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5. THOMAS2 RICHARDSON (JONATHAN1) was born 1762 in Loudoun, Virginia, and died January 15, 1840 in Warrick, Indiana. He married ELIZABETH PENDLETON CROUCH October 1781 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1766 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1843 in Warren, Indiana.

Notes for T
Thomas Richardson
A Thomas Richardson received a military grant in GA on September 27, 1773.
Family Puzzlers, No. 1167, p. 4-5
Children of T
  i.   THOMAS3 RICHARDSON, b. Georgia; d. Illinois.
  iii.   M RICHARDSON, b. Abt. 1781, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1851, Georgia; m. JESSE COKER; b. North Carolina; d. Warrick, Indiana.
  iv.   LITTLEBERRY RICHARDSON, b. Abt. 1782, Virginia; d. Deceased, Texas.
  v.   MARY RICHARDSON, b. Bef. 1783, Virginia; d. Deceased; m. JOHN FERRELL, December 21, 1804, Pulaski, Kentucky; d. Deceased.
  vi.   JACOB RICHARDSON, b. February 4, 1802; d. Deceased, Indiana; m. MARY MCCOOL; d. Deceased.
  vii.   EDWARD P. RICHARDSON, b. Bef. 1806; d. Deceased; m. ELIZABETH FLEENOR; d. Deceased.

6. AMOS2 RICHARDSON (JONATHAN1) was born September 8, 1764 in Loudoun, Virginia, and died September 15, 1847 in Elbert, Georgia. He married SUSANNAH SMITH Bef. 1799 in Ninety-Six District, South Carolina. She was born in Georgia, and died August 1, 1833 in Elbert, Georgia.

Notes for A
From Billy Stamper:
Monday, June 12, 2000 4:20 PM
Lessa- I believe we have enough evidence to prove that Amos is the son of Jonathan. His pension app places his birth in Loudoun co Va 18 Sept. 1764 and when called into the service was living on the waters of the Holston River. We know his half-brother Joseph was born in Fairfax [laid out 1742] in the part which became Loudoun Co in 1757. The indenture from Fairfax Deed Book A, pg 337-339 [abst. Sam Sparacio]: Indenture first day May 1744 between Wm Fairfax, Esquire of County of Fairfax and Jonathan Richardson of the same north fork of Kittockton &bounded by survey made by Amos Janney.....for natural lives of Jonathan Richardson, his wife Elizabeth Richardson, and his son Joseph Richardson & the longest liver of them.. signed W. Fairfax. Jesse stated that he was born in Loudoun Co Va in 1760 that he never saw any record of his birth and was told by one of his brothers. He also said that his father died when he was very young. Thomas Richardson, b 1762, Loudoun Co Va, served in N C SC and Georga. In his pension papers he said that he was in Wilkes Co Ga after the war and then to Laurence Co SC then Mecklin burg Co near Charlotte town, then back to Elbert Co Ga and believe that Amos was in Elbert Co by that time and to Lincoln Co Ky before moving to Perry Co Ind 1812 and later moved to Warrick Co. It seems that Thomas moved to be near his brothers, Jesse, Joseph and Amos as well as half brother Wm. I could use the indenture of Jonathan's when he bought land for William when he was born. But to save space will not. I hope you can send her that lady's address that has so much on Amos. Bill

Source: Sheila McCullough
Amos Richardson, Rev. Soldier, National Archives File #S-31932. Volunteer, Private, served twice: (1) Sept 1, 1780 to about Nov. 30, 1780, (2) Feb. 4, 1781 to Dec. 15, 1781. In a pension application dated Sept. 19, 1832, at 68 years of age, he stated that at the time of his enlistment he lived on the waters of Holston River, then in N.C., now Tenn., and that after discharge he lived in Bedford Co., Virg., one year, then moved to Union District, S.C. for about five years, then moved to Elbert Co., Georgia, and has lived there since that time. He stated he was born in Louden Co., Virginia, Sept. 18, 1764. No mention is made of a wife or family in the file. He died Jan. 15, 1847, place not stated. In 1926 the John Renson Chapter DAR unveiled a marker over the grave of this Rev. soldier.
Amos was in the King's Mountain Battle under Captain George Russell and Col. Campbell. His home place was known as "Roebuck Place" on Little Cedar Creek on the road leading from (white) Sardis to (colored)

William Richardson
1620 Partridge Court
Round Lake, Illinois 60073
January Wednesday 8th 1992
Sheila McCullough
Rt. 3, Box 3170
Hartwell, GA 30643

Dear Cousin Sheila;
I be hang if I know why I'm banging on this contraption called a typewritter. As I can hardly spell and it takes me so blame long to do it the typing. I've hand written all of this. But I can hardly read my own penmanship.
As is I,ll make a copy of Amos pension & have all on it's way tommorrow. It's so large I'll have to cut it down on all size so it will fit the machine and I wont get some of it at all.
You mention there is so many Amos's in Ga. And there were quite a few in Virginia in that time frame also. I have about 200 sheets of family group sheets on the Richardson's. And I believe they all are interrelated from a one head, who had maybe 4 or 6 sons.. So far our Jonathan Richardson is, at one of them. Plus there were two Jonathan Richardson's in around Bedford Co Virginia about the same time. The other Jonathan Richardson was the son of a Joshau Richardson. Matter of fact he & his father was there before our Jonathan was. When he got there in 1766/67. And he died five yrs later in 1772 in about Dec of 1772 or Jan of 1773. (I'm sending you 3 different Amos Richardson so as to drive you up the wall more so than you are. As they have done to me) I believe Amos & his father Daniel is a descendant of William Richardson of Maryland of 1640-1697...
Your Amos was borned in 1764 in Loudoun Co Va. When his father died in the year of 1772, he was only eight years old. He became 18 yrs old in the year on 1782. I'm trying the figure what did he do in the 10 years before he became eighteen? Did he get out on his own young traveling. He had no money nor did he had any property as he wasn't 21 yrs old yet. But he seemly was in N.C. when he volunteered for the War of 1776.. Records Sheila. Records! And how does one go about getting them By blame. Sheila you have the right Amos and his father was Jonathan Richardson & his mother was Anne Richardson,PERIOD for a sure.
Jonathan Richardson was borned about the year to my thinking, about 1715 in Prince William Co Of Va. Which included some of Pennsylvania and the Co of Augusta Co was the outer limts of Virginia. (Even tho The Virginia Co owned all Lands from the Alantic Ocean to the west to the Mississippi River. Plus all lands from the south border of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.) Now there is a Jonathan Richardson in Prince William Co Va. who is supposed to of owned land there about 1735/1740. But I havn't gotten that far yet.. I'm still in Fairfax for now.
By my records his first child is supposed to of been born in the year of 1742/45. By his wife Elizabeth. This child is the boy Joseph Richardson and later came William & Mary. How many children he & Elizabeth had before them who died young or upon birth I don't know.
Now Elizabeth Died about 1757 or 1758 and Jonathan after a yr,s mouring, his wife Elizabeth. Married a woman named Anne, Last name is unknown at present. They had to of been married in late summer of 1759 say May. As Jesse was B. In the early part of the yr of 1760. Maybe Feb/Mar/May????.
Their second child was Thomas in the year of 1762 and your Amos in the yr of 1764. In the yr of 1766 Jonathan sold his land in Loudoun Co Va and then moved & was residing in area of Snow Creek Va. Snow Creek flows through 3 or 4 co's west to southeast. Mary was born in 1766, Loudoun or what may of been Bedford Co Va. Nancy was b. 1768 and little Ammy in 1770.... And then in October on the 5th day of 1772 yr. Jonathan had someone write his will out for him. And he signed his will with his X. Giving his wife, Anne the excutor of his will & property. Then passed on the Dec?Jan of 1772/1773, his will was later recorded into the records of the Court house of records as being the oldest will in Bedford Co Va. Some of my wills took a whole complete yr to record & probate it.?.
Supposely, to me Amos entered the war of 1776 when he was 18teen yrs old in the yr of 1782 at 18teen yrs old. But don't hold me to it. I have no record of when he died. Whenever in N.C. his 1/2 brother Joseph Richardson may of came to Bedford soon after. He was supposed to of went straight to N.C. But he didn't. Joseph Richardson entered Service in 1776 out of Botetourt Co Va. When he was 33 yrs old. He already had been a farmer, Indians fighter & a Court clerk in Loudoun Co Va. Jesse had volunteered also out of Botetourt Co Va in 1778 also when he was 18 yrs old. Maybe he & his step-Mother worked together on his father estate til what ever.
His one daughter, Nancy married a Anderson Melton. Jonathan's daughter, Mary married Anderson Melton's father, Absolom Melton. Later one of Joseph's daughter's married a man from Bedford Co Va when they settled in N.C. Joseph Richardson of B. 1742/43. And Sarah Compton were M. in 1769 in Loudoun Co Va. And by then Joseph's father was residing in Bedford Co Va by at least a year & a half before his son's marriage in the Co Of Loudoun Va.
Records, have it he went straight to N.C., but he didn't. He came to Bedford Co Va. After his father's death in 1772. Maybe in the yr of 1785, who is to know for now. He settled on his father's land or his own. Seemly he paid taxs upon his land & sold land. Then in about 1795 he picked up his belonging and settled in around Rockingham N.C. He died there in the yrs of 1817 and about 20 yrs later his wife Sarah (Compton) Richardson passed on about 1840.
Some of this in last few paragraphs on Joseph Richardson is my own thinking whereever right or wrong. Kind of hard to fill in the void in the time between records Sheila.

      This is the best I can do SINCERELY for now.
      William Richardson
      Your Cousin

Lessa, I received this email from Bruce Locke this morning. It looks like he
has done a lot of research. I just get more confused every time I uncover
anything new. I thought you might like to take a look at it. Tell me what
you think.
Sara Jean
-----Original Message-----
From: Bruce Locke <>
To: Sara Jean Bennor <>
Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: Richardson's
At 03:53 PM 9/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
My ancestor was Amos Richardson b. 1764 Loudoun Co., Va. d. Jan 15 1847
Elbert Co., Ga. married to Susannah Smith abt. 1799 in S. C. The
information I have from different cousins researching my Amos is that
Jonathan was his father and Anne was his mother. He lived for awhile with
Joseph in N.C. I feel he has relatives in S. C. but have been unable to
prove that yet. Also I feel he moved to Elbert Co., Ga. to be near
another relative, also unable to prove.
If you have any information about Jonathan and his parents I would love to
have it. If you would like my line from Amos I will be happy to send.
Sara Jean

September 30, 1999
Dear Sara:
Sorry to be so long in replying to your E-mail. As I mentioned in my
posting, I found that I was unable to proved a connection to ANY of the
several Amos Richardsons found in the early court records of Virginia. My
primary interest at one time was Amos Richardson, born ca. 1727 or earlier
and died 17685 in Henry County, Virginia, and I traced his family back
through Franklin, Henry, Pittsylvania and Lunenburg counties in Virginia.
Lacking any firm proof of a connection, I finally had to abandon him. My
posting was intended only to share research information, nothing more. I
think I may have unintentionally ruffled some feathers which I regret.

I searched the court records of several Virginia counties for Amos
Richardson Sr. (ca. 1727 - 1785) of Henry County, Virginia and in the
process uncovered several other Richardsons named Amos. I doubt that the
Amos Richardson, born 1764, Loudoun Co., Va. and settled in Elbert County,
Ga. could have been the son of Jonnathan Richardson of Bedford County, Va.
- the evidence does not support such a connection. Some family tree
compilers have seen the name of an Amos Richardson in the Bedford County,
Va. records and simply "adopted" him as their ancestor without finding any
connecting proof.

Jonnathan Richardson died in Bedford County, Va. in 1773.

A Jonnathan Richardson of Bedford County, Va. served in the Bedford County
militia in 1758 (Reference William W. Henning's STATUTES AT LARGE,
VOLUME 7, pages 172 and 205). If the Jonnathan Richardson who served in the Bedford County militia in 1758 is the same Jonnathan Richardson who
purchased land ten years later in Bedford Co. in 1768 and left a will in
Bedford County in 1773, then it is highly unlikely he would have been the
father of the Amos Richardson born in Loudoun Co., Va. in 1764.

The Amos Richardson who married Sunannah Smith and died 1847 in Elbert Co., Ga. made a sworn statement in which he said he was born 8 Sept. 1764 in
Loudoun Co., Va. He is the ONLY Amos Richardson of record who left hard
evidence that he was born in Loudoun County, Va.

No one has found and presented any hard evidence to show that Jonnathan
Richardson of Bedford County was in Loudoun County, Va. in 1764, the year
that the Amos Richardson of Elbert County, Ga. swears he was born. As
pointed out above, there is evidence to show that Jonnathan Richardson of
Bedford County, Va. was NOT in Loudoun Co., Va. in 1764.

There is an Amos Richardson (1762-1853) who married Fannie Farmer and
died in Campbell Co., Tenn., and left a record in which he made oath that he was born in Bedford Co., Va. I suspect he was the son of Jonnathan Richardson who died in Bedford Co., Va. in 1773. To my knowledge, he is the ONLY Amos Richardson of that time period who proves he was born in Bedford County, Va. All of the circumstantial information fits and suggests he was the son of Jonnathan Richardson of Bedford County, Va.

My information on Amos Richardson (1764-1847) of Elbert Co., Ga. is
sketchy and, with the exception of Revolutionary War document, is from
secondary sources or other researchers. I do not have much, but you are
welcome to it. Yes, I would be pleased if you would share the information
that you have complied.

Very best wishes,

>Here is the copy of my notes:
>Amos RICHARDSON of Elbert Co., Georgia.
>B. Sept. 1764, Loudoun Co., Va. D. 15 Jan. 1847, Elbert Co., Ga.
>MD. 1801, Elbert Co., Ga.
>TO: Susanna SMITH. Born ? Died 1833, Elbert Co., Ga.
>i. Malone RICHARDSON. B. ca. 1801, Elbert Co., Ga.
>Married Sallie SELF.
>ii. Clarissa RICHARDSON. B. 13 May 1804, Elbert Co., Ga.
>D. 1 Nov. 1878, Hart Co., Ga. Bur. Sardis Bapt. Church, Hart Co., Ga.
>Md. 11 Jan. 1824, Elbert Co., Ga. TO: Sinclair MC MULLAN.
>iii. James Van RICHARDSON. B. 5 Sept. 1807, Elbert Co., Ga.
>D. 6 Aug. 1884, Hart Co., Ga. Bur. Sardis Bapt. Church, Hart Co., Ga.
>Md. 1st., 1830, Millie BOBO.
>Md. 2nd, 22 Feb. 1833, Elbert Co., Ga. TO: Elizabeth MULLAN.
>iv. Willis RICHARDSON. B. ca. 1812, Elbert Co., Ga.
>D. ca. 1865, Hart Co., Ga. Buried Family Cem., Liberty Hill, Hart Co., Ga.
>Md. 22 Feb. 1833, Elbert Co., Ga. TO: Drucille GAINS.
>v. Annie (Amie?) RICHARDSON. B. ca. 1814, Elbert Co., Ga.
>Md. ca. 1837, to John FARMER.
>No one has offered definitive proof as to the parents of Amos Richardson of
>Elbert County, Georgia. A number of researchers have read the will of John
>Richardson who died in 1745 in Fairfax County, Va. and adopted him as an
>ancestor without supporting evidence. There is also a Jonathan Richardson
>in Bedford County, Va. whose will proven in 1773 mentions a son named Amos
>Richardson. Some researchers claim that Jonathan Richardson of Bedford
>County is the father of Amos, but do not provide citations for their
>However, indirect evidence suggests that Amos of Elbert Co., Ga. may be the
>son of, or at least related to Amos Richardson, the son of John Richardson
>who died in 1745 in Fairfax County, Va.
>Loudoun County was formed from Fairfax County in 1757. In his pension
>application, Amos of Elbert Co., Ga. says he was born 8 Sept. 1764 in
>Loudoun County, Va.
>Another clue is the SKELTON surname. In 1921, Miss Madora Skelton of
>Hartwell, Georgia wrote a letter to her representative in Congress
>concerning the pension application of Amos Richarson of Elbert Co., Ga. In
>1986, Caroline (Nabors) Skelton wrote a book which included a chart on the
>Skelton-Richardson Ancestors which traced the line of descent of Amos
>Richardson of Elbert Co., Ga. Although it is not stated in this book, one
>has the distinct impression that Caroline (Nabors) Skelton is a direct
>descendant of Amos Richarson of Elbert Co., Ga., and may have gotten some
>of her information from word of mouth family traditions.
>1. Amos Richardson is listed in the 1820 and 1830 census records of
>Georgia as living in Elbert County. According to the 1840 Census Of
>Pensioners, Amos Richardson, Age 76, is listed with James Richardson.
>Selected genealogical records from an estimated 80,000. Most dated between
>1800-1900. Part of RG 15, Veterans Administration. Types of pensions: (1)
>Disability (service connected), (2) service pension for veterans who served
>specified periods of time, and (3) widow pensions.
>Amos Richardson, N.C. Service, Application #S.31932.
>May 18, 1921, ltr. to C. H. Brandi, House of Representatives ... the
>enclosed letter of Miss MADORA SKELTON of Hartwell, Georgia . It appears
>from the papers in claim S. 31932, Amos Richardson, born 8 Sept. 1764,
>Loudoun Co., Va. and was living Holston River, N.C. when he enlisted on
>9-1-1780, and served as a private until the end of Nov. 1780, under Capt
>George Russell and Capt. Campbell, and in the battle of King's Mountain.
>He also served from 4 Feb. 1781 to Dec. 15, 1781 . . . He was allowed
>pension on 19 Sept. 1832, while living in Elbert Co., Ga.
>1st item in file: #6760. Amos Richardson of state of Georgia. Paid 43.33
>per annum, 4 March 1833. Certificate of pension from 7 March 1833...
>2nd item. State of Georgia, Elbert Co., 19 Sept. 1832, Amos Richardson a
>resident of this county . . . applies for pension . . . service: Volunteer
>private, 1 Sept. 1780 - Nov. 1780, 3 months, and at that time resided on
>the water of Holston River, then in N.C., now in Tenn. He joined at
>Tolbert's Mill on Dan River in N.C., now in Tenn. ... Served as volunteer
>private soldier 4 Feb. 1781, discharged from this tour 15 Dec. 1781, for
>ten months at David Miller's on the water of Green(?) River, N. C. Says he
>was born in Loudoun Co., Va. on 18 Sept. 1764.
>When called into service lived on water of Holston River, then in N.C. now
>in Tenn. Lived in Bedford County, Va. one year, then moved to Union
>District, S.C. where he lived about 5 years, then moved to Elbert Co., Ga.
>where he has lived ever since. We, Thomas Weaver, Clergyman, residing in
>Elbert Co., and William Dooly believe Amos Richardson to be 68 years old.
>2. Other information on Amos Richardson of Elbert Co., Ga. is from two
>sources. One is the Amos Richardson family group sheet compiled from the
>notes of Shelia McCullough of Hartwell, Ga. The other is from the book by
>Caroline (Nabors) Skelton: Godfrey Ragsdale From England to Henrico, Co.,
>Va. (Franklin Springs, Ga., 1986). A chart appears in this book entitled
>the "Skelton - Richardson Ancestors." It is disappointing to note that no
>supporting data is presented in this publication. These sources give the
>following information on James Van Richardson, son of Amos Richardson and
>Susanna Smith:
>The line of James Van RICHARDSON,
>Fourth child of Amos RICHARDSON and Susanna SMITH.
>B. 5 Sept. 1807, Elbert Co., Ga. D. 6 Aug. 1884, Hart Co., Ga.
>Md. 1st., 1830, Millie BOBO.
>James Van RICHARDSON md. 2nd, 1836, Elbert Co., Ga.
>TO: Elizabeth MULLAN. B. Elbert Co., Ga. D. 1899, Hartwell Co., Ga.
> Issue from marriage to Millie BOBO:
> 1. Sinclair RICHARDSON. Md. Sarah Ann SKELTON.
> 2. Martha RICHARDSON. Md. Amaziah HEATON.
> 3. Milton RICHARDSON.
> Md. (1) Sarah SMITH, (2) Ida DOLLAR, (3) Alberta CRAFT.
> 4. Mahlon RICHARDSON. Md. Hester MC MULLEN.
> 5. George Washington RICHARDSON . . .
> 6. Frances RICHARDSON . . .
> 7. Mary Lavinia RICHARDSON . . .
> 8. Emity RICHARDSON . . .
> 9. Litton RICHARDSON . . .
> 10. Sally Lou RICHARDSON . . .
> 11. Blackstone RICHARDSON . . .


Family Puzzlers, No. 1171, p. 17
Amos Richardson
b. 8-Sep-1764 in Loudoun Co., VA
d. 15-Jan-1847 in Elbert Co., GA
m. Susannah Smith and had:
Mahlon, m. Sallie Self
Clarissa, m. Sinclair McMullan
James Van, m. 1st Milly Bobo, 2nd Elizabeth McMullan
Willis, m. Drucilla Gaines
Amie, m. John Farmer
supplied by
Mrs. Thomas H. Milam, P.O. Box 36, Sandy Springs, SC 29677
Bill Stamper says this is correct.
He also said Amos married in 96 District of S.C., lived there several years then moved to Georgia.

Pension Roll of 1835-fiche
Private Amos Richardson
38th Reg't Inf.
deceased January 12, 1815
Ann Arundel County, Baltimore, Maryland
Heirs: John, William and James Richardson
Placed on roll May 11, 1818
Commencement Feb. 17, 1815
End pension Feb. 17, 1820
Took 5 1/2 years pay in lieu of bounty land

Rhea Co., Tennessee
Amos Richardson
North Carolina Line
Age 72

Family Registry Index
Mary Richeson
b. 1792 VA
d. 1874 OH
sp 1815 OH Mahlon Griffith
fa. William Richardson
mo. Mary McHenry

A letter received 12-Dec-1997 from Rachel Skelton Brown, Elberton, Georgia, a descendant of Amos Richardson. Gives Amos' birthdate September 18, 1764 and death date as January 15, 1847.
Children of A
32. i.   MAHLON3 RICHARDSON, b. May 3, 1800; d. Deceased.
33. ii.   CLARISSA RICHARDSON, b. December 13, 1804, Elbert, Georgia; d. November 1, 1878, Hart, Georgia.
34. iii.   JAMES VAN RICHARDSON, b. September 5, 1807, Elbert, Georgia; d. August 6, 1884, Sardis, Hart, Georgia.
35. iv.   WILLIS RICHARDSON, b. 1812, Elbert, Georgia; d. Bef. 1872, Hart, Georgia.
  v.   AMIE RICHARDSON, b. Abt. 1813, Elbert, Georgia; d. Deceased; m. JOHN FARMER, Abt. 1830, Elbert, Georgia; d. Deceased.
Generation No. 3

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