..I know east from west, but can't place how far west that "top" one is...and if it's farther west than the one that's by TN, but I don't think it is!!..and my atlas is in the car!...I didn't make F's in geography for nothing, ya' know!!) I also want to think that Aunt Viola said that her ancestors lived in VA before moving to WV, but I'm not at all sure about that.
  • Miller Town School - Class of 1916 (369 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Beard. Sign reads: Miller Town School, August 25, 1916. Believe this is Hershel and Cecil (or Cecil and Noah) Feathers. There are bound to be cousins attending also. Look for your relatives!
  • Wallace E. Feathers - Son of Isaac G. & Tavia (64 KB)
    Obituary Notice (#1 of 2) - It says, ...the son of Isaac G. & Tavia Knox of Cherokee Section."
  • Leola (Feathers) Carrier - of Isaac G. & Tavia (67 KB)
    Obituary - This is the obituary notice of Leola (Feathers) Carrier. Found in the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. Leola was the daughter of Isaac G. & Tavia Knox Feathers of Cherokee Section (see Wallace's obituary link)
  • Elizabeth ("Bettie/Betty")(Hobbs) Feathers (85 KB)
    (Front of)Obituary Notice (#1 of 5) - Found in the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. Wife of Emory "Lonzo" Feathers Elizabeth & Emory had a third son, Hershel, who'd died of Malaria(?) as a young man. He was not married and had no children.
  • Elizabeth ("Bettie/Betty") (Hobbs) Feathers (66 KB)
    (Back of)Obitituary Notice (#2 of 5) - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard.
  • Tavia Knox Feathers of Cherokee Section??? (1 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Since there are three boys and one girl, I'm assuming this is Aunt Viola and her brothers with their mother and grandmother (or grandmother and great grandmother). If so, the children would be: Noah G., Hershel, Lelia "Viola", and Cecil A. Feathers. If their mother is holding Aunt Viola, then she'd be Elizabeth "Bettie"/"Betty" (Hobbs) Feathers. The older woman could be Elizabeth's mother (or her husband (Emory "Lonzo" [Alonzo???] Feathers)'s mother, whom, I believe, is Tavia Knox Feathers of Cherokee Section (see Wallace's obituary). I'm just guessing, but the older lady looks Native American to me (inset eyes, high cheek bones, darker skin), as does the younger one (especially the shape of her head, but, also, her sad brows, triangle nose, draw lines from her hose to her mouth, and her long angular jaw line.) Definitely some kind of "ethnic" look. There is another photo like this one, but also includes an old bearded lighter-skinned man. I suspect that these are Elizabeth's parents, rather than Emory's, simply because she is with them in both photos, yet Emory is in neither. But it is likely to be the grandparents living with them in old age, or that they lived with when first starting off their marriage, so they could be from either side. They might also be Elizabeth or Emory's GRANDparents, since they look pretty far along in years...???
  • Elizabeth "Bettie/Betty" (Hobbs) Feathers (59 KB)
    (Front of)Obituary Notice (#3 of 5) - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard.
  • Bessy (White) Feathers - Emory's Sister (35 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. My note on back reads: "Bessy White, (Viola's daddy's sister), Johnson City, holding probably one of her kids"
  • Elizabeth ("Bettie/Betty") (Hobbs) Feathers (38 KB)
    (Back of)Obituary Notice (#4 of 5) - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard.
  • Manzy & Della Quillen with Sister (23 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. My note on back reads: Manzy Quillen, wife-Della Quillen, Della's sister in back, Hilton's, VA" There is a similar picture with three little girls. At first, I thought it was an older Manzy & Della, but the woman really favors Dellas's sister more. Della has a smaller jaw line and more prominent cheek bones (in this picture). Other than that, they look too much alike to tell! It could be an older, and heavier Della, making her face fuller and cheek bones less prominent. But the man looks wild-eyed and kind of mean, actually, whereas Manzy looks like he wouldn't have a mean streak in his whole body!
  • Elizabeth ("Bettie/Betty") (Hobbs) Feathers (58 KB)
    Obituary Notice (#5 of 5) - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard.
  • Is This Isaac G. & Tavia Knox Feathers??? (90 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. OOOPS!..I accidentally clicked on this picture that I've already entered earlier....I think! It's like another photo only without the man. You can't begin to tell me that that woman's not Cherokee, or "something"! Look how tanned she is,...and those facial features. But that man looks more like the Pensylvania Amish/Dutch with that long white beard! Suppose he's Irish?...German?....Is this the long-awaited Irish-Cherokee connection, at least in my own line of the Feathers??? ....Where's Emory?...unless he's taking the picture, and I doubt that...Why do both of these pictures only show Elizabeth with the children and grandparents, and not Emory with them also???...I'm wondering if these are HER parents, rather than Emory's??...Well, it'd show where Aunt Viola got her very dark hair, anyway...Hum??? Do you have this couple in any of YOUR old photos???
  • Wallace E. Feathers - Son of Isaac G. & Tavia (42 KB)
    (Back of)Obituary Notice (#2 of 2) - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. (Funny article!)
  • Quillens???..or Della's Sister??? (71 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Is this Manzy & Della Quillen, like in a similar, earlier photo?...Or is this Della's sister and HER family??? She favors the sister more, but might just be heavier with age, filling out her face and making her cheek bones less prominent. The man looks like a wild-eyed Irishman!...maybe even mean, and Manzy looked like an easy-going kind of guy. Suppose he just hardened with age?...maybe after military service, alchohol, or just hard-living or something??? (I don't think it's him)
  • Noah G. Feathers - of Emory "Lonzo" & Elizabeth (29 KB)
    Obituary Notice - Found in the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. Noah & (Eleanora (or Elnora)"Nora" (Brewer)Feathers had no children.
  • Native Americans?? - Burlington, 1/20/1921 (34 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Back reads: "Burlington, Jan/20/21". I don't recognize anyone, but couldn't help but notice how much the two men on the right favor Native Americans! I might be wrong, but thought I'd throw this picture in with the rest and see if anyone recognizes anyone, since alot of us are trying to find the Cherokee connection, as well as the Irish/German one.
  • Logan Gray Flanary (50 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. It took awhile, in the bright sunlight, with a magnifying glass, and alot of squinting, and holding this picture to an angle to reflect the faded pencil writing.....(I was told at the local scrapbook store, recently, that ink and marker have acid and to use a special light blue pencil to mark photos. Maybe that's why they never used ink back then!) Anyway, I finally got this name figured out. The middle name was the easiest, so, although it's unusual (maybe they were civil war loyalists, or something!), I'm pretty sure I'm reading this right, as "Gray". But, if it sounds similar to your relative's name, then that's probably what it is! Logan must be the brother to Selma Juanita (possibly referred to as cousin "Nida"),& Mary "Eloise". I'm more and more convinced that these Flanary's are from the Hobbs side, probably the children of Elizabeth's sister (or brother, assuming she had either). But, the picture of Mary "Eloise" reads, "To Aunt Bettie", which is what Elizabeth's nickname was. It seems like these "unknown" families spelled it with an "ie", whereas the Feathers' spelled it with a "y". I'm thinking the "ie" folks were from her side of the family and when the Feathers heard the name they just assumed it was with a "y", since it's the most common spelling.....See, this stuff's important in figuring out who's side of the family somebody was on when they wrote something to somebody on their photo!!!)
  • Della & Manzy Quillen (274 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. This is definitely Manzy. I'm not sure if that's a boy or girl in his lap, but I think it's a boy, 'cause it doesn't look like a dress...more like short pants. Could these be the two small cousins in alot of the photos with Aunt Viola's family? (I really think it was a Flanary girl, though) If so, was he the dad in uniform holding the little girl in one photo with Aunt Viola's family??? (I don't think so, because Manzy looks much smaller than that man does. But, a uniform can add size onto you, too.)
  • Feathers??? Native American??? (88 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Back reads, " the hat and lost...." I just can't make out the writing, but something about losing a hat, so I guess that's why the one little girl is without one. This lady looks like she could be Cherokee, to me, anyway,....or maybe she's Italian, Spanish, German, or French, or something, but she sure doesn't look Irish! She just might be from Elizabeth's side and not Emory's. It could prove MY Cherokee heritage, but not anyone's farther up the Feathers line.
  • J.F. Patterson & Gen, Delainey - Very old Photo (45 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. Back reads, "J.F. Patterson, Paris, Tenn., Gen. Delainey" (I'm not sure of the spelling on that last name. I would think it should be DeLaney, or something. It was hard to read the writing.) So, what is this??? The Calvary, or something??? I'm not sure if there's a Feathers in the photo, or if a Feathers just took it while they were in the sevice with them or as they were passing through town.
  • James "Ijams" Beard, Sr - (Lelia "Viola" Feathers) (1 KB)
    Obituary Notice - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. "James, Jr." was not "Viola"'s child. "Ijams" & "Viola" had no children together.
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - son of Cecil A. (28 KB)
    Article - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers)Beard. "Bill" was married twice. He had no children with his first wife,Pauline (Davis). He had one child, Bettie Lynn Feathers (later Howard), with Helen Julia (Kelly, Clift) Feathers (later Clowney).
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - son of Cecil A. (1 KB)
    World War II Postcard - From "Bill" to his grandmother, Elizabeth ("Bettie/Betty") (Hobbs) Feathers - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. It reads as follows: "Dear Grandma, Many thanks for the packages you sent. I want you to know that I think of you most often, but just can't seem to write anymore, guess we're all kindly getting 'fed up' on this war business and nothing seems to be of interest to us anymore. Having lots of cold weather rain, snow and so on. I got reduced to the grade of pvt. the other day for speeding on the field. The paydirt is what hurts. Almost three years now I've held that sergeant's rating. Say 'hello' to Aunt Viola and Uncle Noah for me. Write soon as you can. All my love Bill P.S. Oh by the way, I wrote Pauline a letter of apology and asked her to be me sweetheart again. Wish me luck." (Pauline [Davis] was his first wife. They had no children together).
  • (Unknown).....Possibly Logan Gray Flanary - VA? (51 KB)
    Photo of Young Boy? - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. (She was either related to or just good friends with the Flannary's, and has many pictures of their family. This is possibly one of the Flannary children).Looks very much like a similar picture marked "Logan Gray Flanary" The spread (or whatever it is) on the back of the rocker reads, "Virginia". There is a cattle fence directly behind with a road or path alongside of that and a hill behind it all.
  • (Unknown)..."The Marx Bros."?! (20 KB)
    Photo of two Men? - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. There is some type of white bannister-style railing or fencing behind them. (Possibly a Feathers or a Flanary).
  • Emory & Elizabeth??? April 1930? (28 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Well, I almost want to hunt up the actual photo and see if it really said 18....30, instead of 19. Those long dresses make them looker older, to me, anyway. But, I guess if it was 1830, the picture would've been a "tin-type"...or did they even have those in 1830??? You be the judge...I'm just too tired to hunt it back down, right now!
  • Flanary-Cleek-Peyton Article-Kingsport, TN (16 KB)
    Article - From the Bible of Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard. (She was either related to or just good friends with the Flanary's and has several pictures of their family). The note on the clipping reads: "Kingsport paper Oct. 18".
  • L.T. Bardst - Blountville, TN (54 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. That's what the front reads....might be a studio name instead of the girl's name. I have absolutely no clue where a Bardst would fit in, don't think I've ever heard the name, but am sending it out to y'all, just in case!!
  • "Viola", Hershel, and Nida (a cousin?) - 1910 (67 KB)
    Lelia "Viola" (Feathers ) Beard, Hershell Feathers, and cousin "Nida" (Possibly Selma Juanita Flanary)- Found in "Viola"'s belongings. The back is a postcard, and the following is handwritten: "Viola 9 yrs. old, Hershell 11 years old, Nida 5 yr." The chair they are sharing is one of a mahogany set (most of which Aunt Viola still had and passed down to me and I still have). Aunt Viola said it was a "parlor set" and it was bought, along with a "secretary" (I have this, also), when she was "a little girl", about the time they moved from VA to TN. I'd seen several group shots with a little girl added, and I am nearly certain that Aunt Viola said she was her "cousin". They usually lined-up like this, with huge bows in their hair, on a front porch or something. (Sometimes, extended family lived with them. Her parents might have lived there or she just visited alot. "Porter" Feathers lived with them alot and was a free-lance photographer. He took many family photos bearing his studio mark. This does not look to have his mark, but he might have taken it. (Check your own Family photos for his mark. It was usually large and included his name. It might link your branch to mine)!
  • Unknown Portrait (63 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Does anyone recognize this woman????
  • Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard - Funeral - 1996 (24 KB)
    Open Casket Photo - December 1996 @McCarty's Funeral Home, Knoxville (Knox Co.) TN. Do not open this link if these shots are "tabu" to your family. (We southerners keep a photo record of everything!). Daughter of Emory "Lonzo" & Elizabeth "Bettie" (Hobbs) Feathers. And wife of James "Ijams" Beard, Sr.
  • Unknown Portrait of a man (47 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. Does anyone recognize the man in this old photo???
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - 1940/50's ? (31 KB)
    Photo - William "Bill" Emory Feathers - Possibly Pauline (Davis), his first wife, & her mother on the porch.
  • Unknown Painting? or Tinted Photo? of a Woman (274 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. This was with the few photos that Aunt Viola still had with her at the nursing home, when she died. I'd have to say it was her mother, Elizabeth "Bettie" (Hobbs) Feathers,or her grandmother. If it was her Grandmother on Emory's side, then It'd be Tavia Knox Feathers, from Cherokee Section. This woman doesn't look to have that much Cherokee in her, so I'm thinking it's Elizabeth, but it just looks so old. See...Here's my problem, though...I have lots of photos of a woman looking like this....then alot of a woman looking skinny with a narrow face and dark hair. Each set contains a photo that I thought was supposed to be Elizabeth. Some even have notes verifying that. Since I'm not an expert, I can't tell if they're the same person at different times, or Mother & Daughter, or something. (Genealoy's driving me CRAZY!!!)
  • William "Bill" Emory Feathers - 1960/70's ? (26 KB)
    Photo - Mama said this photo looks like Daddy "coming off of a drunk, when he'd get real mean". He was often in the V.A. Hospital to "dry out" - On Nov. 27, 1982, Daddy was rushed to the VA Hospital in Memphis, TN for a combination stroke/heart-attack (5 days after first seeing his only grandbaby at the time, Daniel, at the nursing home). While in ICU, a nurse gave me this picture. She said it was in Daddy's medical chart and she didn't know why. She said she wasn't supposed to give it to me, but she sneaked it to me along with another one or two. Daddy went "semi-comotose" and never came out of it. He died 2 1/2 months later at Sommerville Nursing Home in Fayette County, TN on 2/9/1983.
  • Unknown Family (58 KB)
    Photo - From the belongings of Viola Feathers. Back is made like a post card and reads, "Special Melton, W.D. Gatchel & Sons, Louisville, KY" Which resembles a studio stamp more than anything else...or maybe who made the postcard backing (if it' made seperately from the photo then glued on, or something. I don't know.) This man looks like he has a mustache and favors a man in other photos. The woman favors alot of others, too. (This is possibly the older couple in front of the little cabin.) The girl is dressed like one on a horse in front of a palm tree. I have three of those "palm tree pictures", and one is marked "EsCalon, Cal". Either the family lived there or they were visiting. The woman here is dressed like the woman in the one marked "EsCalon, Cal." If this is the same family, then it's the clearest of all of the photos. That's why I'm adding it here. I will add the other one that shows two women with the girls. The girls are possibly Quillen's or Donahue's or Flanary's. Their names were on back but hard to read. It looked like "Mrs. Bettie Feathers, Mrs. M.J. Bonilace(Doniluce, Donahue), & Miss Lou Crasie (Crosil)". If one of those women was in deed Bettie, then the girls had to be of the other woman, 'cause "Bettie" (Elizabeth Hobbs) had three boys then one girl. I'm guessing the girls are Donahue's, since I've seen that name clearly in another photo....somewhere! I assume the Donahue's are in-laws, and that's why their child wrote her name as "Bettie", since that was their nickname for her. It couldn't be "Bessie", because it had "Mrs." by it, and she was a Feathers who married a White. Unless the girl just wrote her title or last name wrong.
  • Feathers, Bonilace? (Donahue?), Crasie? (103 KB)
    Photo - Found in the belongings of Viola Feathers. This is one of three "Palm tree Photos" I have. This is the only one with writing. It looked like a child's writing and was VERY hard to make out. I read it as, "Mrs. Bettie Feathers, Mrs. M.J. Bonilace (or Doniluce), & Miss Lou Crasie (or Crosil)" After seeing a picture with my note on back written as "Bessy White (Viola's daddy's sister) Johnson City", I realized, that it could be her name, instead of "Bettie". They might have spelled it Bessie. I know that the last name was Feathers, and the first one resembled Bettie, but I probably read that into it, 'cause I was really straining to make it out! In the picture of "Bessy", she is holding a baby girl, but in this photo the Feathers woman referred to is a "Mrs."...unless the child got it wrong. Assuming it's right, Bessie would have been unmarried and probably without children at the time. There is another photo of a couple and a young girl dressed like the ones here and standing in front of a vine covered trellis in front of some porch steps. I've seen several pictures with the couple in them. (They even favor the older couple in the "cabin" photo) (I'm not entering the other "palm" photos, until I get some feedback from someone recognizing them. They might be Flanary's, Quillen's or Donahues's, which I suspect to be in-laws. If so, no one will recognize them since they're not in the Feathers lineage. So no need to add them until someone confirms a Feathers connection for me.)
  • Lelia "Viola" (Feathers) Beard - Dec. 1987 (44 KB)
    Photo - Well, she is!....The woman that cherished her family memories enough to save even the little things, like her brother (Hershel)'s arrowhead, her mother(Elizabeth)'s bed jacket, her brother (Noah)'s handkerchiefs, the studded hair comb her husband's friend gave to her, most every card she ever received, and, my personal favorite, every family photo and newspaper obituary she could get her hands on! Thanks to that determination to perserve her family's memory, I have quite a few photos to share with my immediate family and, hopefully, help you find a puzzle-piece, or two, of your own "limb" of the Feathers tree for yours! This was when she lived with me and about the time she was getting fed-up with my constant questions about Feathers genealogy. I was writing notes on the back of each of her pictures and making notes on paper to stick in with family memorabilia she'd saved for years. (I think I wore us both out and got some notes mixed-up!)
  • Jefferson County (TN) Historical Society Brochure (264 KB)
    Brochure (Front) - I found this today and noticed it references places for research. I got this about two years ago at their meeting, when the guest was the Chief of the "Overhill" Band of Cherokee. He was very nice and researchers trying to find the "Cherokee connection" might try contacting the historical society for their meeting notes on how to reach the Chief. The head of the Historical Society...(a dead-ringer for George Jones!) big on Scots-Irish history, and could help researchers looking in that direction, as well.
  • Jefferson County (TN) Historical Society Brochure (250 KB)
    Brochure-(Back) Jefferson County is about 40 miles east of Knoxville, TN,...about a two hour drive south of Bristol, VA,...and about a three hour drive northwest of Cherokee, NC.
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