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Canada - Miscellaneous Census (1800-1842)

    Canada - Miscellaneous Census (1800-1842)
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Record Details
Place: Canada
Date: 1800-1842
Type: Census Records
Count: 6,508 names

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About the Data
This data set is an index to various local censuses taken between 1800 and 1842, primarily in the Nova Scotia and Ontario provinces. Information contained in this data set includes the name of the individual, the township, district, county, and/or province in Canada under which the individual is found in the census, the page number on the microfilm the individual is found on, and the year of the census. Note: each entry may not contain all of this information.

Census records are valuable sources for genealogists because they help us locate people in a specific time and place. Many of the census records indexed here are located at the Family History Library (FHL) in book and/or microfilm format. Use the information gathered from this index to search the Family History Library Catalog by searching first by locality and then for census records for the year in which your ancestor was found in. It is important to use this index to locate the original record because original records often contain more information than do their indexes.

Field Example

Name: In some records you will find question marks in the place of the given name or surname. This indicates that the name was not listed on the original record. You may also find question marks in place of missing letters. A question mark after a name indicates that the name spelling was unclear. You may also occasionally find the same record listed in the index under two different name spellings. Please note that not all unusual and uncertain names were noted by question marks, so always be sure to check under various spellings if you are having trouble locating a name.

District/County/Province: This is the district, county, or province in Canada under which the individual was found in the census.

Abbreviations of the Provinces: AB - Alberta, BC - British Columbia, MB - Manitoba, NW - Northwest Territories, NB - New Brunswick, NS - Nova Scotia, OO - Ontario, QU - Quebec, SK - Saskatchewan, NF - Newfoundland, PE - Prince Edward Island, LB - Labrador

Abbreviation of the Country: CD - Canada.

Page Number: The page number the individual is found on the microfilm pages.

Township/District: The township or district the individual is found under on the census.

Year: The year of the census.

More About the Data

The confederation of Canada occurred in 1867, making the 1871 Census the first official national census. National censuses have been taken every 10 years since 1871 and every 5 years since 1971. Although 1871 is the year of the first national census, pre-1871 census records exist for some areas of Canada as many areas had provincial and local censuses taken. Some areas even have census records dating back to colonial times. This data set is part of those pre-1871 records where the censuses were taken by provincial and local governments.

Source Information: Jackson, Ronald Vern, et al. Canada 1800-1842 Census - Miscellaneous. North Salt Lake, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems International, Inc., [198?].

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