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The Many Twists & Turns of the Old Family Tree

Updated May 19, 2007

About Our Family Research

We come from many different backgrounds, both religiously, politically & geographically. We are religious leaders, politicians, farmers, teachers, doctors and many other professions. We have been persecuted & some have been martyred for our beliefs. We are Mennonites, Huguenots, Lutheran, Reformed, Jewish and Presbyterian to name a few. The names are Schreckengast, Swanger, Vautrin/Woodring, Weller, Brawley, Buckner, Juengst/Yingst/Yiengst, Kreiser, McGee, Reinhardt, Wenger, Miller, Yoder, Hochstetler, Slaubaugh, Weaver, Kauffman, Dobbs, Hummel, Gonser, Mishler, Mast, Erb, Fahrian, Lenzen, Eppley, just to name a few.

In the midst of all that we have several presidents represented. There is Daniel Boone, General Robert E. Lee, Gen. George Armstrong Custer and others of historical note.

Enjoy the trip through the many lines which are represented in our family. If you have helped by sharing information or doing research please accept our heartfelt thanks. You know who you are. Special thank yous go to Bruce Gingrich, Elaine Geiman, Alvin K. Swonger, Chris Kneupper, & the many others for all their marvelous help! We hope you will find some useful information here and ask that you be kind in your corrections or additions which we will welcome. This is a work in progress and all help is very much appreciated.

Not all information has been personally documented by us. What we offer here is just a tool to help others in their search for family roots.

To get genealogy data please access to the link below.

Family Photos
  • Anna May Yingst (28 KB)
    The daughter of Moses & Sara Jane (Kreiser) Yingst. She is 16 yrs. old in this photo which is her wedding picture. (1907)
  • Gladys Anna (McGee) Hopkins & Brenda Faye Hopkins (37 KB)
    Mother & daughter (age 7 months) at home in Lebanon, PA 1951.
  • William Irvin McGee & Dorothy F. Zellers Wedding (33 KB)
    William & Dorothy were married June 14,1930. Others in photo are Mae McGee & unknown man(both standing). William & Mae are the children of Harry G. & Anna May(Yingst)McGee from Lebanon, Lebanon Co.,PA.
  • Lynne Ellen & Brenda Faye Hopkins (29 KB)
    Taken in 1957 shortly before we were placed in Kansas City Mennonite Children's Home.
  • United Zion Children's Church (159 KB)
    This is where many Yingst family memebers are buried. Photo was taken by Bruce Gingrich of Annville, Lebanon Co., PA.
  • Anna (McGee) Gingrich (18 KB)
    Anna May (Yingst) McGee married George Gingrich after the death of her husband Harry G. McGee (November 1930). Her granddaughter, Brenda Faye (Hopkins) Weller has the same features as her grandmother. I believe this photo was probably taken in the 1960's but not sure. My aunt, Elizabeth McGee sent this photo to me in 1998.
  • John C. Weller, Jr. & Brenda Faye's wedding photo (73 KB)
    Taken in backyard of Connie & Rodney Gray's (Brenda's daughter & son-in-law) backyard where we were married on Sept. 7, 1997 in Waxahachie, Texas.
  • Warren McGee & Nestor M. McGee (43 KB)
    During WWII, Warren was a Pvt. in the 509th Parachute Infantry. He died somewhere over France & is buried in Mt Annville Cemetery next to his parents. Nestor was stationed elsewhere in Europe.
  • Chandra & Mike's Wedding-May 17, 1997 (37 KB)
    Back Row: Naomi, Rodney & Connie Gray, Chris Marquez, Shari Marquez, Heather (a friend of Chris). 2nd Row: Lawrence, Chandra & Mike, Ben Marquez. Front Row: Brenda, Nicholas, Gianna & Ida Marquez.
  • Gravestone for Martin & Barbara Yingst (276 KB)
    Martin is a brother to Moses Yingst, g-grandfather of Brenda (Hopkins) Weller & son of William & Mary Pottieger Yiengst. Photo taken by Bruce Gingrich.
  • Harry G. McGee & Anna May Yingst Wedding (32 KB)
    Married September 7, 1907. Harry is the son of Amelia Schreckengast & William McGee. Ninety years later on September 7, 1997, Harry & Anna's granddaughter, Brenda married John Weller. (Anna was 16 when they were married).
  • Rodney & Connie Gray Family (110 KB)
    Connie, Rodney, Naomi & Nicole enjoying a family outing at South Mountain in North Carolina, Easter weekend, 2000.
  • Bert & Gladys Hopkins & Anna McGee Gingrich (21 KB)
    Taken at a birthday party for Susie Ayers on her first birthday. I was only 3 months old at the time.
  • Yiengst Family Photo (12 KB)
    This would be William & Mary (Potteiger) Yiengst & their family. Do you recognize anyone?
  • Naomi & Nicole Gray (56 KB)
    Funtime with Nana. We had played beauty makeover while I spent an evening with the girls. (2001)
  • Baby Dedication Day, Jan. 1998 (81 KB)
    Nicole Gray taken on her baby dedication day. (Waxahachie, Texas)
  • Brenda Hopkins (27 KB)
    Probably taken in 1951. Photo was given to me by my Aunt Helen Ayers when my husband & I made a trip to Lebanon, PA in October 2001.
  • Paul E. & Florence M. Yingst (257 KB)
    Gravestone for Paul & Florence. Paul is a brother to Martin & Moses Yingst. Photo taken by Bruce Gingrich.
  • Samuel Yiengst (5 KB)
    Does anyone recognize these people? (Photo is courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman).
  • Wedding Portrait Day (228 KB)
    Taken at the Japanese Botanical Garden in Houston, Texas, April, 1997. From left to right: Cathie Noviskie (groom's mother) Brenda Marquez, Chandra Marquez, Naomi & Connie Gray.
  • Brenda And Lynne Hopkins (18 KB)
    Photo taken in Grand Rapids, Michigan shortly after Lynne's birth in June, 1958. Woman in photo was a family friend but name is not known.
  • William Yingst (288 KB)
    William is the son of William & Mary Potteiger Yingst. He died as the result of injuries sustained while trying to hop a train. He is buried in Union Deposit Cemetery, Dauphin Co., PA. Photo was taken by Bruce Gingrich.
  • William & Mary A. (Potteiger) Yiengst (11 KB)
    This photo is courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman, William & Mary are her g-grandparents.
  • Bert Eldon Hopkins & his wife Janet (55 KB)
    This is the first picture I have ever seen of my birth father. Wish I could have known him.
  • Mike, Chandra & Charis Noviskie (48 KB)
    The happy family taken in June 2002. Charis was 4 months old at the time.
  • Naomi & Beulah E. Slaubaugh (49 KB)
    Naomi Slaubaugh with Beulah Evelyn Slaubaugh in 1917.
  • William Yiengst Family (7 KB)
    Does anyone recognize these people?
  • Chris & Krystal Marquez (426 KB)
    Married August 17, 2002 in Anthony, New Mexico at the home of Krystal's aunt, Donna.
  • The Four Slaubaughs (69 KB)
    Emily, Helen, Beulah & Dwight Slaubaugh
  • Yiengst Family Photo (8 KB)
    Could someone help identify these folks? They are members of William & Mary Yiengst's family. Photo is courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman.
  • Nana & her granddaughters (12 KB)
    Brenda Weller, Naomi & Nicole Gray & Charis Noviskie. Photo taken in June, 2002 at Clarksville, TN while on a visit there.
  • Emanuel J. Hostetler Children (559 KB)
    Back Row: Cora, Frank, Oliver, Monroe, Henry, Katie (Miller). Front Row: Tillie (Zimmerman), Fannie, Laura (Zook), Susie, Mat (Martha Unruh), Mary (King).
  • Chris, Krystal & Lindsey (90 KB)
    Photo taken on New Year's Eve, 2001 in Anthony, New Mexico at Krystal's aunt Donna's home.
  • Leo Hooley Family (737 KB)
    Standing: Nettie (Yoder), William H. & Naomi Slaubaugh. Seated: Omar Yoder, Emma, James, Leo Hooley. Children (left to right) Daniel Yoder, Emily & Beulah Slaubaugh.
  • War Memorial for William Yingst (245 KB)
    This is a commerative memorial in honor of William Yiengst's service during the Civil War. Photo courtesy of Bruce Gingrich.
  • The Marquez Clan (150 KB)
    Back Row: Chris & Krystal Marquez, Rodney Gray, Mike Noviskie. Second Row: Naomi & Connie Gray, Nicholas Marquez, Chandra Noviskie, Gianna Marquez. Seated: Lindsey Marquez, Lawrence Marquez, Nicole Gray, Beverly Marquez, Charis Noviskie.
  • Dustine Renee Bunyard (121 KB)
    This is my niece, daughter of Troy & Georgene Bunyard. Christmas 1999.
  • Brenda & Sandy Hopkins (346 KB)
    Half sisters who found each other the end of March, 2005. They never knew the other existed. They are both the children of Bert Eldon Hopkins but have different mothers.
  • Sarah Smith (50 KB)
    Daughter of my sister, Lisa & husband Dennis Smith of Reno, Nevada.
  • W. H. Slaubaugh Family abt. 1961 (703 KB)
    Back row: Oren Blosser, James, John D., Marcus, Paul Yoder, Helen, Marilyn, Dwight; 2nd row: Emily, Naomi, W. H., Kathleen, Christine, David, Bonnie, Floyd; front rwo: Philip, Orie, Jean, Douglas, Brenda
  • Baldwin Miller Children with Spouses in 1966 (620 KB)
    From left to right: Elmer & Edna (Scheffel), Lloyd & Mattie (Helmuth), Floyd & Beulah (Slaubaugh), Eli & Irene (Scheffel), Everette Scheffel & Fern (Miller)
  • Katie (Hostetler) Miller & Family ca. 1950's (481 KB)
    Standing: Beulah, Floyd, Elmer, Edna, Everette, Fern (holding Jonathan). Seated: Mattie, Lloyd, Katie (Grandma) Eli, Irene (holding Margaret). On floor: Florabelle, Allen, Gene, Elsie, Glen, & Carl.
  • William Yiengst Family (9 KB)
    Please help me identify these folks! Photo is courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman.
  • Gravestone of William & Mary (Potteiger) Yiengst (259 KB)
    William & Mary are my gg-grandparents. Photo is courtesy of Bruce Gingrich.
  • Jacob & Emma (Yiengst) Achenbach Family (8 KB)
    Photo is courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman, a granddaughter of Jacob & Emma.
  • Lynne Ellen & Robert Charles Hopkins (13 KB)
    This photo was taken at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Yoder near Wellman, Washington Co., IA on June 28, 1960. It was Lynne's 8th birthday. Robert was 5 yrs. old.
  • Jacob Achenbach Family, Ca 1910 (52 KB)
    Photo courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman who is the daughter of Jacob Harrison Achenbach.
  • Connie & Rodney Gray's Wedding (29 KB)
    From left to right: Floyd & Beulah Miller, Connie & Rodney Gray, Brenda Marquez (now Weller).
  • Emma (Yiengst) Achenbach (6 KB)
    Emma is the daughter of William & Mary (Potteiger) Yiengst. Photo courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman, Emma's granddaughter.
  • Brenda Faye (Hopkins) Miller (18 KB)
    This is my 8th grade picture taken in 1965. Please check out the very close resemblence to photo of Anna McGee Gingrich. My children often asked me who I looked like & since I had no memeories of my childhood I could not give them an answer. Now we all know!
  • Jacob S. & Emma (Yiengst) Achenbach (31 KB)
    Photo courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman.
  • Wedding Reception for John & Brenda Weller (217 KB)
    Taken Nove. 1997. From left to right: Mike & Chandra Noviskie, John & Brenda Weller, Nicole & Connie Gray, Rodny & Naomi Gray. The only family member not present was Chris (Brenda's son).
  • Robert Charles (Hopkins) Duft (26 KB)
    This photo was taken abt. 1972. Robert was in a youth work boot camp at the time & is abt. 16 yrs. old. You will notice the definite resemblence to his grandfather, Harry G. McGee.
  • Jacob S. Achenbach (9 KB)
    Photo courtesy of Eileen (Achenbach) Geiman.
  • Grandmother with Gr-Grandchildren (69 KB)
    Naomi Slaubaugh with gr-grandchildren Connie, Christopher & Chandra Marquez. Taken in Ocotber 1977. This was the last time we saw Grandma.
  • Gray Wedding 1993 (31 KB)
    Loretta Gray, Connie & Rodney, Howard Gray. Date is June 19, 1993 at First Assembly of God Church,Waxahachie, Texas.
  • Naomi (Hooley) Slaubaugh & Christopher Marquez (27 KB)
    G-grandma with 3 month old Christopher Michael Marquez (son of Brenda (Hopkins) Miller & Lawrence Adam Marquez. Taken in October, 1977 while on a family trip to South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Kansas.
  • Jacob S. Achenbach (4 KB)
    Photo is courtesy of Jacob's granddaughter Eileen Achenbach Geiman.
  • Connie's Wedding Day, June 19, 1993 (28 KB)
    Brenda Marquez (now Weller), Connie, Lynne Michels (Sandavol now). Waxahachie, Texas.
  • Mabel Achenbach (8 KB)
    Mabel is a daughter of Jacob S. & Emma (Yiengst) Achenbach. Photo sent by Eileen Achenbach Geiman. Does anyone recognise the girl in white? She is a Yingst but who?
  • Connie & Rodney's Wedding (June 19, 1993) (32 KB)
    Chris, Chandra, Connie & Rodney, Brenda Marquez, Lynne Michels (Waxahachie, Texas)
  • Mary A. Potteiger Yiengst (4 KB)
    Mary is the daughter of Adam Potteiger & Mary (surname unknown) of Berks Co., PA. Does anyone have information on Adam & his family?
  • Chandra's Wedding Day (May 17, 1997) (29 KB)
    Brenda Marquez, Chandra, Lawrence Marquez. The beautiful bride & her proud parents. (Sealy, Texas)
  • Mary Yiengst & her daughter Emma (11 KB)
    Photo is courtesy of Eileen Achenbach Geiman. Does anyone recognize the girl in back of Mary?
  • Graduation Day (266 KB)
    Beulah Slaubaugh with her diploma when graduating from Center High School. She was the valadictorian.
  • Marquez/Noviskie Wedding (May 17, 1997) (33 KB)
    Connie, Rodney & Naomi Gray, Chandra & Mike Noviskie. (Naomi was 18 months old & was the miniature bride.)
  • McGee Cousins (82 KB)
    Gloria (daughter of Mae McGee) and Brenda (daughter of Gladys McGee) meeting for the first time in April, 1999 (Mtn. Home, Arkansas).
  • Mike & Chandra's Wedding Day (32 KB)
    Brenda, Lawrence Marquez, Chandra & Mike, Cathie & Mark Noviskie.
  • Miniature Bride (46 KB)
    Naomi Gray all dressed up as the miniature bride for her aunt Chandra & uncle Mike's wedding. (May 1997).
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