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Updated June 12, 2010

About Our Family Research

HELLO FELLOW GENEALOGISTS! (and family). I'm so glad that I found this site where we can make our own genealogy home page and the best thing is that it's FREE! I'll be continually working on this site from time to time building it. Right now, I'm just placing some quick info below to get established on the site. Normally, descendancies are from our oldest ancestors down to us but I like breaking the rules so mine goes "up". Another reason for this is that I can't get beyond my great grandfather, Henry Tougas, so even though I'm fairly certain he descended from one of the infamous four Tougas dit Laviolette brothers, I just haven't been able to prove it yet. So here's my story:

Ginger Lovellette, b. 4/23/1945 (me)

Hice Lovellette, b. 11/4/1899 (father) d. 4/15/1988, bur. Lindale Memorial Gardens in Eldorado, IL - also known as H.S. or Hicen Lovellette, m. Mildred Owens, (mother) b. 1/21/1916, d. 7/27/1999, bur. Lindale Memorial Gardens in Eldorado, IL alongside her husband, Hice Lovellette. Mildred was d/o Sylvester Owens and Ella Farmer of KY.

Augustus Lovellette, b. 1/10/1853 (grandfather) d. 11/18/1932, bur. Gallatin Co. near Equality, IL - also known as Gus Lovellette, m. Matilda Solomon, b. 9/16/1863 and d. 2/26/1952, d/o Wiloby Solomon and Catherine Young. Grandmother Matilda is bur. alongside her husband, Gus Lovellette. Matilda's Mother, Catherine Young is shown to be b. in Ireland according to at least one census record.

Henry Tougas, b. 1824 to 1829, (my great grandfather)(stone says b. 9/7/1824 but census records and court papers place him being b. anywhere from 1824 to 1829) d. 2/2/1892, bur. Keensburg, IL. m. Charlotte McClain (McClane) in either 1849 or 1850. Theirs is the story I will relate as time permits. Very interesting since poor old Henry wound up in and out of the Anna, IL insane institution 4 times! and poor Charlotte, a few years later killed herself (but wait till you hear how she did it!). That and other stories yet to come.

I have three brothers: Unfortunately we lost Lyman on 2/18/2010.

Lon Lovellette, b. 2/6/1937 (during the flood of So. IL)
Lindell Lovellette, b. 9/7/1938
Lyman Lovellette, b. 7/14/1942 d. 2/18/2010

I'm not sure how Mom and Dad chose our names but "we" - (us kids) have had to live with it. Actually, it's kind of cute:

Lonial Ray
Lindell Jay
Lyman Kay
Ginger Faye

I have plans to include my maternal side (Owens and Farmer) but for now am concentrating on the Tougas and Lovellette families. If you are familiar with either of those names, then you probably already know the story of how some of the Tougas families became "Lovellettes" throughout the years. I plan to include that interesting tidbit on this site as time and space permits.

Photos that I've collected of the Lovellettes and the Tougas are being posted to this site as I have the time. You are welcome to print any of the pictures and please, if you have any photos of any of the Lovellette or Tougas families, no matter which branch they are, do share them with me ... PLEASE! My email address is . Feel free to contact me anytime.

There are a couple thousand connecting names to either Lovellette or Tougas in my database and all are welcome to any data I have. Also, when you have an opportunity, click on the link below, "Paintings by Ginger" and it will take you to my other website where you can view many of my original paintings and notecards.

Meantime, please look at the following Tougas/Lovellette Old Bones photos. It takes a little bit for them to load. More to follow.

Family Photos
  • Virgil Lovellette (17 KB)
    Brother of Hice Lovellette and s/o Augustus Lovellette, s/o Henry Lovellette, alias Henry Tougas.
  • Unknown man (20 KB)
    I'm not sure but I think this unknown man is probably the husband of the unknown lady. They were together in the family picture box. Also check the picture titled, "Couple" and see if you think these may be the same people.
  • Henry Tougas, alias Henry Lovellette (67 KB)
    Henry was b. @1824-1828, supposedly in Wab. Co., IL. No evidence who p's were but closely connected to John G. Lovellette. Henry d. 2/2/1892, bur. Wab. Co. Mar. Charlotte McClane(McClain,etc.) either 1849 or 1850. For a long time, I wasn't certain this was my great grandfather, Henry Lovellette, but after carefully studying the picture, I've decided it must be. The photo was taken at a studio in PA and that's what was throwing me a curve because Matilda's Father was b. in PA. I'm not sure why Henry was in PA at this photographer's studio (or perhaps they mailed another picture for a copy to be made) but I've decided this is Henry, not only because "Henry Lovellette" is written on the back side of the photo but mainly because of his eyes. Looking at his eyes closely, you can see that one appears smaller than the other. That seems to be somewhat of a trait in our family. Not sure about all the other Lovellettes or Tougas but definitely in ours. I have old school photos of me that show one eye squinted and when looking at Sherman Lovellette's picture (Henry's youngest son), his is very prominent. Comparing this picture of who I suggest is Henry to another entitled, "Possibly Henry's Father", I've ruled out that photo being the one of Henry. This one, I believe, is Henry Lovellette, but of course, can't be absolutely certain.
  • Hice (Hicen or H.S.) Lovellette & "unknowns" (57 KB)
    This is Dad with two unknowns. Dad didn't marry Mom (Mildred Owens) until 1934 so could have been his first wife (Eunice Barton) and a friend or could have been any number of people. Note: H.S. and Eunice didn't have any children.
  • Couple (145 KB)
    I don't know where this photo was taken. Nothing was familiar to my Dad (Hicen Lovellette, b. 1899 in Cowling, IL and d. 1988 in Saline Co., IL). Could be a couple from the Tougas side or possibly the Solomon side. No name on the back.
  • Gussie Lovellette, s/o Augustus and Matilda (67 KB)
    Gussie was an older brother of my Father's. He's the one sitting. No idea who the other fella is, probably a friend (that's what my Dad thought so probably not in the family). Gussie was killed on a train; robbery, I think, not sure. b. 3/22/1893 and d. 2/8/1916. A regular "gosh-darn-it" I'd say from the looks of him and from all the stories from family members. Bur. Gallatin Co., IL (Equality) alongside his p's, Augustus and Matilda.
  • Anaker Lovellette (94 KB)
    Anaker Lovellette was grandson to Henry Tougas (Lovellette). Anaker was b. 12/23/1878 and listed as "Berdith" in 1880 Wab. Co. census. When Anaker d., listing was Aniker Bert Lovellette. His mother was Florence Lovellette, d/o Henry Tougas & Charlotte McClane. She was not mar. when Anaker was b. Father not known. She was around 16 when Anaker was b.
  • Gus and Matilda and youngest daughter, Maudie (47 KB)
    Maudie was the youngest child of my grandparents, Gus & Matilda. Maurdie was a very talented artist and most of her work is in the possession of her only child, Cam (Mattingly) Church. I have one winter scene of Maudie's work and used it as a Christmas card in the late 1990's. I credit Aunt Maudie with whatever artistic talent that I have.
  • Grandmother Matilda (Solomon) Lovellette (89 KB)
    Doesn't she look tired, worn out, even mean? But she wasn't mean, just led a hard life. Henry (her father-in-law) seemed to have a lot of property and money but from what I could gather at the court house, it appears old Henry must have drank it up! When Matilda Solomon, d/o Wiloby (or Willoughby) Solomon and Catherine Young married Gus Lovellette, the court records show they married under the Tougas name. Hence, after Gus had died and Grandmother Matilda was an elderly widow, she applied for what was known then as "Old Age Pension". They didn't have the Social Security back then as we know it today. She couldn't be approved until she signed papers that she was Matilda TOUGAS Lovellette because the court records had her married to Augustus Tougas, not Augustus Lovellette. Her Old Age Pension checks were sent to her as Matilda Tougas Lovellette.
  • Hice or Ern or Virgil Lovellette (29 KB)
    This picture is especially interesting to me because of the hand on this guy's shoulder. I'd love to know (and see!) who that hand belonged to! Dad couldn't decide if this was him (Hice) or one of his brothers ... Ernest or Virgil but was sure it was one of them. I've seen all three stand just as this guy is standing in the photo.
  • Hice Lovellette, alias H.S. or Hicen Lovellette (29 KB)
    This is my Father when he was younger. He was b. 11/4/1899 although his stone says 1900 because the Mt. Carmel, IL courthouse burned and somehow he always thought he was b. 1900 but census records for 1900 listed his as being born in Nov. 1899. He d. 4/15/1988 at Deaconess Hosp. in Evansville, IN. Was b. in Cowling, IL and lived most of his life in Saline Co., IL (Eldorado). Was a coal miner and carpenter. Mar. Mildred Owens, d/o Sylvester Owens and Ella Farmer. (all of KY). Had 4 children with Mildred Owens. Was mar. 1st to Eunice Barton, no children. Mar. didn't last long.
  • Gus's I.D. card (105 KB)
    How neat to have this! Gus in his later years went by "A." Lovellette. Not sure what the big deal with this line of Lovellettes was with initials: Dad went by "H.S.", his brother Ern was called "E.B." and Virgil, another brother also went by his initials. Their Dad was referred to as "A." and even one of my brothers called himself "L.K." for a while instead of Lyman. Just a note on the middle names of Gus's sons: They all chose their middle names! At birth, they had only the first names and later in years, probably their teen years, they chose their middle names. Dad told me that he chose Sherman because there had been a Sherman in the Lovellette family. After I started researching in the 1980's, I found that great grandfather Henry had a son named Romelia Sherman Lovellette. He must have died as a young man because he disappeared from the records but this Sherman would have been Gus's brother and an Uncle to my Dad.
  • Grandfather Gus (Augustus) Lovellette (62 KB)
    Grandfather, Gus Lovellette is on our right. Other man could be Grant Lovellette, Gus' brother or maybe Joseph Solomon, Gus' brother-in-law. When Gus married Matilda Solomon, they married under the name of Tougas. Henry Tougas was listed as Gus' father and Augustus was listed as Augustus E. Tougas. However, Dad (Hice) never knew his Dad called anything but Gus or Augustus Lovellette. Dad's Grandfather, Henry Tougas (Henry Lovellette) died before Dad was born in 1899. Apparently, Dad's family moved a lot. He lived a lot of places in Illinois.
  • Amy or Maudie Lovellette (39 KB)
    This, according to my Father, was Amy Lovellette, his older sister. According to Connie, another sister of Dad's, it was Maudie, their youngest sister. Look at the "squint eye", but isn't she a cutie!
  • Will Lovellette (71 KB)
    Will was the s/o Henry and Charlotte. b. @ 1855, Wab. Co. d. @ age 23, not mar. I have estate papers listing names of family members. Interesting that he doesn't have the "squint eye".
  • House in Hamilton Co., IL (49 KB)
    Dad told me that the house was in Hamilton Co., IL and they lived there for a while. Gus built at least one house but not sure this is one of them. There's another view of this house on this site with Dad and Aunt Amy, his sister, at the side of this house and they are holding a horse between them.
  • This could be Henry Tougas' father or maybe Henry (57 KB)
    On the back of the picture, it states, "Mr. Lovellette". That could mean Henry or Henry's father or it could be whoever wrote "Mr. Lovellette" had received family photos and didn't know who it was.
  • Connie Lovellette with friend (71 KB)
    This is Connie, Dad's older sister (sitting) and her friend, Carrie Berry. Connie m. a Johnson and when she was about 21, they travelled from Wabash Co., IL by wagon through Indian territory to make their home in Oklahoma and that's where she lived most of her life.
  • Hice Lovellette on his horse (19 KB)
    This was my Father at a young age atop his horse.
  • Compare to the photo "Mr. & Mrs. Lovellette" (71 KB)
    This is a tin type and nothing is wirtten or scratched on the back but when compared with the photo of Mr. & Mrs. Lovellette, this man appears to resemble the "Mr. Lovellette" who could have been Henry...or whoever.
  • Hicen (H.S.) Lovellette (38 KB)
    This was my Father, H.S. or HIcen Lovellette, s/o Augustus (Gus) Lovellette and Matilda Solomon. B. 1899 and D. 1988. Married to Mildred Owens (from KY). This photo was taken when Dad was probably around 25 or so. The negative was switched because Dad's LEFT eye was smaller as is most of my line, me included! All of my brother's have a smaller left eye but not as noticeable as this photo or the ancestors.
  • Who are these people? Immigrants? (76 KB)
    This was included in the family photos. No clue as to whether they were of the paternal or maternal side of the family ... or even family but I'm presuming they are some relations. Anyone know them?
  • Augustus (Gus) Lovellette on his horse (19 KB)
    This is my Grandfather, Augustus (Gus) Lovellette. b. 1-10-1853 according to death cert. but shows up in census records first time as 1/2 year old in 1860 so probably b. 1859. Name was Alexander Augustus. d. 11-18-1932 of cancer after fighting it for a number of years. s/o Henry Lovellette and Charlotte McClane. Mar. Matilda Solomon, d/o Wiloby Solomon and Catherine Young. Matilda was b. Wab. Co. 9-16-1863 and d. 2-26-1952. Her Father, Wiloby, was b. PA @ 1828 and her Mother, Catherine, was b. in Ireland according to census records. Grandfather Augustus (Gus) and Matilda were mar. under the Tougas name! I have the marriage record.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lovellette (52 KB)
    That's what is on the back of the photo, "Mr. & Mrs. Lovellette". Doesn't indicate which set of Lovellette's. Could be Augustus "Gus" Lovellette and wife, Matilda Solomon but my Father didn't think so. Probably Henry Lovellette and Charlotte McClane (McClain). Can't say for sure except it is some Mr. & Mrs. Lovellette and the man looks fairly close to the photo marked Henry Lovellette on this website. The photo was a tin type.
  • Sherman Lovellette (72 KB)
    This is Sherman Lovellette, youngest s/o Henry Lovellette and Charlotte McClane. Sherman was listed as 3 years old in the 1870 Wab. Co. census and 13 in the 1880 census but I've found no record of him (death/marriage/court or census) after that. Please notice his drooping eyelid which may be the family trait of what I term, "squint eye" but to a greater degree! Or it could be Horner's Syndrome as suggested by Karin McArdle (her great grandmother was my grandfather's sister...that was Mary Corintha Lovellette). Notice too the fingers on both hands. Shadows? or something weird?
  • George Ward, Grayville, IL (possibly a worker) (91 KB)
    Charles Lovellette, s/o Guillaume Tougas lived around Grayville, IL for a while according to census records. Could have been his worker OR could have been Henry's or Gus's. Definitely Black, and isn't he dressed to the "nines"? Not sure who he was but his photo was in with the family pictures. No idea of the date of the photo. The George B. Warren at bottom of photo is name of the studio.
  • Wheat Thrashing 1919 (180 KB)
    Grandpa Gus had a wheat thrashing crew that travelled around the countryside. I'd give almost anything to have that steam engine today! These are the only 3 photos that were in the Lovellette pictures handed down to me. If any of the other family members have some, please let me know so they can be included on this site for all to enjoy.
  • Hice and Amy Lovellette, brother and sister (37 KB)
    My Father, Hice Lovellette, and his sister, Amy, at their house in Hamilton Co., IL.
  • Clara Lovellette (46 KB)
    At least one record states Clara "V." Lovellette. This was a tin type photo. Clara was d/o Gus Lovellette and Matilda Solomon and b. 11-22-1882 and d. 11-13-1889. Burried at Antioch Cememtery, Wabash Co., IL near Keensburg. Her brother's grave is nearby...Esco Lovellette, b 11-13-1883 and d. 9-9-1889. No recognizable or marked photo of him was found in the Lovellette pictures. I vaguely remember Dad (Hicen) telling me that both children died of typhoid fever.
  • Unknown lady (20 KB)
    This photo was included in the family picture box which was handed down to me. No name written on the back. I have no idea if she is from Dad's (Hicen Lovellette) paternal or maternal side. Could be a Tougas or she could possibly be a Solomon. Does she look familiar to anyone?
  • Ernest Bernard (E.B.) Lovellette (60 KB)
    Ern was my Dad's brother, only a couple of years difference in ages. Both boys and their younger brother (Virgil) and younger sister (Maudie) and their parents (Gus & Matilda) settled in Southern Illinois in Saline and Gallatin Counties. This photo was taken in 1919 and Ern is standing in front of Dad's vehicle and Dad is at the wheel. Not sure who the others in the picture were.
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