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Early Texas Settlers 1700s-1800s

    Early Texas Settlers 1700s-1800s
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About the Data

This data set contains information comprehensive in its coverage of early Texas. Much of the importance of this collection stems from the fact that it covers a period of time before statehood and before federal record keeping was established. For example, although the first federal census was not taken in Texas until 1850, here you'll find a virtual census (recreated from poll lists) for 1846.

Also, while registration of vital events did not begin until 1903, you can often find similar information in the biographical and genealogical sketches collected here. This data set also includes passenger lists and a history of German settlement in Texas. Approximately 94,000 early Texas settlers are referenced here.

You may learn the following information about an ancestor referenced by this data set:

  • Names and descriptions of family members
  • Dates and details of vital events
  • General characteristics
  • Occupation
  • Age
  • Residence in Texas
  • Previous residence

Books Included in this Data Set

Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846
Marion Day Mullins
This book lists the names and counties of residence of approximately 18,000 Texas taxpayers. Either a white male resident over the age of twenty-one or a female head of a household, the Texas residents listed here paid a "poll" tax of one dollar. This list is an especially valuable resource since federal censuses for Texas didn't begin until 1850. Compiled from the original tax rolls housed in the Texas State Archives, this 1846 poll list is the closest thing available to a complete census of the period. As an approximation of the entire adult male population of the state, the Poll List for 1846 is essentially a reconstructed census for Texas.

Austin Colony Pioneers, Including History of Bastrop, Fayette, Grimes, Montgomery and Washington Counties, Texas
Worth Stickley Ray

Settled in the early 1820s, Austin Colony was comprised largely of the five present day counties of Bastrop, Fayette, Grimes, Montgomery, and Washington. Here you'll find biographical and genealogical sketches of the pioneers and early settlers of those counties. Since Washington County was the "port of entry" to the Austin Colony, much of the book's focus is on that County. Often, you'll learn the following information about an individual included in Austin Colony Pioneers:

    • References to their arrival in Texas
    • His place of settlement
    • Military experience
    • Career highlights
    • Names of family members
    • Place of residence
    • Place and date of death
    • Place of origin outside of Austin Colony
    • Details of any participation in famous battles such as San Jacinto and the Alamo

Ancestor Lineages of Members: Texas Society/National Society Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century
Jeanne Mitchell Jordan Tabb

This compilation of lineages was extracted from the official application papers of Texas Society members. It consists of an alphabetical list of the proven ancestors of the National Society Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century upon whose ancestry Texas Society memberships are based. For each of the 2,000 individuals included here, you'll find:

    • Dates and places of birth, marriage, and death
    • Name of spouse(s)
    • Names of children
    • Names and membership numbers of Society members linked to that ancestor

Kentucky Colonization in Texas: A History of the Peters Colony
Seymour V. Connor

This is the definitive historical and genealogical account of the 1847-48 settlement of the Peter's Colony in Northeast Texas. For each of the 2,000 settlers, you'll learn:

    • Name
    • Marital status
    • Occupation
    • Age
    • Year of migration to Texas
    • County of settlement
    • State of birth
    • State from which he migrated

Character Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas
Gifford White

The records that make up this book were assembled from local land office records after Texas gained its independence from Mexico. Filed in the General Land Office in Austin, the Character Certificates help to establish the following information about approximately 5000 early Texas settlers:

    • Date and place of settlement
    • Place of origin
    • Names of family members.

Stephen F. Austin's Register of Families
Villamae Williams
Under the terms of an 1824 colonization law, Texas settlers such as Stephen Austin were required to record vital information on every settler to a new area. Here you'll find vital information on approximately 3000 Anglo-American settlers of Mexican Texas. This information includes:

    • Name
    • Marital status
    • Place of birth or last residence
    • Occupation

Austin and his secretary maintained these records even after a full Mexican local government was established. The entries continued through February 1836, less than a week before the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Prior to their compilation in this book, these records were accessible only at the General Land Office in Austin.

A New Land Beckoned: German Immigration to Texas, 1844-1847
Chester W. Geue and Ethel H. Geue
A compilation of original source material on the settlement of Germans in Texas from 1844 to 1847, here you will find lists of ships from Germany and the United States as well as indication of the Germans they brought to Texas. For each of the more than 4000 individuals listed, you'll learn:

    • Age
    • Names of accompanying family members
    • Place of residence in Europe
    • Dates of departure and arrival

New Homes in a New Land: German Immigration to Texas, 1847-1861
Ethel H. Geue
This work is essentially a compilation of information gleaned from 105 passenger lists of ships that arrived at Galveston between the years 1847 and 1861. For each of the 5,600 individuals listed, you'll learn:

    • Age
    • Family
    • Residence in Europe
    • Name of ship
    • Date of departure from Germany
    • Date of arrival in Texas
    • Name of Texas county in which the immigrant settled.

In addition to the lists of immigrants, this work includes a brief history of German immigration to Texas as well as the names and descriptions of some of the Germans who were in Texas before it was a Republic. New Homes in a New Land is the sequel to the author's A New Land Beckoned and brings the story of the German immigration to Texas up to the time of the Civil War.

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