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Early New England Settlers, 1600s-1800s

    Early New England Settlers, 1600s-1800s
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About the Data

The 22 titles reproduced here were originally published by the Genealogical Publishing Company. Within the lineages, family histories, vital records and historical essays compiled and indexed here, you'll find information on approximately 190,000 individuals. The resources that make up this data set are comprehensive in their coverage of early New England. Among the expertly sourced books, you'll find resources that cover early New Englanders' journey to the New World as well as extensive documentation of their lives once they settled. So, you not only have the opportunity to learn of your immigrant ancestors' voyage but of their new lives in New England.

Among the resources, you'll find:

  • Biographical sketches of early settlers
  • Connections between immigrants to New England and their homeland
  • Historical essays on early New England life
  • Journal entries detailing the daily struggles of early New Englanders (including entries composed by John Winthrop and compiled by James Savage) You may find the following information about an ancestor included among the 22 titles reproduced here:
  • Names and descriptions of family members
  • Name of the ship on which they traveled to the New World
  • Residence in homeland and in the New England
  • Date and location of arrival in New England
  • Occupation
  • Church affiliation
  • Dates of vital events
  • General characteristics
  • Details of personal inventory

Books Included in This Data Set

Produced in collaboration with the Genealogical Publishing Company, this data set includes the following volumes:

Chronicles Of The First Planters Of The Colony Of Massachusetts Bay, From 1623 To 1636
Alexander Young

Based entirely on original sources, the Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay includes comprehensive biographies, notices and histories on the original planters of the Colony. The twenty-four heavily sourced chapters also reference contemporary family members.

Peirce's Colonial Lists Civil, Military And Professional Lists Of Plymouth And Rhode Island Colonies, 1621-1700
Ebenezer Weaver Peirce

In more than 100 pages, this work lists colonial, county, and town officers and clergymen, physicians, and lawyers who lived between 1621 and 1700 in the Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies. For convenient browsing, the book is divided into three classifications: civil, military, and professional. Within those classifications, you'll learn the following information:

    • Office
    • Date of service
    • Residence
    • Dates of election or appointment
    • Dates of commission (for officers in the local militia).

You'll also find excerpts from militia laws and laws of the Colonies. The surname index to this book contains approximately 1,000 names, most with multiple references.

The Colonial Clergy And The Colonial Churches Of New England
Frederick Lewis Weis

This work contains an annotated, alphabetical list of approximately 2,000 of New England's clergymen as well as a complete list of colonial New England churches. The annotations furnish such useful genealogical information as:

    • Place and date of birth;
    • Names of parents;
    • College of matriculation;
    • Date of ordination;
    • Religious denomination;
    • Names of parishes.

Directory Of The Ancestral Heads Of New England Families, 1620-1700
Frank R. Holmes

A highly esteemed guide to New England ancestry, this work consists of an alphabetically arranged list of nearly 15,000 heads of families who arrived in New England in the 17th century. For members of each family, you'll generally learn:

    • Earliest place of residence in New England;
    • Place of emigration;
    • Where the individual moved to in New England;
    • Occupation;
    • Dates of birth and death;
    • Derivation of surname;
    • Source citation.

Genealogical Guide To The Early Settlers Of America
Henry Whittemore

Originally, this work was published serially from September 1898 through June 1906 in the short-lived periodical called The Spirit of 76. Since complete sets of the periodical are virtually unknown, this volume is especially valuable. The "Guide" consists of genealogical notices of 10,000 seventeenth-century settlers. Generally, you'll learn:

    • Dates of arrival;
    • Places of residence and removal;
    • Spouse's name and date of marriage;
    • Names and dates of birth of children;
    • Dates of wills and other records;
    • Names of ships and countries of origin;
    • Descriptions of coats-of-arms are also given for many families.

Genealogical Notes, Or Contributions To The Family History Of Some Of The First Settlers Of Connecticut And Massachusetts
Nathaniel Goodwin
A cornerstone of genealogy for the two states, this volume provides biographies and genealogies of early settlers. Among the information that you'll learn about an individual included here is residence, name and parentage of wife, death date, and lines of descent (usually to the third generation, and often to the fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh generation).

Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England
Ernest Flagg

In this book, the author details his lineage which includes no less than 172 different New Englanders, most of whom settled in this country between 1635 and 1640. All 172 lines, concentrated primarily in eastern Massachusetts, the Connecticut Valley, Rhode Island and South Carolina, are examined in this meticulously researched work.

Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England
Sebastian V. Talcott

In more than 700 pages, this work consists of genealogical notes on approximately 18,000 individuals who were members of New York and New England families. The notes often include dates and locations of vital events for all members of a family (often back to the original immigrants to America and forward to the last quarter of the 19th century) and were extracted from Bible records, records of burials in New York from 1727 to 1757, and an index of intermarriages for both New York and New England families.

Genealogical Notes Of New York And New England Families
John Farmer

Like many of the other volumes included in this data set, this directory of the first settlers of New England is based almost entirely on original records. Arranged alphabetically by surnames, the information on each individual includes:

    • Date of arrival;
    • Place of settlement;
    • Dates of birth and death;
    • Biographical highlights.

The History Of New England Volumes I And II
James Savage

These two volumes combine the works of John Winthrop, among the first sources on the early history of New England, and James Savage, the leading name in New England genealogy. Often referred to as Savage's Edition of Winthrop's Journal, this work was inspired by the discovery in 1816 of a third part of Winthrop's History of New England. Mr. Savage transcribed the newly discovered manuscript and integrated it with the previously published pages of Winthrop's Journal. Savage also added his own annotations about the men, women, and events Winthrop referred to thereby yielding a work perhaps twice as long as the original journal. Winthrop's History of New England is arranged in order of journal entry and covers the patriarch's 1630 arrival in Massachusetts Bay to 1648 (the year before his death). Turn to any page in the Savage edition and you will find notes of great genealogical value. For example, when Winthrop refers to a fire in the house of John Page, Savage's notes tell us that Page was one of the first freemen admitted to the Massachusetts General Court. When Winthrop refers to an obscure tract of land, Savage reveals that it may now be found in the town of Middleborough. In 1637, Winthrop records that a Captain Mason attacked a group of Pequots, but it is Savage who identifies the same Captain Mason as having arrived with the first settlers of Dorchester in 1637 and having a son, John, who would be wounded in 1675 in a battle with the Narragansetts. In addition to the notes, you'll find an index to more than 3,000 persons and places mentioned in the "History."

Immigrants To New England, 1700-1775
Ethel Stanwood Bolton

This work consists of an alphabetical list of 2,250 immigrants who arrived in New England between 1700 and 1775. Entries contain important information such as place of origin and place of settlement, dates of departure and arrival, names of family members, date of marriage, and names of children. The information derives from a variety of printed sources (including town records, family compendia, genealogies, and local histories). Since each detail is sourced, you can easily determine where to perform additional research.

Marriage Notices, 1785-1794
Charles Knowles Bolton

Arranged in alphabetical order and extracted from the "Massachusetts Centinel" and the "Columbian Centinel," this work cross-references over 5,000 brides and grooms. While primarily New England marriages, there are entries from all of the original colonies and Ohio. Generally, you'll find:

    • Age;
    • Occupation;
    • Notation of a previous marriage;
    • Name of the minister.

One Hundred And Sixty Allied Families
John Osborne Austin

These genealogies begin with the first member of the family to come to New England and extend into the 19th century. Most of the families detailed here migrated to Rhode Island.

The Real Founders Of New England Stories Of Their Life Along The Coast, 1602-1628
Charles Knowles Bolton

In more than 200 pages, the author describes the lives of planters, settlers, fishermen, and traders who lived along the New England coast years before the landing of the Mayflower. He includes an extensive look at the Popham Colony of 1608 and valuable appendices which identify hundreds of lesser-known early New Englanders.

Result Of Some Researches Among The British Archives For Information Relative To The Founders Of New England
Samuel G. Drake

Compiled between 1859 and 1860 from records contained at the British Archives, this volume contains lists of names of passengers who were among the earliest emigrants to America. For each individual, you'll generally learn their port of embarkation, debarkation, and dates of travel.

Soldiers In King Philip's War Official Lists Of The Soldiers Of Massachusetts Colony Serving In Philip's War, And Sketches Of The Principal Officers, Copies Of Ancient Documents And Records Relating To The War
George Madison Bodge

Called "The standard work on its subject." By "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register," this is the definitive study of the Indian war of New England known as "King Philip's War" (1675- 1677). Among the source documents included here you'll find:

    • Muster and payrolls of colonial soldiers (both regular and militia);
    • Biographical and genealogical sketches;
    • Lists of grantees and claimants of the Narragansett townships of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Altogether, this comprehensive resource references more than 5,000 individuals.

The Pioneers Of Maine And New Hampshire, 1623-1660
Charles Henry Pope

A revision and supplement to the Maine and New Hampshire entries in James Savage's
"Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England," this volume references nearly 1,000 individuals. The information was compiled from public and private archives as well as ship passenger lists.

The English Ancestry And Homes Of The Pilgrim Fathers
Charles Edward Banks
This critically acclaimed work has biographical sketches of 112 passengers who sailed on the first four ships to New England. Along with data on the passengers' origins, family connections and later histories, it substitutes proof for guess-work and blows holes in many cherished traditions. The author gives first the historical evidence, then follows a list of the passengers on the Mayflower, Fortune, Anne, and Little James. These are dealt with, one by one, and the little known facts about their place of residence in England and their parentage and ancestry are given.

The Planters Of The Commonwealth In Massachusetts, 1620-1640
Charles Edward Banks

Scrupulous in every detail, this work contains the names of 3,600 passengers on the ninety-six ships which brought them to New England between 1620 and 1640. Working with the same records employed by Savage, Drake, and Hotten, and with records unknown or inaccessible to them, the author pulls the several classes of records together to form one of the most complete and authoritative collection of passenger lists for the period ever published. In addition to the names of passengers and ships, places of origin, and places of residence in America, the book includes indexes to surnames, ships, English parishes, and New England towns.

Topographical Dictionary Of 2,885 English Emigrants To New England, 1620-1650
Charles Edward Banks

Nearly 3,000 emigrants are included in this "Dictionary." For each, you'll generally find:

    • Their English home;
    • The name of ships upon which they sailed;
    • Towns in which they settled in New England;
    • References to the printed or manuscript sources from which the information was extracted.

In collecting data for this work, Colonel Banks made seven visits to England, searching the records of nearly 2,000 parishes in order to connect the New England immigrants with their native parishes. Additional information is provided in a series of indexes: Index to Emigrants to New England; Index of the Wives and Children of the Emigrants; Index of Parishes; Index of Ships; and Index of Towns in New England.

The Winthrop Fleet Of 1630
Charles Edward Banks

This is an authoritative list of the 700 passengers who are believed to have come to New England with John Winthrop in 1630. Based on research undertaken in England and America, it provides as much information as could be verified on each passenger. This information includes:

    • Name;
    • Place of departure;
    • Places of residence in England and America;
    • Occupation;
    • Church affiliation;
    • Dates of birth, marriage, and death;
    • Relationships to other passengers.

It also has indexes of names, places, and subjects as well as appendices listing the passengers on the Lyon as well as on the Mary and John which sailed at the same time as the Winthrop Fleet.

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