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Virginia Genealogies and Biographies, 1500s-1900s

    Virginia Genealogies and Biographies, 1500s-1900s
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About the Data
Meet your Virginia ancestors face to face with this sprawling collection of biographies and genealogies dating back to early settlements. Included are family links for expanding your family tree, along with biographical details and anecdotes for uncovering the story behind mere names and dates. In all, approximately 310,000 people are named in the information-rich, fully indexed pages of this data set.

Search through a rare 5-volume Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, spanning three centuries and including illustrations and many details. Also note the two-volume Maryland and Virginia Colonials, providing well-documented genealogies on 22 colonial families and hundreds of affiliated families. On this data set, you'll find:

• Biographical sketches
• Family histories and genealogies
• Dates and details of vital events
• Occupations
• A variety of genealogical source material, including private and public records
• Interesting supplemental details such as illustrations, coats of arms, and portraits

Books Included in This Data Set

• Virginia Historical Genealogies
John Bennett Boddie
This work, naming 4,000 related individuals, contains the lineages of about fifty families whose main branches were located in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

• Virginia and Virginians, 2 volumes
Robert Alonzo Brock and Virginia A. Lewis
Two-thirds of this work is devoted to biographical and genealogical sketches of prominent Virginia citizens. The majority of Volume 2, for example, contains sketches of 1000+ prominent citizens who were alive at the time of the book's original publication (approximately 1888).

• Maryland and Virginia Colonials: Genealogies of Some Colonial Families, 2 volumes
Sharon J. Doliante
Here is a true giant of a work, referencing more than 23,500 individuals and covering some 22 colonial Maryland and Virginia families (in addition to hundreds of affiliated families). The author not only establishes the Virginia and Maryland ancestry of the main families, but also corrects many longstanding inaccuracies and myths, many repeated uncritically in one publication after another.

• Some Prominent Virginia Families, 4 volumes
Louise Pecquet du Bellet
Drawing on letters, diaries, manuscripts, books, newspapers, reminiscences, and original records, this is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive compilations of Virginia genealogies. Intended as a history of the descendants of Edward Jaqulin and Martha Cary, the book soon became a compendium of Virginia families, comprising hundreds of separate genealogies and tracing descendants through six, seven, and eight generations. The genealogies are well and fully augmented by will extracts, obituary notices, manuscript entries, parish vestry and register notations, marriage notices, newspaper excerpts, gravestone transcriptions, and a great variety of biographical matter. In addition, the various genealogies are enhanced by portraits, views, and coats-of-arms.

• Virginia Genealogies
Horace Edwin Hayden
Here is one of the most comprehensive single-volume compilations of Virginia family histories ever assembled. Prominent families referenced include the following: Glassell, Ball, Brown, Bryan, Conway, Daniel, Ewell, Holladay, Lewis, Littlepage, Moncure, Peyton, Robinson, Scott, Taylor, and Wallace. Besides these families, lineages and extensive genealogical notes are devoted to some 150 Virginia and Maryland families.

• Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, 2 volumes
Bishop William Meade
Over one hundred years ago the Episcopal Bishop, William Meade, put together an important body of records which he incorporated into a now-famous two-volume work called Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia. This work, including more than 7,000 individuals, was compiled from parish and vestry records, moldy official documents, family records, tombstone inscriptions, and records in Lambeth Palace, London. Meade's narrative focuses on the history of the early Virginia parishes and provides details concerning parish origins, the drawing of parish lines, and the lives of ministers and selected church members. Each chapter of the work also contains family histories and extensive lists of vestrymen, communicants, justices, and prominent figures. "This book remains an indispensable storehouse of information about the ecclesiastical history of Virginia during the Colonial period." — Dictionary of American Biography.

• The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, 4 volumes
Clayton Torrence
This renowned work consists of a systematic abstract of records, public and private, relating to 34 early families. Supplementing the abstracts are genealogical tables for about two-thirds of the families and name indexes totaling 222 pages with 20,000 entries.

• Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, 5 volumes
Lyon G. Tyler
The rare five-volume Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography is a collection of biographical sketches and illustrations of thousands of Virginians who lived between the early 17th and 20th centuries. Covering the entire spectrum of colonial, Revolutionary, and post- Revolutionary figures, this Encyclopedia touches on the following: founders, immigrants, early settlers, state councilors and burgesses, landowners, merchants, Revolutionary War figures, governors, justices, politicians, military and naval figures. This work also includes many prominent nineteenth-century personalities, including bankers, statesmen, farmers, professionals, businessmen, and Civil War soldiers.

The first two volumes concentrate mostly on Virginia men of the 17th Żand 18th centuries, while the last three volumes deal primarily with 19th-century figures, in somewhat greater detail than the earlier volumes. All sketches identify the place and date of the subject's birth, and, wherever possible, his parents and early antecedents back to the immigrant ancestor. Typically, the sketches provide details of the subject's education and career, information about his wife and children, and highlights of his life and times.

 Colonial Virginians and Their Maryland Relatives
Norma Tucker
Norma Tucker sheds new light on one of the earliest families to settle in Virginia, that of Captain William Tucker of London, who arrived at Jamestown in 1610 on the Mary and James. Including more than 75,000 names, Dr. Tucker fleshes out the ancestry of this famous colonist, as well as on the allied families of Allen, Blackistone, Chandler, Ford, Gerard, Harmor, Hume, Monroe, Skaggs, Smith, Stevesson, Stone, Sturman, Thompson, Ward, and Yowell. These families figured prominently in the history of Warwick, Westmoreland, and Culpeper counties, Virginia, as well as colonial Maryland.

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