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32d64500-Bad38a568e220662   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Aaron-Badger   Created By

Ahmad--Badaruddin   Created By
The Ahmad Badaruddin bin Abdullah Sani Home Page

Alan-H-Bader   Created By
The Alan Bader Home Page

Alex-Badura   Created By
Family tree of Alex Badura

Ali-N-Badruddin   Created By
Muscati Family

Andreas-Bader   Created By
ANDREAS BADER of Gau- Bickelheim, Germany

Angela-Badaracco   Created By
Badaracco Family

Angelina-Badovinatz   Created By

Annette-A-Bader   Created By
Annette Bader of Cleveland Ohio

Arlyn-Badolatocole   Created By
Limbadan-Badolato PH

Balbindar-S-Badial   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-Bader   Created By
The Walter C. Schrader or Loretta Otten Families of Missouri

Beatrix-Badners   Created By
where we are coming from ?

Bessie-C-Badgley   Created By

Bessie-Crews-Badgley   Created By

Betty-Badders   Created By
betty lou [taylor]badders of missouri

Betty-Badderstaylor   Created By
the Badders family of Missouri;Taylor branch

Beverly-Badgett--martiniano   Created By
James Badgett Geneology

Blaise-Badynee   Created By
Blaise's Family

Bobbie-G-Badger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bobbie-G-Badger-MIDLAND   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brenda-G-Badger   Created By
Brenda Viens Badger Home Page

Brian-Badolato   Created By
Brian Badolato's Family Tree

Brooke-A-Bader   Created By

Carol-A-Badtke   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Caroline-Badzek   Created By
Badzek Family Tree

Catherine-R-Badgett-MD   Created By

Celia-Badcock   Created By
The Badcocks of Manchester, UK

Charro-J-Badger   Created By
Badger,Kapahua,Bell,Moore Families

Charro-James-Badger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Chloe-R-Badayos   Created By
The Badayos of oahu

Chris-Badger   Created By
The Bakers of New Castle, PA

Chris-R-Badger-NY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Christina-F-Badmus   Created By
Christina Pinder-Badmus The Pinder's of Abaco,Bahamas

Christopher-S-Badjar   Created By

Clint-Badberg   Created By
Clint L. Badberg of Nebraska City, NE

Clint-Badberg-   Created By
The Badberg Family originating in Southeast Nebraska

Cynthia-C-Badger   Created By

Dahlia-E-Badillobrown   Created By
The Badillo Family Tree

Dai-Badger   Created By
The Bartons Of Cwmaman

Darren-J-Badder   Created By
The Badders of England

David-A-Bade   Created By
Bade Family Home Page

David-Bader-   Created By
The Bader Genealogy Home Page

David-Badminton   Created By
The Badmintons Bristol UK

David-W-Bad   Created By
The Bard Family of Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

Debbie-Badley   Created By
The Badley's of Guyana

Deneen-A-Badillo   Created By
The Badillos from PR to NY

Denice-Badgett   Created By

Denice-M-Badgett   Created By

Denice-Michelle-Badgett   Created By

Denice-Michelle-Badgett-MA   Created By
The Jones Family Legacy

Diane-Badger   Created By
Diane L. Badger

Donald-A-Baddeley   Created By
Baddeley Genealogy Home Page

Donald-Bader   Created By
Charlotte's Web The Family & Friends Reunion Page

Donald-J-Badger-jr   Created By

Donald-James-Badger   Created By
Badger Family

Donald-M-Bader   Created By

Donna-Bade   Created By
Browns/Woodmansees of Missouri Home Page

Dorothy-C-Badon   Created By
The Badon Family Tree

Earl-Badour   Created By
The Earl W. Badours of Clare, MI

Edward-Bader-Ontario   Created By
Bader-Burkard Family Tree

Edward-Badger   Created By
The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire

Elizabeth-A-Badoud   Created By
The Badouds of PA and Switzerland

Elizabeth-Badgercampbell   Created By
Too many too mention

Elizabeth-Badgercampbell-MI   Created By
The Long family of Detroit, MI

Elizabeth-Badillo   Created By
Descended from Aniceto Badillo & Francisca Coronado Badillo

Elizabeth-Badoud   Created By
Badoud, Dellert & White Families of PA

Elizabeth-Badoud-PA   Created By
Badoud/White/Dellert of PA Family Origins

Elizabeth-Campbell-Inkster   Created By
Edward Campbell

Elizabeth-L-Badamo   Created By
Home Page of Elizabeth Badamo

Emma-Badali   Created By
Emma Welter Badali family history

Ernest-L-Badgett   Created By
Ernest L. Badgett's, originally of Dallas,Texas

Faith-Badilla   Created By
birdies family tree,

Frances-C-Badame   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frances-C-Badame-NY   Created By
"The Longobardos of New York City,N.Y."

Francis-W-Badnell   Created By
The Badenell, Badnell, Badenelle Family Home Page

Frank-Badzek   Created By

Ganesh-A-Badri-bhadri   Created By
Bhadris of Haliyal

Gavin-William-Badland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Graham-N-Badke   Created By
The Badke Family of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Heather-B-Badder   Created By
The Badder Family Home Page

Holly-A-Bader   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Hurley-E-Badders   Created By
The Elmer Badders Family Home Page

James-A-Badrian   Created By
" The Felix Badrians of NY."

James-D-Badgwell   Created By
The James D Badgwell of Mansfield, TX page.

James-R-Badali   Created By
The Badali Family Tree

Jason-Badger   Created By
"The BADGER's of Burnie, Tasmania, Australia"

Jeanette-M-Badger   Created By
Jeanett Marie Badger

Jennifer-Badger   Created By
An American Story

Jerry-A-Badger   Created By
The Jerry A. Badger Family Home Page

Jerry-Badger   Created By
The Badger's of Danville, VT and Wilbraham, MA

Jo-M-Badger   Created By

Joann-Badstibner-FL   Created By

John-D-Badders   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-F-Badcock   Created By
The Badcock and Maidment families (Dorset & Devon - England)

John-H-Badgley   Created By
George Badgley of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

Joseph-J-Badgeley   Created By
Joseph J. Badgeley "Great Grandson Of Henry Tilden Badgley"

Josephine-Badgley   Created By
The Badgley Famly

Joshua--D-Badders   Created By
Joshua Badders' Family Home Page

Judy-J-Badon   Created By

Kaitlin-Badolato   Created By
Looking for any info about the Badolato's!!!

Karen-Badros   Created By
The Karen K. Badros Family

Kelley-K-Badgerow   Created By
The > Whitman>Morningstar>Elwood>Descedents of MI.

Kelly-Badowski-maiden-stokes-mrs   Created By
The Badowski/Stokes Page

Kristie-ann-Badley-johnson   Created By
Kristie Ann Badley Johnson of Little Rock

Larry-W-Badgett   Created By
Badgett Family

Laurence-C-Badagliacca   Created By
The Laurence Badagliacca Home Page

Leocadie-Bader   Created By
Bader Family Tree

Leonard-C-Badour   Created By
Istorique Bedard Family - Featuring Abraham Badour 1790-1885

Lori--C-Badgett   Created By
User Home Page

Madonna-Badger   Created By

Maibrit-Baden   Created By
Slgterne Baden og Schltter

Malcolm-J-Badgery   Created By
The Indooroopilly Badgerys

Marek-Badyga   Created By
Badygowie i Jerominek

Margot-L-Badenhausen-NJ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mariano-J-Badillo   Created By
Mariano Badillo of Florida

Mary-Badalamenti   Created By

Mary-Badalamenti-MI   Created By

Mary-J-Bader-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

May-sheila-R-Badon   Created By
Badon M.S

Melissa-A-Badia   Created By
The Badia/Travis Family of New York

Michael-W-Badger   Created By
The Mike Badger Family Home Page

Michele-L-Badanek   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Missy-Badila   Created By
badilas of ohio

Missy-Badila-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Missy-Badila-2   Created By
the badilas

Missy-Badila-OH   Created By
the badilas

Missy-Badila-ohio   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mistyann-Badershall   Created By
"The Badershalls of Augusta, Me."

Mohamed-H-Badreddin   Created By
- -

Mohamed-Hassan-Badreddin   Created By

Nigel-J-Badley   Created By
The Badleys

Nili-Badanowski   Created By
The Search for The Badanowski Lineage

Norma-Badger-Cambridge   Created By
The family and ancestors of Norma Irene Harris

Norma-Badger-Ontario   Created By
Harris, family of Ontario

Norma-I-Badger   Created By
Family of Clinton Henry Yerkes in Canada and the U.S.

Oscar-Badilla-FL   Created By
Familias Badilla y Apuy de Costa Rica

Owd-Badger   Created By

Paul-Bader-Connecticut   Created By
Bader, Campion, Keeler and Cornwall families

Paul-L-Bader   Created By
The Bader-Keeler Family

Phil-E-Badillo   Created By
The Phillip E. Badillo Family Home Page

Raad-S-Bader   Created By
User Home Page

Ram-narayanan-Badrinathan   Created By
The Badrinathan's of Chennai but everywhere!!

Rami-Bader   Created By
Rami Bader of Tel-Aviv/Edmonton

Richard-Badger-   Created By
Badgers/Leonhardts/Glassers of Pa.

Robert-Badley   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-J-Badar-sr   Created By
Badar Ancestry (a continuing work)

Robin-C-Badley   Created By
Badley & Rice Home Page

Roger-A-Baddgor   Created By
The Roger A. Baddgor's of Battle Ground, WA.

Roger-Baddgor-Wa   Created By
The Roger A. Baddgor Family

Ronald-G-Badkin   Created By
Badkin Family UK

Rose-A-Badasch   Created By
My Perry County, Missouri Lines & Surrounding Areas

Sandra-Badenhoop   Created By
The Tennents and Jacksons From Scotland

Sarah-Badel   Created By
The William and Bertha Carlson Dutcher Family

Sean-Baddiley   Created By
Baddiley's of England ,

Shamji-Badhiwala   Created By
Badhiwala Family

Shamji-P-Badhiwala-1   Created By
Badhiwala Family

Shamji-P-Badhiwala-TX   Created By
Badhiwala Family

Shamji-P-Badhiwala-tx   Created By
Badhiwala Family

Sheryl-Badger   Created By
Sheryl Miller Family History

Stephen-Baddams   Created By
baddams black country

Stephen-Badessa   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Stephen-F-Badylak   Created By
The Badylak Geneology

Stephen-N-Badcock   Created By
Neale Badcocks of Devon and London

Steve-Badby   Created By
Welcome To The Badby Family Tree

Steve-C-Bader   Created By
The Clement, Hill, Clark,Johnson, Candler Home Page

Steven-M-Badgley   Created By
Home Page of Steven Badgley

Susan-Baddeley   Created By
The Baddeley Tree

Susan-C-Baddeley   Created By
Baddeley Family Tree

Tammie-Badua   Created By
Randy Lee and Tammie Badua

Tammy-kay-Badgett   Created By
Badgett's Family Tree

Ted-Badillo   Created By
teodolfo sanchez badillo of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Teresa-M-Badeauxhigginbotham   Created By
The family of Theobald Austin Badeaux of Orange, Texas

Terrence-C-Bader   Created By
My Creators

Terry-Badgley   Created By
Mitchell/Littles of Illinois

Terry-E-Badge   Created By
The Terry E. Badges of Oscoda, Michigan

Thomas-Badoud   Created By
The Badoud's

Victoria-Badua   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Virginia-M-Badglay   Created By

Vito-W-Badia   Created By
Home Page of Vito Badia

Vivian-M-Badillo   Created By
The Nievez Badillo Family Home Page

Walter-C-Badge   Created By
BADGE One-Name Society Regd. # 3419

William--A-Badaracca-iii   Created By
Home Page of William Badaracca, III

William-A-Badali   Created By
"Baron Onofrio Badali of Termini Imeresi, Sicily, Italy. "

William-G-Badgett   Created By
The William Badgett Family Home Page

William-R-Baden   Created By
Home Page of william baden

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