MOSES BARBER of Rhode Island, Part 2




INDEX: See Part 1


105. WILLIAM5 BARBER, b 1755-65 (Land records mention William and Rowland R to gether, and they are the only Barbers in the area that I can find); res Arlington, Shaftsbury VT.[Ref:LS; VR:VT; LR:Arlington; 1790,1800,1810,1820 CS:Arlington; Knapp Gen,1953,Alfred A Knapp M.D.; Lt: W T Collins]

242 JESSE6 (Ezekiel), 1793; m Polly Woodward

243 JAMES6, b 1793; m Lucy Sawtell

CS indicates 4 sons, 3 dau, by 1810

?LUCY6, ; m Gideon Knapp; res Ledyard NY


107. JAMES CHAPMAN5 BARBER, 1809; m Elizabeth Sherman; res S Kingston, Richmond RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:No Kingston, Voluntown CT; 1850 CS:Exeter; 1860 CS:Hopkinton]

244 PARDON D S6, 1830; m Deborah V T

ELIZABETH A6, 1838; ?m Charles A Slocum

LYMAN6, 1847

245 GEORGE WASHINGTON6, 1842; m Mary E Green

EBER L6, 1842; prob m Catherine Moore, and div. 1869; res Coventry CT and OH

AMY6, 1843

SARAH C6, ; m -- Foote; res OH

CAROLINE6, ; m Samuel Place

PATIENCE A6, ; m James H Cahoon; res CT

MARY E6, 1844; m Benjamin T Adams


108. MOSES5 BARBER, 1812; m Margaret (Judy) McGaughey; she m/1 John McGaughey); res Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS]

ELIZABETH ANN6, 1842; m Samuel V Roseberry; res Pana IL

SARAH MARGARET6, 1844; m James P Chapman; res Lamb's Point IL

MARY ELIZA6, 1846-1872; m James N Sandbach; r Madison Co.

NOAH DYER6, 1847-1847

MARTHA JANE6 1849-1851


109. LYMAN5 BARBER, 1817; m/1 Olive Slocum; m/2 Elizabeth Ann Judy; res Ontario Co NY, Warsaw, Wyoming Co NY, and Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS; RIGR; GML:Slocum Gen]

Second wife:

246 MOSES6, 1846; m Cynthia Grace McClanahan

247 SAMUEL STILLMAN6, 1848; m Elizabeth Adeline Brown

SARAH ELIZABETH6, 1851; m Rufus Lilbern Johnson; r Madison and Moulton Co IL.

MARY ANN6, 1854; m Robert Murphy Jr; r Cerro Gordo.

248 THOMAS SOLOMON6, 1856; m Sarah Olivia Hughes

MARTHA JUDY6, 1858; m/1 Henry Clay Herrin; m/2 Henry Esmond; m/3 Rufus Lilbern Johnson

249 GEORGE A6, 1860; m Mary Ann Varner

250 LYMAN JESSE6, 1862; m/1 Mamie Congdon; m/2 Mrs Lillian Virginia (Grimstead) Froman

HATTIE BELCHER6, 1865-1867


110. STILLMAN5 BARBER, 1821; m Mary Ann (Clark) Murphy, who m/1 Robert P Murphy; res RI, Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS]

MARY ANN6, 1850-1851

SARAH CATHERINE6, 1852; m Thomas Wheatly East; res Milmine IL


MARGARET6, 1856; m Brandt Badger; res Austin TX

251 MOSES LYMAN6 ,1858; m Dixie Wyant

IDA6, 1860; m Uriah Collins; res Fisher Co TX, Abilene TX

GARDNER CLARK6, 1862; m Betty Burchard


111. SOLOMON5 BARBER, 1823; m Ellen M Dye; res Richmond and So Kingston RI, and S Coventry and No Stonington CT.[Ref:LS; IGI:RI; CEM:Coventry; 1850,1900 CS:Richmond; 1860 CS:So Kingston; 1870 CS:Coventry; 1880 CS:No Stonington; VR:Coventry, No Stonington; Newsp.,Westerly P.L.]

252 RENSELLEAR WILBUR6, 1845; m Catherine L Lander.

HARRIET BELCHER6, 1846; m George A Wallen; res Springfield MA

ANNIE ELIZABETH6, 1848-1871 d S Coventry CT

253 MOSES6, 1850; m/1 Maria A Edgerton; m/2 Harriet Main

ELLEN MARIA6, 1855; m John Stephen Cole; res Hopkinton

SOLOMON6, 1857-1858

SARAH STANTON6, 1859; m A Frank Knight; res KS, AL

EDWIN STILLMAN6, 1864-1866

JOHN FRANCIS6, 1865-1866

ASA DEAN6, 1869-1869

JOSEPH BELCHER6, 1871-1878


112. HIRAM5 BARBER, 1825; m/1 Susan E Sherman; m/2 Mary F Briggs; res So Kingston RI, and Milmine, Piatt Co IL.[Ref:LS: 1850 CS:So Kingston]

First wife:

254 MATTHEW STILLMAN6, 1846; m/1 Algenia Elivis Stanton; m/2 Ida May (Scammahorn) Brooks

SUSAN ADELAIDE6, 1851; m William Briggs; res Decatur IL


113. GARDINER SMITH5 BARBER, 1827; m/1 Lucretia Elizabeth Knowles; m/2 Sarah E Spencer (d 1899); m/3 1899 Alcey Frances (Barber) Arnold (#1637), dau of Benjamin); res S Kingston RI.[Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870,1900 CS:So Kingston; Newsp.,Westerly P.L.; VR:S Kingston]

EMMA LAFOREST6, 1850; m John Allen Woodmansee; res W Kingston RI

SUSAN ELLA6, 1854; m William Eugene Moore


STILLMAN HAZARD G6, 1861; m Sarah Jane Kenyon; res So Kingston RI.


114. JESSE5 BARBER, 1829; m Harriet Dawley Sherman; res S Kingston and E Greenwich RI.[Ref:LS; 1860 CS:So Kingston; 1865 CS:E Greenwich]

255 MOSES JESSE6, 1851; m Mary Arnold Houghton

ELLA MARIA6, 1854; m Thomas M Wheeler; res E Greenwich RI


115. JOHN A5 BARBER, 1823; m Deborah Tefft (or Shepardson); m Richmond, Hopkinton RI. [Ref:1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

JOHN T6, 1851; ?d yg

HAPPY A6, 1852; m John H Searles

EDWARD D6, 1854; ?d yg

MARY E6, 1859; m --- Young


116. HENRY5 (Harry) BARBER, 1810; m Elizabeth Ennis; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; GML:Babcock Gen; CEM:No Stonington, Plainfield; 1850,1860,1865 CS:So Kingston; Lt: Ann Hartley]

SARAH EMELINE6, 1841; m John F Walker; bur Plainfield CT

MARY J6, 1842; m Samuel Avery Babcock; bur. No Stonington CT

?NANCY J6, 1843

AMIE E6 (or Annie Elizabeth), 1847; ?m Charles F Latom

HENRY THOMAS6, 1853-1854

GEORGE HENRY6, 1855-1864

HATTIE MARIA6, 1858; m Clarence Henry Rockwell; r New Britain CT.


117. WILLET ANTHONY5 BARBER, 1818; m/1 Lucy Ann Austin; m/2 1886 Ruth E (James) Johnson-Knight; res Exeter, So Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850 CS:Exeter; 1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; VR: S Kingston]

First wife:

JAMES A6, 1842-1856

ISRAEL A6, 1843-1863

CHARLES WILLET6, 1845; m/1 Sarah Elizabeth Wilcox; m/2 1879 Sarah Kate Williams; res Griswold CT

SABRA E6, 1849-1858

MAY ANN6, 1847; m Charles H Palmer

LUCY ANN6, 1852

SON6, 1854-1854

EDWIN6, 1859; m Bertha Jane Tefft; res Griswold (1900 CS) and Plainfield CT (1910 CS).


118. JOSEPH DENNISON5 BARBER, 1820; m/1 Sarah White (d 1867); m/2 1867 Hannah M (Partelo) Maine; res So Kingston RI, No Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; CEM:No Stonington; 1850 CS:So Kingston; 1870 CS:No Stonington; VR:No Stonington; Newsp.:Westerly P.L.]

RUTH6, 1846; m Albert C Hilliard

SUSAN ELIZABETH6, 1847; m Charles Dexter Miner; bur. No Stonington

JOSEPHINE6, 1849; m Joseph Royle; r Stonington.

HERBERT LAVALL6, 1850; d 1871 Atchison KS

256 DENNISON PELEG6, 1851; m Laura L Speck

257 CHARLES WHITE6, 1853; m Annie Bradley

SARAH ADELLA6, 1856; m Cyrus H Stewart

ELBERT L6, 1857-1877; d Atchison KS

258 HORACE FRANK6, 1858; m Susan Gavit

ELLEN W6, 1861-1883

259 EDWIN6, 1863; m Peggy W Wood

MARY RUSSELL6, 1866-1867


119. ALBERT STANTON5 BARBER, 1822; m/1 Waity Peckham; m/2 Eliza Peckham; res So Kingston RI, and Lebanon CT.[Ref:LS; RIGR; VR:Lebanon; 1850,1860 CS:So Kingston]

260 WILLET PECKHAM6, 1846; m/1 Sarah M Peckham; m/2 Sarah N Payne

ALBERT6, 1848-1848

HANNAH6, 1850


120. SANFORD S5 BARBER, 1825; m/1 Susan H O Clarke (who prob. m/1 Davis G5 Barber, son of Rhoda4; Sanford m/2 1856 Elizabeth Webster; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; Ms:Betty Buckell; 1860,1865 CS:So Kingston]

First wife:

DAUGHTER6, d yg.

Second wife:

261 ORRIN SNOW6, 1856; m Samantha Jane Wright

262 JOHN WEBSTER6, 1858; m Amy Adelaide Briggs


121. ELISHA POTTER5 BARBER, 1827; m Mary Candy; m Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; VR:Stonington]



BOY6, 1855


122. MOSES HAZARD5 BARBER, 1833; m Mary Jane Hubbard; res RI, and Atchison KS. [Ref:LS; RIGR; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

ABIGAIL6, 1868; m Lewis Brayman; res RI.

263 HERBERT JONATHAN6, 1871; m Eva Wertz


123. JESSE5 BARBER *13819*, 1815; m Mary Bliss; res Eagle, Wyom. Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Bliss Gen,1982,A T Bliss; GML:Foote Fam; 1850 CS:Eagle]


264 SYLVESTER BLISS6, 1840; m Martha M Burr

265 LYSANDER LEROY6, 1841; m/1 Helen Burr; m/2 Louise Adelphia Russell; m/3 Emma Adell Barber (see 124A).

LYDIA ANN6, 1845; m William Foote; res Gainesville, Wyom. Co NY.

CHILD6, 1847-84.

MARY OCTAVIA6, 1850-81


124. JOHN H5 BARBER, 1820; m Martha Bliss; res Eagle, Wyoming Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Bliss Gen; IGI:NY; 1850 CS:Eagle;]

266 LEVI H6, 1841/2; m Martha J ---

267 HARTWIN6, 1844; m Alma ---

LUCY ANN6, 1846; m James Shaw.

268 CORTLAND DEWEY6, 1848; m Elvira Angeline Woodworth


124A. GEORGE BARBER, 1827; m Celia Dennis. [Lt: Gerald Wade;]

268a LYMAN J6, 1854; m Addie Irene ---; had ch.

POLLY6, 1856; m Adelbert Jay Haskins.

STILLMAN6, 1858; m Mary E ---.

EMMA ADELL6, 1861; m Lysander Leroy Barber (see 123).


DENNIS E6, 1869 1887.

JOHN FREEMAN6, 1873; m Helen M ---.

268b ALMOND JESSE6, 1875; m Mary E ---.

MABLE6, 1878; m William Osgood.

125. ELIPHALET5 BARBER, 1765; m Susannah Bishop; res NJ, Overton Co TN; Andersonville, Franklin Co IN.

[Ref: Lt:Berry; Settlers of Beekman Patent,1993, Doherty]

SUSANNAH6, 1797; m John Lewis; res Franklin and Rush Co IN

JOHN6, c 1799; d Franklin Co IN 1824.

269 SIMEON6, 1800; m Deborah Eels

ANNE6, b 1804; m Archbald Miller; res Rush Co IN

SARAH ELLEN6, ; m 1823 Allen R Jackman; r Rush Co IN

ELIZABETH6, ; m Aaron Ramsey

HANNAH6, 1810-1828.

MARY6, ; m Christopher Mismer

SAMUEL6, ;to IL by 1844.

ABIGAIL6, 1818; m Ezekiel Bailey; res IN


126. MOSES5 BARBER, 1778; m Eleanor Lewis; res NC; Logan, Dearborn Co IN. [Ref:Lt:Berry; Lt:Hanly; Settlers of Beekman Patent,1993, Doherty]

JOHN SALE6, 1804-1847

270 SAMUEL DOUTHET6, 1804; m Elizabeth Neff

271 WILLIAM6, 1806; m Maria Hinkston

MARY6, 1807; unmarr.

272 ELIPHALET6, 1809; m Ann Chappelow

JEMIMA6, 1811; unmarried; d IL

BENJAMIN6, 1812-1815; d IN

DAVID6, 1815; m Ann Sydney Purcell; res Lasalle Co IL

273 GEORGE6, 1816; m/1 Jane Hutchinson; m/2 Emeline Kersey

SARAH6, 1819; m Charles Burk

274 JONATHAN6, 1820; m/1 Maria C Cotrell; m/2 Rebecca Harley; m/3 Ruth Jackman.


127. JOHN5 BARBER, 1789; m Mary Lewis; res Logan, Dearborn Co IN. [Ref:IGI:IN; Lt:Berry]

JULIA6, c 1813

CLARISSA6, 1816; m William B Cox; res New Trenton, Franklin Co IN

HULDAH6, c 1818

ELIZA6, 1821; m David Kennedy; res New Trenton, Franklin Co IN

MARY6, c 1824

JOHN6, 1828; d 1881 unm.


127A. LAWRENCE BARBER, 1777; m Anna Dibble; r Hadley and Corinth, Saratoga Co NY.


ISAAC6, 1800; m Lucinda Eggleston; r Hadley.

RACHEL7, 1838

ORING7, 1847


RACHEL6, ; m Joseph Ostrander.


ZINA6, ; m Huldah ---; r Hadley.


128. ABRAHAM5 BARBER, 1779; m Patience Powell; res Stillwater, Saratoga CO NY. [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell; Lt:Hanly; 1850CS:Stillwater]

WILLIAM6, 1805; m Jeanette ---; both d 1836

275 RENSSELAER6, 1807; m Eliza A Briggs

EMELINE6, 1809; m --- Ingham

ENOS T6, 1810-1833

ABRAHAM6, 1812

ANNE6, 1814; m Thomas Morris

SARAH6, 1816; m George Perkins

276 LEWIS6, 1818; may have m. Sally ---. Or died 1818.

CHARLES6, 1820

277 REUBEN H6, 1822; m Elizabeth Caldwell

GEORGE P6, 1824


129. Dr. ISAAC5 BARBER, 1781; m Mary Hunting; res Schoharie Co NY; Frankfort, Will Co IL; a physician.

[Ref: Barber Gen,White/Wilson; DAR Lineage; IGI:NY]

278 ISAAC I6, 1807; m Mary M Dominick

279 CICERO6, 1810; m/1 Caroline Watson; m/2 Martha Graves

ANNA MARIA6, 1812; m Henry Swan

280 JOSEPH6, 1814; m/1 Elizabeth Carter; m/2 Sarah Elizabeth Hoke: res IL

LOUISA6, 1816; m Griffin Whipple

GLOVINA6, 1818; m John Gardner

281 HIRAM6, 1820; m Rebecca Gibbs

HARRIET6, 1822; m Abner Gardner

282 DEWITT C6, 1824; m Nancy Sams.

283 JOHN H6, 1826; m Malinda C Rowley

RACHEL C6, 1832; m Dr. John W Cameron

AMELIA A6, 1834; m Jacob Becker


129A. JACOB (JOSEPH5) BARBER, 178?; m Elizabeth McCarthy; res Ontario, and Rochester NY. [Ref: SP = Sprague Gen, at CHS]

284 LAWSON6, 181?; m Pamelia Crittenden


129B. CAPT. JEREMIAH5 BARBER, b prob. Greeene Co NY c 1773; ?m/1 Elizabeth Calon; ?m/2 Sarah A ---. r Benton, Yates Co NY. [Ref: Lt:Paul L Bumber; 1820,25,30 CS: Benton; Lt: Lyn Wilson]

VALENTINE, ; d young.

CHRISTIANA6, ; m James Brown.

EUNICE6, ; m/1 John Watson; m/2 David Herrington.

285 JEREMIAH6 (AARON), b Greene Co NY 1795; m/1 Anna VanZant; m/2 Margaret VanZant.

IRA6, ; m 1829 Lydia Belknap.

?JULIAN/GILLIAN V(?VALENTINE)6, ; r Yates Co, in Benton, Jerusalem, and ?Italy.

RICHARD M7, ; m Alice ---; r Potter, Yates Co.



JONATHAN6, ; m ---.

SOLOMON6, ; m ---.

129C. ?MOSES5 BARBER, ; m ?; had 2 ch in Coxsackie, 1810. [Lt: Charles N Barber]



MARY ANN6, ; m James Parish.

STEPHEN6, ; m ?; r Auburn, Cayuga Co NY

STEPHEN7, 1809



130. SAMUEL5 BARBER, 1786; m Sarah Kent; res Johnsburg, Warren Co NY. [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell; 1850 CS:Johnsburgh; FTM: Desc. of Samuel E Barber]

286 ?NELSON6, 1810; m Polly ---

287 ?SAMUEL E6, 1813; m Esther A Cameron

288 ?JOSIAH K6, 1823; m Susan ---

289 DARIUS B6, 1828; m Mary F Barton; ?m/2 Sybil ---

290 PHINEAS TYLER6, 1831; m Phebe Lusina Washburn

Angeline Farnham6, 1833 (adopted daughter)


131. Rev. PHINEAS BARKER5 BARBER, 1793; m/1 Orpha Morse; m/2 1837 Roxana S Heath; res Berlin, Erie Co OH.[Ref:IGI:OH; Ms:Betty Buckell; DAR Lineage; Virkus:Compend.,Vol 7; 1850 CS:Berlin; FTM: Desc. of Samuel Barber]

First wife:

291 GERSHOM MORSE6, 1823; m Huldah Lavinia Seeley




EMILY6, 1822

GEORGE C6, 1828

JULIA A6, 1834; m/1 Henry Blanchard; m/2 1880 James C Duncan in Redwood Falls, Redwood Co MN. res.

Farmington, LaCrosse Co WI.

Second wife:




131A. BENJAMIN R5 BARBER, m Margaret Hatch. [FTM: Desc. of Samuel E Barber]

CHARLES OSCAR6, b Chenang (?) NY 1834


132. DYER5 BARBER *6190*, 1786; m Eunice Yerrington; res Linklaen, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Linklaen]

292 ORRIN COTTON6, 1814; m Hannah ---

293 GEORGE F6, 1823; m Philanda ---

BETSY6, 1828

CHARLES6, 1831


133. WIGHTMAN5 BARBER, 1789; m Ruth ---; res Smyrna, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Smyrna]

294 ?HORACE6, 1812; m Cynthia Sutliff

295 ?SPRAGUE6, 1819; m Lucy Agnes ---

ADELIA6, 1832


134. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1789; m Agnes ---; res Smyrna, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Smyrna]

MARY6, 1825


GEORGE6, 1830

AGNES6, 1835


135. ALSBRO5 BARBER, 1796; m Betsey Estes; res Cape Vincent and Hamilton, Madison Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Estes Gen; 1850 CS:Hamilton; IGI:NY]

SARAH6, 1817

296 ELY6, 1819; m Harriet ---

LUCINDA6, 1821; d yg

AMANDA6, 1823

297 LORENZO A6, 1826; m Cornelia ---

HARRIET6, 1828

PATIENCE6, 1830 1855

298 CALVIN6, 1832; m Charlott ---


LUCY A6, 1840


136. JOSEPH MAXSON5 BARBER, 1788; m/1 c 1815 ---; m/2 1823 Esther Terry; res Poland, Chautauqua Co NY, and Little Sioux Twp, Harrison Co IA. [Ref:1850 CS:Poland; Lt:Margaret Brennan; FGS of Joseph M Barber]

First wife:

EUNICE M6, 1816; m Charles Bennett; res Buchanan Co IA

299 AVERY WALTON6, 1819; m Mary C Noyes

Second wife:

ALTA6, 1824; m William D Hoag; res Harrison Co IA

ALMEDA J6, 1826; m Samuel Phillips; res Poland, Chautauqua Co NY

300 ELNATHAN6, 1829; m/1 Alma ---; m/2 Martha or Alma ---.

ALMA T6, 1830


136A. ?CALEB5 BARBER, 1796; m Lovina Lyon; res Chenango Co and Allegany Co and Franklin and Cattaraugus Co NY. [Res: Lt: Phyllis Beebe]


301 HENRY L6, 1832; m/1 Rachel ---; m/2 Grace ---.

CAROLINE6, 1836; m/1 Orsamus Myrick; m/2 Alpheus Marshall Trowbridge

ALMA6, 1838

ELIAL6, 1840; m Laura ---; res Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co NY

CELESTIA6, 1844; m Isaac T Hollister

LUCINA6, 1846/7


137. BENJAMIN W(?)5 BARBER, 1801; m Elsa Sweet; res Norwich, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:DAR Lineage; 1850 CS:Norwich]

301a ?DAVID I6, 1822; m Eunice ---

302 ?WILLIAM6, 1825; ?m Mary ---.

?JEROME6*, 1827

CHARLES6, 1829


HARRIET6, 1831

HENRY6, 1832-1840

DANIEL6, 1835

LUTHANA6, 1836; m John A Day

ROSINA6, 1837

MARY6, 1838

BETSY6, 1839


SALINDA6, 1842

MARIA E6, 1843; m Henry H Bowen; res Guilford NY

303 HENRY6, 1844; ?m Mary ?Wilkins; r Locke, Ingham Co MI. Is this the same Henry?

WHITMAN6, 1845

SEREPTA6, 1846

JANE6, 1847

304 JOHN6, 1848; ?m Sarah L

GEORGE6, 1850

EDWARD6, 1852

SARAH A6, 1853

2 infants6


138. JARED5 BARBER, 1788; m Waity Moore; res Richmond RI. [Ref:RIGR; IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Richmond; 1865 CS:Hopkinton]

ALANSON6, 1810; m Sarah H Baker

JOANNA6, 1812/3-1831

SARAH6, 1816; m James C Baker


139. ARCHIBALD5 BARBER, 1799; m Nancy Card; res So Kingston, Charlestown RI.[Ref:VR:Voluntown CT; 1850 CS:So Kingston; 1860,1865 CS:Charleston]

JOANNA T6, 1828; m John W Hoxsie of Exeter

MARY CARR6, 1824; ? unm


140. EDWARD DOWNING5 BARBER, 1806; m Lucy Wainwright; res Middlebury and Salisbury VT. [Ref:VR:Hinsdale NH]

HELEN6, 1832; m John Howe; res Salisbury

305 EDWARD DOWNING6, 1837; m Emma M Bishop.

MARY6, 1839; m Albert Sabin; res Rockingham VT

KATE WAINWRIGHT6, 1846; d 1847


141. HENRY EDWARD5 BARBER, 1798; m Betsey Glaspie (she prob is the one who res Highland, Oakland Co MI. A Henry was in Marcellus, Onondaga Co NY 1820 with 1 boy under 10. [Census] [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell]

306 ?JAMES C6, 1822; m Abigail ---

HENRY6, 1830

EDWARD6, 1833



142. AZARIAH5 BARBER, 1806; m Eliza Phoebe Sheldon; res Sweden, Harmony NY; Clear Creek, Medina, Medina Co, Brunswick OH and Peru IN. [Ref:1850 CS:Medina; Lt:Margie Bearss; CHS:Sheldon Gen. Mag.,1855,H O Sheldon]


ANN FRANCES6, 1835; m Robert Patterson Effinger

BENJAMIN SHELDON6, 1838; m Henrietta Mary Black Tedford

WILLIAM H6, 1840-42

EDWARD A6, 1843-63


143. JOSHUA5 BARBER, 1809; m/1 Nancy --; m/2 Lucy Ann --; res Westerly RI, and Renssalaer Co NY.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Stonington; 1850,1860,1870 CS:Westerly]

307 JOSHUA F6, 1834; m Susan Harriet --

SUSAN WEALTHY6, 1837; m George V West

ANNA MARIA6, 1835; m Samuel Mitchell

HANNAH P6, 1842; m William Button (or Bulton)


144. MOSES5 BARBER, 1794; m Mary Crandall; res Barberstown, Portville, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Ref:CSL:Wellman Gen; GML:Crandall Gen; IGI:NY]

IRENE ANN6, 1818-73; unm

ESTHER S6, 1820; m Enos G Fisher

MARTHA MARIN6, 1821; m James Bowen

WILLARD CRANDALL6, 1822; m Fidelia Chandler

WILLIAM R6, 1824; m Mary Plum


308 BLANCHARD AZARIAH JENKS6, 1827; m Olive Amelia Hamilton

DAVID SMITH6, 1829; m Laura Maria Wellman; res IA

LAURA LOUISE6, 1832; m Frederick Clinton Holmes

309 THOMAS FRANKLIN6, 1835; m Martha Prudence Barber

CYRUS NOYES6, 1836; m Elsie Emily Crandall

NELSON JAMES6, 1840; m Sarah Antoinette Crandall (sister of above)


145. ROBERT NILES5 BARBER, 1796; m Lydia A Tefft; res Hopkinton,Exeter, Richmond RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Richmond; 1860,1865 CS:Exeter]

LUCY A6, 1821; m Amos P Barber, son of Sheffield and Mary (Palma) Barber.

310 BENJAMIN T6, 1823; m Maria M Champlin

HANNAH T6, 1831; m George P Tefft.

?GARDINER6, 1837

SUSAN CAROLINE6, 1841; m Edward Martin Lonejay

HARRIET F6, 1847


146. THOMAS CLARKE5 BARBER, 1798; m Susan Congdon; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

311 HENRY CLARK6, 1825; m/1 Hannah Elizabeth Clarke; m/2 Amy Louise Kenyon

312 CLARKE6, 1826; m Almira Andrews

MARY ANN6, 1838-42


147. AARON5 BARBER, 1800; m Susan Diana Bitgood; res Exeter RI, Plainfield, Voluntown CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; VR:Voluntown; 1860 CS:Exeter; Lt: Lorna Dorr]

313 THOMAS JEFFERSON6, 1846; m Sarah L Rhodes

314 SILAS BITGOOD6, 1848; m Susan A Bitgood


NELSON6, 1858-1867

MARY ALICE6, 1844; m/1 John Clarke; m/2 1866 --- Barber; m/3 1868 Ezekial James. [Lt: Lorna Dorr]


148. SAMUEL ANDREW5 BARBER, 1803; m Nancy Irene Crandall; res Ceres, McKean Co PA. [Ref:1850 CS:Ceres]

MARY ANN6, 1824

315 ROWLAND ANDREW6, 1827; m Sylvia Main

MARTHA PRUDENCE6, 1833; m Thomas Franklin Barber, son of Moses and Mary (Crandall) Barber.

SUSAN E6, 1836; m George Cummings.


149. JEFFERSON5 BARBER, 1807; m Ann ---; res Ceres, McKean Co PA. [Ref:1850 CS:Ceres]


PUTNAM6, 1841

LYDIA6, 1843

ORVILLE6, 1846


150. GEORGE WASHINGTON5 BARBER, 1807; m Mary Scranton; res Griswold, Voluntown CT. [Ref:1850 CS:Griswold; 1870 CS:Voluntown]

SUSAN6, 1835

316 GEORGE W6, 1839; m Maria Spaulding

317 SILAS L6, 1842; m Harriet Spaulding

MARY A6, 1845

THOMAS J6, 1847; res Voluntown [1900 CS:alone]


151. EDWARD5 BARBER, 1796; m/1 Diana Wilcox (d 1842); m/2 Sally B Rathbun; m/3 Abby Brown; res Exeter RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Richmond; 1850,1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

First wife:

ELIZABETH6, 1817; m Maxson Barber (son of Peter B)

318 RUSSELL J6, 1819; m Martha Andrews

319 WILLIAM A6, 1820; m Edith Austin

320 HIRAM CLARKE6, 1822; m Amey A Tanner



152. SILAS B5 BARBER, 1795; m Lydia Lewis; res W Greenwich RI.

321 SAMUEL6, 1826; m Lydia Lillibridge


153. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1783; m Eunice Babcock; res Westerly RI, Granville MA, Salisbury CT. [Ref:LS; VR:Granville, No Stonington, Salisbury; Burdick Gen; CSL:Drake Gen; CSL:Babcock Gen,1903; Lt:Eleanor Scott; CEM:Salisbury;Virkus:Mag. of Am. Gen]

322 THOMAS6, 1809; m Sarah Breed Stanton

SARAH6, 1810; m Birdsey N Burch; res Salisbury CT

PHEBE6, 1812; m Martin Decker; d Salisbury CT

323 JOSEPH BABCOCK6, 1814; m Sarah Ann Drake

EUNICE6, 1819-44; unm

324 WILLIAM DENNISON6, 1821; m Henrietta Taft

CAROLINE6, 1823-60; unm

SUSAN ESTHER6, 1826; m Thomas Peckham; res Westerly RI


154. PELEG SHERMAN5 BARBER, 1785; m Louisa Gavitt; ?m/2 Martha ---; res Richmond RI. [Ref:1865 CS:Richmond; GML:Babcock Gen]

324a CHARLES PELEG6, 1817; m/1 Elizabeth ---; m/2 Henrietta S Easton.



A daughter6, m John Tefft


155. ABIAL5 BARBER, 1789; m Betsey Brown; m/2 1833 Nancy Brown; res No Kingston, Hopkinton RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1850,1860 CS:Hopkinton; 1870 CS:Stonington; VR:Hopkinton; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

325 JOHN B6, 1821; m Sabra Anne Barker

326 PELEG S6, 1823; m Mrs Sarah (Gardner) Brown

327 ABIAL6, 1825; m Katherine Kenyon

CHARLES D6, 1830-1870; res Boston MA



156. MERCHANT5 BARBER, 1791; m/1 Alice R Lawton; m/2 Mercy R Lawton; res Exeter, W Greenwich RI.[Ref:LS; IGI:RI; VR:Exeter; 1850,1865 CS:W Greenwich; VR:So.Kingston]

First wife:

MARY C6, 1824; m/1 William R Potter; m/2 George W Holberton.

328 CLARK S6, 1828; m Mary Esther Slocum

SARAH H6, ; d 1830

TWINS6, 1833-1833

Second wife:

MERCHANT6, 1836-1857

SUSAN F6, 1837; m John Davis

PHEBE A6, c 1835; m Daniel Rose


157. CHARLES HOLDEN5 BARBER, 1795; ?m Mary ---; res Mansfield, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Mansfield]

GEORGE6, 1838


LUCY6, 1841


158. WILSON5 BARBER, c 1790; m Polly Whitacker; res Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:"Early Settlers of NY",Foley]

329 NELSON6, 1812; m Cornelia J Nye

?ADDISON6, 1821; bur. Yates Co NY


159. NATHAN5 BARBER, 1784; m Eunice Way Marsh; res Greenbush and Sand Lake, Saratoga Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Marsh Gen,1895,Dwight W Marsh; GML:Wellman Gen; 1810 CS: Greenbush; 1820,30 CS: Sand Lake;1850 CS:Poestenkill; IGI:NY]

330 SAMUEL6, ; m Olive S ---

?AMASA M6, 1812-32

331 ISRAEL6, 1814; m Amanda M ---

ELIZABETH W6, 1817; m John B Knapp; res Rochester NY, Wayne CO MI

PERMELIA6, 1828; m Oliver Wellman, Jr; res Clarkson, Monroe Co NY; no ch

?RICHARD6, 1829

EUNICE6, ; m Sylvester Burnett


160. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1788; m Lydia S; res Poestenkill Renssalaer Co, and Sand Lake, Saratoga Co , NY. [1820,30,40 CS: Sand Lake]

THOMAS6, 1826-29

332 ?ISRAEL F6, 1822; m Mary ---


161. WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1805; prob. m Asenath Post; res Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret]


HARRIET6, 1834

SARAH ANN6, 1839

LAVANTIA6, 1841; m William Philbrook Starrett


162. DAVID L5 BARBER, 1799; prob. m Merintha ---; res Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret]

MARY6, 1835


163. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1802; m Selissa Sayles; res Sand Lake and Poestenkill, Renssalaer Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Poestenkill; Ms:Betty Buckell]

333 GEORGE6, 1827; m Alzina Brunson

JANE6, 1832

MARTHA A6, 1835

MARTIN N6, 1840


164. MARTIN5 BARBER, 1806; m Julia F; res Poestenkill NY.

SELISSA JANE6, 1862-63


165. JOHN5 BARBER, 1810; m Eunice Austin; res Poestenkill NY. [Ref:CHS:Austin Gen; 1850 CS:Poestenkill]

334 CHARLES6, 1840; m Pamelia Horton

LUCINDA6, 1844; m George Cottrell of Troy NY

JOHN6, 1840-1892; unm.


166. SAMUEL5 BARBER, 1800; m Abigail S Gilbert; res Broadalbin, Fredonia, and Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY.[Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret; IGI:NY; Lt:Mary Barber Walsh]

335 CHARLES W6, 1829; m/1 Elizabeth ---; m/2 Lydia ---.

ROSANA6, 1832-50

FRANCES6, 1836; m Stratton B Wheeler

336 MILTON S6, 1839; m Elizabeth Arnold

337 HARVEY PAYSON6, 1842; m Henrietta Arnold

ELLEN S6, 1844; m/1 Francis C Edmonds; m/2 John W Voorhies

MARY6, 1851


169. WILLIAM BEATON5 BARBER, 1800; ?m Catherine ---; res Springport, Cayuga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Springport]





ELLEN P6, 1845


170. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1804; m Mercy Ann ?Keech; res Springfield, Williams Co OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

ELIZA ANN6, 1825; m Addison Witt; res Springfield OH

339 ?BRADFORD6, 1833; m Jane E Richards


171. BRADFORD KENYON5 BARBER, 1815; "Baptist Clergy"; m/1 Rowena Ann West; m/2 Mary Brumley; res Galway, Saratoga Co NY; later at Lincoln, Monroe Co WI. [Ref:GML:Bromley Gen; Lt:France Stenberg; 1850 CS:Galway; 1880 CS: Lincoln]

WILLIAM A6, 1843

CORDELIA CALISTA E6, 1845; m James Gamble; res Warrens, Monroe Co WI

340 OSCAR BRADFORD6, ; m Jennie H Hamilton.


172. ALONZO C5 BARBER, 1817; m Nancy Ann Partee; res Springfield OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

AUSKER V6, 1849-1849

341 ORLANDO V6, 1850; m Rosanna I Kindig

MARIAH6, ; d 1855


173. PRESTON5 BARBER, 1800; m Anna (---) Cook (she m/1 --- Cook); res Williams Co OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

342 ESQUIRE6, 1824; m Sarah Swank


174. JOSHUA5 BARBER, 1803; m Anna ---; res Providence, Saratoga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Providence]

WILLIAM6, 1828

JOHN6, 1830

ANNA6, 1835

ALMIRA6, 1837

343 JAMES E6, 1839; m Saraph ---


175. ALONSON5 BARBER, 1809; m Emeline Child of Greenfield, Saratoga Co NY, or Milton, Ulster Co NY.[Ref:"Henry Child & Desc.",1881,Elias Child]

POLLY6, 1835-1835


MARIAN E6, 1839; m John Hillsmade of Sedalia MO


WARREN GOULD6, 1842-1863

344 JOHN CHILD6, 1844; m Mary Frances Craig

345 LYMAN WOOSTER6, 1845; m ---.

345a JOSEPH LAURENCE6, 1847; m ?



176. ASA THOMAS5 BARBER, 1812; m Amanda ---; res Hammond, StLawrence Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Hammond]


CHARLES6, 1843

POLLY6, 1845


177. JOHN L5 BARBER, 1808; m Phanella W Matteson; res N Kingston, Providence RI.[Ref:1865 CS:Providence; CHS:Burdick Gen,1937,N Johnson]

FRANCES ABBY6, 1842; m James Burdick (his 2nd wife)


178. WEEDEN5 BARBER, 1802; m Tacy Card; res Hopkinton, Westerly RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; 1850 CS:Hopkinton; 1860,1865 CS:Westerly; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

MARY FRANCES6, 1836; m J Tilden Butts

ALFRED C6, ; d CivW

HANNAH MOORE6, 1844-1908; unm


JOHN W6, 1842

HARRIET N6, 1845


179. WILLIAM5 BARBER*, 1788; m Olive ---; res Petersburg, Renssalaer Co NY. [A William and Olive are bur. Ledyard, Cayuga Co NY.]

WILLIAM D6, 1828

BETSEY M6, 1831


180. WILCOX5 BARBER, 1774; m Patience Tefft; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; Lt:John L Lillibridge; 1800 CS; VR:W Greenwich, Sterling]

SARAH6, 1799; m Nathaniel Gallup of Sterling CT

ALICE6, 1801; m Jeremiah Fenner

MARY6, 1803; m Chester Gallup

346 TEFFT LILLIBRIDGE6, 1805; m/1 Deliverance Huling; m/2 Sarah Winterbottom; m/3 Lovancy A Taylor

SUSAN6, 1808-1809

347 JOSEPH POTTER6, 1810; m Sarah Huling

PATIENCE ANN6, 1813; m Charles Stone

ALVIRA6, 1816; m Benjamin N Healy


181. EDWARD5 BARBER, 1779; m Phebe Tillinghast; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; DM = CSL:"Anc. & Desc. of Edward Barber and Phebe Tillinghast",1892,D Matteson; IGI:RI; Lt:John L Lillibridge; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Gen; CEM:Griswold CT; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

348 JOSEPH TILLINGHAST6, 1802; m Nancy James

MARY HIMES6, 1804; m Whitmar R Kenyon

SUSAN6, 1806; m William H Dye

ALICE6, 1806; m Benoni Matteson

ANNA JAMES6, 1809; m/1 Benjamin Kenyon; m/2 Bradford Bliven

REBECCA6, 1811; m John Phillips; bur. Griswold CT

349 THOMAS TILLINGHAST6, 1813; m Angeline P Richmond

350 LILLIBRIDGE6, 1815; m Thankful Lillibridge

351 EDWARD6, 1817; m Susan Card

HANNAH6, 1823; m Peleg Matteson

352 WELCOME6, 1825; m Polly Matteson

PHEBE CAROLINE6, 1830-1837


182. LEONARD E5 BARBER, 1787; m Phebe Brown Rathbun; res Norwich CT. [Ref:VR:Norwich; CEM:Norwich; LS; RIGR; Lt:John L Lillibridge; Estate:Phebe, Norwich, 1872; 1850 CS:Norwich]

353 ROWLAND RATHBUN6, 1817; m Mary L Browning

SALLY6, 1824; m Zacheus Armstrong


183. JARED5 BARBER, 1790; m Sally N Kenyon; res Hopkinton, Richmond RI. [Ref:VR:Voluntown; 1850,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

354 GILBERT MATTHEW6, 1815; m Dency Young

AVIS M6, 1817; prob m Elijah Greene

355 MATTHEW STILLMAN6, 1817; m Martha Dye

356 JOHN K6, ; m Betsey Tabor

357 EDWARD S6, 1825; m Annetta A Coon

358 JESSE WILBUR6, 1833; m Mary Ann Lewis


184. GEORGE5 BARBER, 1799; prob. is the George who m Fanny Kenyon; res Hopkinton RI.[Ref:VR:Voluntown; 1850,1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

GEORGE W6, 1828; ?m Voluntown CT 1851 May A Simpson

MARY A6, 1836

359 ISAAC K6, 1830; m Mary E Crandall; ?m Nancy Barber.

360 JOHN NELSON6, 1832; m Clarinda Perry Burdick

RAY L6, 1844

360a JOHN THOMAS6, 1849; m Eliza Ann Segar


185. NATHAN5 BARBER, 1785; m Dorcas Babcock; res Westerly RI.[Ref:GML:Babcock Gen; LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Westerly; VR:New London CT; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

NANCY6, 1806; unm

CATY ANN6, d 1820

MARY6, 1808; m William York

361 CHARLES P6, ; m Celestina Lucy Ann

SUSAN B6, 1814; m Ellery Nash

362 NATHAN6, 1811; m Sarah Frances Dickens

CAROLINA P6, 1822-1895; unm; d New London CT

363 ALBERT D6, 1823; m Eunice Ann Hall

364 GEORGE H S6, 1824; m Maria Frances Hall (sis of Eunice)


186. ARNOLD B5 BARBER, 1785; m Amy Tefft; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:1850,1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]


365 SAMUEL KENYON6, 1824; m Hannah Tillinghast

SUSAN B6, 1830; m William Day

NANCY6, 1831

ELIZA A6, 1836

MARY C6, 1838; m -- Barber


187. ?BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1789; m Nancy Brand; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:VR:Hopkinton]

366 BRADFORD A6, 1816; m Fanny Matteson

IRA S6, 1820; m Charity Williams

367 BENJAMIN M6, 1823; prob. m Martha A Burdick


188. HENRY MERRIOT5 BARBER, 1827; m Eliza M Beebe; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1860 CS:Stonington]

?EMMA J6, 1846; ?m James D Larkin?

368 WINTHROP WARREN6, 1852; m Mary Gray Swaney


ERMIE ELIZA6, 1867-1870


189. CHARLES W5 BARBER, 1840; m 1860 Sarah J Lamb; she m/2 1873 William L Burton; res Groton CT.[Ref:VR:Groton,Stonington; 1870 CS:Groton; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

CHARLES D6, 1863

369 WILLIAM HERBERT6, 1864; m/1 Abbie Chipman; m/2 Eliza May Wheeler

JENNY6, 1867


190. HORACE GREENMAN5 BARBER, 1842; m Mary Maloy; res Westerly RI and Stonington CT.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Westerly,Stonington; 1880,1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

JAMES M6, 1872; m Mary Fleck of Germany

ELLEN6, 1874


KATE6, 1878

HORACE C6, 1880; d yg

370 HORACE GREENMAN6, 1887; m Bernice Gertrude White

HENRY M6, 1892

HARRY L6, 1900; m Jane McShane


191. EDWARD PERRY5 BARBER, 1845; m/1 1867 Alice Bliven (she m/1 --- Dewey); m/2 Eliza G; res Westerly RI, Lenox MA; d Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1880 CS:Lenox MA; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]



192. JAMES COURTLAND5 BARBER, 1852; m Louise J (Burdick) Chester; res N Stonington CT, Westerly RI.[Ref:CHS:Burdick Gen; 1880,1900 CS:Westerly; VR:No Stonington; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EFFIE EMELINE6, 1880; m Claude Hopkins of Rockville CT

EVELYN LOUISE6, 1887; m Clarence Alvah Burdick


193. JAMES ALBERT5 BARBER, 1840; m Josephine Hannah Tourgee; res Westerly RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; Ms:Westerly P.L.; 1865,1880 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

371 JAMES FREDERICK6, 1866; m Nellie Schofield


ELMER6, 1873-1891.

HOWARD R6, 1870

372 RAYMOND6, 1875; m Mary Ethel Longworthy

372a HERMAN6, 1877; m Melanie Wiseman.

WILLIAM E6, 1879


194. ELLERY E5 BARBER, 1843; m Fanny Emeline Hall; res Westerly RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

FANNY NINA6, 1889; m/1 John Perry Ingham; m/2 Robert P Clark

MERCIE ANNA6, 1891-1918, unm

RHODA MARION6, 1895; m Donald M Ferguson


195. ISAAC GAVITT5 BARBER, 1849; m/1 1880 Henrietta F Greene; m/2 1888 Mary Tefft; res Westerly RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1900 CS:Westerly; VR:New London CT; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

ETTA MAY6, 1881; m New London CT Charles S Taylor


196. EDWIN B5 BARBER, 1853; m/1 Ida Bliven; m/2 1897 Nora Barry Coleman; m/3 Clara Ellis;

res Stonington CT and Westerly RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1880,1910 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

HARRY EDWIN6, 1875; m Rosina Katerina Kraft; res. Boston and Needham MA. [Lt: William Daniel Barber]

Second wife:

IDA MAY6, 1899/1900; m --- Smith

EDWIN M6, 1901/2; m ---


197. WILLIAM AMOS5 BARBER, 1857; m Ida F Murphy; res Westerly RI and Stonington CT.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Groton CT; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

373 BERNARD S6, 1886; m Alma Paul

374 JOHN ROLAND6, 1892; m Jeanette E Miner

374a EARL W6, ; m ---

LILA6, 1894; m William Clark


198. JOHN C5 BARBER, 1839; ?m Cynthia A Bennett; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; IGI:RI; 1865,1870,1900,1910 CS:Westerly; 1880 CS:Stonington; IGI:RI; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EDGAR CALVIN6, 1868-1885

GEORGE H6, 1870-1899; res Providence

JENNIE A6, 1872; m William S Eaton

IDA M6, 1874


199. ROYAL P5 BARBER, 1808; m Lydia Baker; res Greenwich NY, Sandgate VT. [Ref:Lt:John Warner; Ms:Betty Buckell; VR:VT; 1840,1850,1880 CS:Sandgate; Lt: Doris Saunders]

SUSAN A6, 1836; m Willis S Bently

375 HENRY O6, 1843; m Envira F ---

ROYAL HARVEY6, 1844-1864

CORNELIA6, 1847; m George W Curtis; res Syracuse

JANE ELIZA6, 1838; m James S Warner; she bur. Redwood Falls MN.

376 JOHN FRANCIS6, 1841; m Hattie Torrance

MARY E6, 1849; m James Madison

EVA6, 1856; m Jerome Fones; he d Fulton, Oswego Co NY

LEONA POLLY6, 1859; m Edward G Wells; he d Fulton, Oswego Co NY.

HATTIE J6, 1851; m Orin Eugene Mears

377 HERBERT R6, 1853; m Flora Mears


199A. ?JOHN R5 BARBER, b RI 1799/1800; m Clarissa ---; res Truxton, Cortland Co NY. John R is placed here as a son of Moses because he and Clark are here together. [Ref: 1850 CS:Truxton]

JULIA6, b 1830/1

LEWIS6, b 1836/7


199B. CLARK5 BARBER, b Oneida Co NY 1805; m Lucina ---; res. Truxton, Cortland Co NY. [Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: Truxton]

MARY6, b 1833/4

ROSWELL6, b 1838; m Bridgett ---; res. Georgetown, Madison Co. [Ref: 1880 CS: Georgetown]

ROSWELL7, b 1875/6

ROSY7, b 1877/8

AMELIA6, b 1842/3


199C. EPHRAIM C5 (?Codder) BARBER, b ?RI 1803; m Elizabeth D Stewart; res. McDonough, Chenango Co NY.

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: McDonough]

LUCY A6, b 1836/7

MELISSA A6, b 1839/40

FANNY M6, b 1842/3


199E. VanRENSSALAER5 BARBER, b NY 1809; m Amzi --- (prob. his 2nd wife); res. Georgetown, Madison Co NY.

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: Georgetown; IGI:Madison Co]

ADELBERT F6, b 1845; m Amanda ---; res. Georgetown, Madison Co NY. [Ref: 1880 CS: Georgetown]

MARTHA A7, b 1879/80

MARTHA6, b 1847/8


199F. FREEBORN F5 BARBER, b NY 1819; m/1 Hannah Wilcox; m/2 Calista ---; res Georgetown, Madison Co NY

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: Georgetown]

First wife:

ADELAIDE E6, b 1846/7

PATIENCE A6, b 1848/9

Second wife:

EUGENE F6, 1853/4; m Julia M---; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref: 1880 CS: DeRuyter]

Child: JULIA7, 1880


200. GEORGE TEFFT5 BARBER, 1819; m/1 Sally H Tuthill; m/2 Mary Anna ---; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:DeRuyter]

First wife:

CHARLES M6, 1860

Second wife:

GEORGE F6, 1871

AMASA6, 1872


JEROME6, 1879


201. MOSES D BELA5 BARBER, 1826; m Mary Jane Frink; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:DeRuyter]

377a LEROY L6, 1860; m Carrie A Whaley

LUTHER6, 1863

LUCINDA6, 1878


202. JEROME BOUNIPART5 BARBER, 1831; m Delina A Peavy; res Georgetown, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:Georgetown]

GEORGE N6, 1856

NETTIE M6, 1864


DELLIE E6, 1875

CLINTON D6, 1877


202A. J CLARK5 BARBER, 1838; m Sarah Austin; r DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Lt: Dee Dee Chavez]

CORA V6, 1866; m Clifton Lavern Marvin

LOTTIE6, 1872

377b THOMAS CLARK6, 1875; m/1 Olive Kellogg; m/2 Eva E Rice


203. LEROY5 BARBER, 1820; m Electa A Griffin; ares Bolton, Warren Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Bolton]

ALANSON6, 1847


204. OTIS H5 BARBER, 1838; ?m Caroline ---; res Bolton, Warren Co NY.

LINUS6, 1877


204A. PALMER PHINEAS5 BARBER, 1811; m Louisa Allen; res Napoli, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Corresp: Jacob G Barber; 1850 CS:Napoli]

SUSAN A6, 1844; m Levi Ely Fuller.

SAMUEL6, 1847


205. RUSSELL WEBSTER5 BARBER, 1812; m/1 Constant --; m/2 Eliza Watson Potter; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; Heather Anderson:]

First wife:

CHARLES6, 1833

LOVISIA6, 1835

Second wife:


378 EZEKIEL EDWARD6, 1855; m Rebecca Bartlett Brown

379 HENRY RUSSELL6, 1856; m/1 Anne E Taylor; m/2 Almira Arnold

HARRIET ADELAIDE6, 1857; m Walter Hicks

CAROLINE I6, 1859; m James Palmer

MARY A6, 1863

ELLEN ELIZABETH6, 1863; m Charles C Armstrong

SARAH P6, 1865


205A. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1819; ?the same who m. Mary (Mercy) Barber; res Otto, Cattaraugus Co NY.[1880 CS: Otto]

FRANK6, 1850; m Jennie Thoma; res Otto.

GRACE7, 1873

MARY7, 1875

JESSIE7, 1878

HELEN7, 1880

ELLA6, 1865


205B. SOLOMON5 BARBER, 1825; m Dorcas Armstrong; res Nantucket MA, died at Napoli, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Corresp: Jacob G Barber; IGI: MA]

SARAH ELIZABETH6, 1850; m Ira Freeman; res CT.

GEORGE6, 1852; m Mary Kuhn; res Coldspring, Cattaraugus Co NY.

EDWIN6, 1856; m Lorraine Hitchcock; res Randolph, Cattaraugus Co.

380 FRANK EUGENE6, 1858; m Lillian Seeker.

ABBIE UNDERWOOD6, 1862; m Everel Burdick; res Napoli, Cattaraugus Co.

AUSTIN6, 1865; m Sarah McKeener; res Napoli.

HOYT6, 1867; m Flora Brightman; res East Randolph, Cattaraugus Co.


206. BENJAMIN HAZARD5 BARBER, 1827; m Melissa Adelina Cole; res Richmond, Cranston RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington CT; 1865 CS:Richmond; IGI:RI; Lt: Glenn King,]

HENRY6, 1852; m Mary Abby; bur. Voluntown CT.

SUSAN A6, 1853

ABIGAIL FRANCES6, 1856; m Ichabod Dawley

EDNA A6, 1858

381 JOHN BENJAMIN6, 1860; m Ellen C McClean

ROSABELL6, 1860; ?m Daniel Angus Murray

ELNORA ZENOBIA6, 1863; m James Edward King. [Lt: Glenn King ]

GIRL6, 1864


207. SMITUM POTTER5 BARBER, 1815; m Phebe Lewis; res Richmond, Exeter RI. [Ref:1860,1865 CS:Exeter; 1870 CS:Richmond]

HENRY, 1835

381a MOSES P6, 1851; m Hannah G Barber


208. PETER CLARKE5 BARBER, 1830; m Sophia A Barber, dau. of Gilbert Matthew and Dency (Young) Barber; res Exeter, Charleston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Exeter; 1865 CS:Richmond; 1880,1910 CS:Charleston; Newsp:Westerly P.L.; VR:So Kingston]

LUCY ANN6, 1857

SUSAN E N6, 1859; ?m Walter W Nichols (see Susan W6 below)

FRED C6, 1864; m Emma C; res Charleston [1910 CS]

HATTIE MAY6, 1867; m William A Pollock

382 GEORGE EDWIN6, 1870; m Jane Elizabeth Hall

JOSEPH ?HAZARD6, 1873; m Georgianna Estelle Burdick; res So Kingston [1910 CS]


209. JESSE CRANDALL5 BARBER, 1827; m Sarah Tefft; res Richmond, Charlestown RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Richmond; 1865 CS:Charlestown]

EMMA C6, 1848

CLARA6, 1854

MARIAN A6, 1857

383 ALBERT C6, 1856; m Abbie E Cook

JAMES C6, 1861

MARY G6, 1865


210. BENJAMIN POTTER5 BARBER, 1832; m/1 Susan Johnson (d 1865);m/2 Martha E Johnson; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1860,1865 CS:Westerly; VR:Stonington; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

HENRY WILSON6, 1856-1873

Second wife:




211. MANLY PECKHAM5 BARBER, 1834; m Hannah M Wells; res Westerly RI. [Ref:VR:No Stonington; IGI:RI]

MARIAN I6, 1859

JENNETT6, 1861


212. JOB HAZARD5 BARBER, 1836; m Mary J Cottrell; r Exeter RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; CHS:Rathbone Gen,1898,John C Cooley; 1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

383a CHAUNCEY C6, 1858; m Henrietta M Whitman

SUSAN W6, 1859; m Walter Nichols


213. HENRY CLAY5 BARBER, 1844; m Harriet C Holland; res Richmond, No Kingston RI. [Ref:1870 CS:Richmond; 1880,1910 CS:No Kingston]

JAMES B6, 1873; m Edna ---; res No Kingston [1910 CS]


214. WEST5 BARBER, 1781; m Thankful ---; res Mina, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Mina]

384 HIRAM6, 1816; m Parthena ---

385 WILLIAM P6, 1823; m Lucretia ---


215. ?JAMES LEWIS5 BARBER, c 1800; m Susan --- (also seen Lois ---); res Hopkinton, Richmond RI.

CALVIN R6, 1819; m Eliza A (or Susan ---); d Plainfield CT 1899

386 AZARIAH F6 (Ezra), 1828; m Lucy Ann Richmond


216. JOSIAH5 BARBER, 1803; m Sarah Kelley; res Killingly CT. [Ref:VR:Hartford CT, Killingly; 1850,1860,1880 CS:Killingly]

THIRZA L6, 1829; m Leonard Bartlett

EZRA N6, 1831; m Mary E Wilbur

387 HIRAM E6 (or G), 1835; m Ann Eliza Mathewson

388 WILLIAM J6, 1837; m Angenette Leach

ADON H6, 1841; m Sarah A Wilson

ADELAIDE L6, 1844-1925; unm

NELLIE6, 1854

?HENRY6, 1859


217. JABEZ5 BARBER, 1795; m Thankful Lewis; res Stonington, Sprague CT.[Ref:Estate:Jabez, Sprague, 1878; VR:Stonington, Voluntown; 1850 CS:Stonington]

389 CALEB6, 1815; m Mary Ann Douglas

CALISTA6, 1828; m Daniel M Larkham; he m/1 1818, Voluntown CT, Lydia Barber

MARGARET S6, 1832; m Orrin B Larkham

389a JOHN AVERY6, 1838; m Deborah Lillibridge


218. Dr. SMITH5 BARBER, 1799; m Mary James; res Voluntown, Canterbury, Griswold CT. [Ref:CHS:Bible; 1850 CS:Griswold; Virkus:Compend,Vol 4; CEM:Brooklyn CT; VR:Canterbury]

390 WILLARD6, 1824; m Elizabeth Spencer

WILLIAM6, 1824

391 AMENZER6, 1825; m Mary Matilda Buck

392 THOMAS ALLEN6, 1827; m --


219. EASON5 BARBER, 1803; m Eliza Barber; res W Greenwich RI. [Ref:1850 CS:W Greenwich; VR:Norwich CT]

COMFORT6, 1825; m Albert C Nichols

SALLY6, 1828

LYDIA M6, 1830; m Henry Matteson

393 HORACE M6, 1832; prob m/1 ---; m/2 1879, Norwich CT, Elizabeth Cameron

LUCY D6, 1836


220. RUSSELL5 BARBER, 1807; m/1 Mary Matteson; m/2 1862 Mary (Barber) Adams, dau. of James4, #39; m/3 Mary Reynolds Dawley; res Westerly, W Greenwich, So Kingston RI. [Ref:1850 CS:W Greenwich; 1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; VR:So Kingston]

First wife:

394 HENRY G6, 1832; m/1 Mary A ---; m/2 Martha M Green


221. HENRY M5 BARBER, 1810; m Mary Ann Palmer; res Hopkinton, Westerly RI, Delavon WI.[Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Hopkinton; 1860 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.; Jon Barber:]

394a JOHN A6, 1836; m Martha Cornelia Teachout.

AMY B6, 1841; m Chester Rewey; r Estherville.

ALBERT H6, 1843; m Clara Ames.

395 NELSON TURNER6, 1849; m Lottie Alice Austin

396 WARREN CONGDON6, 1850; m Frances Watkins.

GEORGE J6, 1852


CHARLES SAFFORD6, 1855; m/1 Lydia Patten; m/2 Helene Knoop; r Estherville.

MARY ANN6, 1833-1833.

JOEL PALMER6, 1834-1840.

PHOEBE6, 1838; d in infancy.

RUSSEL6, 1840-1840.

LYDIA JANE6, 1847-1848.


222. PELEG5 BARBER, 1820; ?m Sarah Nye; res Exeter RI. [IGI:RI; 1850,1860 CS:Exeter]

?SARAH M6, 1839

397 SILAS E6, 1847; m Frances M Barber

EUNICE A6, 1850

398 HERBERT L6, 1852; m Janette Lillian Jordan


223. ?HAZARD5 BARBER, 1793; m Lydia ---; res Warwick and Coventry RI. [Ref:1850 CS:Warwick]

MARIA6, 1825

HARRIET6, 1829

LOUISA6, 1833

DORCAS P6, 1837; m Henry W Potter

399 HENRY H6, 1840; m Julia A F Arnold


224. JOHN5 BARBER, 1797; ?m Waity ---; res Warwick RI. [Ref:1850 CS:Warwick]

JOHN6, 1837; m Ruth Briggs

JAMES D6, 1843


225. AMOS PALMER5 BARBER, 1821; m Lucy A Barber, dau. of Robert Niles Barber); res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860,1865,1870 CS:Hopkinton]

400 AMOS P6, 1843; m Susan E Carpenter

EMMA A6, 1848

ADDIE ESTHER6, 1849; m Israel Otis Taylor


401 FREDERICK O6, 1856; m Mary F.

CHARLES S6, 1864


226. JOHN HENRY5 BARBER, 1826; m Mary A James; res Exeter, Hopkinton RI; bur. Plainfield CT.[Ref:CEM:Plainfield; 1850,1865,1870 CS:Exeter; 1880 CS:Scotland CT]

MARY ELIZABETH6, 1844-1845

HANNAH MARIA6, 1846; ?d yg

402 WILLIAM H6, 1850; m Sarah M Sherman


227. WILLIAM ALBERT5 BARBER, 1832; m/1 ---; m/2 Elizabeth E James (b 1843); r Exeter RI.[Ref:1860,1865CS:Exeter]

403 CHARLES J6, 1855; ?m Almina ---


228. RATHBURN5 BARBER, 1807; m Julia Ann Harris; res Spafford, Onond. Co NY. [Ref: 1850 CS:Spafford]

403a WILLIAM ADDISON6, 1835; m Juliette Serven.

403b FREDERICK PETER6, 1837; m Lucy Elvira Serven.

403c FRANKLIN6, 1839; m/1 Mary Augusta Olin; m/2 Samantha Sharzetta Belknap.

404 BRADFORD6, 1841; m Phebe Ann Cox.

404a NANCY JANE6, 1843

EDWARD6, 1847

JOHN6, 1850

ALICE6 MARIE, 1853; m/1 John Randall; m/2 1924 Adelbert Craig.

MARY ROSETTA6, 1855; m Harrison Morris.

404b LEWIS6, 1857; m Emma Johnson.


229. DANIEL5 BARBER, 1808; m Cornelia Belknap; res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY. [Ref:1850 SC:Spafford]

ANDREW6, 1836

DORBETA6, 1837

SARAH6, 1840




229A. CHARLES5 BARBER, 1819; m Betsy Randall.

MERCY ANN6, ; m Vinal Gifford.


229B. JEREMIAH5 BARBER, 1814; m Rachel Serven; r Junius NY. [Record of Dora Barber Horle, from Tatiana Barber]

M JANE6, 1834; m Guernee ---.

PETER6, b 1837

404c CHARLES HENRY6, ; m Sarah Fay.

ANN MARIE6, ; m/1 James Johnson.

CORDELIA6, ; m D J Burleson.


CHARLES JUDSON6, b 1848; m Charlotte E Briggnall.

FRANCES C SALOME6, b 1855; m John Bacon.

WILLIAM J6, 1857; m Lottie ---.



230. MYRON HAWLEY5 BARBER, 1822; m/1 Frances ---; m/2 (prob) 1855 Emeline B Richmond; res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY, and Annawan and Alba, Henry Co IL. [Ref:IGI:IL; Lt:Jean Barber Foster; 1850 CS:Spafford]

First wife:

FRANKLIN6, 1849; ?d yg

Second wife:

404d FRANKLIN GAY6, 1857; m/1 Martha Mellisa Graham; m/2 Mary Ann Murray.

FLORENCE EUGENIA6, 1859; m John Doan Harritt; res Caldwell, Canyon Co ID

NEWTON CERIL6, 1861; m Mary Jane Graham; r Utica, Seward Co.

NETTIE VIRGINIA6, 1863; m Holbert Caughey; d Seward Co NE

MARY A6, 1865; d yg

LINCOLN GRANT6, 1867; d Seward Co NE

ANNA MARY6, 1869

FREDERICK W6, 1873; m Elizabeth E Beebout; d in ID

EARL RICHMOND6, 1874; d Seward Co NE

CELIA A6, 1877; m John William Gleason; res Seward Co NE.

MARTHA M6, 1879; r Utica, Seward Co NE


231. REUBEN W5 BARBER, 1824; m Paulina Morris (d 1857); m/2 1859 Celestia Preston (she m/2 ---- Comstock); res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Spafford]

First wife:

JANE6, 1844; m Newton Whitlock of Morgan MI.

EMILINE6, 1847; m Frank Sutherland of Irving MI.

MARY6, 1849; m John H Dennis of Hastings MI.

WILLIAM, ; d 1857.

Second wife:



232. ?CHARLES W5 BARBER, 1821; m Killingly CT Wealthy Ann Victory; res W Green wich, Hopkinton, Richmond RI.[Ref:VR:Killingly CT; 1850 CS:W Greenwich; 1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton; 1870 CS:Richmond; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

JAMES H6, 1847; m Lovinia Palmer


405 DAVID WHITMAN6, 1852; m Julie Ann (Angie) Lewis

CHARLES W6, 1867


233. NOYES WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1824; m/1 Lucinda S Lillibridge; m/2 1866 Phebe A Burton; res N Kingston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:No Kingston]

ELIZA A G6, 1853

ALVIRA S H6, 1859-60


234. GEORGE5 BARBER, 1810; m Hannah Merris; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; Lt:William H Heath; CEM:Plainfield CT; VR:Plainfield]

ROXANNA6, 1834; m William H Holland

ABBY E6, 1836; m Albert C G Slocum

406 GEORGE FRANK6, 1838; m Mary Frances Lewis

ELIZABETH6, 1839; unm

AMY M6, 1842; m William Matteson

407 WILLIAM ELLERY6, 1844; m/1 Celia A Palmer; m/2 Augusta Palmer

HANNAH JANE6, 1845; m William M Dean; bur. Plainfield CT

CHARLES EDWARD6, 1848; m/1 Marion E Olney; m/2 1900 Hattie I Tiffany; bur Plainfield CT; no ch

408 ALBERT TAYLOR6, 1850; m ---

409 GARDNER REYNOLDS6, 1852; m Mary ---

PHEBE ANN6, 1857; unm


235. EASON5 BARBER, 1812; m Rachel Pollard; res Richmond RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington CT; LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:Richmond; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EDWIN6, 1846-1846


ALBERT TAYLOR6, 1849-1850

MARY CATHERINE6, 1850-1873; m Giles H Wilcox, Jr of Stonington CT

ABBY ESTHER6, 1853; m Charles D Wilcox (he ?m/1 Avis M Barber )

BYRON6, 1857-1857

410 HERBERT LINCOLN6, 1858; m Evelyn Amelia Gates

SUSAN RICHMOND6, 1861-1863

INFANT6, 1864-1864

411 ALBERT ELLERY6, 1864, m Hattie I Place

OSCAR EDMOND6, 1865; m Edna Winfield Bates; res Richmond RI [1910 CS]

412 GRANT COLFAX6, 1867; m Elsie Jeanette Lewis


236. CHARLES C5 BARBER, 1812; m Hannah M Stanton; res Lebanon 1850, Hebron 1840, CT. [Ref:CEM:E Haddam CT; VR:Lebanon; 1850 CS:Lebanon]

SARAH M6, 1840

MARY N6; 1847; m Albert E Olmsted; res Moodus, E Haddam CT


237. WILLIAM MC5 BARBER, 1824; m Colchester CT Julia R Chapman; res New London, Hamden, Hebron CT. [Ref:CHS:Chapman Gen; CEM:Hamden; VR:Hebron; 1850 CS:New London]

JULIETTE E6, 1845-1860

ELLEN R6, 1850

HERBERT W6, 1851-1854



238. GARDINER5 BARBER, 1837; m Eunice Roxanne Tanner; res Hopkinton, Exeter, RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1865,1870 CS:Hopkinton; 1880,1900 CS:Exeter; Lt: Joe DeTata]

ADDIE MAY6 (Hattie), 1864; m Herbert Edward Lewis

JOHN RAY6, 1868; m Mrs. Abbie Aurilla (Fiske) Smith. No ch.

GARDNER CLAY6, 1877; m Mrs. Nellie May (Walsh) Rockwell. No ch.