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John Abbe





12 Generations

following the line ending with Darrell Abbey




1-John Abbe-[302] was born about 1587 in West Halton, Lincolnshire County, England. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Place of Birth.  The place of birth of John Abbe, the founder of the American Abbe and Abbey families, is unknown, but every indication points to one of the interior and central counties of England as the home of the ancestors of the emigrant. It is not improbable that he was connected with the Abbye family of Staverton, Northampton. The parish registers of Stoke Bruerne, Northampton, show that there were many marriages of Abbyes recorded there during the 16th and 17th centuries.


John Abbe is John Abbe Jr's father. As far as we know, John Abbe never came to America.


John married  in England.


2-John Abbe Jr.-[291] was born on 15 Oct 1613 in Norwich, Norfolk, England and died about 1689 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Name Change; 1613.  When John Abbe was born, the family decided to add Junior (Jr.) to the end of his name.

2.  Immigration; 1635.  The Abbey individuals who left their homes for life in the New World were undoubtedly courageous. Research through numerous reference books and genealogy software by Alan Roy Abbey and his wife, Leah, containing ships passenger lists, genealogical registers, and other official records led to the discovery of our early Abbey immigrants. It is through this research that we believe John Abbe Jr. entered America through one of the following ports of entry.


1. It is possible that John Abbe Jr. came to America in 1635 aboard the ship MERCHANT BONAVENTURE which sailed from London, England in January, 1635. The port of entry for this ship was Virginia. Exact place is unknown. More than likely it was either Jamestown, Hampton, or Norfolk. The ships passenger log lists a John Abbe, age 22, as a passenger.



2. It is also possible that John Abbe Jr. arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in 1634. The book "Immigrants to America before 1750", prepared by Frederick Adams Virkus, editor, shows a John Abbe entering the New World at that time. The name of the ship and John Abbe's age was not listed.


The estimated population in the Colonies in 1630, was 4,800. The population in 1650 was estimated to be 52,000.


The first mention of John Abbe Jr., was found on a register of the names of all the passengers which passed from the Ports of London for a whole year ending at Xmas 1635. It reads - “Those underwritten are to be transported to Virginia imbarcued in ye Mercht Bonaventure James Ricrofte Mr. Bound Thither have taken ye oath of allegeance - John Abbe years 22. Although this statement says bound for Virginia, it is a well known fact that many of the early ships destined for Virginia landed many or all of their passengers at other ports, even in New England, and records with the name John Abbe Jr. begin in New England about that time. John Abbe Jr., does not appear in the records of Virginia, nor in the Head Rights for lower Norfolk from 1637 to 1666.”


The first reference to John Abbe Jr. in Salem, Massachusetts, is recorded on page II, volume 1, of the land records for 1637. It reads - “John Abbe Jr. is recorded a refered inhabitant and is to have one acre lott for a house next to and beyond the gunsmiths, and 3 acres of planting ground where the Towne had appointed beyond Castle Hill.”

3.  Land Grant; 21 Nov 1639.  The records for the grants to John Abbe Jr., show that he was of the same standing in the community as the great majority of the early inhabitants. The grants were in a great measure made with an eye as to the ability of the grantee to develop the land so granted, small grants to the poorer and the larger grants to the richer sort.


John Abbe Jr. had a further grant of five acres. It reads - “Granted unto John Abbey Jr. 5 acres neere to Mr. Throgmortons hoggehouse.”

4.  Land Grant; 23 Nov 1642.  John Abbe Jr. received another grant for ten acres together with several other ten-acre grants, all to be laid out near the Kings lot. This was on the Beverly side near Bass River. On December 15, 1642, it was voted and ordered that John Abbe Jr. shall have 10 acres of land at Enon in exchange for 10 acres of land bounded out near Bass River. In 1643, the name Enon was changed to Wenham, Massachusetts.

5.  Land Grant; 13 Jun 1644.  It was agreed that John Abbe Jr. shall have all the wasteland which lies between the end of the lot which he lives upon and the meadow which belongs to the town, leaving a poles breath most convenient pathway.

6.  Disposal of Estate; 1653, Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts.  John Abbey's Disposal of his Estate 1653 Record In the Registrars office for probate of Will for the County of Essex


“Know all men By these prsents that I John Abbey (Scnjr.) of Wenham in the County of Essex being sensible of my owne & my wives inability to Carry on my affaires So as to provide for our Comfortable Livelyhood by reason of our age & weakness of Body Attending vs by reason thereof Doe make Choice of & Request my son John Abbey as my ffeiofe in trust to take into his hands my house & all my Lands in Wenham together wth wt right I have in that Land which was sometime Richard Gooldsmiths. to ocquipie & improue for myn & his muttuall Benifit So long as my wife & I or eyther of us shall live: & for his incouriagment to maniage my affaires as abovesaid & he provide Comfortably for my owne & my wives maintenance I doe hereby Give and Bequeath to him my afforesaid ffeiofe all my houses & Lands fforeuer Except wt I doe hereby Give out of it to the rest of my Childrin viz Samuell Sarah Marah Rebeca Obadia & Thomas & to each of them as followeth viz to Samuell I haveing alridy Given him a Lell of Land I give him one Shilling more & to all the rest of my Childrin above mentioned viz Sarah Marah Rebeca Obadia & Thomas two Shillings a peice or to so many of them as shall sirviv at the deacease of my selfe & wife: & in Case God shall take awaye my Son John abovesaid before the Decease of my selfe & wife if his Heires Shall Continue to maniage & Carry on my affaires as my abovesaid ffeioffe ought to doe then they Shall have the houses & Lands abovesaid as therin ordvard & in Confirmation of what is above written I have here vnto set to my hand & Seale Signed Seald & Deliverd August the 3 1683 in the presence of Thos ffiske Senjr: John Abbey Senjr martha ffiske his marke


John Abbey Senjr ded acknowledg this writing above written to be his act & deed August ye 3d: 1683 before me Samuel Appeton Assistant.


On the outside of the above document is the inscription:

John Abbey's Disposale of his Estate 1653 Record In Ips in ye Regr office for ye probate of Will for sd County of Essex Decr 1702 p mee Danl Rogers Regr


Administration on the Estate of John Abbey senjr of Wenham. John Appleton Esqr. Comissionated by his Excellency Joseph Dudley Capt. Generll and Governr in Cheif in & over her Majess Province of ye Massachtt Bay in New England, with the advice and Consent of her Majestes Counsell of said province for the Probate of Wills and Granting Letters of adminstro. Within the said County of Essex &c. To Thomas Abbey of Enfield in ye County of Hampshire son to John Abbey senjr of Wenham-Deceased

Intestate-Greeting-Trusting in yr Care and ffidelity I doe by These presents Comitt unto you full power to administer all & singular the Goods, Chattells, Rights & Creditts of the said Deceased & well & ffaithfully dispose of ye same according to law which to him while he Lived & att ye time of his Death did appeartain & belong, to aske sue for demand Levy Receive & Recover and to pay all Debts in which the Deceasd stood bound so farr as his Goods Chattells Rights & Creditts Can extend according to the value thereof, and to make a true & prfect Inventory of all & singular the Goods Chattells Rights and Creditts of the Deceasd and to Exhibit the same into the Registry office of ye sd County att or before the Last Day of ffebruary next Ensueing, and to render a plain & true accott of ye said adminjo upon Oath att or before ye Twentieth Day of Decembr which Will bee in ye year of or Lord God One Thousand Seven hundd & Three-and I doe by These prsents Ordaine Constitute and appoint you administratoer of all & singular the Goods Chattells Rights & Creditts of ye Deceasd aforesd.-In Testimony Whereof I have herunto Sett my hand & caused the Seale of said office to be affixed-Dated in Ipswich the 12th Day of Decembr anno. 1702. Annoq. R: Reginae Annae Angliae &c primo. Examd-11 John Appleton.

Daniel Rogers Regr. Recorded Book 307, Page 456. Essex Probate Office.


Know All men by these presents, That We Thomas Abbey of Enfield in ye County of hampshire as principle and Waltar ffairfeild Senj & Thomas Edwards both of Wenham as sureties within His Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto John Appleton Esqr Judge of the Probate of Wills and granting Administration within the said County of Essex in the full sum of Two hundred Pounds Currant Money in New England. To be paid unto the said John Appleton Esquire his Successors in the said Office or Assignes. To the true payment whereof. We bind our selves, and each of us, our, and each of our heirs, Executors and Administrators, joyntly and severally for the whole and in the whole firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals. Dated the Eleventh day of Decembr Anno Domini. One thousand 702 Annoque Regni Reginae Annae primo.

The condition of this present Obligation is such, That if the above-bounden Thomas Abbey administrator to all & singular the Goods, Chattells, Rights & Credits of his ffather John Abbey Senjr Late of Wenham Deceased to make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods, Chattells, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the hands and possession or knowledge of him the said administrator or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons for him. And the same so made, do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Registry of the Court of Probate for the aforesaid County of Essex at or before the Last day of ffebruary next ensuing. And the same Goods, Chattells, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, at the time of Death, which at any time after shall come into the hands and possession of any other person or persons for him do well and truly administer according to Law. And further do make, or cause to be made a just and true Accompt of his said Administration upon Oath, at or before the Twentieth day of Decembr which will be in the year of our Lord, One thousand 703. And all the rest & residue of the said Goods, Chattells, Rights & Credits which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrators Accompt (the same being first examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being of Probate of Wills and granting Administrations within the County of Essex aforesaid) shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively as the said Judge or Judges by his or their Decree or Sentence pursuant to Law shall limit and appoint. And if it shall hereafter appear, That any last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased: And the Executor or Executors therein named do exhibit the same into the Court of Probate for the said County of Essex making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly. If the said administrator within bounden being thereunto required do render and deliver the said Letters of Administration (Approbation of such Testament being first had and made) unto the said Court. Then the before written obligation to be void and of none effect, or else to abide and remain in full force and virtue.

Thomas TA Abbey (mark & seal)

Walter fayerfield (seal)

Thomas O Edward (seal)

Sealed and Delivered in presence of francis Crumpton Daniel Rogers.


This Inventory of the Estate of John Abee Senor formerly of Wenham decesed about thirten yere since Intestate we whos names are her vnto subscribed on this twentey-fovrth of febuary in the yere of our lord 17 did at the Request of thomas Abee one of the sons of the decesed and Administrator of his fathers estat or by his order vallew and aprise the said decesed his house and land in Wenham on which to our certain knowleg he lived for many yers and dyed seased of the same as his owne Estat of Inheritance as we ever understod we being his nere neighbors for many yers the sayd decesed his homsted being about twenty and three acers of vpland and medow together with the housing and fences ther on the apertenances ther onto belonging together with his Right in the Comon all which we vallewed at ninety and two pounds ¹92-s00-d00. We also being Informed that the sayd decesed in his lifetime did to acomodate his son Obadiah acording to his desire with a trad for his futer benifett when the sayd Obadiah was eighten yers old give to Richard Goldsmith three yers sarvit of his said son Obadiah and vntill he was one and twentey yers ould to learne him to be a shoemaker and all the sayd time his sayd father did find his sayd son meat and drink and Clothes washing and Lodging which we doe Judg to be worth thirtey pounds. the acount was settled betwen thomas Abee and his fathers Estat by the Children of the sayd decesed in our presents as witness our hands this 24 of the 12th month 1703/2

Richard RH Hutton ( his


Joseph ffowler Aprisers.

the estate debtor to his sonn thomas Abee for severall things for which our said father John Abee Senor was Indebted to his son thomas Abee before the death of our sayd father John abee Senor the acount whereof was settled and alowed by vse vnderwritten which debt is thirtey and two pounds ¹32--s00-d00.

as wittnes our hands this 24th febuerary 1702/3

Richard kimball for himself & Rebecc his wife (his mark)

mary killam (her mark)

Thomas Abbe (his mark)

May 18th 1703

Then ye above sd Thomas Abbe made oath to this Inventory

Before John Appleton “

7.  Land Grant; 16 Nov 1661.  John Abbe Jr. and Edward Waldron received a town grant for land to be equally divided between them. (This grant and all of the above grants can be located in the Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts's town records)

8.  Employment; 1669.  In 1669 and again in 1671, John Abbey Jr. appeared as constable, an office of great local power and responsibility.


John married Mary Lorring-[292] [MRIN:103] about 1635 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts.  (Mary Lorring-[292] was born about 1615-1620 in England and died on 9 Sep 1672 in Wenham, Massachusetts.)


3-John Abbe-[293] was born in 1636 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts and died on 11 Dec 1700 in Windham, CN. 


3-Sarah Abbe-[294] was born about 1638-1640 in Massachusetts. 


3-Mariah Abbe-[295] was born in 1642 in Massachusetts. 


3-Obadiah Abbe-[296] was born about 1647 in Windham, CN and died on 28 Oct 1732 in Enfield, CN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Wealth.  One of their sons, Obadiah Abbe, seems to have been a prominent and influential man within the community. He was constable between 1682 and 1717, surveyor of highways in 1692, and assessor in 1702. Obadiah Abbe's holdings in Enfield, Connecticut are described in the Enfield probate records: Home lot of 12 acres; 23 acres in the south field, eastern division; 7 acres upon Schantuck River, 5 acres of it upland and 2 acres meadow land; 2 acres of meadow upon a small brook easterly from the "grate meadow"; 4 acres of meadow by a grant of March 5, 1700; and a farm lying west of Schantuck grate meadow, consisting of 168 acres, some of the boundaries of which were designated by Oak Tree's marked with the letters O.A. (O.A. stands for Obadiah Abbe)

Obadiah Abbe was apprenticed to Richard Goldsmith to learn his trade of shoemaker, and that he served Goldsmith three years from his eighteenth year. As Goldsmith died in 1673, this places the date of Obadiah's birth approximately. He was an early settler of Enfield on the eighth lot from the south corner, east side, one of the original proprietors in 1682. In 1685 he was engaged in a lawsuit with Isaac Meacham. At Northampton is the will of Obadiah Abbey, dated September 22, 1732; probated November 14, 1732. He names as legatees his wife, Sarah, to whom is given maintenance, all household goods and moveables; his cousin (nephew) Thomas, son of his brother Thomas, to whom is given his Scantic lot, and to the former Thomas' son, Obadiah, house and land, with reversion to his youngest son, Thomas, if the said Obadiah should die; to the last-named, Phebe Heal; his cousin John Abbey's oldest son, John. His cousin, Thomas Abbey, and Elizabeth Warriner are made executors. This Elizabeth Warriner was presumablv the step-daughter of his wife, who was born in 1686.


Obadiah married Sarah Tibbals-[297] [MRIN:104] after 1697 in Enfield, CN.


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Marriage.  She was the daughter of Thomas Tibbals of Milford. Her first husband was Daniel Collins, by whom she had children, and she married second Joseph Warriner of Enfield, who died 1697. Obadiah Abbe had no children, so far as is known.


3-Rebecca Abbe-[298] was born in 1647 in Wenham, Massachusetts and died in Jun 1704 in Enfield, CN. 


3-Samuel Abbe-[273] was born in 1650 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts and died on 8 Mar 1697 in Windham County, Windham, CN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Church; 1674.  Samuel and his wife Mary, were communicants of the church in Wenham in 1674.

2.  Land; 3 Apr 1675.  Samuel Abbe first appears in the Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts records at the time of his marriage. He received a grant of ten acres of land in Wenham, to set his house upon, from his father, John Abbe Jr., and his mother, Mary Loring, on April 3, 1675. (Recorded in the Essex Deeds, 15:150)

3.  Land; 3 Apr 1675.  John Abbe Jr. deeded 10 acres of land to his son Samuel.

4.  Employment; 1676.   He was a land surveyor in 1676 and appears upon the town records as a husbandman, made freeman, October 3, 1680. (Massachusetts Records, 5:540)

5.  Will; 1683.  He  was named in his father's will in 1683.

6.  Land; 1692, Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts.  A map of Salem dwellings in 1692, published in Volume I of the book, Salem Witchcraft, written by Charles Upham, 1867 Reprint, shows the location of Samuel Abbe's house, number 114 on a plot in the south-west part, east of Bald Hill, within the 500 acres laid out to Robert Goodell in 1652 and its subsequent additions

7.  Legal Proceedings; Jul 1692, Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts.  Samuel Abbe was living in Salem during the days of witchcraft and was one of those opposed to its fanaticisms. One Rebecca Nourse, (could also be spelled Nurse) on trial as a witch, produced a paper signed by several "respectable inhabitants" of Salem, among whom was Samuel Abbe. This document as to her good character caused her to be set at liberty but the sentence was later changed and she was put to death as a witch. In 1913, a monument to her memory was erected by her descendants.


Research shows Samuel Abbe was present, as a witness, for the following trials, one of which he brought the charges:


REBECCA NOURSE OR NURSE - The mother of eight children was 71 years old when she was hanged on Gallows Hill with four other women, July 19, 1692. She had been one of Salem Village's most respected and religious citizens, so much so that the magistrates hesitated in delivering the warrant for her arrest. A petition was drawn up and signed on May 14, 1692, by most of the richest and most influential people, such as Israel Porter (his name appears first), Daniel Andrews, SAMUEL ABBE, and 34 others. This petition speaking of her good character was sent to Governor Sir William Phipps who responded with a temporary reprieve. When the reprieve ran out, she was tried and found not guilty, but at the verdict, the accusing girls fell into such violent fits that the jury was instructed to reconsider. The jury foreman, allowed to question Rebecca, got no response from the old women who apparently could not hear his questions over the noise of the girls. Her silence, apparently, was taken as a sign of guilt for the jury returned with a verdict of guilty. After she was hanged, Rebecca was buried in such a shallow grave on Gallows rocky hill that some body parts remained exposed. Her family came in the dark of night, collected her remains, and reburied her on the family's homestead.


MARY EASTY - Samuel Abbe testified and said that on the 20th of May 1692, he went to the house of Constable John Putnam about 9 o' clock in the morning. When he arrived, Mercy Lewis lay on the bed in a sad condition and continuing speachless for about an hour. A group of hysterical girls said that a disembodied image of Mary Easty was pinching them. Shortly thereafter, Abigail Williams and Mrs. Ann Putnam arrived. They said that as they were coming along the way they saw the apparition of Mary Easty. Both of them said that the apparition of Mary Easty told them that she was afflecting of Mercy Lewis, and when they arrived at John Putnam's house, both of them said they saw the apparition of Mary Easty afflecting the body of Mary Lewis. Mary Easty was arrested, tried for witchcraft, and sentenced to prison. She was eventually released from prison. Yet, due to the outcries and protests of her accusers, SAMUEL ABBE being one of them, she was arrested a second time. Mary Easty was brought to trial again in a court where there existed almost no possibility of proving innocence. Under the Puritan court, the pressure to confess and atone for one's sins was immense. Innocent individuals with nothing to confess were subsequently often lead to admit to crimes which they did not commit. Moreover, other accused witches confirmed that Mary Easty had been working with them. Mary Easty was tried and condemned to death. She was hung by the neck until dead on September 22, 1692. Five years later, the people of Massachusetts recognized that Mary Easty had been innocent and that they had unjustly executed her. The Colony held a day of fasting on January 14, 1697, and especially the judges who had tried Mary Easty looked into their guilty consciences. None of this made much difference to Mary Easty, already long since dead and buried.


SARAH GOOD - Samuel Abbe and his wife Mary Knowlton, were witnesses in a witch trial in Salem in 1692 against Sarah Good, a women of vicious temper who had lived with Samuel Abbe and his wife in their home for a time but was dismissed on account of her disagreeable ways. She vowed vengeance upon them and when several of Samuel's cows and hogs died or were taken sick, the blame was laid to her as a witch. Samuel and his wife Mary brought charges against her for witchcraft and a warrant for Sarah's arrest was given at Salem, Massachusetts February 29, 1692. Sarah was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. Sarah Good hanged on Gallows Hill, July 19, 1692. Sarah Good was the wife of a common laborer and known to the towns people as a "destitute, wizened, pipe smoking hag".


In September, 1692, people started wondering if they were doing the right thing. The Witchcraft Trials of Salem Village have been described as "Americas most notorious episode of witchcraft hysteria". The Salem Witch Trials were the last witchcraft executions in America. The General Court of the Colony created the Superior Court to try the remaining witchcraft cases which took place in May, 1693. This time no one was convicted. The trials stopped after Pastor Cotton Mather delivered a sermon arguing against the mass convictions, and some clergy began to openly criticize spectral evidence. Governor Sir William Phipps, after several months of hesitation, freed all those who were in jail and the executions stopped.


After eight months of terror, the Salem Witch Trials ended---but not until after the loss of twenty---innocent people, including two dogs. Some may feel the wrong people went to the gallows. Those who were different, who didn't conform to societies incredibly strict standards, were declared witches instead of being accepted as individuals. The trials scared people into admitting they were someone they weren't, and were terrifying examples of corruption. The twenty people (and two dogs) executed were twenty-two lives to many, and action should have been taken sooner to stop the injustices. The Salem Witch Trials were a major tragedy, and those killed are still being mourned today.


Samuel Abbe and his wife Mary testified at one witch trial, " William Good and his wife Sarah Good being destitute, we out of charity let them live in our house for some time. Sarah Good was so spiteful and maliciously bent that we were forced, for quietness sake, to turn her and her husband out of the house. Ever since, she has behaved herself very crossly and maliciously, calling our children vile names and has threatened them often." <source> page 139, The Devil Discovered - Salem Wichcraft 1692, by Enders A Robinson.


Samuel married Mary Knowlton-[274] [MRIN:97], daughter of William Knowlton-[275] and Elizabeth-[276], on 12 Oct 1672 in Massachusetts.  (Mary Knowlton-[274] was born 1649 or 1653.)


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Marriage; 12 Oct 1672.  Samuel Abbe married Mary Knowlton, October 12, 1672. Mary Knowlton is the daughter of William Knowlton and Elizabeth Smith. She was born about 1649 or 1653.


The following notes are from the Knowlton Ancestry, compiled by Rev C.H. Stocking of Freehold, New Jersey, published 1897:


The name Knowlton reaches back traditionally to the time of William the Conqueror, 1066 - 87. Richard Knowlton was born 1553, at Knowlton Manor, which is situated about six miles from the great cathedral at Canterbury, Kent County, England. He married, July 17, 1577, Elizabeth Cantize. The last of their four children was William, commonly called Captain William, born 1584, married Elizabeth Smith. They had six children, two of whom died young. Captain William with his remaining family sailed for America in 1632. He died on the passage and was buried in Nova Scotia. His gravestone read, William Knowlton, 1632, and was discovered there by a land-surveyor in 1839. The family appear to have moved to Massachusetts the next year, probably to Hingham, later to Ipswich. William, the second son of Captain William, born in England, 1615, was a member of the first church in Ipswich and a freeman, 1641 -42. He was a brick-layer by trade and died in 1655.

2.  Church; 15 Nov 1689, Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts.  Samuel Abbe and his wife Mary Knowlton united in forming the first church at Salem Village, the date of its formation being November 15, 1689. Salem Village is now Danvers, Massachusetts


The Salem Village church was organized as a covenanted body. Listed as one of the first 27 members was "Mary, wife to Samuel Abbe." Samuel was not listed as one of these members. All these 27 members were either Putnams or friends of the Putnam family. <source> page 82, The Devil Discovered - Salem Witchcraft 1692, by Enders A. Robinson.


The Putnams and the families pushed for a new church in Salem Village because they wanted to be free of Salem Town's political power. These people "were exclusively farmers and they favored the old ways of Puritanism." They lived on the remote, western side of Salem Village. Having their own church would give them political power in Salem Village. <source> page 63, The Devil Discovered - Salem Witchcraft 1692, by Enders A. Robinson.


The Putnam family was a driving force in the accusing of witches. Most of the complaints against witches were from the extended family of Thomas Putnam. "For a few complaints, some trusted friends were also allowed to participate." <source> page 110, The Devil Discovered - Salem Witchcraft 1692, by Enders A. Robinson


4-Mary Abbe-[277] was born in 1674 in Connecticut. 


4-Jonathan Abbe Jr.-[278] was born in 1674 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Name Change.  With the birth of Jonathen in 1674, the family added Junior (Jr.) to his name.


4-Samuel Abbe Jr.-[279] was born in 1676 in Wenham, Massachusetts and died on 15 Jan 1737 in Windham County, Windham, CN. 


Samuel married Hannah Silsby-[280] [MRIN:99] on 15 Mar 1710.


4-Eleazer Abbe-[281] was born in 1680 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


4-Elizabeth Abbe-[282] was born in 1683 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


4-Sarah Abbe-[283] was born in 1687 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


4-Hepsibah Abbe-[284] was born in 1688 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts. 


4-Ebenezer Abbe-[250] was born on 31 Jul 1689 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts and died on 5 Dec 1758 in Windham, Connecticut. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Place; 1698.  Ebenezer Abbe relocated with his father, Samuel Abbe, to the locality known as "Bricktop" in 1698, worked in Norwich for a time, about 1705: was in Windham in 1706 and later lived at North Winham and Mansfield

2.  Name Change; 27 Jul 1708.  Ebenezer Abbe is Gideon Abbey's Father. When Ebenezer Abbey Jr. was born, the family changed the spelling of our last name by adding the Y.  He was 75 years, 4 months, 5 days old at the time of his death

3.  Land; 1715.  In 1715, Ebenezer Abbe was one of the settlers who formed Canada


Ebenezer married Mary Allen-[251] [MRIN:87], daughter of Joshua Allen-[252] and Mary-[253], on 28 Oct 1707 in Mansfield, CN.


5-Gideon Abbey-[232] was born on 13 Feb 1715 in Mansfield, CN and died in 1784 in Mansfield, CN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Name Change; 27 Jul 1708, Windham, CN.  The "Y" was added to our last name when Gideon Abbey's brother, Ebenezer Abbey Jr., was born.


Gideon married Bathsheba Smith-[234] [MRIN:81], daughter of William Smith-[235] and Unknown, on 3 Mar 1747 in Mansfield, Tolland, CN.


6-Nathan Abbey-[243] was born now 21 1756. 


6-John Abbey-[239] was born on 8 Mar 1748. 


6-Bathsheba Abbey-[240] was born on 22 Feb 1750. 


6-Elijah Abbey-[241] was born on 7 Jul 1753. 


6-Samuel Abbey-[242] was born on 7 Jan 1755. 


6-William Abbey-[212] was born on 14 Apr 1758 in Mansfield, CN and died on 6 Aug 1833 in Halls Corner, NY.  Another name for William was William AbbeY. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service; Apr 1775, Mansfield, CN.  William Abbey enlisted in the Army from Mansfield, Connecticut, in April 1775, and was at the capture of the Hessians at Trenton. One of his descendants, Mr. Gehial Hall Abbey, has the chest, which he carried during his service in the revolution.


His name is on the tablet in memory of the revolutionary soldiers of Onondaga County, in the Post Office at Syracuse, New York.

2.  Retirement; 19 Apr 1818, Onondaga County, New York.  On April 19th, 1818, he applied for a pension, at the time being a resident of Onondaga County, New York. He seems to have been well-to-do, as he owned property worth $68.75 and owed but $12.00.

3.  Census; 1790.  The census of 1790 records him at Duanesburg, Albany County, New York. His name is found in the land records of Onondaga County from 1804 to 1820


William married Lydia Hall-[213] [MRIN:80] on 5 Jul 1777.  (Lydia Hall-[213] was born on 9 Sep 1757.)


7-Charlotte Abbey-[225] . 


7-Elijah Abbey-[226] was born on 20 Feb 1779 in New York. 


7-William Abbey-[227] was born in 1786. 


7-Nathan A. Abbey-[228] was born in 1787. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Health.  Nathan A. Abbey, was possibly disabled in some way, as he was dependent upon his father for support.


7-David Abbey-[172] was born on 1 Apr 1792 in Birdsall, New York and died on 14 Apr 1878 in Birdsall, New York. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service.  Soldier in the war of 1812

2.  Land.  David was born and died on an old farm 7 miles from Angelica, NY. He was 86 years, 0 months, 13 days old at the time of his death.


David married Phebe Travis Abbey-[173] [MRIN:62] on 28 Jun 1821 in Syracuse, NY.  (Phebe Travis Abbey-[173] was born on 17 Jun 1802 and died in 1874.)


8-Thomas H Abbey-[170] was born on 12 Jul 1831 in Birdsall, New York and died on 29 Apr 1913 in Peoria, Ill. 


Thomas married Elmira Glazier-[171] [MRIN:32].  (Elmira Glazier-[171] died on 24 Mar.)


9-Carson Jason Abbey-[48] was born on 30 Dec 1853 in Erie, PA and died on 1 Oct 1917 in Peoria, Ill. 


Carson married Mariah Elezibeth Slinn-[49] [MRIN:16] on 1 Feb 1883.  (Mariah Elezibeth Slinn-[49] was born on 29 Feb 1864 in Oldham, England and died on 12 Sep 1940 in Peoria, Ill.)


General Notes: The name is derived from Slindon a village to the Nw of Stafford. Early references go back to 1199.The family were de Slindon. Hugh De Slindon 1205 Robert de Slindon1243 Roger their son1253 William 1310 Stephen 1294-1327 William de Slindon MP for Stafford 1310 In the Public Record Office a deed 1345 of william and AGNES rOBERT sLINDON VICAR OF CHEBSEY (sTAFFS)1477 tHE FAMILY THEN RESIDED IN CHEBSEY,GNOSALL , RANTON STOK-ON-TRENT.


10-Dorothy Abbey-[52] . 


Dorothy married Millard Evans-[94] [MRIN:35].


10-Jim Abbey-[82] . 


Jim married Bell-[83] [MRIN:30].  (  Another name for Bell-[83] was Jen.)


10-Lenard Abbey-[87] . 


General Notes: Account as narrated by Elsie (Abbey) Jepson, wife of David F. Abbey, daughter-in-law to Thomas M. Abbey, brother to Leonard Abbey.


Leonard's first wife Bessie had two children a girl and a boy.  Leonard divorced Bessie and remarried his second wife who died later.


Leonard liked to hunt and one day he was cleaning a gun and accidentally shot himself in his leg.


Bessie who was divorced from him came back to live with him and take care of him.


One day Leonard wanted to go to the cemetery to see his 2nd wife's grave so Bessie took him.  The next day, Leonard committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.


Lenard married Bess-[88] [MRIN:33].


10-Ethel Abbey-[95] . 


Ethel married Unknown Mathews-[96] [MRIN:36].


11-George Mathews-[97] . 


10-Frank Carson Abbey-[102] was born on 20 Apr 1887. 


10-Edith Abbey-[56] was born before 1891. 


Edith lived with someone.


10-Thomas Merritt Abbey-[22] was born on 22 Aug 1891 in Peoria, Ill, died on 20 May 1973 in Peoria, Ill and was buried on 23 May 1973 in Peoria, Ill. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service; 11 Apr 1917.  World War 1 Served on USS Melville.  Discharged 2/18/1919.  Rank as Fireman 2nd Class.

2.  Occupation: Peoria, Ill.  Railroad Engineer for Rock Island Railroad Engine No: 886

3.  Cemetery; 23 May 1973, Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, Ill. 


Thomas married Irene M. Marriett-[24] [MRIN:9], daughter of Unknown and Unknown.


11-Edith Irene Abbey-[25] was born on 22 Nov 1911 in Peoria, Ill, died on 26 Oct 1995 in Peoria, Ill and was buried on 29 Oct 1995 in Peoria, Ill. 


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Disabled American Veterans.  Life Member Post 1 Ladies Auxillary

2.  Place of Bural; 29 Oct 1995, Peoria, Ill.  Buried at Swan Lake Momory Gardens


Edith married William J. Wasson-[27] [MRIN:11] on 28 Oct 1934.  (William J. Wasson-[27] died on 12 Feb 1992 in Peoria, Ill.)


12-Louis Sidney Wasson-[28] . 


Louis married Nancy-[79] [MRIN:28].


12-John Wasson-[29] . 


12-Darlene Wasson-[30] . 


12-Juanita Wasson-[31] . 


12-Joseph T. Wasson-[32] . 


11-Edna Mae Abbey-[26] . 


Edna married Lesley Scattergood-[50] [MRIN:17].


Thomas next married Sarah Delphia Smith-[23] [MRIN:4], daughter of Francis Marion Smith-[33] and Harriet Millisia Carter-[34], on 22 Sep 1915 in Watertown, SD.  (Sarah Delphia Smith-[23] was born on 29 Oct 1894 in Veracruz, MO and died on 27 Jan 1987 in Peoria, Ill.)


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Cemetery; 31 Jan 1987, Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, Ill. 


11-David Francis Abbey-[6] 1, 2 was born on 22 Mar 1916 in Watertown, SD, died on 12 Apr 1999 in Tampa, FL and was buried on 16 Apr 1999 in Flordia National Cemetery - Tampa, Flordia.  Another name for David was Thomas Carson Abbey. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Sporting Event; cira 1930;s, Peoria, Ill.  Won 1st place in Kikapoo Archers Shoot.  Received an engraved silver spoon as trophy.

2.  Employment; 8 Jun 1959, Benton City, WA.  Dave Abbey opens Barbershop

3.  Military Service.  Rank PFC, US ARMY Air Corps

4.  Cemetery.  Burial: Florida National Cemetery Bushnell Sumter County Florida, USA Plot: 135, 0, 526


David married Laura-[45] [MRIN:14].  The marriage ended in divorce.


12-David Francis Abbey Jr.-[76] . 


David married Lillian Unknown-[77] [MRIN:27].


13-David Abbey-[78] . 


David next married Elsie May Carper-[7] [MRIN:3], daughter of Harratt Azrar Carper-[46] and Bertie Inez Gwaltney-[47].  The marriage ended in divorce.  (Elsie May Carper-[7] was born on 3 Jan 1925.)


12-Darrell David Abbey-[1] was born on 27 Jan 1947 in Caldwell Idaho. 


Darrell married Gayle Elaine Macintosh-[4] [MRIN:2] in 1966 in Milwaukee, OR.  (Gayle Elaine Macintosh-[4] was born in Jul 1947, died in Nov 1968 in Fort Huachuca, Arizona and was buried in Salem, OR.)


13-Deanna Marie Abbey-[5] was born on 10 Oct 1966 in Portland, OR. 


Deanna had a relationship with Donald Creager-[13] [MRIN:7].


14-Ashlee Erin Creager-[14] was born on 24 Mar 1989 in Kent, WA. 


Deanna married Rick Christensen-[10] [MRIN:6] on 8 Jul 1992 in Renton, WA.  (Rick Christensen-[10] was born on 8 Jul 1965.)


14-Chanel Christensen-[11] was born on 7 Jun 1993 in Lynnwood, WA. 


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Name; 7 Jul 1993.  Chanel was not given a middle name at birth.  The parents wanted her to choose one for herself.


14-Samantha Taylor Christensen-[12] was born on 12 Apr 1996 in Lynnwood, WA. 


Darrell next married Vivian Louise Steele-[2] [MRIN:1], daughter of Marion Fielding Steele-[106] and Dorothy May Miller-[107], on 4 Mar 1969 in Pasco, WA.  (Vivian Louise Steele-[2] was born on 7 Apr 1950 in Montrose, CO.)


Noted events in their marriage were:


1.  Marriage: 4 Mar 1966, Pasco, WA.  Gene Loring Officiating with Betty Steele and Sam Wilson as witnesses.


Marriage Notes: Married at the Pentecostal Church of God in Pasco Washington.  Pastor Gene Loring Officiated.  Betty Steele and Sam Wilson were witnesses.


13-Traci Lynn Abbey-[3] was born on 1 Feb 1970 in Des Moines, Iowa. 


Traci married Steven Scaff-[9] [MRIN:5] on 6 Jun 1994 in Kent, WA.


12-Merritt Dwayne Abbey-[8] was born on 24 Nov 1945 in Peoria, Ill and died on 9 Mar 1993 in Kingsport, TN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Cemetery.  Mountain Home Washington County Tennessee, USA

Plot: LL, 0, 1835

2.  Military Service.  Rank Airman 3rd Class, US AIR FORCE

3.  Suicide; 9 Mar1993, Kingsport, TN.  Merritt took his own life by hanging himself in his bathroom.


Merritt married Kay Flannigan-[75] [MRIN:26].


12-Larry Eugene Abbey-[18] was born on 7 Apr 1951 in Peoria, Ill. 


Larry married Darla Ruth Warden-[65] [MRIN:22] on 11 Feb 1973 in Peoria, Ill.  (Darla Ruth Warden-[65] was born on 21 Jun 1955 in Peoria, Ill.)


13-Terri Jean Abbey-[66] was born on 24 Sep 1973 in Peoria, Ill. 


Terri married Byron Shepherd-[71] [MRIN:24] on 21 Nov 1997 in Reno, NV.  The marriage ended in divorce.  (Byron Shepherd-[71] was born on 8 Aug 1966 in Trenton, NJ.)


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Adoption.  Brian was adopted


14-Brittanie Anne Shepherd-[72] was born on 24 May 1998 in Kent, WA. 


Terri had a relationship with Dennis Taylor-[73] [MRIN:25].


14-Jasmine Elizabeth Taylor-[74] was born on 12 Mar 2001 in Kent, WA. 


13-Thomas Edward Abbey-[67] was born on 29 Apr 76 in Peoria, Ill. 


Thomas married Marie Ann Tucker-[68] [MRIN:23] on 15 Aug 1998 in Kent, WA.  (Marie Ann Tucker-[68] was born on 21 Jun 1980.)


14-Laurel Marie Abbey-[69] was born on 24 Jun 1998 in Kent, WA. 


14-Mary Jane Abbey-[70] was born on 19 Jun 2001 in Lynnwood, WA. 


12-Janice Doreen Abbey-[19] was born on 15 Jan 1949 in Peoria, Ill. 


Janice married Robert Hans Hansen-[58] [MRIN:19] in Mar 1971 in Peoria, Ill.  (Robert Hans Hansen-[58] was born on 1 Oct 51.)


13-Robert Arthur Hansen-[59] was born on 17 Jul 1973. 


Robert married Yumiko Yamagishi-[61] [MRIN:20].


14-Kioto Hansen-[62] was born on 17 Jul 1996. 


14-Ryu Hansen-[63] was born on 4 Oct 1997. 


13-Brandy Lea Hansen-[60] was born on 7 May 1975. 


Brandy married Unknown Wright-[64] [MRIN:21].


12-Phonda Sue Abbey-[20] was born on 28 Apr 1953 in Davenport, Iowa. 


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Alt. Birth.  Twin sister of Linda Lou Abbey (Paternal)


Phonda married Steve Lowe-[84] [MRIN:31] on 17 Mar 1973 in Richland, WA.


13-Gina Lowe-[85] . 


13-Tammi Lowe-[86] . 


12-Linda Lou Abbey-[21] was born on 28 Apr 1953 in Davenport, IW. 


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Alt. Birth.  Twin sister is Phonda Sue Abbey (Paternal)


Linda married Michael Stephen Abbott-[93] [MRIN:34] on 17 Mar 1971 in Richland, WA.  The marriage ended in divorce.  (Michael Stephen Abbott-[93] was born on 19 Apr 1953 and died on 3 Oct 1986 in Richland, WA.)


13-Rebecka Abbott-[92] was born on 3 Dec 1973 in Portland, OR and was baptized in Jul 1985. 


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Education: Eastern Washington University.  Bachelor Degree in Educational Psychology & Health


Linda next married Chester Edward Braswell-[199] [MRIN:76] on 31 Dec 1976.  The marriage ended in divorce.  (Chester Edward Braswell-[199] was born on 15 Mar 1955.)


13-Marcus Chester Braswell-[200] was born on 12 Oct 1978 in Richland, WA. 


Linda next married Lyle Eugene Dahlman-[201] [MRIN:77] on 22 Jul 1982.  The marriage ended in divorce.  (Lyle Eugene Dahlman-[201] was born on 9 Dec 1950.)


Linda next married Dennis Roy Cone-[202] [MRIN:78] on 29 Mar 1996.  (Dennis Roy Cone-[202] was born on 30 Mar 51.)


10-David Abbey-[51] was born on 20 Jan 1899 in Peoria, Ill and died in Oct 1973 in Peoria, Ill. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Social Security Number.  347-10-5978


David married.


11-Richard Abbey-[98] . 


Richard married.


12-Richard Abbey-[103] . 


11-Philip Abbey-[104] . 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service.  Killed in WW2 buried in France.


11-Nanette Abbey-[105] . 



9-Thomas Abbey-[204] . 


9-Cora Abbey-[205] . 


9-Merritt Abbey-[206] . 


9-William Abbey-[207] . 


9-John Abbey-[208] . 


9-Albert Abbey-[209] . 


8-Gehiel Abbey-[210] was born on 5 Jan 1837. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service.  Civil War Veteran.  Served 3 years in Company G 1st New York Dragoons.  He was wounded at Cedar Creek, Virginia, and spent 10 months in the hospital.


8-John Jefferson Abbey-[214] was born on 11 May 1822. 


8-Gideon Abbey Abbey-[215] was born on 30 Nov 1824. 


8-Elijah J Abbey-[216] was born on 9 Aug 1826 in Girard Township, PA and died on 13 Oct 1881 in Springfield Township, PA. 


8-Warren Abbey-[217] was born on 12 Jun 1828 and died on 14 May 1830. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Death of Child; 23 May 1830.  Cause unknown


8-Charlotte Abbey-[218] was born on 5 May 1834. 


8-George W. Abbey-[219] was born on 14 Aug 1835. 


8-David Beebe Abbey-[220] was born on 25 Mar 1839. 


8-William Henry Abbey-[221] was born on 12 Oct 1840, died on 18 Jun 1864 in Andersonville Prison, Americus, Georgia and was buried in Grave Site #2141. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Military Service.  Civil War Veteran.  He was a Private in E Company 85th New York Regiment.  Died in Andersonville Prison, Americus, Georgia on June 18, 1864.  At Andersonville Prison, his grave site number is #2141


8-Lydia Sophronia Abbey-[222] was born on 3 Mar 1842. 


8-Charles Alfred Abbey-[223] was born on 25 Jul 1844. 


8-Myron Oscar Abbey-[224] was born on 14 Nov 1846. 


7-Isabel Abbey-[230] was born in 1798 in Birdsall, New York. 


7-Lydia Abbey-[231] was born in 1800 in Birdsall, New York. 


6-Jersuha Abbey-[244] was born on 3 Jan 1761. 


Gideon married Mary Wood-[236] [MRIN:84], daughter of Samuel Wood-[238] and Unknown, on 15 Mar 1735 in Mansfield, CN.


6-Mary Abbey-[245] was born on 24 Mar 1738. 


6-Hannah Abbey-[246] was born on 28 Jun 1739. 


Gideon next married Keziah Walker-[237] [MRIN:85] on 8 Dec 1742 in Mansfield, CN.


6-Mary Abbey-[247] was born on 4 Sep 1743. 


6-Mary Abbey-[248] was born on 10 Oct 1744. 


6-Solomon Abbey-[249] was born on 12 Apr 1746. 


5-Ebenezer Abbey Jr.-[254] was born on 27 Jul 1708. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Name Change; 27 Jul 1708.  When Ebenezer Abbey Jr. was born, the family changed the spelling of our last name by adding the Y.


Ebenezer married Abigall Cary-[255] [MRIN:89] on 22 Feb 1729.


5-Elizabeth Abbey-[256] was born on 11 Sep 1709. 


Elizabeth married Daniel Cross-[257] [MRIN:90] on 13 Nov 1735 in Mansfield, CN.


5-Joshua Abbey-[258] was born on 20 Jan 1710 in Mansfield, CN and died on 13 Jan 1807 in North Windham, Windham, CN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Land.  JOSHUA ABBE, was a large land-owner. His extensive holdings at North Windham, Connecticut, were generally called his "Kingtom, while he was known as King Abbe". Joshua Abbe was a man of large heart, generous impulses and liberal opinions; of great vigor of both mind and body and a match for anyone in shrewdness and wit. His strong religious feelings made him a conspicuous leader in a sect which arose from the Baptist denomination in Windham, Connecticut, and became known as Abbe - ites. His home was ever open for religious meetings or for the entertainment of guests. Among celebrated guests is the name of "Mother" Ann Lee, founder of the sect of shakers. In 1804, he had 9 children, 88 grandchildren, 120 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild.


Joshua married Mary Ripley-[272] [MRIN:96] on 14 Apr 1736 in Windham, CN.  (Mary Ripley-[272] was born on 18 Nov 1716 in Windham, CN and died on 13 Oct 1769 in Windham, CN.)


5-Mary Abbey-[259] was born on 21 Nov 1712 in Windham, CN and died on 4 Mar 1735 in Windham, CN. 


Mary married Jonathan Bingham-[260] [MRIN:91] on 9 May 1734.


5-Nathan Abbey-[261] was born on 6 May 1714 in Windham County, Windham, CN. 


5-Samuel Abbey-[262] was born on 24 Apr 1719 in Windham County, Windham, CN. 


5-Zerviah Abbey-[263] was born on 17 Mar 1720. 


Zerviah married Elihu Marsh-[264] [MRIN:92] on 10 May 1736 in Windham, CN.


5-Jerusha Abbey-[265] was born on 22 Oct 1722 in Mansfield, CN. 


Jerusha married Samuel Wood-[266] [MRIN:93] on 31 Mar 1742 in Mansfield, CN.


5-Abigail Abbey-[267] was born on 1 Aug 1724. 


Abigail married Benjamin Cary-[268] [MRIN:94] in Windham, CN.


5-Miriam Abbey-[269] was born on 31 Aug 1726 and died on 2 Dec 1823. 


Miriam married William Cross-[270] [MRIN:95] on 5 Oct 1745 in Mansfield, CN.


5-Solomon Abbey-[271] was born on 29 May 1730 in North Windham, Windham, CN and died in 1799 in Mansfield, CN. 


4-John Abbe-[285] was born on 4 Jun 1692 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts and died on 30 Oct 1790 in East Hartford, Connecticut. 


John married Hannah-[286] [MRIN:100].


4-Benjamin Abbe-[287] was born on 4 Jun 1694 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts and died about 1765. 


Benjamin married Mary Tryon-[288] [MRIN:101] on 24 Jan 1716 in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


4-Jonathan Abbe-[289] was born in 1696 in Wenham, Massachusetts and died on 3 May 1757 in Willington, Connecticut. 


Jonathan married Mary Johnson-[290] [MRIN:102].


3-Thomas Abbe-[299] was born about 1651 in Wenham, Massachusetts and died on 17 May 1728 in Enfield, CN. 


Noted events in his life were:


1.  Dismissal; 1683.  John Abbe Jr., who had been supporting his son Thomas, who lived with him and cared for him, dismissed Thomas on account of his bad behavior and called his son John, to take charge of him and his affairs. The son, John, proceeded early to build a new house, as the old one was unfit to live in.

2.  Wealth.  Thomas Abbe was a prominent figure in Enfield, Connecticut, as he was one of the original proprietors of that town in 1683. He is mentioned frequently on records in 1686, 1689, 1706, 1707, 1709, 1710; fence viewer repeatedly; and assessor in 1705. He was the administrator of his father's estate in 1703, and made his father-law, Walter Fairfield of Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts, his attorney. There are several documents in the files at Essex pertaining to a lawsuit arising out of this. Thomas was also active in the military life of the day. He was a soldier in King Phillip's War, 1675 - 1676, and was wounded at the Great Swamp Fight. He was a sergeant in 1711 and a Lieutenant of the Enfield Trained Band in 1713. Upon the organization of the Army for the expedition against Narragansett Fort, Major Samuel Appleton was appointed to the command of the Massachusetts forces and on a list of the soldiers whom the Court, in May, 1676, voted to repay for losses of those who were "damnified" by the burning of Major Appleton's tent at Narragansett, appears the name of Thomas Abbe, 3 pounds and 16 shillings. His name is also on the roll of Major Appleton's Company in the Narragansett Campaign.


Thomas married Sarah Fairfield-[300] [MRIN:105] on 16 Dec 1683 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.


John next married Marah Goldsmith-[301] [MRIN:106] on 25 Nov 1674 in Wenham, Massachusetts.


Noted events in her life were:


1.  Marriage.  Marah Goldsmith was the widow of Richard Goldsmith, who was killed by lightening, May 19, 1674.  Marah Goldsmith's date and place of death is unknown.


1          329-05-9807.   Surety: 4

2          Judge C.M. Wilson Circuit Court Peoria County, Ill, No. 69 E 2786, (Decree entered September 9 1969

Thomas Carson Abbey changed name to David Francis Abbey).   Surety: 4



(No surname)

Bell-[83], 15

Bess-[88], 15

Elizabeth-[276], 10

Hannah-[286], 26

Laura-[45], 17

Mary-[253], 12

Nancy-[79], 16


Benjamin (1694-Abt 1765)-[287], 26

Ebenezer (1689-1758)-[250], 12

Eleazer (1680-          )-[281], 12

Elizabeth (1683-          )-[282], 12

Hepsibah (1688-          )-[284], 12

John (1636-1700)-[293], 6

John (1692-1790)-[285], 26

John (Abt 1587-          )-[302], 1

John Jr. (1613-Abt 1689)-[291], 1

Jonathan (1696-1757)-[289], 26

Jonathan Jr. (1674-          )-[278], 11

Mariah (1642-          )-[295], 6

Mary (1674-          )-[277], 11

Obadiah (Abt 1647-1732)-[296], 6

Rebecca (1647-1704)-[298], 7

Samuel (1650-1697)-[273], 7

Samuel Jr. (1676-1737)-[279], 12

Sarah (1687-          )-[283], 12

Sarah (Abt 1638-          )-[294], 6

Thomas (Abt 1651-1728)-[299], 26


Abigail (1724-          )-[267], 26

Albert-[209], 22

Bathsheba (1750-          )-[240], 13

Carson Jason (1853-1917)-[48], 14

Charles Alfred (1844-          )-[223], 23

Charlotte (1834-          )-[218], 23

Charlotte-[225], 14

Cora-[205], 22

Darrell David (1947-          )-[1], 18

David (1792-1878)-[172], 14

David (1899-1973)-[51], 22

David Beebe (1839-          )-[220], 23

David Francis (1916-1999)-[6], 17

David Francis Jr.-[76], 17

David-[78], 17

Deanna Marie (1966-          )-[5], 18

Dorothy-[52], 15

Ebenezer Jr. (1708-          )-[254], 24

Edith (Bef 1891-          )-[56], 16

Edith Irene (1911-1995)-[25], 16

Edna Mae-[26], 17

Elijah (1753-          )-[241], 13

Elijah (1779-          )-[226], 14

Elijah J (1826-1881)-[216], 23

Elizabeth (1709-          )-[256], 24

Ethel-[95], 15

Frank Carson (1887-          )-[102], 16

Gehiel (1837-          )-[210], 22

George W. (1835-          )-[219], 23

Gideon (1715-1784)-[232], 12

Gideon Abbey (1824-          )-[215], 23

Hannah (1739-          )-[246], 24

Isabel (1798-          )-[230], 24

Janice Doreen (1949-          )-[19], 20

Jersuha (1761-          )-[244], 24

Jerusha (1722-          )-[265], 25

Jim-[82], 15

John (1748-          )-[239], 13

John Jefferson (1822-          )-[214], 23

John-[208], 22

Joshua (1710-1807)-[258], 25

Larry Eugene (1951-          )-[18], 19

Laurel Marie (1998-          )-[69], 20

Lenard-[87], 15

Linda Lou (1953-          )-[21], 21

Lydia (1800-          )-[231], 24

Lydia Sophronia (1842-          )-[222], 23

Mary (1712-1735)-[259], 25

Mary (1738-          )-[245], 24

Mary (1743-          )-[247], 24

Mary (1744-          )-[248], 24

Mary Jane (2001-          )-[70], 20

Merritt Dwayne (1945-1993)-[8], 19

Merritt-[206], 22

Miriam (1726-1823)-[269], 26

Myron Oscar (1846-          )-[224], 23

Nanette-[105], 22

Nathan (1714-          )-[261], 25

Nathan A. (1787-          )-[228], 14

Nathan-[243], 13

Phebe Travis (1802-1874)-[173], 14

Philip-[104], 22

Phonda Sue (1953-          )-[20], 21

Richard-[103], 22

Richard-[98], 22

Samuel (1719-          )-[262], 25

Samuel (1755-          )-[242], 13

Solomon (1730-1799)-[271], 26

Solomon (1746-          )-[249], 24

Terri Jean (1973-          )-[66], 19

Thomas Edward (0076-          )-[67], 20

Thomas H (1831-1913)-[170], 14

Thomas Merritt (1891-1973)-[22], 16

Thomas-[204], 22

Traci Lynn (1970-          )-[3], 19

Warren (1828-1830)-[217], 23

William (1758-1833)-[212], 13

William (1786-          )-[227], 14

William Henry (1840-1864)-[221], 23

William-[207], 22

Zerviah (1720-          )-[263], 25


Michael Stephen (1953-1986)-[93], 21

Rebecka (1973-          )-[92], 21


Joshua-[252], 12

Mary-[251], 12


Jonathan-[260], 25


Chester Edward (1955-          )-[199], 21

Marcus Chester (1978-          )-[200], 21


Elsie May (1925-          )-[7], 18

Harratt Azrar (1891-          )-[46], 18


Harriet Millisia (1870-1957)-[34], 17


Abigall-[255], 24

Benjamin-[268], 26


Chanel (1993-          )-[11], 18

Rick (1965-          )-[10], 18

Samantha Taylor (1996-          )-[12], 18


Dennis Roy (0051-          )-[202], 22


Ashlee Erin (1989-          )-[14], 18

Donald-[13], 18


Daniel-[257], 24

William-[270], 26


Lyle Eugene (1950-          )-[201], 21


Millard-[94], 15


Sarah-[300], 27


Kay-[75], 19


Elmira-[171], 14


Marah-[301], 27


Bertie Inez (1895-          )-[47], 18


Lydia (1757-          )-[213], 14


Brandy Lea (1975-          )-[60], 20

Kioto (1996-          )-[62], 20

Robert Arthur (1973-          )-[59], 20

Robert Hans (0051-          )-[58], 20

Ryu (1997-          )-[63], 20


Mary-[290], 26


Mary-[274], 10

William-[275], 10


Mary (Abt 1615-1672)-[292], 6


Gina-[85], 21

Steve-[84], 21

Tammi-[86], 21


Gayle Elaine (1947-1968)-[4], 18


Irene M., 16

Irene M.-[24], 16


Elihu-[264], 25


George-[97], 16

Unknown-[96], 15


Dorothy May (1922-2001)-[107], 18


Mary (1716-1769)-[272], 25


Steven-[9], 19


Lesley-[50], 17


Brittanie Anne (1998-          )-[72], 20

Byron (1966-          )-[71], 19


Hannah-[280], 12


Mariah Elezibeth (1864-1940)-[49], 15


Bathsheba-[234], 13

Francis Marion (1848-1936)-[33], 17

Sarah Delphia (1894-1987)-[23], 17

William, 13

William-[235], 13


Marion Fielding (1908-1997)-[106], 18

Vivian Louise (1950-          )-[2], 18


Dennis-[73], 20

Jasmine Elizabeth (2001-          )-[74], 20


Sarah-[297], 7


Mary-[288], 26


Marie Ann (1980-          )-[68], 20


Lillian-[77], 17


Keziah-[237], 24


Darla Ruth (1955-          )-[65], 19


Darlene-[30], 17

John-[29], 16

Joseph T.-[32], 17

Juanita-[31], 17

Louis Sidney-[28], 16

William J. (          -1992)-[27], 16


Mary-[236], 24

Samuel, 24

Samuel-[238], 24

Samuel-[266], 25


Unknown-[64], 20


Yumiko-[61], 20