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Add a Page to the Family Finder

The Family Finder is constantly searching the Internet for new genealogy Web pages. You can help out by telling us about new pages or sites that you know of — we will add them to the Family Finder as soon as we can. To tell us about a new page or site, please fill out the form below. You can be assured that your name, address, and other information will be kept completely confidential. See our PRIVACY STATEMENT for more details.

The Family Finder will automatically check any other pages that have links from this one, so you only need to tell us about the top page of a site or set of related pages. Please do not submit home pages that were created on or These home pages are added to the Family Finder automatically in a separate process.

Thank you.

First Name:
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Mailing Address and Telephone Number
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URL to Add to FamilyFinder

The URL of the new page you wish to add to the FamilyFinder. Remember to put http:// at the beginning of the URL, (or ftp:// if it is a data page that is retrieved with ftp).

Primary type of page or site:

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