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A-K-Averill   Created By

Adilson-Avelleda   Created By
Avelleda, Curitiba-PR, Brazil

Al-C-Averitt   Created By
The Averitt's of southeast North Carolina

Alan-C-Avery   Created By
alan c. avery of oregon

Albert-E-Avery   Created By
Martin Van Buren McKim Family Page

Albert-E-Avery-NY   Created By
Avery Family History Page

Alicia-S-Averbeck   Created By
Mazzei - Martin Family Home Page

Amber-K-Avello   Created By
Genealogy for Amber Kathryn Avello

Andrew-Avecilla   Created By
My Vey Own "Avecilla Family" Tree..

Angela-Aversa   Created By
Smith Family Tree Montgomery Co Pennsylvania

Angela-Avery-CA   Created By
The family of Angela Jones (Avery) of Richmond, KY

Ann-S-Avent   Created By
The Avent/ Sullivan Family Home Page

Anthony-M-Avery   Created By
Avery's Family Tree

Arlie-G-Avery   Created By
The Avery's of Maine

Arthur-John-Aveling   Created By
Aveling of Whittlesey, Isle of Ely

Ben-T-Averett   Created By
The Ben Averett Family Home Page

Benita-G-Avery   Created By

Beth-A-Avery   Created By
Avery Family, Westfield, MA

Beverly-Avery-   Created By
Beverly Webb/Kieffers of Tn. and Pa.

Bill-F-Avery   Created By
AVERY Family Members

Bill-F-Avery-AR   Created By
Bill F. Avery Home Page

Bonnie-J-Avery   Created By
The Solomon Avery Family Home Page

Bradley-K-Averch   Created By
Brad Averch of Denver, CO

Brandon-L-Averill   Created By
The Averill's of Orange County, California

Brian-Avery   Created By
Avery, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Brian-C-Avery   Created By
The Brian Avery Family Home Page

Bridget-Avery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bridget-Avery-PA   Created By
Bridget Avery

Bryan-W-Avery   Created By
User Home Page

Carla-Avezzano   Created By
The Jankelowitz/Jaye's Family Tree

Carol-A-Avery   Created By
carol ann gleeson (gleeson)

Carol-Avery-   Created By
Avery's in Texas and Mississippi

Carol-Avery-1   Created By
The Avery/Langford Family

Catherene-R-Avery   Created By
The John K Averys of Front Royal VA

Catherene-R-Avery-VA   Created By
The John K. Avery's sr. of Front Royal, Virginia

Catherene-Rae-bowen-Avery   Created By
the john and catherene bowen avery's of front royal, VA

Cathi-Averill   Created By
Home Page of cathi averill

Cecilia-M-Avers   Created By
The Andrew L. Rouell of OK

Charles-A-Avery   Created By
Avery's of Georgia

Charles-Ave   Created By
AVE The Gemert Connection

Charles-Ave-De-Mortel   Created By
The Ave Indonesian tree

Charles-Averett-Tx   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-Avery   Created By

Charles-w-Avery   Created By
The Groton Avery Clan

Chris-J-Avery   Created By
Genealogy of Chris and Stephanie Avery

Christina-M-Averyhanger   Created By
Esther M.(Lowe) and Ronald D. Avery Families

Christopher-R-Avera   Created By
The Christopher R. Averas of Florida

Cline-Averett-jr   Created By
Averett Genealogy and Related Families

Colin-Avenell   Created By
An Avenell Tree

Cynthia-M-Avery   Created By
the johnston from kempner, tx

Daniel-G-Avery   Created By
Dan Avery's Family Home Page

Daniel-J-Averill   Created By
The Averill's of Michigan

Danny-C-Avery   Created By
The Avery's of Nashville, TN

Dawn-Averitt   Created By
Looking for Sam Nunn of KY maybe Tx, Brenda and Linda NUNN

Ddorothy-K-Avenell   Created By

Debra-S-Avery   Created By

Derrick-Averette   Created By
The Earley Averette Family

Dianne-K-Avery   Created By
"The Dianne Kay Zarodkiewicz of Marlette, Michigan."

Donald-Avery-   Created By
Donald Avery

Donald-B-Avey   Created By
The Donald B. Avey Family Home Page

Donna-Avery   Created By
Amedio/Braud Family Website

Donna-Avery-NY   Created By
Charles H. Avery Family Home Page

Donna-Avery-Pa   Created By
The Edwards/Avery Families

Donna-L-Averill   Created By
Rosefire's Study in Colorado

Donna-L-Averill-CO   Created By
Fry Free For All

Donna-M-Avery   Created By
The Amedio/Spinnato Family Home Page

Donna-M-Avery-Slidell   Created By
The Amedio/Braud Family History

Donna-R-Avena   Created By
The Mears & Wilson Family

Donna-Rae-Avena   Created By
wilson family home page

Dorothy-Averbach-TX   Created By
Alvis Migrations

Earl-D-Averill   Created By
Home Page of Earl Averill

Edna-L-Avery   Created By
The Avery's of Athens,Me.

Efrain-noe-R-Avendao   Created By
Efrain Rios de Tula, Hgo., México

Eileen-A-Averill   Created By
The W. Roger Averill's of Indiana

Eileen-A-Averill-INDIANAPOLIS   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eileen-Averill   Created By
Averill Families of Maine and Indiana

Elizabeth-L-Avery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ellen-S-Aven   Created By
Ellen Lisnek Aven's family tree

Elvie-Avery   Created By
The Smith and Strickland Family Home Page

Elvie-Avery-Ga   Created By
"The Elvie Avery Family Home Page"

Eric-Avebury   Created By
Eric Avebury

Erik-Avegaart   Created By
The Avegaart Family Tree of the Netherlands

Evy-Avery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Faigie--mendel-Averson   Created By
The Averson Family

Fatima-M-Avent   Created By
avent familty treet

Frank-A-Avenoso   Created By
The Frank A. Avenosos of New Jersey

Gail-Avender-BC   Created By
Gail Avender of Cassidy b.c.

Gary-Aveling   Created By
Aveling Family Tree

George-A-Avey   Created By
The Avey Family Tree.

Glen-R-Avery   Created By
Ancestors of Benjamin and Samuel Avery

Grace-M-Avellino   Created By
Lots of Ancestors!!

Grace-Marie-Avellino   Created By
Lots of ancestors!!

Grant-T-Averill   Created By
The Grant T. Averill Family Home Page

Guy-A-Avery   Created By
Guy Arthur Avery of Nashville, Tennessee

Guy-Arthur-Avery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Harvey-L-Avery   Created By
Jasper/Patterson/Nealy Family Tree

Harvey-L-Avery-Tx   Created By
Rose Patterson

Helen-A-Aveling   Created By
UK Aveling & South African Muhl family tree

J-C-Avery   Created By
Home Page of J Avery

J-R-Avey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

J-carson-Avent-jr-SC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jacqueline-Avery   Created By
Jacqueline Avery Fairbairn

James-A-Avery   Created By
Jim Avery of Port Orchard Wa

James-Alan-Avery   Created By
Justine Avery's Family Tree

James-Alan-Avery-WA   Created By
James A. Avery of Port Orchard WA

James-D-Avey--ii   Created By
Home Page of james avey II

James-K-Avera-jr   Created By
The James Avera Home Page

James-K-Avery   Created By
"The James K Avery Family Home Page."

James-S-Aven   Created By
James Stephen Aven - Potomac Falls, VA

Jannette-C-Avelar   Created By
The Avelar-Holder Family Tree

Jean-Avenson   Created By
Merle Avenson Jean Christopherson Avenson of Nevis, MN

Jean-Averett   Created By
The Jean Sherburne Averett Home Page

Jeanette-Avery   Created By
Loos-Avery Family Trees

Jerry-L-Avers   Created By
Jerry Avers York/Lancaster, PA

Jessica-A-Avery   Created By
The Avery's

Jill-Avery   Created By
The Purdin & Avery families of Southwark,London,England

Jimmie-L-Avedisian   Created By
The Dean Family of GeorgiaI have just

Joan-Avey   Created By
Avey/Grekul Home Page

Joan-R-Avey   Created By
Avey/Grekul Research Genealogy

Joan-R-Avey-Edwardsville   Created By
Hodder/Martin of Lewisporte, NF

Joan-R-Avey-KS   Created By
Joan & Marian Martin/Hodder family search

John--D-Avery   Created By

John-B-Avery-jr   Created By
The John Buell Avery, Jr. Family Home Page

John-C-Averitt   Created By
Pedigree of John Conrad Averitt, Jr.

John-C-Avery   Created By
John C. Avery of Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

John-G-Avery   Created By
John Glenn Avery's Family Tree

John-M-Avers   Created By
The John M. Avers Family Home Page

John-O-Averette   Created By
The John O. Averettes of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

John-R-Avent-jr   Created By
The Avent Family of Texas

Jolene-Avenant   Created By
jolene avenant of koffiefontein

Jolie-R-Avenia   Created By
The Avenias

Joseph-Avery   Created By
Avery's of Alexandria, LA

Joseph-Aveton   Created By
Aveton Avettant Quartana Planas

Joyce-K-Avery   Created By
The Oders of Oklahoma

Joyce-K-Avery-ok   Created By
the Oder/Avery family tree

Joyce-mcinnis-Avery-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judith-P-Aveilhe   Created By
The Aveilhe/Kirtland Family Home Page

Judy-Averett   Created By
My Family

Judy-M-Avellino   Created By
The Aubrey Austin Tyner Home Page

Julia-Avery   Created By
Julia's page

Julian-C-Avery-jr   Created By
"The William Avery I and Tobias Rose Families Home Page"

Julie-C-Avedikian   Created By
Wells, Lupton, Avedikian, Trexler and other families

Karen-M-Avery   Created By

Ken-Avery   Created By
Avery Family of North Texas

Kevin-L-Averett   Created By
The Averett Family Of Georgia

Kimberly-Avery   Created By
The Kennedy-Avery Family Tree

Kjell-Avendal   Created By
Rosland in Sokndal, Norway - My family links

Kurt-Avery   Created By
Kurt R. Avery of Las Vegas, Nevada

Kurt-Avery-Nevada   Created By
Kurt Avery Family Tree

Linda-Avedisian   Created By
The Simonsen/Christensen/Eskelsen Family Home Page

Lisa--A-Avery   Created By
Home Page of LIsa Avery

Lizette-R-Avellana   Created By
Home Page of Lizette Avellana

Louis-C-Avery   Created By
The Avery's of North Carolina

Lynn-Avery-   Created By
Burton and Barbara Avery Geneology

Mack-E-Avery   Created By
Mack Avery's Family

Maggie-E-Avery   Created By
Family Tree: Erice y Massot of Cuba

Maggie-Erice-Avery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mark-C-Avey   Created By
United Kingdom Avey's

Mark-W-Avery   Created By
Avery, Oconnell, Hock

Martine-S-Avello   Created By

Matthew-D-Avery   Created By
Avery/Mainville/ Coutier Family Tree

Matthew-D-Avery-MA   Created By
Avery/Mainville/ Coutier Family Tree

Maureen-R-Avery   Created By
Maureen B Family Home Page

Melissa-Avery   Created By
Mowery/Westgate of Massachusetts

Michael-Avey   Created By
The Michael Avey of Manchester,Tn

Michael-D-Avery   Created By
Home Page of Michael Avery

Michael-T-Avery   Created By
Michael Travis Avery

Michele-R-Avery   Created By
Home Page of Michele Avery

Mike-Avery   Created By
Michael Travis Avery, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Nancy-Averill   Created By
"The Cloyd Averills of New Hampshire"

Patricia-A-Avery   Created By
The Elijah Mozingos of Greenville,NC

Patricia-E-Avery   Created By
William Taylor-Arrived in Georgia from Scotland about 1790

Patricia-E-Avery-CA   Created By
R. B. Taylor/Lillie Parker Ancestors and Descendents--LA.

Paul-A-Aveyard   Created By
Aveyard UK Baldock

Paul-Aveyard   Created By
paul aveyard

Pauline-A-Avery   Created By
Amers of Chiswick, West London

Penny-Avery   Created By
penny avery fl

Phyllis-T-Aves   Created By
Aves, Hughes, and Taylor families

Ralph-E-Avery   Created By
The Stephen Ravas Family of Binghamton, NY

Ralph-M-Avery   Created By
My Home Page

Ralph-M-Avery-Texas   Created By
Ralph Avery Geneology Wide

Regina-R-Avery   Created By

Rhonda-Aveni   Created By
Redding Family Home Page

Richard-A-Averett   Created By
Descendents of Christopher Averett of Virginia

Robert-Barclay-Averell   Created By
Home Page of Robert Averell

Robert-E-Avery   Created By
The Robert Avery family Home Page

Robert-G-Averill   Created By
Gerri Hayes and Bob Averill of NJ

Roberta-Avery   Created By

Roberta-H-Avelar   Created By
The Roberta H. (Filipkowski) Avelar Family Home Page

Roberto-J-Avelar   Created By
The Avelars of El Paso, Texas.

Ronda-J-Avent   Created By
Home Page of Ronda Avent

Rosemary-L-Averill   Created By
Averill, Lang, Piranio, Lima and such.....

Russell-G-Avery   Created By

Shannon-N-Averbach   Created By
The David Gorski Family Home Page

Shevorne-A-Avery   Created By
Home Page of shevorne avery

Shirley-A-Avey   Created By

Shirley-A-Avey-Rivesville   Created By

Shirley-A-Avey-WV   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Shirley-Avey   Created By
the Avey's -Shears of WV

Shirley-Avey-WV   Created By

Shirley-S-Avey   Created By

Shirley-Shears-Avey-WV   Created By

Stephen-J-Avery   Created By
Averys, Colliers and Walkers of Gloucestershire

Steve-J-Aveline   Created By
The Aveline's in Buckinghamshire and surrounding Counties

Susan-P-Avery   Created By
Home Page of Susan Avery

Sylvia-J-Avery   Created By
Sylvia Jones Avery of Jackson, Tn.

Tauyna-A-Avery   Created By
taw of texas

Thelma-Avelar   Created By

Thelma-R-Avelar   Created By
Home Page of Thelma Avelar

Thelma-Rwgina-Avelar   Created By
cividanes e lino

Tina-Avery-GA   Created By
The Avery Family

Tony-Avers   Created By
The Avers Family Of London Great Britain

Vicky-Avery   Created By
Bailey, Dowdy, Chesser and Burch

Victor-M-Avendano   Created By
VAvendano Family Tree

Walter-D-Avery   Created By

Wendell-Avery-TN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wesley-D-Averhart   Created By
Wesley D. Averhart of Chicago, IL

William-Avery-MI   Created By
Avery and Abend and Supnick Family of Michigan

William-E-Avery   Created By
Avery/Keeney Family of Upstate New York

William-J-Avery-OK   Created By
The Avera/Avery Families from VA, NC, AL & Putnam Co, GA

William-P-Avent   Created By
William Philip Avent of London England

Willie-R-Averette   Created By
The first 300 years of Averette or Averitt,s in America

Wynne-R-Averill   Created By
Averill's of Maine & Indiana

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