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Wayne Howard Stratton

512 Chinn Lane

Harrodsburg, Ky 40330-9733

606 734 4943

I am doing research on the Strutton / Stratton family that came from Culpepper virginia (near the Horseshoe bend of the Rapid Dan River). Two brothers, a William and John Jacob Strutton left Virginia to go to Mercer Co. Kentucky to live on a section of land that had been given their father, possibly a William Strutton. William never made the trip, and it was thought that a wheel on his wagon broke down, and the indians killed him and his family. Jonh Jacob did make the trip, and hundrends of his decendents are here today. John made this trip around the year 1818. It was always said that John "left a fortune" in Virginia".
I have had a hard time coming up with a connections of any Struttons, or Strattons from Virginia that connects to the ones here in Mercer Co. Kentucky. Any information would be appreciated, and I am willing to share any that I have.

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