Technical Support for Family Tree Maker for Macintosh 
Policy Effective June 21, 2001

Discussion ListMessage Boards Program Help

Built-in Program Help
Family Tree Maker has its own built-in Help program. It's a great resource for finding answers to your Family Tree Maker questions. Learn more about program help.

Internet Message Boards
The Family Tree Maker Forums host a helpful and knowledgeable user community. Post your question to the message boards.

E-mail Discussion List
Share program tips with fellow Family Tree Maker users by joining the discussion list.

Searchable Knowledge Base
Find the answers to your questions about Family Tree Maker for Macintosh by searching our knowledge base.

Telephone and E-mail Support
Family Tree Maker for Macintosh has been discontinued and phone support for this product ended December 31, 2000. Although this product been discontinued, we will continue to provide the online resources described on this page as viable support options for these products

Upgrade Information
You can continue discovering your family story with your current copy of Family Tree Maker for Macintosh or easily transfer your family data into one of our current family history software programs.

Additional Conditions for our Technical Support Policy apply. Learn more here.

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