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Index of Individuals

<Unnamed> - Adams, Edna Mamie

Adams, Elmo - Arnold, Lowery L.

Arnold, Lucy Estelle - Blake, Tamara

Blank, Ruth Arlene - Braselton, Margaret Elizabeth

Braselton, Mary Elizabeth - Carter, Esther Ruth

Carter, Lizzie - Connors, Annette

Connors, Charles - Couey, Lexie J.

Couey, Lois Montine - Deal, Annis

Deal, Mary - Dysart, Sharlet Adaline

Dysart, William Leandrew Samuel Davis - Estes, Ned

Estlack, Losiana - Flemming, J. W.

Floyd, Sophia - Godwin, Polly

Goings, Dank D. - Guetling, John Joseph

Guetling, Mabel Marietta - Hammondtree, M.

Hammondtree, Miles - Herring, Myrtle

Herrington, Oliver Carl - Hodge, James Daniel

Hodge, John - Huff, Henry Thomas

Huff, Herman Lee - Kasner, Lois Cecile

Kasner, Stephen Edward - Langford, Mary E.

Langford, Mary J. - McCall, Mamie A.

McCall, Nannie Myrtle - McCollum, Samuel H.

McCollum, William Wesley - Miller, Velma

Mills, Laura - Nash, James Noel

Nash, James Noel - Padgett, Dean Graham

Padgett, Elsie - Petree, Mary Ellen

Petree, Mary Perdilla - Pruitt, Fannie Mae

Pruitt, Guy Mylo - Ricks, Phebe

Riddle, Anne Franklin - Saye, Alma

Saye, Alonzo Carter - Saye, Carl Wilson

Saye, Carol Ann - Saye, Edward DeWitt

Saye, Edwin David - Saye, Elmer William

Saye, Elva Lee - Saye, Harold

Saye, Harold - Saye, Jacob Jasper

Saye, Jake - Saye, James


Saye, James William - Saye, Jefferson

Saye, Jerome Allen - Saye, John Eberhart

Saye, John Francis - Saye, Kathleen

Saye, Kathleen - Saye, Mary

Saye, Mary A. - Saye, Oscar Richard

Saye, Ota C. - Saye, Richard Allen

Saye, Richard Aubry - SAYE, RICHARD, JR.


Saye, Rilla - Saye, Rosannah Gage

Saye, Roy Eugene - Saye, Sarah Elizabeth

Saye, Sarah Elizabeth - Saye, William

Saye, William - Saye, William Marion

Saye, William Montgomery - Shaw, Jamie

Shaw, Talulah Dwight - Spears, Angela Lynn-Marie

Spears, Mary - Sweezey, Gary Andrew

Swindle, Patsy Jo - Walker, Willie

Wallace, Blake - White, Beverly Jo

White, Billy Carl - White, Verlon Carl

White, Vernon Walters - Witt, Unknown

Wolard, Martha Ann - Zurweille, Betsy

Page 112 of 167

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