Becky Schultz:

Torie Bowers:


Index of Heads of Family (Barber); family number:
Augustus, 1758; 1
Augustus S, 180?; 4
Benjamin Smith, 1800; 3
Benjamin Smith, 1861; 8
Europe Mahlon, 1852; 7
Henry C, 1831; 6
John, 1798; 2
John Wesley, 1828; 5

Spouses; Family number:
Bridwell, Melissa; 7
Langford, Clarissa; 4
Murray, Susannah; 2
Norris, Jane; 5
Rutherford, Eleanor; 6
Smith, Elizabeth; 1

Stevens,Rosana L; 3




1. AUGUSTUS ALLEN1 BARBER, b NY 1758; m Elizabeth Smith; res Whitby, ON, and York, Sandusky Co OH, and Plymouth, Wayne Co IN.              [Ref: Godfrey Mem. Lib: "PA Genealogies"; Rev. Pension File; Lt: Becky Schultz; Lt: Torie Bowers]

 2             JOHN2, 1798; m Susannah Murray

 3                BENJAMIN SMITH2, b ON 1800; m Rosana Louisa Stevens.

                SILAS, 1804

 4                AUGUSTUS S2, 1804/5; m/1 Sarah ---; m/2 1845 Clarissa Langford.

                LOUISA2 , 1808; m William Limon.

                HENRY2, 1812

                SARAH2, b after 1812 ; m Michael Coffin.





2. JOHN2 BARBER, 1798; m Susannah Murray (she m/1 William Cazier); res Ashland Co and Sandusky OH, and DeKalb Co IN.                 [Ref: GML:"PA Genealogies"; IGI:IN; 1850 CS: Stafford, DeKalb Co; 1860 CS: DeKalb Co]       

                ALICE ANN3, 1825; m Jonas H Roe      

                LEVISA3, 1826; m William Webster

5             JOHN WESLEY3, 1828; m Mary Jane Norris                      

JULIA3, 1830; m Norman Smith

LEVINA MURRAY3, 1835; d yg.      

SARAH ELLEN3, 1838; res Ft Wayne IN


3. BENJAMIN SMITH2 BARBER, b Eastern Can.1800; m Rosana Louisa Stevens; res York, Sandusky Co OH; Moultrie Co IL; Story Co IA.      [Lt: Becky Schultz; Lt: Torie Bowers]

 6             HENRY C3, 1830; m Eleanor Rutherford.

                HANNAH3, 1834; m Fred Casner; res Wyandotte Co OH, Story Co IA, and DesMoines.

                SUSAN3, b OH 1836; m George W Sebastian; r IA, IL, OH.

                ELIZABETH B3, 1838; m Robert Humphrey Robison; r IA, KS.

                GILBERT3, 1840; m Rhoda Bates; no ch; r IA, OK.

                CATHERINE3, 1844; m Rev. Joseph O Elwell, Jr. ; r. Afton, Union Co IA; IL.

                LORENZO3, 1844/5; ?d young.

                MARY3, 1846/7; ?d young.


4. AUGUSTUS2 BARBER, 1804/5; m/1 Sarah ---; m/2 1845 Clarissa C Langford. r. PA, then OH, then East Nelson, Moultrie Co IL.

[Lt: Becky Schultz; 1850 CS: Moultrie Co]

                First wife:


                LOUISA3, 1831/2

                Second wife:

                AUGUSTUS ALLEN3, 1846

                CELESTIA SAMIRA3, 1848; m James Smith.

                RACHEL C3, 1849; m --- Cline.

 7             EUROPE MAHLON3, 1852; m Melissa Bridwell.

                GEORGIA ANN3, 1856; m William Kepler.

                CHARLES TRUMAN3, 1861-1879

                SOLOMON STORY3, 1863; m/1 Rebecca ---; m/2 Elsie ---.





5. JOHN WESLEY3 BARBER, 1828; m Jane Norris; res Stafford, DeKalb Co IN     [Ref: GML:"PA Genealogies"; IGI:IN; 1850 CS: Stafford; 1860 CS: DeKalb Co]

                ALICE ANN4, 1848; m James Gaby; res Noble Co IN      

                LEVISA ANN4, 1848; m William Henry Wickard; res Noble Co                   

                JEREMIAH AUGUSTUS4, 1851

                      CATHARINE4, 1854      

                SUSANNAH4, 1856

                EDWIN EUGENE4, 1859      

                GEORGE ELLSWORTH4, 1861

                JOHN CHARLES4, 1863


6. HENRY C3 BARBER, 1830; m Eleanor Rutherford; r Allenville, Moultrie Co IL.   [Lt: Torie Bowers]

 8                BENJAMIN SMITH4, 1861; m ?

                PAULINA4, 1864; m James B Coughenour.


7. EUROPE MAHLON3 BARBER, 1852; m Melissa Bridwell.  r East Nelson and Yates Center, Moultrie Co IL.

[Lt: Becky Schultz]

                LILLIAN STELLA4, 1877; m Tipton Palo England.

                ARTHUR ALLEN4, 1879

                CHARLES FREDERICK4, 1880; m Mary Worley.

                LENA MAY4, 1883; m Richard Anderson Reid.

                CARRIE EFFIE4, 1884; m Charles Hyatt.

                MELVINA IRENE4, 1889; m Henry Boyda Burtcheard.

                CLARISSA FERN4, 1892; m William Kenneth Briscoe.

                JOHN ELMER4, 1895; m Gladys Opal Coffey.





8. BENJAMIN SMITH4 BARBER, 1861; m ?     [Lt: Torie Bowers]

                KATIE5, b IA 1885

                JAMES5, b NE 1887

                CHACEY5, b NE 1889

                JOHN5, b NE 1891

                LUCY5, b NE 1893

                WALTER5, b KS 1895

                RUTH5, b KS 1898