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Aiello of Reggio Calabria, Serrata, Italy (Allio in US)

Updated July 5, 2011

About Our Family Research

Searching for relatives of Pantaleone Aiello (Pantaleo) and Rosa Maria Ozzimo she may have went by Maria Rosa Aiello also. They were born in Serrata, Italy. Found connections to Parriso also. I believe they may have had four son's. Their sons were: Domenico, Francesco, Vincenzo, Guiseppe. My grandfather Joe Allio in US (Giuseppe Aiello in Serrata), was sent to America at 18 to find work. He met with his brothers in Thomas, W.Va. where they were to find work most likely in the coal mines or Railroad. A friend named Ralph Pasino I was told, also met them but I can not find any records of him through Ellis Island. There is a Ralph Pasino in 1895 but that date doesn't match. Ralph later died from the Flu leaving behind a wife and two children. The first record I have found is my grandfathers given italian name on the Ellis Island records in 1905. I matched this Ellis Island record to a 1920 US census record from Wise County that told me he became a citizen here in 1905. One brother named Vincenzo Aiello came here twice once in 1907 at age 23 to work, missing home he went back to Italy. He then returned to the US in 1914 for a visit. Francesco Aiello and the other boys records show they are going back and forth to Italy many times. Most records match to Thomas, W.Va. box 25, box 84, box 278 and also to the letter from Italy Vincenzo had sent. He sent a letter from home to Joe that came from Serrata, Italy where he signed his last name Vincenzo Aiello. That is how we found out our family name had some how been changed at least the children in my immediate family. My grandfather married my grandmother in 1913. They had a total of 12 children: Jim, Rose, Mary, Aileen, Frank, Ayers, Eula, Esther, Joe Jr, George, Martin, Ethel, all named Allio. George died as an toddler, from some kind of shot or medication an allergic reaction maybe. Martin died as an Infant with MS. Martin suffered with seizures (twin to Ethel). There are Genealogy History books for years telling this untrue story of the name being changed through Ellis Island. And the records listed are either incorrect or mispelled names of their children. That is why I wanted to know the facts and post them correctly for all the family to see as well as generations to come. The reason they could not locate grandfather was due to his first and last name being in his real Italian name. No one knew this small bit of information. I found out that my great grandmothers name was not Elisabeth but Rosa and have documents to prove this now. My great grandfather's name is Pantaleone Aiello. In Italy a first born grandchild is given the grandfathers name. Thechild born to Francesco Aiello shown on this postcard is a son named Pantaleo Aiello it seems. This family lived in Bologna Italy at the time the postcard picture was taken. My / Our grandfather, Joe beloved father to his 12 children, passed away in 1977 with Black Lung, among other things from working the coal mines of Kentucky for so many years. Our grandmother Maude his wife passed away from heart trouble. I am hoping to match photos with lost or soon to be located famiglia. Thank you for reading this may God be with each of you. "When Grandfather came to America he was proud to be here, he learned to speak English. He always spoke of God and the Holy Bible. He never forgot where he came from or who he was. He always knew though where he now lived and the freedom that came with it." Jan. 2nd 2007 - I learned today that the name to the family actually changed due to a school error from personnel at Austin Elementary School in Virginia. Jan 5, 2007 - My friend led me to a new record on my grandfather Joe. And I learned the US Customs are listed somewhere also as changing our family name. On WWI registration he is listed as Joe Ollio. In Italy the true name was Ajello and Aiello on documents.

Family Photos
  • Giuseppe Aiello Italia / Joe Allio in US (11 KB)
    I believe this is my grandfather Joe Aiello when he was a young boy.
  • In Memory of Eula Aiello / Allio in US (12 KB)
    My mothers dream was to find the little girls in the twins pictures. She felt if she could find them they would be the link back to her Italian family. Somewhere the blood lines were lost and she wanted nothing more than to get them back. She had never been able to use her real Italian name in life, so I will let her in her passing. She loved her dad very much and wanted so much to know more of his life. Maybe somehow someday her dreams of uniting the family will come true. If not in my time, our childrens, or our childrens, children. Who but God knows what life shall bring to us, or why things happen as they do...all we can do is try to fix what is broken. Mom passed June of 2002. She is missed very much. We shall never stop missing our loved ones, nor stop looking for those missing links. Our love to All the missing or deceased Aiello's. God bless all who enter to view the pictures on this webpage. Thanks.
  • This is the Aiello brothers (26 KB)
    This is all the Aiello brothers. MY grandfather is the one on the top right corner. Names for brothers are; Vincenzo 1884 Bottom left Domenico born Dec. 29, 1988 bottom right Francesco 1876 top left Giuseppe - Aiello / Joe Allio Oct 24, 1886
  • Picture of Census Record 1920 (13 KB)
    Joe Allio - head of household 35 not 33 came to US at 18 - per records and per family Maude was 10 Years younger than Joe. Rosy is Rose Mistakes happen...USE A LARGE MAGNIFYING GLASS TO READ. IT IS VERY INTERESTING...
  • Francesco Aiello, Wife Carmela and son (13 KB)
    Sister n law to Vincenzo Aiello Carmela Gatto with husband and child. This is Francesco Aiello. The post card said Bologna, Italy. Name on post card looks like Nipoti Aiello Pantaleo which means: grandson or nephew Aiello Pantaleo. EMBOSSED OR STAMPED ON THE PICTURE IT READS: CASADIO UGO BASSI 9 (OR BASS 19 OR BASSI190 UNSURE BOLOGNA The Post Card reads Bologna Feb 4th 1937, With great Affection we offer our picture to our affecionate Uncle Vincenzo and to our Aunt Nephews Aiello Pantaleone and Family It seems that Vincenzo sent this to Joe in the US.
  • Rose Allio with daughter Margie (15 KB)
    Rose and Margie. I heard Margie died pretty young had a son David. She had throat cancer I believe. Rose passed with Alzheimer's.
  • Vincenzo Aiello and Fulvia Afflitto wife (14 KB)
    Back of picture reads VINCENZO A AFFLITTO FULVIA MARITO moglie (is wife) Top left corner looks like Tijal________ Very Top of Card reads Cartolina Postale Italiana Card reads Vincenzo and Afflitto Fulvia husband and wife.
  • Joe with Daughter Aileen (31 KB)
    This is Joe with Daughter Aileen at her home when she was younger.
  • Small Photo date on back 1923 (11 KB)
    One of the girls could be Mariantonia Gatto or Carmela Gatto but unsure...picture has small date in ink in top left corner then on back.
  • Domenico Aiello and wife Mariantonia Gatto (15 KB)
    Matches Post card that has Bauchiero Seconde: Galasso Giuseppina on back.
  • Joe the Coal Miner (8 KB)
    This is a close up of his face. There is a family trait of the slightly lazy left eye. My oldest brother had it too.
  • Twin girl from 1923 (8 KB)
    This one didn't have the date on the back but again written very small in ink at the cut off corner it said 1923. Both Christianing photos are made at the same place in H. Gianglivy?? C.P. ??? May be Carmela Gatto or Mariantonia Gatto.
  • One twin girl (11 KB)
    Twin / unknown we believe one is Mariantonia and one girl is Carmela
  • Frank Allio and Grace Gilliam Allio (23 KB)
    Uncle Frank and Aunt Grace. I was always popping in on them. Once I popped in and didn't know there wasn't a bus out for two weeks! And they were going on a vacation but had cancelled it at the last minute. Yipes! I would have been stuck without knowing anyone and no money at that time to go home.
    This is the outside of the Envelope. Letter Written on Feb. 2nd, 1961, date on Envelope Feb. 8, 1961
  • Second twin (13 KB)
    twin unknown we believe one is Carmela Gatto and one is Mariantonia Gatto
  • Esther Allio (12 KB)
    Esther Allio and moma walked and talked alike. We always thought they were twins, but they weren't. They were just close.
  • Front of Italian Envelope from Serrata (17 KB)
    This is the front of the Airmail Envelope mailed sometime to Joe Allio after Feb. 2nd, 1961.
  • Mariantonia Gatto and sister n law Carmela Gatto (3 KB)
    In their Sunday Best maybe? Domenico Aiello and brother Francesco's wives. they seem not to even related but have the same last name. Gatto.
  • The Candy Cane and Joe (23 KB)
    Mom and Aunt Mary would always make sure every time Grandpa came to visit, that there would be a giant candy cane for him. He enjoyed breaking it up and giving it to us kids (his grandkids). He is in this picture with his daughter Esther. He always liked a good box of cigars and some candy cane.
  • The Italian version of the Letter to Joe (21 KB)
    The letter came from Serrata, Italy in the Reggio Calabria Area. It is signed by his brother Vincenzo Aiello.
  • Francesco G'avani (13 KB)
    Aiello? Francesco G'avani on back of post card.I believe this is Francesco G'avani Aiello maybe brother to Joe born in 1876.
  • Joe and co workers (36 KB)
    Joe third from left front row.
  • This is the other half of the Italian letter (20 KB)
    This letter was folded in half so it will be confusing a bit. Good luck in reading it the way I had to print it out.
  • Joe Allio Jr. (25 KB)
    This is Joe Allio Jr.
  • Domenico and Mariantonia Aiello's Wedding photo (12 KB)
    The couple standing by a building had this on the back of the picture clue? Sister in law to Joe.
  • This is Aunt Mary in her earlier days. (14 KB)
    This is aunt Mary holding my oldest brother Geralds hands. She used to baby sit for mom so mom could work.
  • This is my family with mom Eula Allio (21 KB)
    My brother Roy on left, I am the blond in the back (Sharon), then my sister Sylvia, baby sister Tina down front, niece Heather next to her, my oldest brother Gerald, and my beloved mother Eula Allio, Hunt, Sherman, Andrews, Aiello. Mom was married three times. Divorced the last husband around 1964.
    This is Joe's Mother Rosa. On the back of this picture which is a post card the Italian reads something about Madre OZZIMO ROSA AIELLO. This matched to the 1907 Ellis Island record when Vincenzo visits the US for the first time. There are two pages to this record the first page reads leaving behind mot Ozzimo Rosa. A friend named Susan alerted me to this first page. Thanks Susan. The post card reads kind regards from your dear mother and ___________. your mother Ozzimo Rosa
  • Mariantonia Gatto Marriage to Domenico Aiello (9 KB)
    Sister n law to Joe Allio/Aiello
  • Vincenzo Aiello (15 KB)
    This was thought to be grandpa Joe, he looked so much like him. But Aunt Ethel said no that was not her father. Then she told me a story about a watch that was given to Vincenzo then years later he gave the watch back to Joe. Vincenzo carried the watch and chain in top pocket. Joe always carried in his pants pocket on a chain.
  • The Allio Family of Pound, VA. (16 KB)
    This is grandpa,grandma maude, Jim, probably Rose, Aieleen, Frank, Mary, Joe I think.
  • Italian writing on back of picture (27 KB)
    Aiello in these picture we must go away in Italy (may be he wanted to say "from" Italy, but he wrote exactly "for" ) best regards you brother Vincenzo "this you tenderly remember".
  • Joe and Maude Allio's Wedding day (right side) (19 KB)
    This is grandpa Joe Allio and grandma maude on their wedding day. They are the young couple on the right side of the picture. They were a handsome couple.
  • Joe at the Funeral (14 KB)
    Joe is at the funeral of one of the children George or Martin who passed.
  • Francesco Aiello Family Postcard back (16 KB)
    I believe at one time Francesco moved to Bologna, Italy but returned to Serrata where he was born. This is the back translated. Something about family. Date looks like Feb 4 1932 It says with great affection we offer our picture to our affecionate Uncle Vincenzo and to our Aunt Nephews Aiello Pantaleone and family.
  • My Mom Eula Allio and Sister Esther Allio (17 KB)
    Mom said she was almost ready to have my brother Gerald her first born. This is my aunt Esther to her right. My Aunt Esther always dressed well a stylish gal.
  • WWII record for Joe Allio pg 1 (108 KB)
    This is the WWII record for Joe Allio pg 1. At this time he was working in the Seco mine.
  • Grandpa Joe & My Dad (19 KB)
    Joe in later life. With my dad.
  • Maude and Joe with baby daughter Ethel (25 KB)
    Baby girl Ethel twin to Martin shown here with her parents.
  • WWII record for Joe Allio pg 2 (102 KB)
    This is the 2nd page to the WWII record for Joseph "Joe" Allio
  • Grandpa Joe near his Death (28 KB)
    Joe in a hospital bed a few years before his death.
  • Maude and Joe (35 KB)
    Maude and Joe looking good...
  • Record of Vincenzo which shows mother's name pg 1 (640 KB)
    This record lists Mot for mother Ozzimo, Rosa who was left back in Serrata, Italy line number 5
  • Grandpa Joe on a Horse (28 KB)
    Joe in the mountains riding horseback.
  • Mary Allio Willis and Ivory Willis (28 KB)
    This is Aunt Mary and Uncle Ivory Willis. Mary passed away from throat cancer. The doctor diagnosed it as the mumps by mistake. She didn't go to another doctor till a few weeks or month and it was too late. She lived next door to me at one time, if I thought about something I wanted or needed...I would come home to find it on the doorstep. I always wondered how did she know??? I loved her very much. Uncle Ivory was a quiet man never spoke a harsh word that I know of. He was a carpenter, he worked on most of the High Rises or tall buildings built in downtown Tampa in the 60's. I remember Aunt Mary driving him there and he would wave when he got up high at us. He always carried a long wooden tool box, I am sure it was heavy and the work hard. He liked to scratch us kids with his unshaven face all the time. I was born on his birthday although I didn't know it till I lived next door to them. I miss them both very much, loved them both dearly.
  • Vincenzo's record for his brother pg 2 line 5 (645 KB)
    This links him to his brother Francesco in Thomas, W.Va
  • Another Postcard (14 KB)
    Can't make out much sent to someone in Ny. Unsure the origin or the relatives. Anyone read Italian, never translated. Help! This says in Print on the back DE _________ Giuseppe Fotografo SERRATA Address reads to Lola Cook which is an Aunt on the Branham side I think. Some AVE in Kenmore, NY. Also on the back of the card it reads: OZZIMO ROSA AIELLO - The postcard reads MADRE which is usually MOTHER - This is the name of the mother of Giuseppe "Joe" Aiello Allio. reads kind regards from your dear mother and _______. Your mother Ozzimo Rosa
  • Jim on far left with other kids around 1994 or so (65 KB)
    This was most of the children at an older age, last get together of them all before Mom left us. Far left Jim, his friend, sister Ethel, sister Eula, sister Aileen, brother Joe Jr, brother Ayers. Then Aunt Mabel married to Ayers. Uncle Burl married to Aunt Aileen, then my best friend and sister Sylvia. Sylvia and I are closer in age and always shared a room together so she holds all my secrets. My baby sister was 7 years younger than I so didn't get much time with her growing up. (she didn't make the photo she was back home in Florida sunshine)
  • Serrata, Italy 1 (601 KB)
    This is a picture taken by my friend Sylvia in the Town of Serrata, Italy
  • Postcard from Vincenzo (17 KB)
    Can anyone read the address?
  • Uncle Ayers and Aunt Mabel (28 KB)
    We were visiting others at the Forest Hills Cemetary and they wanted to pose by their resting place ... so here it is..of course I am always the one behind the shots taking the picture.
  • Serrata Italy 2 (457 KB)
    Another part of my friend Sylvia
  • The Three Joe's (26 KB)
    Joseph Allio, Son Joe Jr, and beloved dog Joe too..
Related Files
  • Vincenzo's Beautiful Letter (2 KB)
    This is the letter with Clues to our Aiello Family Line. Now we have traced it to the only Easter on Feb. 2nd, 1961. This date seems to be a match.
  • Aiello records (2 KB)
    Aiello records birth, deaths...
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