Technical Support for Family Tree Maker Versions 11, 2005 and above 
Policy Effective November 6, 2004

Message Boards Program Help

Built-in Program Help
Family Tree Maker has its own built-in help program, a great resource for finding answers to your questions. Learn more about program help.

Internet Message Boards
The Family Tree Maker Forums host a helpful and knowledgeable user community. Post your question to the message boards.

E-mail Discussion List
Share program tips with fellow Family Tree Maker users by joining the discussion list.

Search for Answers or Ask our Technical Experts
Get FREE assistance 24 hours a day by searching our knowledge base or asking a question - either way, you can look for answers here.

Upgrade Information
Get the most from your Family Tree Maker program. We've added some great features, so please take a moment to find out more about the current version.

Additional Conditions for our Technical Support Policy apply. Learn more here.

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