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Allathea-Ackroyd   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Amanda-C-Ackley   Created By
Ackley Family of the United States (esp. VA, FL, WA, DC)

Anne-M-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman-Ballantine Family

Anne-M-Ackroyd   Created By
Talley Family Home Page

Beth-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman marries Carter

Brandine-B-Acker   Created By
The Acker Family Homepage

Brandy-Acker   Created By
Brandy M. Kirk of Huntersville, NC

Brenda-L-Ackley   Created By
Garfield and Elizabeth Stamper

Brenda-N-Ackley   Created By

Bret-D-Acker   Created By
The Acker Family Homepage

Canda-L-Ackerman   Created By

Carol-Ackerman   Created By
Hull, Hanson, Patterson, Greene, and Lee Families

Carroll-M-Ackerman   Created By
The Munn's and Ackerman's of Vermont

Cassie-G-Ackman   Created By
Home Page of Cassie Ackman

Cathryn-D-Ackman   Created By
Hudson Family Tree

Cathryn-Diane-Ackman   Created By
Stiles Family

Cathy-M-Acker   Created By
My Fawcett , Mace, Worden, Sachtler, Wangemann, Voigt Family

Cathy-M-Acker-WI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Choncita-L-Ackley   Created By
Ruthie B & Guest

Chris-Ackerman   Created By
Chris and Mindy Ackerman family

Christine-G-Ackerman   Created By

Christopher-N-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman and Richards family of origin

Cindi-Ackerhein   Created By
Emma and Olivia's Ancestors

Cindy-A-Ackley   Created By
Saulsman/Ackley Home Page

Colin-E-Ackroyd   Created By
Home Page of Colin ackroyd

Corey-M-Ackerman   Created By
Home Page of Corey Ackerman

Danny-E-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman Geneology

Darlene-C-Ackerlandnee-ross   Created By
Darlene C. Ross of Ontario

David-B-Ackerman   Created By
The David B.Ackerman of New Jersey home Page

David-J-Ackerson   Created By
Home Page of David Ackerson

David-S-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman Page

David-W-Acker   Created By
The David W. Ackers of Jacksonville, IL

Dawn-E-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman/Hughes Home page of Clifton Park, NY

Dean-Ackley   Created By
The Ackley's of Upstate New York

Dean-Ackley-NY   Created By
The Ackley's of Upstate New York

Dean-G-Ackley   Created By
Ackley's of Upstate New York

Debby-L-Ackerman   Created By
Home Page of Debby Ackerman

Denise-M-Ackermann   Created By
Ackermann-Morel Family of Texas

Dennis-E-Acker   Created By
"The Tyson and Acker Page"

Derek-J-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman, Derek of Weymouth (Dorset)

Diane-Acker-   Created By
Bagatin Italy/NovaScotia

Dixie-L-Ackerman   Created By

Dolores-I-Ackerman   Created By
The Dolores I Ackerman Family Home Page

Donald-Ackerman-Norwood   Created By
Donald Ackerman

Donald-I-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman's Home Page

Donovan-W-Ackley   Created By
Donovan Waller Ackley II Home Page

Douglas-W-Ackerman   Created By
The Douglas William Ackerman Family Home Page

Ed-Ackley   Created By
Ackley Family Genealogy

Edwin-Ackerman   Created By
An Ackerman Family Homepage

Elizabeth-Birnie-Acklam   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eugene-M-Ackert   Created By
The Eugene Marshall Ackert Family Home Page

Fame--S-Ackerman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Fame-Ackerman   Created By
A tale of the Mannix family.

Fame-Ackerman-CT   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gabi-Ackermann   Created By
Die Familie Ackermann aus Leverkusen

Gary-P-Ackerman   Created By
Ackermans of Amsterdam, NY

Glenda-L-Acklin   Created By
"The Garner, Yates Family Home Page."

Hank-Acker   Created By
Hank Acker of Northern California

Harry-H-Ackroyd   Created By
The Ackroyd & McCann Tree Of England

Heather-Acker   Created By
Heather Acker McMinnville Oregon

Heather-ann-Ackley-bean   Created By
The Ackley - Bean Family Home Page

Helen-Ackerman   Created By
Zawadowsky and Zurowsky Home Page

Imogene-P-Acker   Created By
Pinions Of Southwest VA

J-anthony--Acker   Created By
Acker Family - Out From South Carolina into the World

Jacinta-Ackroyd   Created By
The Griffin's & Duggan's of Australia

Jack-Ackley   Created By
Jack E. Ackley of Palatka, FL

Jackie-Ackfeld   Created By
Jackie Ackfeld of St.Louis, Mo.

James-Acker-GA   Created By
The Acker Family of Atlanta, GA

James-Ackerman-MI   Created By
The James L. Ackermans from Blaney, MI, Now of Rochester MI

James-F-Acklin   Created By
Jjsmes F Acklin

James-M-Ackert   Created By
The Earl Wilder Ackert Home Page

Jan-A-Ackley   Created By
The Jan Allen Ackley Family Home Page

Jay-P-Ackley   Created By
The Ackley and Frew Families' Web Home

Jean-Ackley   Created By
Jean Bergman's family tree

Jeannie-Acker   Created By
The Jacobe of louisana

Jennifer-Ackerfield   Created By
My Family

Jennifer-Ackersonsmith   Created By
Jennifer Ackerson-Smith

Jennifer-J-Acker   Created By
The Dailey's, NY

Jennifer-L-Ackerman   Created By
( :About My Family :)

Jennifer-Lynn-Ackerman   Created By
"Finding my Family"

Johanna-C-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman/McDermott family of Contra Costa County, Ca.

John-Ackerman-PA   Created By
Ackerman Ancestry in Eastern Pennsylvania

John-E-Ackland   Created By
The John Ackland Family Home Page

John-Edward-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman-Baruch Family Homepage

John-jay-E-Ackerman   Created By
Home Page of John (Jay) Ackerman

Jonathan-Acker-NY   Created By
Jon and Wendy's Genealogy Home Page

Julie-A-Ackerman   Created By
Julie Ackerman's Family Home Page

Kathleen-Ackers   Created By
Family Tree for Kathleen Mercedes Ackers

Kathleen-M-Ackerson   Created By
Ackerson Family

Kathryn-Ackley   Created By
Lloyd Lincoln Sanders Family Tree

Katie-Ackerman   Created By
Family Of Katie Nicole Ackerman

Kelli-Acker   Created By
Myers/Raybrook Family Tree

Kent-Ackroyd   Created By
Researching the Ackroyd's of Yorkshire

Kerry-L-Ackerman   Created By
My family tree

Kevin-Acker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kimberly-A-Ackroyd   Created By
The Smileys of Point Marion. P.A.

Kimberly-Ackman   Created By
The Kasprzak's of Buffalo, NY

Kurt-M-Ackermann   Created By

Larry-Ackley-   Created By
Larry Ackley of Mole Lake, WI

Larry-Acklin   Created By
The Acklin Family

Larry-Joseph-Ackerman   Created By
The Larry Ackerman Family Home Page

Lauren-Acker   Created By
Ackers of Howell (were awesome)

Laurie-H-Ackels   Created By
The Ackels Family - NY to MI to TX

Liberty-Ackers   Created By
The Relations of Liberty Ann Foster Ackers

Linda-J-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman Family - Arriving in The New World

Lloyd-P-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman Family Home Page

Lowell-J-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman Family Home Page

Loyd-Ackerman   Created By

Loyd-L-Ackerman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marcia-J-Ackerman   Created By
Szwaczkowski History of NY

Margaret-F-Ackley   Created By
William Ziehler and William Henry Cromley of Phili and NJ

Marilyn-A-Ackley   Created By
Ackley/Gilwee Family Home Page II

Marilyn-M-Ackerman   Created By
The Joe Ackermans of Saskatchewan,Canada

Mark-Ackerman   Created By

Mark-J-Ackermann   Created By
The Ackermann's of Wheeling, West Virginia

Mark-Joseph-Ackermann   Created By
The Ackermann's

Marsha-D-Ackerman   Created By

Marsha-Denise-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman Family Tree - SouthEast Missouri

Marty-Acks   Created By

Marty-Acks-IL   Created By

Mary-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman's of Bucks County & Limeport Area

Mary-Ackermanlang   Created By
LNM Ancestors

Mary-Ackert   Created By
"The Family of John Homer Wallace of Rockwall, Texas"

Melanie-Ackerman   Created By
The Melanie Ackerman Family Home Page

Michael-H-Ackermann   Created By
Ackermann/Wax Family Home Page

Michael-R-Acker   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-R-Acker-NC   Created By
Acker Family of Crawford County, PA

Nancy-E-Acker   Created By
Nancy Acker Home Page

Nicholas-C-Ackerman   Created By
The Ackermans of Bristol, England

Norman-Ackert   Created By
The Norman D. Ackert (Kivovitch, Trana, Reierson)Tree of MN

Norman-Ackert-AZ   Created By
The Ackert, Trana, Kivovich, Reiersons of Minnesota

Pamela-Ackerson   Created By
Ackerson - Lawrence genealogy

Patricia-S-Ackroyd   Created By
Home Page of patricia ackroyd

Patrick-Acker   Created By
Patrick T. Acker of AL, GA

Paul-Ackerman   Created By
The Julius F. Ackerman Family Tree

Paula-Ackerman   Created By

Peter-Ackerman   Created By

Peter-Ackerman-Bayern   Created By
The Ackerman/Mew Family - London/Isle of Wight

Rachel-B-Acker   Created By
The ackers of all over the place

Rebecca--Ackerman   Created By
The Ackerman/Markwardt/Tejeda/Victoria Home Page

Rebecca-B-Ackerman   Created By
Rebecca Ackerman's family

Rich-Ackerson-NJ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-E-Ackerman   Created By
The Decendents of Ceasar Ackerman

Richard-H-Acker   Created By
Richard H. Acker Family of Copley Ohio

Richard-W-Acker   Created By
Acker Genealogy

Rick-Ackley   Created By
Ackley - Sullenbarger - Nienhuis - Nelson Home Page

Rita-A-Ackley   Created By

Rita-Arleen-Ackley   Created By
william roddem tolliver

Rita-Arleen-Ackley-illnoise   Created By
oriley family

Rita-Arleen-Ackley-mt-vernon   Created By

Robert-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman/Berry/Hunter Family trees(Robert Ackerman-Calif)

Robert-Ackermanjr   Created By
Robert Lynn Ackerman Jr. Canton,Ohio

Robert-D-Ackerley   Created By
The Ackerleys of Eaton

Robert-E-Ackley   Created By
The Ackley Family

Robert-F-Ackerman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-S-Ackerson   Created By
Ackerson Famiy Tree

Robin-E-Ackel   Created By
The John Holmes and Ackel & McTire's of La.

Rodger-L-Ackinclose   Created By
"The Ackinclose Family Home Page."

Roger-Ackerwolfhagen   Created By

Ronald-Ackerman   Created By
Ronald K. Ackerman of Duncanville, TX

Ross-D-Ackley   Created By

Ruby-J-Acker   Created By
Home Page of ruby acker

Ryan-T-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman Family Tree

Sandi-shipley-Ackerman   Created By
sandi shipley ackerman of moberly mo

Sarah-R-Acker   Created By
Sarah Burney Genealogy

Sharon-Ackerman   Created By
Ackerman, Kramer, Pautsky, Wedel Descendants

Sharon-D-Ackerman   Created By

Sharon-Diane-Ackerman   Created By
Home Page of Sharon Ackerman

Stacy-L-Ackerman-PA   Created By
Howe's Tree

Tamara-K-Acker   Created By
Myers/Raybrook/Smith/Shrewsberry Families

Tammy-S-Ackerman   Created By
Tammy Ackerman's Family History

Tammy-Sue-Ackerman   Created By
Tammy Ackerman's Family

Tammy-sue-Ackermanhills   Created By
Tammy Sue Ackerman My Own Home Page

Tara-J-Ackerman   Created By
My Page

Warren-Ackerman-Texas   Created By
Ackerman Family Tree

Wendy-V-Ackley   Created By
Wendy Ackley of Anniston, Alabama

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