Bell = "Barbour Kinsmen"

Cooley = "Cooley, Barbour, Bolton, etc., Genealogies: 1954 by Cooley

LDB = "Virginia Families", 1907: by Louise de Bellet

Barbara Wills:


Heads of Family; Birth year; Family number:

Alfred M, 183?; 17

Ambrose; 1737; 5

Benjamin Johnson; 1821; 11

Dangerfield, 1837; 22

Edmund Pendleton; 1805; 12

Francis Snowden, 1843; 18

Gabriel Henry; 1801; 8

George Taylor, 188?; 25

James; 1680; 1

James; 1707; 2

James; 1734; 3

James; 1775; 11

James; 1761; 13

James, 182?; 22

James F; 1820; 21

James F, 185?; 25

James Mordecai; 1809; 10

John Strode; 1790; 17

John Strode, 182?; 23

Mordecai; 1754; 7

Philip; 1739; 6

Philip E; 1790; 10

Philip Pendleton; 1783; 12

Philip Pendleton; 1790; 16

Quintus; 1812; 12

Richard; 1759; 9

Richard Nathaniel; 1810; 18

Richard Thomas; 1760; 5

Richard Willis; 1797; 19

Thomas; 1735; 4

Thomas; 1810; 20

Thomas McDonough;, 1830; 24

Thomas Throckmorton; 175?; 8

Thomas Throckmorton; 1790; 8

William; 1770; 5

William Todd; 1791; 8


Spouses; Family number:

Atkins, Caroline; 24

Baylor, Lucy; 8

Beckham, Fanny T; 22

Bibb, Mrs.; 8

Bowles, Mary Edmonia; 18

Byrne, Ella; 7

Byrne, Ella A; 17

Cleland, Annie S; 18

Dangerfield, Susan; 23

Daniels, Katie; 17

Foster, Elizabeth G; 21

Green, Letitia; 13

Haskell, Ella; 7

Hopkins, Elizabeth Branch; 10

Johnson, Frances Todd; 12

Johnson, Lucy; 11

Lee, Drusilla; 19

McCown, Bettie; 18

Moore, Mary (Polly); 9

Perry, Elizabeth; 16

Pickett, Abbie Gray; 25

Scott; Lydia Ann; 10

Somerville, Mary Eleanor; 12

Strode, Elizabeth; 7

Strother, Sarah Catherine; 20

Stuart, Harriet; 12

Taliaferro, ---; 1

Taylor, Ann Berry Gibson; 8

Taylor, Elizabeth; 25

Taylor, Jane; 8

Taylor, Lucinda; 10

Taylor, Mary Berry; 8

Taylor, Mildred; 5

Thomas; Catherine; 5

Thomas, Mary Pendleton; 4

Throckmorton; Frances; 3

Todd, Elizabeth; 2

Todd, Sarah; 2

Walker, Jane; 5

Watson, Caroline H; 11




1. JAMES1 BARBOUR, b c 1680; came from Scotland before 1700; m Miss Taliaferro; res St Mark's Parish, later called St Thomas's, in Orange CO VA; came to America 1731. ?Was James a son of William who also came to VA; supposed to have had 4 sons. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; Hist. of Culpeper Co]

2 JAMES2, b 1707; m/1 Elizabeth Todd; m/2 Sarah Todd.




2. JAMES2 BARBOUR, b 1707; m/1 Elizabeth Todd; m/2 Sarah Todd; res Culpeper VA. was presiding justice of Culpeper Court, 1764. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; Virkus:Magazine of Am. Genealogy; Lt: B Wills]

First wife:

RICHARD3, ; unm

Second wife:

3 JAMES3, 1734; m Frances Throckmorton

4 THOMAS3, 1735; m Mary Pendleton Thomas

5 AMBROSE3, 1737; m Catherine Thomas


6 PHILIP3, 1739; m --

MARY3 (Sally), 1741; m Col. John Harrison

FANNY3, ; m -- Smith

BETTY3, 1743; m Benjamin Johnson

DAUGHTER3, ; m James Boyle





3. JAMES3 BARBOUR, 1734; m Frances Throckmorton; RevW; res VA. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; DAR Lineage; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Geneal.]

7 MORDECAI4, 1754; m Elizabeth Strode

JAMES4, 1756; unm


9 RICHARD4, 1759; m Mary Moore

GABRIEL4, 1760; m Mary ---

10 PHILIP E4, 1761; m/1 Lucy Taylor; m/2 Elizabeth Branch Hopkins

FRANCES4, 1762; m John Moore

LUCY TODD REED4 (Lisa), 1763; m John George Wythe Baylor

MARY4, 1765; m David Walker

SARAH4, 1770; m James Harrison


4. THOMAS3 BARBOUR, 1735; m Mary Pendleton Thomas (Also seen as Isabella Thomas Pendleton); House of Burgess; res Barboursville, Orange CO VA. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; GML:"Historic Fam. of KY"; DAR Lineage; IGI:VA; Virkus:Mag of Am Geneal.] RICHARD4, ; d unm

11 JAMES4, 1775; m Lucy Johnson

THOMAS4, 1778; d unm

NELLY4, 1780; m Col Frank Martin Nalle of Culpeper.

LUCY T4, 1781; m Thomas Newman

SALLY4, 1783; m Gabriel Gray

12 PHILIP PENDLETON4, 1785; m Frances Todd Johnson

MARY T4 (POLLY), 1785; m Rev Daniel Bryan


5. AMBROSE3 BARBOUR, 1737; m Catherine Thomas; res Danville and Lincoln KY (near Mercer Co).[Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; GML:Historic Fam. of KY; IGI:KY,VA; Virkus:Mag. of Am Geneal.]

13 JAMES4, 1761; m Letitia Green

RICHARD THOMAS4, ; m Mildred Taylor. [Ref:Bell]




JAMES5, ; m Elizabeth Pendleton

MILDRED5, ; m John Piper

PHILIP4, 1761-94; unm; d in Richmond VA.

ELIZABETH LUCINDA4, 1764; m Benjamin Hardin

LUCY4, 1765; m -- Davis; went South.

WILLIAM4, ; m Jane E Walker; r KY. [Ref:Bell; Robert Fletcher:]

ELMIRA5, c 1811

RICHARD5, c 1813

FRANCES ANN5, c 1815

BURNETTE5, 1827-53; m Dr William Augustus Hickman

MARY4, ; m -- Letcher (?m David Walker

?ROBERT4, ; m 1798 Elizabeth Daugherty

?ELIJAH4, ; m 1787 Hannah Bell


6. PHILIP3 BARBOUR, 1739; m

16 ?PHILIP PENDLETON4, c 1790; m Elizabeth Perry





7. MORDECAI4 BARBOUR, 1754; m/1 Elizabeth Strode; m/2 Ella (Haskell) Byrne; res Culpeper VA. Rev. Soldier.

[Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; IGI:VA; Virkus:Mag. of Am Geneal.]

MORDECAI5, 1789; unm

17 JOHN STRODE5, 1790; m Ella A Byrne

FRANCES THROCKMORTON5, 1795; m Judge Henry Miner; res Tuscaloosa AL

ANNA REED5, b Tyler Co KY 1793; m Dr Thomas Nathaniel Gist; res Clark Co KY [Johnnie W

Brown at WorldConnect:]

MARIA5, 1799; m/1 Col -- Tillinghast; m/2 Col. J B Hogan; res SC


8. DR. THOMAS THROCKMORTON4 BARBOUR, 1766; m 1787 Mary/Jane Taylor; res Orange Co VA, and KY.

[Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; IGI:VA; Virkus:Mag. of Am Geneal.]

JAMES TAYLOR5, 1788-1871; unm

THOMAS THROCKMORTON5, 1790; m/1 Ann Berry G Taylor; m/2 Mrs Bibb (late in life); res

Shelby CO KY. [Ref:Bell]

SUSAN ANN6, c 1820



WILLIAM6, ; went to CA

WILLIAM TODD5, 1791; m Mary Berry Taylor; res Shelby CO KY. [Ref:Bell]

THOMAS6, d yg

SUSAN H6, 1825-26

SUSAN G6 ; d unm 1842

FANNY M6, c 1825



FRANCES5, 1795-96

ANN PENDLETON5, 1794; m Charles M Taylor



GABRIEL HENRY5, 1801; m Lucy Baylor; res KY. [Ref:Bell, Cooley]

WINONA G6, ; m Matthew Cullen (Judge); res Chicago IL


LUCY PENDLETON5, 1805; m James B Locke

JOHN MORDECAI5, 1806-1826

18 RICHARD NATHANIEL5, 1810, M.D.; m/1 Mary Edmonia Bowles; m/2 Bettie McCown (d 1851); m/3

May Reynolds Richards.


9. RICHARD4 BARBOUR, 1759; m Mary (Polly) Moore; res Mercer Co KY. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; DAR Lineage; IGI:VA; Early Am. Marriages: IN]

ELIZABETH5, ; m Robert M Taylor

LUCY5, ; m 1842 Col C B Alexander

MARIA FRANCES5, 1800; m Clark Co IN 1817 John Taylor

JAMES5, ; d unm


10. PHILIP E4 BARBOUR, 1790, Brig Gen; m/1 Lucinda Taylor; m/2 1803 Elizabeth Branch Hopkins; res Henderson CO KY.

[Ref:Bell; Cooley; IGI:VA; DAR Lineage] Second wife:

SAMUEL GOODE5, 1807; m Mary J Clay; 2 ch killed in CivW

JAMES MORDECAI5, 1809; m Lydia A Scott; res Henderson KY. [Ref:DAR Lineage]

ANNA M6, ; m Thomas F Cheaney; res Henderson Co

LUCY TAYLOR5, 1811; m Owens Glass, M.D. of Henderson.

Major PHILIP NORBOURNE5, 1813; m Martha I Hopkins; no ch; d at Frankfurt KY; went to West



ELIZABETH SARAH5, 1818; m William Scarborough Jones of Memphis.

ALICE T5, 181?


11. JAMES4 BARBOUR, 1775; m Lucy Johnson; res Barboursville, Orange or Madison Co; Sec of War under J Q Adams; Gov of VA 1812. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; IGI:VA; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Geneal.]

JAMES5, ; no ch

LUCY MARIE5, 1797; m John Seymour Taliaferro ; had ch.

19 RICHARD WILLIS5, 1797; m Drusilla Lee

BENJAMIN5, 1800-20; unm

BENJAMIN JOHNSON5, 1821; m Caroline Hamoesel Watson; res. Orange; a repres. [Ref:Bell,


GEORGE W6, c 1850


CAROLINE6, ; m Dr J H Finch

ELSIE6, ; m James Graves

FRANCES CORNELIA6, ; m Prof William G Christian of Univ. of V

FRANCES CORNELIA5, 1825; m William Handy Collins


12. PHILIP PENDLETON4 BARBOUR, 1783, a lawyer, U S Supreme Ct Justice 1836-42; m Frances Todd Johnson, sister of James's wife; res BArboursville. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; IGI:VA; Virkus:Mag. of Am Geneal.]

EDMUND PENDLETON5, 1805; m Harriet Stuart; res Bloomingdale VA. [Ref:Bell; IGI:VA]





PHILLIPA5, 1807; m Judge R H Fields of Culpeper.

ELIZABETH5, 1808; m John Jacqueline Ambler of Madison Co.

20 THOMAS5, 1810, M.D.; m Sarah Catherine Strother

QUINTUS5, 1812; m Mary Somerville [Ref:Bell, DAR Lineage; IGI:VA]

FRANCES TODD JOHNSON6, 1834; m Rev Daniel Baker Ewing

CORNELIA COLLINS6, 1837; m James Somerville

PHILIP P6, (Capt), 1842-1914, a lawyer; unm

JANE FRENCH6, 1842-1917; unm


SEXTUS5, 1813-48; unm; d in St Louis MO.

SEPTIMUS5, 1815-16


13. JAMES4 BARBOUR, 1761; m Letitia Green; Major in RevW; res Danville, Boyle Co KY. [Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB; GML:Hist.Fam. of KY; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Geneal.]

21 JAMES F5, 1820; m Elizabeth G Foster; res Danville, Boyle Co KY. [Ref:Bell; LDB; Virkus:Mag of Am. Geneal.]

LEWIS GREEN5, , Rev; m Elizabeth Ford; had ch.

MARTHA5, ; m Rev B M Hobson

CATHERINE ANN5, ; m J Wesley Vick of Vicksburg MS.


16. ?PHILIP PENDLETON4 BARBOUR, c 1790 "son of Philip"; m 1823 Elizabeth Perry. [Ref:Cooley]

LUCY5, c 1820



FANNY FRIEND5, ; m E P Riggs

CARO BRODIE5, ; m Rev J Y Penn

PHILIP P5, ; res AL





17. JOHN STRODE5 BARBOUR, 1790; m Ella A Byrne; res Culpeper VA; U S Congress, 1823-33; a States Rights Democrat.

[Ref:Bell; Cooley; LDB]

22 JAMES6, d 1895; m Fanny T Beckham

23 JOHN STRODE6, b 1820; d 1892; m Susan Dangerfield.

ALFRED M6, d 1866; "Major"; m Katie Daniels [Ref:Cooley]

ELIZABETH B7, c 1850; d infancy; (Same as Eliza B above?)

EDWIN7, d infancy

EDWIN6, d 1892, M.D.; unm

SALLY6, ; unm

ELIZA B6, ; m Capt George Thompson of Culpeper.


18. RICHARD NATHANIEL5 BARBOUR, 1810, M.D.; m/1 Mary Edmonia Bowles (d 1851); m/2 Bettie McCown (d 1854); m/3 May Reynolds Richards; res Louisville KY. [Ref:Bell]

First wife:

MARY BETHEL6, 1840; m Joseph N Bell


FRANCIS SNOWDEN6, 1843; m Annie S Cleland [Ref:Bell]

THOMAS J7, 1872

JESSE7, 1874

EMMA7, 1876

MEDORA EDMONIA6, 1845; m John Winchester


Second wife:



19. RICHARD WILLIS5 BARBOUR, 1797; m Drusilla Lee; res AL. [Ref:Cooley]

SARAH FRANCES6, ; m William Seth Bolton

24 THOMAS MCDONOUGH6, 1830, Rev; m Caroline Atkins of SC

MARY ELIZABETH6, m Thomas Moore


20. DR. THOMAS5 BARBOUR, 1810, d in St Louis MO; m Sarah Catherine Strother. [Ref:Bell]

PHILIP P6, 1833-37 in Nashville TN

THOMAS6, 1837 in LaGrange AL; r MO.

HELEN6, 1840-44

FRANCES JOHNSON6, 1841 in Pulaski; m --- Gray.

JOHN STROTHER6, 1843 in Pulaski TN; r. MO.

MARY ADELE6, 1845-53

CHALMERS6, 1848 in St Louis MO


21. JAMES F5 BARBER, 1820; m Elizabeth G Foster; res Danville, Boyle Co KY. [Ref:Bell; LDB; Virkus:Mag of Am. Geneal.]

25 JAMES F6, ; m Elizabeth Taylor

Rev. JOHN GREEN FOSTER6, ; res Gillery Co KY





22. JAMES6 BARBOUR, c 1820; m Fanny T Beckham; res Culpeper and Albemarle CO VA; a Repres. in VA Legis. [Ref:Bell; LDB; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Geneal.]

ELLIE B7, c 1850; m John F Rixey

MARY B7, ; m Prof Clarence Blain Wallace; res Nashville TN

JAMES7, ; moved to San Joaquin Co CA

JOHN S7, ; m Mary Grimsley; res Culpeper VA; a lawyer.

EDWIN7, ; m Josie McDonald; res St Louis MO

FLOYD7, ; move to Nashville TN

FANNY C7, ; m B Collin Beckham of Culpeper Co.


23. JOHN STRODE6 BARBOUR, 1820; m Susan Dangerfield; U S Congress, 1881-87; U S Senate 1889-92; r Culpeper and Washington DC.

?DANGERFIELD7, 1837; m Harriet --- [Questionable] ; res Pittsburgh PA (1880 Cs)

REBECCA8, 1863

WILLIAM8, 1867

JOHN8, 1870

MELISSA8, 1873

MARY8, 1877


24. THOMAS MCDONOUGH6 BARBOUR, 1830, Rev; m Caroline Atkins of SC; res AL. [Ref:Cooley]

THOMAS F7, 1853

EMMA J7, 1855

HORACE7, 1859

CELESTE7 (Dolly), 1864

CULLEN7, 1865

LEE7, 1868



25. JAMES F6 BARBOUR, c 1850, (Col); m Elizabeth Taylor; res Danville, Boyle Co KY. [Ref:Bell]

GEORGE TAYLOR7, ; m Abbie Gray Pickett [Ref:Bell]