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Germany to Kansas via Russia & Virginia: Ashworth/Richmeier

Updated September 1, 2002

About Our Family Research

I am researching Ashworth / Bowman genealogy on my father's side, and Richmeier / Wasinger genalogy on my mother's side. I have gathered over 9,000 names so far including related branches. In fact most of the names are related branches or of my father's side. I wish to acknowledge that most of these names and dates come from "The Naff Family" website, the "Isaac Bowman Family" compiled by Mrs. Garber, the "Bowman Family" compiled by Sarah Ann Bowman, "Weigle Genealogy" by Amy Toepfer and Helen L. Hall, "The Toepfer Chronicle" by Roger Adolph Toepfer, "The St. Peter (Kansas)People and their Town" and "Leonard J. Wasinger A Collection of Memories Compiled 1996" with bits and pieces taken from a bazillion other places. I also wish to acknowledge the help of family members, Aunts and Uncles on both sides who have humored me through all my questions.
I have not posted the entire family tree with all it's branches partly because some of the information I received concerning the Ashworth side was given me by Evelyn Bodine. Evelyn is compiling a book and has asked for it not to be posted on the internet. She has no abjection to sharing info privately, so if you wish to contact her send me an email.

Family Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later browser)
  • Ashworth Bowman Richmeier Family Tree (665 KB)
    This is a short version of the family tree. It deals mainly with the ancestors of George Herbert Ashworth, who came from England on the fraternal side and Germany on the maternal side (Bowman), and Armella Clara Richmeier, who were Germans from Russia on both sides. There are many surnames involved in the full file. It seems the Volga Germans kept to themselves and the families twine and intertwine. When I was to do a search of my file for ALL RELATED, I come up with nearly 10,000 and have not entered the entire line of ALL the branches! However, these are only names and dates. The real fun comes from discovering the stories of these ancestors. It is as though they live again when you discover odd bits and pieces of their lives.
Family Photos
  • John and Barbara Auer Richmeier 1920 (403 KB)
    Pictured here, starting at back row are: Isadore, John J., Frank (my grandfather), Joseph J., and Peter J. Richmeier. Seated are Katherine, Johannes (great-grandfather), Clara (standing), Barbara Auer Richmeier (great-grandmother), and Barbara Richmeier. Son Adolph died in 1913 at the age of 8, shortly before Johannes received his naturalization and took his oath of allegience to America. Daughter Anna (from prvious marriage to Margaret Riedel) died in 1906 along with the twin babies she was trying to deliver. She was about 16 years old.
  • Isaac and Nancy Mary (Peters) Bowman (157 KB)
    Isaac Bowman married Nancy Mary Peters January 15, 1874 in Franklin County, Virginia. This photograph was taken in their old age presumably on their farm. It was copied and sent to me by my Aunt Velma Meador. I have retouched it to some degree but it was in fairly good shape to begin with. Isaac and Nancy Mary are my fraternal Great-grandparents. (posted April 2001)
  • Charles P. & Eliza Jane Brubaker Ashworth Family (314 KB)
    This photo was sent to me via an act of kindness from a very distant Boitnott relative. Charles Peter Ashworth married Eliza Jane Brubaker on Jan 7 1892 in Franklin Co., VA. They had seven children. Guessing at ages of the children, expecially the youngest, Ida Mae, this photo was taken circa 1910, a couple of years after they moved to Quinter, Gove Co., KS. He was a painter and a farmer there.
  • Catharine Maria (Gaus) Toepfer with Twins 1878 (48 KB)
    This photo was taken of Great-greatgrandmother Catharine Maria (Gaus) Toepfer shortly after the twins, Johann Wilhelm II and Great-grandmother Julianna (Toepfer) Wasinger, were born in 1878. It was scanned from my copy of "The Toepfer Chronicles" by Roger Adolph Toepfer. Julianna and her brothers grew up in a household of three different sets of children in a very small home. Evidently, from Roger's research, it was a very chaotic and stressfull situation for all the children.
  • Johannes and Barbara (Auer) Richmeier ca 1899 (223 KB)
    Johannes (John) Richmeier married Barbara Auer in Herzog, Russia about 1891. She was his second or third wife. They were newly weds when they decided to immigrate to America along with other members of the Richmeier family. They settled in St. Peter, Kansas to farm. This photo came to me through the wonderful good will of my cousin Ken Richmeier who's mother Ramilda (Roleder) Richmeier lent him the original to scan. It shows Anna Richmeier Dreiling (back row) only known child of John and first (or second) wife, Margaret Riedel. She was born in Herzog, Russia. Katherine (Applehans) Richmeier seated in Barbara's lap; Frank Richmeier (married Catharine Wasinger), my grandfather, is standing in the middle. He was born in Herzog, Kansas, first child of John and Barbara. John J. Richmeier (married Eva Shreiner) is standing at John's knees on the right. This was taken about 1899.
  • Leonard & Lucy N. Ashworth Boitnott about 1880 (179 KB)
    This photo was also sent to me via an act of kindness from the very distant Boitnott relative taken from the Boitnott Family History. It is of Leonard Boitnott who is a brother to my great grandmother Juliann Elzira Boitnott Ashworth. I am not sure how Lucy N. Ashworth is related to me at this point so would appreciate it if anyone who sees this, could help me discover her parents and siblings.
  • Old vintage ca 1945 (123 KB)
    This photo comes courtesy of Uncle Joe Richmeier and Aunt Ramilda Rohleder Richmeir via their son Ken. It was taken on the Richmeier family farm about 1945. Uncle Gerald Richmeier with his bicycle and Aunt Frances Nimz Richmeier stands with Uncle Joe in front of two old vintage cars. Uncle Ron is behind the wheel of the car behind Frances, a 1941 Ford. Uncle Joe is standing in front of a 1929 Model A Ford.
  • Frank Richmeier Family 1940 (54 KB)
    This photo was taken of the entire family about 1940. Frank and Catharine (Wasinger) Richmeier had eleven children. All survived to adulthood though Mary, (far right front row) died in an auto accident in 1953. My mother, Armella Clara Richmeier Ashworth is in the second row standing to the left of the two older boys.
  • George and Armella marry. (140 KB)
    "This is the closest I got to a Wedding picture." Armella (mom) told me. "Dad wasn't Catholic then so we couldn't get married int the church. We were married in the priests' house, but that was the first wedding at the new church." George and Armella Richmeier married on Dec. 31, 1949 at the new St. Anthony's Church in St. Peter, Graham Co. Kansas. Dad and Francis Richmeier (Nimz) stand on the ground. Mom has her hand (possessively?) around dad's neck and Joe Richmeier stand together with Catharine Wasinger Richmeier and Frank Richmeier.
  • Ariel Photo of Family farm ca 1950s (268 KB)
    I am not sure when this photo was taken. It came to me via Cousin Ken and his family and they also were not sure. It is of the Richmeier Family farm near St. Peter, Kansas. It was originally owned by John and Barbara Richmeier then Grandpa Frank took it over. When he retired, the farm was sold and is now incorporated into a larger holding of one of the sons of granduncle Joseph Richmeier. I believe it is LeRoy Richmeier who is a 1st cousin one time removed. The original buildings no longer stand.
  • St. Peter, Kansas, some of the people ca 1900 (395 KB)
    This photo was in very bad shape when scanned. It has been enhanced a great deal, thanks to the efforts of Cousin Ken, but remains true to the original. The original had a lot of writing on it by my Aunt Julia Richmeier Scheck, who claims to "know all these people". However, she now only remembers a few of them. We are currently trying to contact her to name those she does remember. My great-grandfather John is in the back row. He has a very dark ring around his shirt colar (left over from being circled by Aunt Julia). We left that part in to denote without detracting too much. Note there is only one woman in the photo. Hmmmmmm.
  • Isaac and Nancy Mary Peters Bowman Clan 1913 (517 KB)
    This photo came to me through my mother who has been hoarding her old family pictures. This photo of the entire (to that date) Isaac Bowman clan. Someone in the family who knows all left a tissue overlay that named each person by first name. By deduction of who they held or were standing by, I have added full names and relationships. I include those deductions as part of the giff so be sure to scroll down to the end of the file. There is one instance in which I am not sure and have marked it so. Isaac and Nancy had thirteen children in all but two died in infancy. The other eleven are pictured here on what could be the occassion of John Hutcherson's marriage June 26, 1913. It is also interesting to note that Isaac and Nancy named their children alphabetaclly according to middle name. It is also nice to note that though we do not have the names of the infants who died, his parents honored them by reserving their letter of the alphabet. Surnames of inlaws include Bowman, Barnhart, Flora, Naff, Moore, Ashworth.
  • Frank and Catharine Wasinger Richmeier Family 1943 (125 KB)
    This more formal family portrait was taken about 1943. Scanned from the St. Anthony of Padual Catholic Church Centennial Book, 1994. St. Peter, Graham County, Kansas.
  • About 1935 Richmeiers and Others (113 KB)
    This photo was taken about 1935 as near as family memory can place it. Looks like a very windy, sunny day in Kansas probably on the Richmeier Family farm near St. Peter, KS.
  • Emmit and Dorinda Bowman Ashworth Clan 1957 (125 KB)
    I have not named all of these yet but will do so ASAP. Emmit and Dorinda were married Nov 1, 1908 and had nine children, all of whom lived to adulthood. There are eight remaining to date. Inlaws include Pearl Dixon, George Bohn, Gladys Brubaker, Paul Elias Soyers, Eva Sledd, Urias Brubaker Beeghly, Curtis Eugene Meador and Paul E. Bower.
  • St. Anthony Cemetery, St.Peter, KS plot layout - 1 (1092 KB)
    This is a scanned image of page one of the cemetery section on the left (west) of the central isle. This layout appeared in St. Anthony of Padua St. Peter, Graham County, KS Centennial Church yearbook published in 1994. It contains the names of all who have been buried there up to that time. I have rotated the original image ninety degrees to make the image more easily read here. The right hand side of the image correlates to the northern boundry of the cemetery. There are a couple of names listed at side of the page ("behind" the cross). I was told by my mother that these individuals were buried here because at the time of their interment, no one could be buried in the cemetery who were not Catholic. Times have changed and that no longer applies. Page two, the right (eastern) side of the cemetery, appears in another file. If you fail to find someone you are looking for, please email me. I have a searchable data base of those interred taken from these two pages on my home computer. I have not yet figured out how to place such a thing on these pages so am willing to look them up tell you the plot and lot number.
  • George Emmit and Dorinda Bowman Ashworth (223 KB)
    George Emmit Ashworth married Dorinda Julia Bowman November 1, 1908 in Franklin Co., VA. They had nine children. Dorinda was the tenth child of Isaac Bowman and Nancy Mary Peters (pictured elsewhere on this page). She was a twin to Dorcus Bowman. George Emmit was the sixth child of John Wesley Ashworth and Julia Elzira Boitnott. This pboto was taken some time before 1961 when Dorinda died of leukemia. Presumably it was taken at the family farm in Franklin Co., VA which was inherited from Isaac Bowman.
  • St. Anthony's Cemetery, St. Peter KS page 2 (1059 KB)
    This is the second and final page of the cemetery layout at St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery in St. Peter, KS. It is the eastern half of the cemetery. Page one represents the western half. As you look at these pages, they are divided into eight sections (4 each page), then are subdivided into 16 lots each with eight possible grave sites. The exception is the un-numbered lot on the western half (page one of these two layouts)of the cemetery. It borders the southern boundry line and is the eastern corner near the cross where one entire lot is devoted to three large markers. Father Charles Weber is interred in one of them and I assume the others are reserved for future clery who wish to be interred here as they are not marked as of 1994. Consequently, the remaining lots are numbered 0-15. If you fail to find someone you are looking for, please email me. I have a searchable data base of those interred taken from these two pages on my home computer. I have not yet figured out how to place such a thing on these pages so am willing to look them up tell you the plot and lot number.
  • Joseph and Julianna Toepfer Wasinger ca 1900 (187 KB)
    This is of my maternal great grandmother and grandfather. Pictured with them are son, William, and daughter (my grandmother) Catharine Wasinger Richmeier. Guessing grandmother's age to be about three years old, this photo was taken about 1900. It was scanned from a book " Leonard J. Wasinger: A Collection of Memories Compiled in 1996 as told to his daughter-in-law Jean Wasinger" that was lent to me by my Aunt Barbara Richmeier Malsom. According to the Leonard Wasinger memoirs, Joseph and Julianna "went to Oregon shortly after they were married and bought a greenhouse, but (Julianna) mom had arthritis real bad and couldn't take the climate, so they came back to Kansas and eventually came to St. Peter... Bill and Kate were born in Victoria." "The Toepfer Chronicle" by Roger Adolph Toepfer, states they went to Topeka for a short time after Bill and Kate were born, looking for work on the railroads before returning to Kansas to settle in St. Peter. Eleven children were born to them, but Julianna died from complications of childbirth soon after the youngest was born in 1914.
  • Stephen Wiley Ashworth 1794 - 1865 (29 KB)
    Great-great-great-grandfather Stephen Wiley Ashworth was born in Virginia about 1794. He married Lucy Law nee Smith and they had five children. I am descended from the first born of those five children. Stephen Wiley evidently disappeared about 1833 and was declared legally dead several years later in order to settle his mother's estates. His will was read. I have a copy of that will. Genealogists have since found that he reappeared in Ohio and Missouri federal census apparently living with a woman who appears to be Mary Francis Lavinia Smith, his former wife's sister. This couple then had nine children. He is buried in the Christian Church (Coffee) Cemetery in Schuyler Co., MO. A second will was read. I also have a copy of that will. This image of him was obtained through the wife of a great-great-great-granchild of that second family. I am indebted to her for her generosity not only for this photo and this story but for the photographs of his and his wife Mary Frances' tombstones.
  • Michael & Catharine Maria Gaus(Graus) Denning 1880 (113 KB)
    Catharine Maria Gaus(Graus) Toepfer and her second husband Michael Denning with Catherine's daughter Julianna Toepfer are pictured here. This was probably taken at or near the time of their wedding. Great-greatgrandmother Catharine Maria was pregnant when her first husband Johann Wilhelm Toepfer died suddenly from probable appendicitis only one year after they migrated from Herzog, Russia. She was left with three young boys and then delivered twins, Wilhelm II and Julianna. She met and married Michael Denning, also a widower with six children, in St. Peter and were married in 1880. They had five children together.
  • John Wesley and Juliann Elzira Boitnott Ashworth (79 KB)
    This image is the result of a scan from a book sent to me by a wonderful act of kindness from a fellow genealogist but total stranger, Don Boitnott. I was hoping for a little confirmation of facts and was rewarded as well with this image of my Great Grandparents. John Wesley was born 1842 and died 1911. Juliann Elzira was born 1849. Both were born in Franklin Co., VA near Boons Mill. John is buried on the Flora Family Farm, Franklin Co., VA along with one daughter and four or five yet identified graves. It is said that Juliann Elzira moved to Ohio somewhere to be with her family shortly after John's death. John and Elzira had eight children. My grandfather George Emmit was their sixth child.
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