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Connecticut Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s

    Connecticut Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s
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Local and Family Histories: New England, 1600s-1900s (#449)

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About the Data

Table of Contents

  Abbreviations Used In Families of Ancient New Haven
  Books Included in this Family Archive

These books are comprised of family history articles that originally appeared in Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Volumes I-III and Families of Ancient New Haven, Volumes I-VIII. Genealogies of Connecticut Families is composed of a collection of articles that were originally published in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, while Families of Ancient New Haven, compiled by America's foremost genealogist Donald Lines Jacobus, comprises the first eight volumes of what became one of America's premier periodicals, The American Genealogist.

The materials cover the entire state of Connecticut and even include information on some families whose ancestry is associated with other areas, largely Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and the Midwest. What you can learn about each listed individual varies, depending on the original article. However, in this collection you will find birth, death, marriage, probate, land, and court records. These records may provide you with information such as the dates and locations of important family events, as well as the names of the participants, witnesses, or other family members.

As you look through this data set's index, you may occasionally find two entries that are exactly the same, except for the way in which the given name or surname is spelled. This is usually because the original spelling of the name was unclear, so two separate entries were generated for the index. You may also see that some of the names contain question marks, as in "Williamson, ???". These question marks indicate that a name was unknown or difficult to transcribe from the original.

Copyright information for each volume can be found on its copyright page. If you wish to cite information found in one of this data set's volumes, we recommend using the following format:

Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. "Book Title." Place of Publication: Publisher. Copyright Date. Page Numbers. Reproduced on's Online Data Set #179 (Connecticut Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s).


Abbreviations Used in Families of Ancient New Haven

In Families of Ancient New Haven many abbreviations are used to denote sources, types of records, and towns. The legend to the abbreviations below may be helpful when reading through the text.


Abbreviations Found in the Text

b. born
Bapt. Baptist
bp. Baptized
bu. Buried
c. "circa" - about
Capt. Captain
Col. Colonel
Cpl. Corporal
d. died
da. daughter of
Dea. Deacon
div. divorced
Dr. Doctor (physician)
Ens. Ensign
F. & I.W. French and Indian Wars
Gen. General
hr. hour
k. killed
Lieut. Lieutenant
m. married
Maj. Major
Meth. Methodist
nat. "natural"
N. S. New Style
O. S. Old Style
Rev. Reverend (clergyman)
R. W. Revolutionary War
rem. removed
res. resided, residence
s. son of
s. p. "sine prole" - without issue
Sgt. Sergeant
w. wife of
wid. Widow
wk. week

Abbreviations for Sources of Information

These abbreviations are made up of two parts, the first signifying the town, the second, the kind of record. For example:

  • In "NHV," "NH" means New Haven and "V" the vital statistics of that town.
  • In "WdT1," the "Wd" means Woodbridge and "T" a gravestone inscription, the figure following the "T" designating a particular graveyard.
  • In "HC2," the "H" stands for Hamden and "C" for a Congregational church there, the figure following the "C" specifying the particular church.
  • "NoHx" means the Episcopal church of North Haven, "x" always standing for an Episcopal church and "NoH" for North Haven.

A list of general symbols for towns and kinds of record are given below, followed by a list (arranged alphabetically by symbols) of the specific record sources.


Symbols for Towns

B Bethany
Bd Branford
C Chesire
D Derby
EH East Haven
Farm Farmington
G Guilford
H Hamden
L Litchfield
M Milford
Mid Middletown
My Middlebury
NH New Haven
NM New Milford
NoB North Branford
O Orange
Oxf Oxford
P Plymouth
Ppt Prospect
S Southington
St Stratford
Sy Southbury
W Wallingford
Wat Waterbury
Wd Woodbridge
WH West Haven
Wol Wolcott
Wtn Watertown
Wy Woodbury

Symbols for Record Type

C Congregational Church record
CCt County Court record
F Family, private, or Bible record
SupCt Superior Court record
T Gravestone record
V Vital (town) record
x Episcopal Church record

Specific Sources

Balm Beckwith's Almanac
BD Mortality List of Bethany, 1788-1793
BT1 "Cemetery in the Hollow," Bethany
BT2 Episcopal graveyard, Bethany
BT3 "Sperry Cemetery," Bethany
BT4 "Carrington Cemetery," Bethany
BT5 Methodist graveyard, Bethany
BV Vital statistics, Bethany
Bx Christ Church (Prot. Ep.), Bethany
BdV Vital statistics, Branford
CC Congregational Society, Chesire
CT1 Old graveyard, Chesire
CT2 Episcopal graveyard, Chesire
CV Vital statistics, Chesire
Cx St. Peter's (Prot. Ep.), Chesire
ColR "Columbian Register," contemporary newspaper
ConnH "Conn. Herald," contemporary newspaper
DC Congregational Society, Derby
DT1 Old graveyard, Derby
DT2 Episcopal graveyard, Derby
DT3 "Great Hill Cemetery," Seymour
DT4 Graveyard, Beacon Falls
DT5 Cemetery in north Derby on the Housatonic
DV Vital statistics, Derby
Dx St. James's (Prot. Ep.), Derby
EHC Congregational Society, East Haven
EHR "East Haven Register," by Rev. Stephen Dodd
EHT Old graveyard, East Haven
EHV Vital statistics, East Haven
F Family, Bible or private records
F&IWRolls Muster Rolls of Conn. Troops, French and Indian Wars
FarmV Vital statistics, Farmington
HC1 Congregational Society, Mount Carmel (in Hamden)
HC2 Congregational Society, "East Plan" or Whitneyville (in Hamden)
HT1 "Centerville Cemetery," Hamden
HT2 "Hamden Plains Cemetery," Hamden
HT3 Old graveyard, Mount Carmel (in Hamden)
HT4 "State Street Cemetery," Hamden
HT5 "Whitneyville Cemetery," Hamden
HT6 "West Woods Cemetery," Hamden
HV Vital statistics, Hamden
LT "Litchfield and Morris Inscriptions," by Charles Thomas Payne
LV Vital statistics, Litchfield
MC1 First Congregational Society, Milford
MC2 Second Congregational Society, Milford
MT Old graveyard, Milford
MV Vital statistics, Milford (including mortality lists)
MidV Vital statistics, Middletown
MyT Graveyard, Middlebury
NHC1 First Congregational Society, New Haven
NHC2 Second Congregational Society, New Haven
NHT1 City Burial Ground ("Grove Street Cemetery"), New Haven
NHT2 "Westville Cemetery," New Haven
NHT3 "Union Cemetery," Fair Haven (in New Haven)
NHV Vital statistics, New Haven
NHx Trinity Church (Prot. Ep.), New Haven
NHV Vital statistics, New Milford
NoBC1 Congregational Society (1725), North Branford
NoBC2 Congregational Society (1745), Northford (in North Branford)
NoBT1 Graveyard, Northford
NoHC Congregational Society, North Haven
NoHT1 Old graveyard, North Haven
NoHT2 Old graveyard, Montowese (in North Haven)
NoHT3 Modern graveyard, North Haven
NoHV Vital statistics, North Haven
NoHx St. John's (Prot. Ep.), North Haven
OC Congregational Society, Orange
OT Graveyard, Orange
OxfC Congregational Society, Oxford
OxfT1 Two graveyards (close together), Quaker Farms (in Oxford)
OxfT2 "Zoar Bridge Cemetery," Oxford (now submerged)
PC Congregational Society, Plymouth (formerly Northbury)
PT Graveyard, Plymouth
PptT Graveyard, Prospect
SC Congregational Society, Southington
SalemC Congregational Society, Naugatuck
Salemx St. Michael's (Prot. Ep.), Stratford
StV Vital statistics, Stratford
Stx Christ Church, (Prot. Ep.), Stratford
SyV Vital statistics, Southbury
WC1 First Congregational Society, Wallingford
WC2 First Congregational Society, Meriden
WT1 "Center Street Cemetery," Wallingford
WT2 Old graveyard, Meriden
WV Vital statistics, Wallingford
Wx St. Paul's (Prot. Ep.), Wallingford
WatT1 City Cemetery (now destroyed), Waterbury
WatT2 "East Farms Cemetery," Waterbury
WatT3 Old graveyard and Hillside Cemetery, Naugatuck
WatV Vital statistics, Waterbury
Watx St. John's (Prot. Ep.), Waterbury
WdC Congregational Society, Woodbridge
WdT1 "North-West Cemetery," Woodbridge
WdT2 Graveyard, "Milford side," Woodbridge
WdT3 Graveyard, (near Seymour), Woodbridge
WdV Vital statistics, Woodbridge
WHD Mortality lists of Philemon Smith and "Aunt Lucena" Smith, West Haven
WHT1 Congregational graveyard, West Haven
WHT2 Episcopal graveyard, West Haven
WHT3 "Oak Grove Cemetery," West Haven
WolT Graveyard, Wolcott
WtnD Mortality lists (Judd and Skilton), Watertown
WtnT Graveyard, Watertown
WyC First Congregational Society, Woodbury
WyV Vital statistics, Woodbury

Books Included in this Data Set

Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Volume I (A-Ga)

Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Volume II (Ge-O)

Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Volume III (P-W)

Families of Ancient New Haven, Volumes I-III

Families of Ancient New Haven, Volumes IV-VI

Families of Ancient New Haven, Volumes VII-VIII

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