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Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800 Birth Index

    Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800 Birth Index
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About the Data

This data set is a comprehensive index. It contains an alphabetical listing of approximately 476,000 individuals who either resided in or were born in Southeastern Pennsylvania before 1800. This index identifies approximately 476,000 fathers, mothers and children in a region that is genealogically significant for Americans with eighteenth-century ancestry. These records, found in 213 church, meeting, and pastoral records, were compiled by John T. Humphrey, and were published in a thirteen-volume set entitled Pennsylvania Births.

From this data set you can obtain the following information about each individual born in the area: the individual's full name, birth date or baptism date, birthplace, and the names of that individual's parents. You can also learn the source of the birth record and where to look to find even more detailed family history information.

John T. Humphrey is a native of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He presently resides in Washington, D.C. where he received his B.A. in government and public administration from the American University. Mr. Humphrey's principal genealogical publications include the thirteen-volume set of Pennsylvania Births that lists, as of 1998,more than 155,000 recorded births in ten Southeastern Pennsylvania counties, a two-volume family history titled Early Families of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and the critically acclaimed Understanding and Using Baptismal Records. He has authored several articles on genealogical research, lectures frequently at national and local conferences, and has been interviewed about genealogy on national television. Mr. Humphrey, who is on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society, recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Genealogical Society "in recognition for his service to the genealogical community."

More About This Data Set

From this data, you can learn a great deal of valuable information about an ancestor born in Southeastern Pennsylvania between 1680 and 1800. While all individuals (mother, father, and child) are indexed here, detailed information is available mostly for the child. Look up your ancestor's name, and you will find the following information:

Name — In this field you will find the individual's given name and surname, as well as any titles that were included in the original index.

You should note that names of immigrants were often recorded as they were heard and that many immigrants could not spell their own names. Thus, spelling variations of names occur and members of the same family arriving at different times or places may be found under different spelling.

You may have difficulty locating some names for the following reasons:
Some given names have been abbreviated. For example, "Robert" may appear as "Robt," and "Elizabeth" as "Eliz."
Some given names are misspelled, contain typos, or may be spelled unusually. For example, you may wish to search for a "McMahon" under "NcMahon" since (in rare cases) it may have been typed incorrectly
Some given and middle names are truncated. Specifically, this happens when the name, including the spaces between the given name, middle name, and last name, is longer than twenty-three characters. For example, "McCormack, Annabelle Margaret" would be listed as "McCormack, Annabelle Mar."
Some of the given names listed here may have been truncated. For example, the truncated name "Fr." could be "Friedrike," "Fritz," or "Franz."

If you are unable to locate a particular given name and surname, try switching the given name to an initial, abbreviation, or possible misspelling. If the surname is not common, you may want to search only on the surname.

Also, most of the mothers are listed with the father's surnames rather than their maiden name. To search for a female ancestor, you should search for her under her maiden name as well as the surname of her child's father.

Relationship — This field notes the relationship that the listed individual has to the person born in Southeastern Pennsylvania between 1680 and 1800. If the individual was the parent of a child born during this time period, for example, the relationship would be listed as "mother" or "father." If the individual listed was born during the time period, the relationship would be listed as "child." 3.

Birth/Baptism Date — This field provides the birth or baptism date of the person born in Southeastern Pennsylvania before 1800. Please note that when the individual listed in the index is the parent of the individual born during that time, the birth/baptism date will refer to the child. To determine if this date refers to a birth or a baptism, reference the "Date Comment" field. .

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