NB  Nellie Barber: Genealogy of Robert Barber Family 1981

BB  Material from Betty Buckell, Lake George NY

Marguerite Kalec:  30051 Club House Lane, Farmington Hills MI 48394

Ellen Harper:  28425 Peppermill Rd, Farmington Hills MI 48391

Marian Thorne:

Betty Pankey: 

Betty L B Silvie:  13 Fieldstone Dr, Whippany NJ 07981

Carmen Cummings:  118 Kyle St, Sulphur Springs TX 75482

Maurene Brevoort Seely:  160 E 234 St, Carson CA 90745

Ruth Priestly: 

James R Barbour:

Charles Armstrong:  445 Hilldale Rd, Paducah KY 42001

John Cupak:

Mabel Keech: 

Virginia G Miller:  8047 S Penn Ct, Littleton CO 80122

Elmer C Sanborn:  7031 Leawood St, Portage MI 49024-4081

Jean M Corlew:  48 Wilton Mobile Park, Saratoga Springs NY 12866

Deborah Barber: 

Eleanor L Cotton:  132A Villas Ct, Tallahassee FL 32303

Frederick Alan Barber:


Heads of Family (Barber); Birth year; Family number:  (First 4 generations only)

Alvin; 1796; 48   

Alvin S, 1824; 95

Ansel, 1792; 47b

Asa Hemenway; 1805; 53   

Augustus Kent; 1802; 58   

Benjamin; 1751; 31   

Chauncey; 1785; 41   

Chauncey; 1797; 64   

Cyrus R; 1820; 73b   

Daniel; 1759; 17   

Daniel; 1799; 57  

Daniel, 1774; 25

Edward Dwight, 1912; 211a

Edward Hinman; 1792; 55   

Edwin Joel, 1829; 94a

George Pomeroy; 1818; 76   

Henry E, 1818; 94b

Hiram; 1799; 49   

Horace; 1795; 62   

Horatio Nelson; 1808; 73   

Ira; 1783; 40   

Ira S; 1804; 51   

Isaac Richmond; 1794; 44   

James; 1727; 3   

James; 1764; 11

James; 1759; 13   

James; 1776; 28a   

James; 1799; 45   

James Brown; 1791; 34   

Jared; 1809; 60   

Jeremiah B; 1816; 73a   

Joel;  1764; 14 

Joel; 1782; 30   

Joel; 1791; 47   

John; 1731; 4   

John; 1766; 15   

John; 1757; 33   

John; 1793; 35   

John; 1796; 56   

John; 1780; 77   

Joseph; 1738; 6   

Joseph; 1760; 18   

Joseph; 1766; 22   

Joseph; 1801; 67   

Joseph S; 1801; 50

Keith Lawrence, 1889; 182a  

Levi; 1763; 21   

Levi; 1797; 63    

Lucius H; 1825; 70

Matthew; 1700; 2   

Matthew; 1734; 5   

Matthew; 1771; 19   

Matthew, 1772; 24

Matthew; 1753; 32   

Moses; 1760; 10   

Moses Green; 1804; 36   

Nelson; 1805; 46   

Obadiah; 1793; 37   

Robert; 1700; 1   

Robert; 1729; 8   

Robert; 1759; 9   

Robert; 1778; 29   

Robert; 1815; 74   

Robert; 1783; 78   

Roswell; 1785; 54   

Rufus; 1769; 23   

Samuel; 1796; 38   

Samuel W; 1811; 68   

Silas; 1786; 27   

Simeon; 1763; 20

Simeon; 1807; 59   

Theron Walter; 1806; 65   

Thomas; 1790; 79   

Uel; 1791; 43   

Willard; 1789; 42   

William; 1743; 7

William; 1761; 12   

William; 1784; 26   

William; 1773; 28   

William; 1802; 39   

William; 1811; 52   

William; 1789; 61   

William Cleveland; 1817; 75   

William E; 1812; 66   

William Hazzard; 16   

William Newell; 1818; 69   

William Thomas; 1824; 72   

Woodbridge Little; 1798; 47a 


Spouses; Family number:

Adams, Clarissa; 44   

Allen, Sally; 24   

Anderson, Mary; 32   

Baker, Mary; 31    

Ballou, Chloe Tyler; 67   

Bears, Phebe; 37   

Bennett, Esther; 40   

Bixby, Hannah; 16   

Blair, Mary; 2   

Brown, Mary Ann; 3   

Brown, Rebecca; 28a   

Bush, Mrs. Ruth; 19   

Camp, Anna Maria; 58

Campbell, Polly; 12   

Chase, Charlotte E; 69

Chase, Rosetta; 47a   

Clark, Adeline O; 36   

Clark, Betsey; 77   

Cleveland, Laura; 30   

Cobb, Esther; 40   

Cook, Charlotte; 64   

Cowles, Abigail; 53   

Cutter, Rachel; 12   

Cutter, Thankful; 60  

DeLong, Sally; 47a

Dickinson, Laura; 57   

Doane, Dorcas; 13    

Dunklee, Ruth; 46

Dyer, Cynthia; 57   

Fairbanks, Ann Elizabeth; 70   

Fitch, Abigail; 14   

Frost, Augusta Eliza; 72   

Gates, Abigail; 65   

Gates, Mary; 49   

Graves, Almira A;  29   

Gray, Hannah;  4   

Gray, Mary; 2   

Gray, Sarah; 1   

Greenough, Elizabeth; 44    

Griswold, Rebecca; 55   

Hall, Proxana; 40   

Hinman, Rebecca; 21   

Hinman, Ruth Emily; 17   

Howard, Eliza; 67   

Hunt, Lois; 28a   

Jennison, Eliza; 67   

Johnson, Rebecca; 9   

Kent, Clarissa; 18   

Kenyon, Mary; 79   

Ketcham, Mary (Polly); 34   

Kitchell, Elizabeth Lucetta; 42   

Knox, Margaret; 7   

Ladd, Jane; 74

Lamb, Harriet W; 75   

Leonard, Abigail; 77   

Lewis, Abigail; 25

McClanathan; Elizabeth; 6   

McFarland, Hannah; 5   

McFarland, Martha; 6    

McFarland, Sarah; 8

Moore, Catherine; 20   

Munson, Aurelia Emeline; 54   

Olmsted, Cynthia; 34   

Parker, Elizabeth; 73b   

Parker, Judith; 67   

Parsons, Harriet W; 75   

Peet, Lucy; 28   

Rich, Harty Ann; 62   

Richardson; Sybil; 35   

Ripley, Laura; 46  

Rockwell, Sarah M; 94a

Rogers, Caroline M; 44   

Rood, Ruth; 26   

Root, Laura E; 55    

Root, Maria; 76   

Searle, Lydia; 45   

Searle, Peninah; 43   

Smith, Charlotte; 22   

Smith, Mrs. Eunice; 15   

Smith, Mary; 47   

Spencer, Samantha; 50 

Stephenson, Arabella; 94a 

Sterner, Catherine R; 73a   

Stowell, Hannah; 27   

Taggart, Sarah; 78   

Warren, Azubah; 33   

White, Marian; 95

Whiting, Persis; 41   

Wight, Abigail; 23   

Willard, Mary; 46   

Wilson, Belinda; 58   

Wood, Mrs.; 40   

Wright, Jerusha; 38




1. ROBERT1 BARBER, 1700; from County Tyrone, Koppro Parish, Ireland came with his brother Matthew to Weston MA

in 1718 or 1725; they came with a group of Scotch‑Irish immigrants  who came to the area at that time, including the Grays;

he m Sarah Gray; res Weston, Worcester MA in 1731.

[Ref: NB; PR:Worcester MA; "Worcester MA Cemetery Inscriptions" 1878; Watertown Hist:Bond; Detroit Soc.Gen.,Vol 16:John Gray Desc, by Anna Warner;    "Reminiscenses of Worcester,1877:Wood; Hist. of Worcester, 1919:Nutt; Virkus:Compend:Vol.5; VR:Weston, Worcester, Pelham;  Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

 3     JAMES2, 1727; m/1 Miriam; m/2 Mary Ann ?Brown            

       ELIZABETH2, 1729; m James McFarland                             

       SARAH2, 1730; m Daniel McFarland                                

 4     JOHN2, 1731; m Hannah Gray                                    

       MARTHA2, 1733;  died before 1769                                                   

 5     MATTHEW2, 1733; m Hannah McFarland                            

       NANCY2, 1735; d 1757

       MARY2, 1736; d 1756

 6     JOSEPH2, 1738; m/1 Martha McFarland; m/2 Elizabeth McClanathan

 7     WILLIAM2, 1743; m Margaret Knox                               

       BENJAMIN2,   ;  alive in 1769                                                        

       HANNAH2,  ; m Eliot Gray                                         

       MARGARET2,   ; m Micah Richmond of Killingly CT.


2. MATTHEW1 BARBER, b Ireland before 1700; m Mary (Gray) Blair (she m/1 William Blair; res Weston,  Shrewsbury MA.  [Ref: PR:Worcester; VR:Pelham, Leicester, Shrewsbury MA; Watertown Hist.:Bond; Hist. of Colrain MA; Detroit Soc:Vol.16; Hist of Worc; IGI:MA; Hist of Shrewsbury]

       MARY2, 1728; m at Leicester MA,  Daniel Jackson                 

 8     ROBERT2, 1729; m Sarah McFarland                           

       ?SARAH2, 1731; m Matthew Gray                                   

       LYDIA2, 1733                                                   





3. JAMES2 BARBER, 1727; m/1 Miriam ‑‑‑; m/2 Mary Ann ?Brown; res Worcester MA.            [Ref: NB; "Worcester MA Cem. Inscriptions" 1878; PR:Worcester MA (will of James); "Reminiscences of Worcester" 1877:Wall; 1790 CS:Worcester; Hist of Oxford; VR:Oxford, Worcester; IGI:MA; Hist of Worc.]

       EUNICE3, 1758; m  ‑‑ Flagg                                   

       NANCY3,   ; m Dr John Green                                     

 9     ROBERT3, 1759; m Rebecca Johnson                             

 10    MOSES3, 1760; m ?Sarah ‑‑‑                                          

 11    JAMES3, 1764; had family; m Sylvia ‑‑‑                      

 12    WILLIAM3, 1767; m/1 Polly Campbell; m/2 Rachel Cutter   

       SARAH3, 1768; m William Town in Oxford; res Thompson CT, Westminister VT                

       THOMAS3, 1772; d 1845

       DAVID3, 1773                                                   

       MARY ANN3, 1779; m Artemas Ward                                


4. JOHN2 BARBER, 1731; m Hannah Gray; ?m/2 1797 Rebecca Cowls; res Lansingburg NY,Bridport VT.

[Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1790 CS:Bridport VT; Cowels Gen; IGI:MA]

       SARAH3, 1757; m Joshua Doane; res Benson VT                     

 13    JAMES3, 1759; m Dorcas Doane                                

       JOHN3, 1761; d yg                                                     

       BETSY3, 1762; m/1 Isaac Richmond; m/2 1789 Samuel Barrows; res Bridport VT                 

 14    JOEL3, 1764; m Abigail Fitch                                

 15    JOHN3, 1766; m Eunice Smith                                 

 16    WILLIAM HAZZARD3, 1770; m Hannah Bixby                       

       HANNAH3, 1773; m Jesse Smith; res Bridport VT, and Addison, Steuben Co NY.                   

       CATHERINE3 (CATY), 1778                                         


5. MATTHEW2 BARBER, 1734; m Hannah McFarland; res Worcester, Pittsfield MA, Benson VT.   [Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1790 CS:Pittsfield MA; "Am. Ancestry" 1894:Munsell; PR:Fairhaven; CSL:Goodrich Gen; Hist of Worc; Lt:Jean Lorenz; VR:Worc.; 1772 "CS",1790,1810 CS:Pittsfield; VT Dist.; BB; Lt:Ellen Harper]

 17    DANIEL3, 1759; m Ruth Emily Hinman                        

 18    JOSEPH3, 1760; m Clarissa Kent                              

       SARAH3, 1761; m ‑‑‑ Woodward; res Benson VT                     

       MOLLY3 (Mary)

       MARTHA3, 1763; m Adorinam Hinman


       WILLIAM3, 1765; res ON; d 1860                                                  

       ELEANOR3 (Tilley) (Nellie), 1767; m Azariah Root

       HANNAH3, 1770; d yg                                             

 19    MATTHEW3, 1776; m Mrs Ruth Bush                             

       EUNICE3, 1778; m Asa Fuller; res Benson VT                        

       HANNAH3, 1783; m Elizur Goodrich; res Benson VT                 


6. JOSEPH2 BARBER, 1738; m/1 1761 Martha McFarland, she d 1781; m/2 Palmer MA 1782 Elizabeth McClanathan; res Westfield, Worcester MA, Benson VT.  [Ref: NB; PR:Worcester MA (Will of Joseph, 1809, probated 2 Jun 1812); LR:Wilmington VT (Rufus);  Langdon NH Hist.; "Worcester MA Cem. Inscriptions" 1878; "Reminiscences of Worcester, 1877":Wall; BB; DAR Lineage; 1790 CS:Worcester; Hist of Worc; IGI:MA; VR:Lynn, Palmer, Princeton, Worcester; Hist of Princeton MA].

       First wife:

 20    SIMEON3, 1763; m Ruthan ‑‑‑; (?m/1 Catherine ‑‑‑)

 21    LEVI3, 1763; m Rebecca Hinman                               

       HANNAH3, 1765

 22    JOSEPH3, 1767; m Charlotte Smith                             

 23    RUFUS3, 1769; m Abigail Wight                               

 24    MATTHEW3, 1772; ?m Sally Allen  

 25    DANIEL3, 1774; may be the one who m Abigail Lewis??.    See the outline of Daniel of RI and Oakland

 County, MI.

       SAMUEL3, 1777; m Hannah ‑‑‑                                         

       MARY3 (Mercy), 1779; m Lynn MA, John Dolliver                            

       Second wife:

 26    WILLIAM3, 1784; m Ruth Rood; res Worcester MA                  

 27    SILAS3, 1786; m Hannah Stowell                               

       ROBERT3, 1788

       ASA3, 1789

       ELIZABETH3, 1789; m Stephen Brooks of Princeton MA           



7. WILLIAM2 BARBER, 1743; m Margaret Knox; res Pittsfield MA, Benson VT. [Ref: LR:Benson VT, 1785 +; Rutland Co Directory, 1881:Child;   PR:Fairhaven VT Dist.; BB; Cem:Benson VT;  Virkus:Mag. of Am Gen; 1772 "CS":Pittsfield;  VR:Worcester; Lt: Marian Thorne]

 28    WILLIAM3, 1773; m Lucy ?Peet (?Atwood)                              

       SALLY3, 1777; m Asher Olmstead; res Benson VT                   

 28a          JAMES3, 1777; m/1 Lois Hunt; m/2 Rebecca Brown.

       POLLY3, 1781


 29    ROBERT3, 1778; m Almira A Graves                            

 30    JOEL3, 1782; m Laura Cleveland                            


8. ROBERT2 BARBER, 1729; m Sarah McFarland; res Pelham MA.       [Ref: Hist. of Colrain; VR:Pelham, Colrain MA; Hist. Of Pelham MA; Hist. of Western MA; IGI:MA] 

 31    BENJAMIN3, 1751; m Mary Baker

 32    MATTHEW3, 1753; m Mary Anderson                              

       MARGARET3, 1755; m John Lawson; res Sherburne MA                

 33    JOHN3, 1757; m Azubah Warren; res Pelham MA                 





9. ROBERT3 BARBER, 1759; m Rebecca Johnson; res Benson VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1790‑1820,1850 CS:Benson VT; LR:Benson; Rutland Co Gazeteer:Child; Cem:Benson VT; DAR; VR:Worcester; BB]

       NANCY4, 1789                                                

 34    JAMES BROWN4, 1791; ?m/1 Cynthia Olmsted; ?m/2 Mary Ketcham 

 35    JOHN4, 1793; m/1 Sybil Richardson; m/2 Sarah ‑‑‑; m/3 Abigail ‑‑‑

       JOSHUA4, 1797                                                  

       SALLY4, 1798

       MARY ANN4, 1803

 36    MOSES GREEN4, 1804; m Adaline D Clark                       


10. MOSES3 BARBER, 1760; m ?Sarah ‑‑‑; res Georgia VT.   [Ref: 1800,1810,1820 CS:Georgia VT; LR:Georgia VT; LR:Pownal VT]

 37    OBADIAH4, 1793; m Phebe Bears; ?m/2 Maria ‑‑‑               

 38    ?SAMUEL4,   ; m Jerusha Wright

       ?AURORA4,  ; m 1819 Thomas Dunton


11. JAMES3 BARBER, 1764; m Sylvia ‑‑‑ (b 1785); res Worcester MA.   [Ref:1810,1820,1850 CS:Worcester]

       ?MARIA4, 1826


12. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1761; m/1 Polly Campbell; m/2 Rachel Cutter; res Voluntown CT, Mason NH.

[Ref:Cutter Gen; Hist of Worc.; VR:Mason, Greenville NH; Hx of Mason; 1800,1810,1820,1840 CS:Mason]

       First wife:                                                          

       POLLY CAMPBELL4, 1792                                       

       Second wife:                                                         

       SUSAN4, 1794; m Artemas Wood

       NANCY4, 1797; d Greenville NH 1888; unm.

       REBECCA4, 1799; m Josian Sawtelle

       MARY ANN4, 1800; m Asher Tarbell

 39    WILLIAM4, 1802; d 1845; m ‑‑‑                              

       RACHEL ELIZA4, 1805; d Greenville 1888; unm

       SALLY CAROLINE4, 1807; d Greenville 1881; unm                                      


13. JAMES3 BARBER, 1759; m Dorcas Doane; res Bridport VT, and Granville, Washington Co NY.

[Ref: NB; VR:VT; LR:Benson VT; 1790 CS:Granville NY; 1800‑1820 CS:Bridport VT; VR:Newbury MA]

 40    IRA4, 1783; m Proxana Hall

 41    CHAUNCEY4, 1785; m Persis Whiting                           

       ISAAC RICHMOND4, 1786‑1794

 42    WILLARD4, 1789; m Elizabeth Lucetta Kitchell                

 43    UEL4, 1791; m Peninah Searle                                

       ACHSAH4, 1792; m William Wicker                                  

 44    ISAAC RICHMOND4, 1794; m/1 Clarissa Adams; m/2 Caroline Rogers; m/3 Elizabeth Greenough                                 

       MYRINDA4, 1796; m Sheldon Cook                                  

       ELVIRA4, 1798; m Roswell Payne                                  

 45    JAMES4, 1799; m Lydia Searle                                

       NELSON4, 1801‑1802                                             

       JERUSHA4, 1803; m Dr Martin Root; res Newbury MA                

 46    NELSON4, 1805; m/1 Laura Ripley; m/2 Ruth Dunklee; m/3 Mary Willard


14. JOEL3 BARBER, 1764; m Abigail Fitch; res Bridport VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1790‑1810 CS:Bridport VT; NB; Virkus:Compend,Vol.5; Jewett Gen,1908:F C Jewett,M.D.; Chase Gen,1928:J C Chase; Loomis Gen; CSL:Felt Gen]

       PARTHENA4, 1789; m Chester Wright; res Whitehall NY

 47    JOEL4, 1791; m Mary Smith                                   

       FRANKLIN4, 1792; ?m Mary A Cook

       NAOMI4, 1794; m Thomas Jewett; res Weymouth VT, and Yates NY.

 47a   WOODBRIDGE LITTLE4, 1798; m/1 Sally Delong; m/2 Rosetta Chase; res Yates NY

       SUMARRON4, 1799‑1800

       CAMELIA4,   ‑‑ ; d 1802                                         

       MATTHEW4, 1803; d yg

       WILLIAM4, 1803; twin, d yg

       CAMELIA4, 1804; m John Soule

       EDWIN J4


15. JOHN3 BARBER, 1766; m Mrs. Eunice Smith; res Bridport, Addison VT; d Canton, St Lawrence Co NY.      [Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1790 CS:Bridport VT; 1800,1820 CS:Addison VT; LR:Enosburg VT]

 47b   ANSEL4, 1792; m ‑‑‑                                           

       LOUISA4, 1794

 48    ALVIN4, 1796; m Catherine ‑‑‑.

 49    HIRAM4, 1799; m Mary ‑‑‑.

 50    JOSEPH S4, 1801; m Samantha Spencer                         

 51    ?IRA S4, 1804; m Mary ‑‑‑


16. WILLIAM HAZZARD3 BARBER *248*, 1770; m Hannah Bixby; res Bridport VT.

[Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1800,1840,1850 CS:Bridport VT; William Barber Family Bible; CSL:Mead Gen]

       THIRZA4, 1801

       LUCY4, 1803; m Sidney Smith Miller                              

 52    WILLIAM4, 1811; m Catherine ---.                  

       PHEBE4, 1805

 53    ASA HEMENWAY4, 1805; Abigail Cowles


       ALMIRA4, 1811; m George Cowles; res Geneva, Ont. Co NY; had ch.

       JEMIMAH4, 1814; m Geneva NY 1850 Amos Mead


17. DANIEL3 BARBER, 1759; m Ruth Emily Hinman; res Benson VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1790,1800 CS:Benson VT; "Am. Ancestry" 1894:Munsell; Hist. of Woodbury CT; PR:Rutland Co VT; Rutland Co Directory 1881:Child; LR:Benson; "Generations of Puritans":Hinman; Virkus:Compend,Vol.5; Lt:Barbara Michie; BB; Lt:Ellen Harper]

       NAOMI4, 1782; m Isaac Griswold; res Vermontville MI          

 54    ROSWELL4, 1785; m Aurelia Emeline Munson                    

       HANNAH4, 1787; m Jared McGraw; res Bloomingdale IL              

       SALOME RUTHEM4, 1790‑1791                                             

 55    EDWARD HINMAN4, 1792; m/1 Rebecca Griswold; m/2 Laura E Root

 56    JOHN4, 1796; m Emma ‑‑‑                                     

 57    DANIEL4, 1799; m/1 Cynthia Dyer; m/2 Laura Dickenson      

       SALOME4,  ; m Oren Dickenson; res Vermontville MI               


18. JOSEPH3 BARBER, 1760; m Clarissa Kent; res Pittsfield MA 1802, New Haven VT until 1815, then Delaware Co OH.

[Ref: BB:Lt from Betty Pankey, Midland MI (descendant); LR:New Haven VT; Lt:Ellen Harper]

       WILLIAM W4, 1799; d yg

       J WOODWARD4, c 1800

       DANIEL4, 1801

 58    AUGUSTUS KENT4, 1802; m/1 Belinda Wilson; m/2 Anna Maria Camp          

       MATTHEW4, 1815

       ELIZA4,   ; m Orris McCarthey; r Cassville, Grant Co MI                                      

       MARIA4,   ; m Alexander D Ramsay; r Cassville.           

       HENRIETTA CLARK4,    ; d yg                                            


19. MATTHEW3 BARBER, 1771; m/1 Ann ‑‑‑; m/2 Mrs Ruth Bush; res Granville NY.   [Ref: BB; 1800 CS:Benson VT; LR:New Haven VT; No Granville Ch Rec]

       First wife:

       ADELINE4, 1804‑1805

       FRANCES4, 1804

       Second wife:

       BETTY4, 1813                                                    

       CLARISSA4, 1815; m Linus Mason                                  

       JULIANN4, 1823‑1833


20. SIMEON3 BARBER, 1763; ?m/1 Catherine Moore; m/2 Ruthan ‑‑‑; res Worcester MA, Benson VT. ? to Peru, Clinton Co NY 1800, 1810?  [Ref: 1790 CS:Benson VT; LR:Benson, Westhaven VT; CH:Benson (DAR); Rutland Co Gazeteer:Child; IGI:MA; VR:Worcester]

       First wife:

       MARTHA4 , 1785; m Isaac Finch

       PATTY4, 1786

       SIMEON4, 1790; prob d yg.

       Second wife:

       HARRIET4, 1793                                               

       ELIJAH4, 1793; ?m Amanda Hinman                                

 59    SIMEON4, 1807; m Huldah ‑‑‑.                               

 60    ?JARED4, 1809; m Thankful Cutter


21. LEVI3 BARBER, 1763; m Rebecca Hinman; res Benson, Westhaven VT.      [Ref:LR:Benson; 1790,1800,1810 CS:Benson; 1820,1840,1850 CS:Westhaven; Hitchcock Gen,1884:Marsh; Rutland Co Dir.,1881:Child]

       BETSEY4, 1786

 61    WILLIAM4, 1789; m Diane ‑‑‑

       HARRY4 "Henry", 1791; m ‑‑‑

 62    HORACE4, 1794; (or 1803); m Harty Ann Rich

 63    LEVI4, 1797; m Emaline ‑‑‑

       REBECCA4, 1800

       SIMEON HINMAN4, 1802

       RUTH EMILY4, 1805; m Almon Hitchcock; res Sydney OH


22. JOSEPH3 BARBOUR, 1766; d Waterford, Oakland Co MI; m 1788 Charlotte McElworth Smith; res Benson, Orwell,   Westhaven VT, Whitehall, NY, Oakland Co MI.     [Ref: VR:VT; 1790 CS:Benson VT; 1800,1820 CS:Westhaven VT; 1810 CS:Orwell VT; LR:Benson, Orwell, Westhaven VT; BB; Lt:B. Silvie; Lt; C Cummings; Lt:Maurene Seely; Lt:Ruth Priestly; Lt: James R Barbour]

       CHARLOTTE4, b Orwell 1789; m/1 Amasa Wilder; m/2 after 1815William Pickett      

       CLARISSA4, 1791

       JOSEPH4, 1793; d Horicon, Washington Co NY.

       SAMUEL4, 1795

 64    CHAUNCEY4, 1797; m Charlotte Cook.

       ALTHA4, b Orwell 1799            

       LUCY4, b Westhaven 1801; m Luman Brownson; d Flint MI.

       HULDAH4, 1803; m Samuel Brevoort.                               

 65    THERON WALTER4, 1805; m Abigail Gates.

       ELIZA4, 1807; m Artemas Wilder; res Northeast PA                         

       ALBERT4, 1809; res Addison VT.

       VOLNEY4, 1811-1813

       SOPHRONIA4, 1813

       HARRIET4, 1815

       MARY4, b Westhaven 1819


23. RUFUS3 BARBER, 1769; m Abigail Wight; res Heath and Charlmont MA, Langdon NH.         

[Ref:IGI:MA; VR:Charlmont, Heath; Hist of Langdon; 1820,1830 CS:Charlmont]

 67    JOSEPH4, 1801; m/1 Judith ‑‑‑ (d 1833); m/2 Cloe Tyler Ballou; ;m/3 Eliza (Howard) Jennison

       AURILLA4, 1805; m Erastus Rice                                  



       ABIGAIL4, 1808; m Frederick K Rice                              

 68    SAMUEL W4, 1811; m Sarah F Child                            

       MARY GRAY4, 1814; m George Washington Winslow.

 69    WILLIAM NEWELL4, 1818; prob m Charlotte E Chase.


24. MATTHEW3 BARBER, 1772; ?m Sally Allen   It is not certain this is the same Matthew, son of Joseph.



       ROBERT NELSON4, 1815; m Laura Ann Shumway

       HARRIET NEWELL4,   ; m Abanah Shumway

 70   LUCIUS H4, 1825; m/1 Ann Elizabeth Fairbanks; m/2 Lois ---. 


26. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1784; m Ruth Rood; res Worcester MA. [Ref:VR:Worcester; IGI:MA; 1820,1830,1840,1850 CS:Worcester]

       MARY CHAPIN4, 1818

       SARAH AUGUSTA4, 1820; m Samuel H Flagg Jr

       RUTH ELIZABETH4, 1821

       WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, 1824‑1840                                       

       ISABELLA GRAHAM4, 1826


27. SILAS3 BARBER, 1786; m Hannah Stowell; res Worcester MA.

[Ref:VR:Worcester; GML:Dexter Gen; IGI:MA; Hist of Worc.; 1810,1820,1830,1840,1850 CS:Worcester]

       ELIZABETH MCCLENATHAN4, 1815; m Amos R Harlow

       GEORGE AUGUSTUS4; m 1848 Lucy W Clapp; m ‑‑‑ Mrs Lucy Ann (Bacon) Dexter of Worcester

       STEPHEN ALBERT4, 1817

       JULIA ANNE4, 1821; m Joseph E Bond                             

 72    WILLIAM THOMAS4, 1824; m Augusta Eliza Frost              


28. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1773; m Lucy ?Peet (?Atwood); res Berkshire, Enosburg VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1800‑1830,1850 CS:Enosburg VT; PR:Franklin Co (William's Will); LR:Enosburg, Benson, Berkshire VT; CSL:Bingham Gen]

       ANN4, 1800; m Moore Bingham

       WILLIAM4, 1801-1804

       WILLIAM4, 1803(?); m Lucretta Stevens

 73    HORATIO NELSON4, 1803; m/1 Lucy ---; m/2 Susan N                         

       LUCY4, 1816; m/1 Moore Bingham; m/2 ‑‑‑ Bartlett

         Census indicates more ch                                             


28A. JAMES3 BARBER *433,13375*, 1777; m/1 Lois Hunt; m/2 Rebecca Brown; res Benson VT; and Parishville, St Lawrence Co NY.   

[Lt: Marian Thorne]

       First wife:

       ANN ELIZA4, 1805                        

       Second wife:

       LOYAL CASE4, 1808; m Amanda F Ferrill.

       ANNA A4, 1810

       ABIGAIL L4, 1811; m Horatio Barnes.

       LORANCY/LOURANCY4, 1813    

       SIBYLL R4, 1815

 73a   JEREMIAH B4, 1816; m Catherine F Sterner.

 73b   CYRUS R4, 1820; m Elizabeth Parker.

       MARGARET J4, 1822

       LEVI R4, 1823; m Cordelia Gates.

       LOIS A4, 1826


29. ROBERT3 BARBER, 1778; m Almira A Graves; res Enosburg VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1810‑1840 CS:Enosburg VT; 1850 CS:Montgomery VT; PR:Franklin Co (Joel G's Will); CSL:John Page Gen; DAR Lineage; Lt:Charles Armstrong; BB]

       MERCY4, 1803‑1813

       LOVICY4, 1811; d 1852 unm

 74    ROBERT4, 1815; m Jane Ladd                                  

       JOEL GRAVES4, 1819; d 1851 Enosburg                            

       MERCY C4, 1823; m Martin Butts Gregg                                

       SARAH ANN4, 1823; m John Hale Page; res Cambridge VT


30. JOEL3 BARBER, 1782; m Laura Cleveland; res Benson VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1810‑1860 CS:Benson VT; PR:Rutland Co; GML:Cleveland Gen; IGI:IL; Virkus:Mag of Am Gen]

 75    WILLIAM CLEVELAND4, 1817; m/1 Harriet W Parsons; m/2 Catharine ‑‑‑

 76    GEORGE POMEROY4 (or Pliny), 1818; m Maria Root                         

       GILBERT JOEL4, 1819; res Lisle IL; unm

       CARLISLE HORACE4, 1822; m Mary Jane Meacham; res IL                  

       BETSEY MARIA4, 1824‑1825

       BETSEY MARIA4, 1826; m Alvin Seamans; res Wheaton IL

       LUCY ANNA4, 1828; m Seth Franklin Daniels; res IL, IA

       AMELIA MARGARET4, 1831; m John Jenkins Balcom; res IL             

       ANN ELIZA4, 1833; m Robert Williamson; res Putnam NY


31. BENJAMIN3 BARBER, 1751; m Mary Baker; res Halifax VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; VR:Colrain MA; Hist. of Colrain MA; 1790‑1810 CS:Halifax VT; CSL:Stark Gen; Virkus:Compend,Vol.6; Lt: John Cupak]

       OLIVE4, 1774, m 1796 William Stark.

       ROBERT, 1775

 76b   MATTHEW, 1777; (?son of William); ?m Sally Allen.

 77    JOHN4, 1779; m/1 Betsy Clark; m/2 Abigail Leonard        

       BENJAMIN4, 1781; m Mary ‑‑; no ch.

       MOLLY, 1784                                     

       LINDSEY (?LOIS MAY), 1786

       DELIGHT4,   ; m Seth Worden (?Woodard)

       EDWARD4, 1793

       BETSEY4, 1795 ; m 1814 Benjamin McClure

       ?SOPHIA4,   ; m 1817 Rufus Conable


32. MATTHEW3 BARBER, 1753; m Mary Anderson; res Colrain MA.  [Ref: Hist. of Colrain MA; Hist. of Western MA; VR:Colrain, Shelburne MA; 1820,1840 CS:Colrain]

       SALLY4,   ; m Ezra Burnham of Hinsdale NH

 78    ROBERT4, 1783; m Sarah Taggart                              

       POLLY4,    ; m Calvin Bucklin                                   

       JAMES4, 1786; m Sally Gregg; res Brewerton NY and Colrain MA [1840,1850 CS:Colrain]                   

79     THOMAS4, 1790; m Mary Kenyon                                

       BELINDA4, 1796; m Luther Stewart


33. JOHN3 BARBER, 1757; m Azubah Warren; res Pelham MA, Dover VT, Ontario NY, Lyons NY.

[Ref:CSL:Beckley Gen; DAR Lineage; IGI:MA; VR:Pelham; 1790 CS:Pelham; Rev.W Pension File]

       WARREN4, 1785

       SARAH4, 1788

       REBECCA4, 1790

JOHN4, 1792;  this may be John N Barber who had son Richard, b 1840; m Euphemia LaSeney; d St Mary’s,

 Adams Co IN.  [Lt: Linda Barber Sanders]

       CHESTER4, 1794; d yg.

       PAMELIA4, 1797

       ASAEL4, 1800; ?m Jerusha Marsh

       NANCY4, 1802

       SELINA4, 1807; m William Davis Burrall; res Adrian MI





34. JAMES BROWN4 BARBER, 1791; m/1 Cynthia Olmsted; ?m/2 Mary (Polly) Ketcham; res Green Oak, Livingston CO MI and later Batavia NY.   [Ref: BB; Lt: Mabel Keech; DAR Lineage; 1850 CS:Batavia]

       First wife:

 80    JOHN POMEROY5, 1820; m Eunice King

       Second wife:

       LOUISE5, 1821 ANDREW JESSE5, 1824

       GEORGE5, 1828

 81    CHARLES W5, 1830; m Jannette H Peebles

       SAMUEL L5, 1833


35. JOHN4 BARBER, 1793; m/1 Sybil Richardson; m/2 Sarah ‑‑; m/3 Abigail ‑‑; res Benson VT.         [Ref: VR:VT; LR:Benson VT; 1820‑1850 CS:Benson; VR:Holden MA; Cem:Benson]

 82    HEMAN RICHARDSON5, 1822; m Mary F (Palmer) Groves       

       DELIA SOPHIA5, 1824

       ROBERT5 ?EDGAR, 1827

       SARAH M5, 1831; m Martin Smith                                 


36. MOSES GREEN4 BARBER, 1804; m Adeline O Clark.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1840‑1860 CS:Benson VT; PR:Rutland Co (Moses G's Will); "Record of Soldiers in Boston Cem"]

 83    JOSHUA D5, 1836; m Mary A Conroy                        

       MARTHA EMMA5, 1838; m/1 W W Chapman; m/2 Henry Wilson          

 84    JAMES PLINY5, 1840; m Mary Ann McLaughlin

       MARCELLUS J5, 1842; d unm

       MARCUS M5, 1844      GILBERT C5, 1846

       FANNY ADEL5, 1848; d unm 1917

 85    CHARLES POMEROY5, 1850; m Lillian Webster                  


37. OBADIAH4 BARBER, ?1793; m/1 Phebe Bears; m/2 Maria ‑‑‑; ?res Moriah, Essex Co NY 1850.            [Ref:1850 CS:Moriah]

       SARAH M5, 1834

       LUCY5, 1836


38. ?SAMUEL4 BARBER, 1796; m Jerusha Wright; res Georgia VT; prob left VT 1851. [Ref: VR:VT; LR:Georgia VT; 1830‑1850 CS:Georgia VT]

       SAMUEL M5, 1827

       LUCY5, 1828

       WILLIAM5, 1833

       HARRIET5, 1837

       WELLINGTON5, 1846


39. WILLIAM4 BARBER, 1802; m ‑‑‑; res Mason NH.      [Ref:1840,1850 CS:Mason]

 86    JOSEPH W5, 1825; m/1 Almira E Clarke; m/2 Martha Courtemanche


40. IRA4 BARBER, 1783; m/1 Mrs Wood; m/2 1807 Proxana Boyington Hall; m/3 1814 Esther (Bennett) Cobb; res Marcellus, Cayuga Co 1810, Aurelius, 1820; Auburn, Cayuga Co  NY, Skaneateles, Onondaga Co NY, and Barry Co MI.    [Ref: CSL:Cobb Gen; CHS:Lewis Hart Gen; Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

       First wife:

       LOUISA CAROLINE5, b NY 1806; m Alfred Wright; res IA.

 87    JAMES5, 1809; m Harriet Warner

       INFANT5, d yg.

       Second wife:

       ESTHER5 , 1814

 88    OSCAR BENNETT5, 1820; m Abbie Johannah Mason



       WILLIAM COBB5, 1823; d in CA.

       WALDEN THOMAS5, 1823, twin; m Clara Keyes


41. CHAUNCEY4 BARBER, 1785; m Persis Whiting; res Marcellus, Onondaga Co NY 1810, 1820; Perry, Lake Co OH.

[Ref: NB; CSL:Amidon Gen; IGI:OH; Lt:Virginia G Miller; 1850 CS:Perry]

       MARY5, 1811‑1819

 89    RICHMOND ISAAC5, 1812; m/1 Deborah Leander; m/2 Landa Malvina Baker

       PERSIS EMELINE5, 1816; m/1 Orison Ford; m/2 Sumner Amidon 

       DORCAS ADELINE5, 1818; m Chauncey W Lamport                    

 90    JAMES WILSON5, 1822; m Nancy Richardson                    

       MARY ANN5, 1823‑1845

       GEORGE NELSON5, 1826; m Marianna S Williams                    


42. WILLARD4 BARBER,1789; m Elizabeth Lucetta Kitchell; res Bridport VT.   [Ref: NB; 1820,1830,1850 CS:Bridport VT; VR:VT]

       SARAH LUCETTA5, 1820

       BETSEY MARIA5, 1824‑1901; unm

 91    MATTHEW KITCHELL5, 1832; m/1 Achsah J Barber (#1559); m/2 Sylvia R (Bacon) Cross


43. UEL4 BARBER, 1791; m Peninah Searle; res VT; Cato, Cayuga Co NY 1820; Marcellus 1830 (with 3 ch).  [Ref: NB]



44. ISAAC RICHMOND5 BARBER, 1794; m/1 Clarissa Adams; m/2 Caroline M Rogers; m/3 Elizabeth  Greenough;

res Newbury, Oxford MA, Norwich CT; he d Durham NH.   [Ref: NB; Ms:MeHS; IGI:MA; VR:Charlton, Newbury, Oxford, Roxbury MA, Keene NH (lst marr); Isaac R:Guardianship, Norwich 1841]

       Second wife (prob):                                                  


       HENRY M5, 1822; m Roxbury MA Ellen M Thayer

 92    ISAAC RICHMOND5, 1830; m Mary C ‑‑‑

       CAROLINE P5, c 1830

       Third wife:                                                          

       WILLIAM GREENOUGH5, 1841                                       


45. JAMES4 BARBER, 1799; m Lydia Searle; res Bridport, Addison, Charlotte VT.

[Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1820‑1850 CS:Bridport VT; 1860,1900 CS:Middlebury VT; LR:Addison, Charlotte VT]

       MERCY ANN5, 1821‑1869 unm

       ORSON W5

       NELSON POMEROY5, 1829‑1917 unm; res Middlebury VT                                  

 93    DAVID CHAMBERS5, 1831; m Mary Elizabeth Rice               

       ACHSAH J5, 1834; m Matthew K Barber, (#1402)                   

       LYDIA EVELYN5, 1838‑1917; unm                                  


46. Rev. NELSON4 BARBER, (also BARBOUR) 1805; m/1 Laura Ripley; m/2 Ruth Dunklee; m/3 Mary Willard;

res Middlebury, Dummerston VT, Langdon, Wolfeboro NH, d Georgia VT.   [Ref: NB; VR:VT; 1840 CS:Dummerston VT; 1850 CS:Middlebury VT; 1860 CS:Jamaica VT; PR:Franklin Co; Cem:Georgia VT; Hist. of Langdon NH 1932:Kingsbury;VT. Hist. Magazine 1884:Hemenway]

       First wife:

       ROBERT DWIGHT5, 1842                                        

       Second wife:

       LAURA ANNA5, 1850; m John M Ballard                            

 94    FREDERICK SOLOMON5, 1853; m Annie M Morrison                

       HELEN MARIA5, 1854;  d yg                                      


47. JOEL4 BARBER, 1791; m Mary Smith; res Orwell VT. [Ref: VR:VT; 1820‑1860 CS:Orwell VT; LR:Orwell; Virkus:Compend,Vol.5]

       MARY SMITH5, 1815; m Gustav Nickerson Wicker                 

       ABIGAIL BARROWS5, 1817; d yg

       JULIA ANN5, 1818‑1830

       HARRIET SOPHRONA5, 1820; m Henry Brokely                       

       JULIA ANN5, 1834                                               


47A. WOODBRIDGE LITTLE4 BARBER, 1798; m/1 Sally Delong; m/2 Rosetta Chase; res Yates, Orleans Co NY.[CSL: Boutin Gen; Lt:Deborah Barber]

       SARAH5, 1821; m Franklin Leonard Stone

 94a   EDWIN JOEL5, b VT 1828/9; m/1 Sarah Matilda Rockwell; m/2 Arabella Stephenson.  

       JULIA5, 1830/1

       JAMES E5, 1835/6

       MARY5, b NY 1839/40


47B. ANSEL4 BARBER, 1792; m ‑‑‑                                           

 94b   HENRY E5, b VT 1818/19; m Marcal J ---.


48. ALVIN4 BARBER, 1796; m Catherine ‑‑‑; res Canton NY.   [Ref:1850 CS:Canton]

 95    ALVIN S5, 1824; m Marian White

       IRA5, 1828

       NEWMAN C5, 1834

       EMILY5, 1838


49. HIRAM4 BARBER *1028*, 1799; m Mary ?Gates; res Pottsdam and Russell, St Lawrence Co NY.    [1830 CS: Pottsdam; 1850 CS:Russell]

       ELVIRA A5, 1828; m James Clark

       LUCINDA5, 1831


50. JOSEPH S4 BARBER, 1801; m Samantha Spencer; res Addison VT.   [Ref:CSL:Twitchell Gen]

       LOUISA5, 1830; m E W Kingman                                

       ELIZABETH S5, 1833; m John V Dakins                            

       MARIETTE5, 1838; m Francis Twitchell; res New Haven VT

       HULDAH5, 1840                                                   

 96    CORNELIUS W5, 1843; m Julia Augusta Clark                        


51. IRA S4 BARBER, 1804; m Mary ‑‑‑; res Canton NY.  Pottsdam in 1830 CS. [Ref:1850 CS:Canton]

       MARY L5, 1831

       IRA S5, 1833

       EMILY C5, 1836

 97    JOHN N5, 1840; m Amelia ‑‑‑

       JOSEPH G5, 1842


52. WILLIAM4 BARBER, b ?1811; ?m Catherine ‑‑‑; res Westfield, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref: 1850 CS:Westfield NY; 1850 CS:Westfield]

           PERMELIA5, b 1847

           MARY5, b 1849


53. ASA HEMENWAY4 BARBER, 1805; m Abigail Cowles; res Geneva, Ontario Co NY.

 100   WILLIAM COWLES5, 1829; m Eliza Sophia Stewart

       ALICE5, 1831; m Abru Turck; res Northern PA; 7 ch.

       HARRIET BAILEY5, 1833

 101   ALONZO SEYMOUR5, 1835; m Runette J Dewey


54. ROSWELL4 BARBER,1785; m Aurelia Emeline Munson; res Benson VT; she m/2 Morgan Lewis.

[Ref: VR:VT; CH:Benson VT; PR:Rutland Co (Roswell's Will); "Am. Ancestry" Vol 9 1894:Munsell; 1820‑1840 CS:Benson VT; Cem:Benson]

       EDWIN MUNSON5, 1810‑1833

       EMELINE AURELIA5, 1811‑1821

       EMILY RUTH5, 1813; m Arunah Walker; res Benson VT                 

       NAOMI G5, 1815; m William Brownson                             

 102   DANIEL ROSWELL5, 1817; m Ellen Louise Bottum               

 103   ERWIN LOYAL5, 1821; m Jane Eliza Adams                     

       TWIN DAUGHTERS5, 1823; d same day                               

       AURELIA EMELINE5, 1824‑1831

       MARTHA H5, 1829; d 1829


55. EDWARD HINMAN4 BARBER, 1792; m/1 Rebecca Griswold (d 1838); m/2 1839 Laura E Root; res Benson VT, Vermontville MI.    [Ref: VR:VT; Michigan Pioneer & Hist. Collection, 1897:Vol 28; 1830 CS:Benson; LR:New Haven VT; BB; IGI:MI; Lt:Ellen Harper]

       First wife:                                                          

       EDWARD WILMOT5, 1828; m Martha Adelia Dwight; IGI says he m 1853 Martha Chichester; res Jackson  MI; no


       NOEL ALVIN5, 1832-1851; res Marshall, MI                                  

       RODNEY WASS5, 1838-1838                                              

       Second wife:                                                         

       PARTHENA E5, 1841; m Willard Dickenson; res Vermontville MI      

       JOSIAH WILCOX5, 1843‑1863; d in LA in CivW                                 

104    HOMER GRISWOLD5, 1830; m Lucy Clarissa Dwight

       JOHN CARLOS5,    ; res Battle Creek MI                         

       MARSHALL F5; 1848; res Biwabick MN                                  

 105   ALBERT MYRON5, 1846; m Ella Harroun

       VERNON N5, 1851                                                      


56. JOHN4 BARBER, 1796; m Emma ‑‑‑; res Benson VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1830 CS:Benson VT; Cem:Benson]

       JOHN ROLLIN EDGAR5, 1821‑1823                                      

       ROYAL EDWARD5, 1822; is he same, a lawyer, who m Joliet IL 1849 Ellen Crowley?; ?m/2 Rome NY 1854 Frances House.                    [1850 CS: Joliet]

       ?FERN G5, 1833


57. DANIEL4 BARBER, 1799; m/1 Cynthia Dyer; m/2 Laura Dickinson; res Benson VT, Vermontville, Eaton Co MI.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1830 CS:Benson VT; LR:Benson; Mich. Pioneer & Hist. Collection, Vol 28, 1897; CHS:Benedict Gen; IGI:MI; Lt: Elmer C Sanborn]

       First wife:                                                           

       EDWARD FRANKLIN5, 1822‑1823                                        

       JULIUS S5,    ; res Coldwater, Branch Co MI                               

 105b  DANIEL F5, 1827; m Charlotte A ---; res Chicago IL                                  

       CAMILLA5, ; d yg                                                      

       Second wife:                                                         

       MARTHA F5, 1836‑1838                                                  

       JOSEPHINE SARAH5, 1839; m Rev William Henry Benedict; res Vermontv.

       MARY NAOMI5, 1842; m Isaac C Griswold                            


58. AUGUSTUS KENT4 BARBER, 1802; m/1 Belinda Wilson; m/2 Anna Maria Camp; res OH, and Jacksonville, Morgan Co IL.      [Ref:BB; Lt:Ellen Harper; 1880 CS: Jacksonville]

       First wife:                                                          



       MORIAH5,   ; m ‑‑‑ Kritser                                     

 106   CHARLES WILSON5, 1834; m Hannah Cole                        

       HELEN5,   ; m ‑‑ Watts                                         

       MARY5,   ; m ‑‑ Massey                                         

       WILLIE5, d yg.

       Second wife:                                                         

 107   GEORGE C5, 1846; m Carrie Slater

       EDWARD B5


59. SIMEON4 BARBER, 1807; m Huldah ‑‑; res Benson VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1830 CS:Castleton VT; 1840,1850 CS:Benson VT; LR:Westhaven, Castleton VT]

       CAROLINE E5, 1830

       HENRY F5, 1832

       GIRL5, 183? ‑ 1839

       MARY S5, 1843


60. ?JARED4 BARBER, 1809; m Thankful Cutter; res Castleton VT, and Hampton, Washington Co NY.

[Ref:VR:VT; LSD; CEM:Hampton; Cutter Gen,1871:William Cutter]

 108   WILLIAM BOWMAN5, 1832; m Ann E Jackson

       EDGAR L5, 1834‑1841

       ALFRED THERON5, 1838‑1841

       ALTHA L5, 1840; m Fred Mosely


61. WILLIAM4 BARBER, 1789; m Diane ‑‑; res Westhaven VT.    [Ref:Lt:Jean M Corlew]

       LOUISA5, 1810; m Joseph Sisco; had ch                       


62. HORACE4 BARBER, 1795; m Harty Ann Rich; res Benson, Westhaven VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; 1830 CS:Westhaven VT; 1840,1850 CS:Benson VT; 1870 CS:Poultney VT; 1900 CS:Benson]

       HARRIET ANN5, 1831; ? m Henry Brokely, Orwell               

       HORACE ELIJAH5, 1832‑1914, unm                                        

       WILLIAM F5                                                     

 109   CHARLES S5, 1840; m Martha A Belden                        


63. LEVI4 BARBER, 1797; m Emaline ‑‑; res Benson, Westhaven VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; CH:Westhaven VT; 1830 CS:Benson VT; 1840,1850 CS:Westhaven]

       EMILY J5 *1861*, 1825

       ALMAN HITCHCOCK5, 1829

       GEORGE J5, 1837

       SIMEON S5, 1839

       SARAH W5, 1841

       JULIA E5, 1845


64. CHAUNCEY4 BARBOUR, 1797; m Charlotte Cook; res Oakland Co MI, Washington IA.      [Ref:BB; 1850 CS:Oakland Co]

       LUCY E5, 1829

       CHARLOTTE5, 1834


65. THERON WALTER4 BARBOUR, 1806; m Abigail Gates; res Pontiac, Novi and Farmington, Oakland Co, and in Washtenau Co MI,

Coleman, Moody Co SD.      [Ref: 1850 CS:Oakland Co MI; IGI:MI; BB; GML:Crandall Gen; Lt: James Barbour]

       JULIA A5, 1829; m Isaiah Coleman; d Big Rapids MI

 110   JOHN JAY5, 1831; m Harriet Tuttle Loop

 111   CHARLES C5, 1833; prob. m Lucy Crandall

       ADELAIDE L5, 1837; m Stephen S Wilcox

 112   FRANK W5, 1840; m Hattie D Matthews

       JOSEPHINE5, 1843; m George W Fairfield; d Grand Rapids MI

       ?LEVI W5,   ; m 1865 Harriet E Hooper

       HARRIET5, 1849 - 1913; d Novi MI


67. Rev. and Dr. JOSEPH4 BARBER, 1801; m/1 Judith Parker (d 1833); m/2 Chloe Tyler Ballou; m/3 1860  Eliza (Howard) Jennison; res Putney VT, Dudley and Heath MA, Swanzey and Alstead NH.   [Ref:GML:Tyler Gen; VR:Charlmont MA, Alstead NH]

       First wife:

       JOSEPH PRIESTLY5,  ; d 1830

       EMILY JANE5,  ; d 1835

       WILLIAM M5,   ; m ‑‑‑; res MA

       AUGUSTA C5, 1840; m Gilbert B Lamb; res MA


68. SAMUEL W4 BARBER, 1811; m Sarah Field Child; res Heath MA.   [Ref:VR:Conway, Heath MA; IGI:MA; CHS:Henry Child Gen; 1850 CS:Heath]

       ALBERT CHILDS5, 1843-1854.

       HENRY DWIGHT5, 1845

       MARIE ABBIE5, 1852‑52


69. Rev. WILLIAM NEWELL4 BARBER, 1818; prob. m Charlotte E Chase; res Dummerston VT.

       EMMA CATHERINE5, 1847; m Charles F Boyd


70. LUCIUS H BARBER, 1825; m/1 Ann Elizabeth Fairbanks; m/2 Lois ---;  r Townsend VT.      

       First wife:

       CARROLL FAIRBANKS, 1856; m Mary Belle Spencer; res Morgan Park IL.

       Second wife:

       FRANK I, 1859; m Mary P ----.

       SIDNEY, 1867

       ELLA, 1869


72. WILLIAM THOMAS4 BARBER, 1824; m Augusta Eliza Frost; res Worcester MA.             [Ref:Frost Gen,1926:Norman S Frost]

       JOSEPHINE5, 1854

       FRED W5, 1858


73. HORATIO NELSON4 BARBER, 1808; m/1 Lucy ‑‑; m/2 Susan Maria Rawson of Craftsbury; res Enosburg, St Albans VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; 1840,1850 CS:Enosburg VT; 1860,1870 CS:St Albans VT; PR:Franklin Co (Horatio's Will); Rowson Gen.]

       ?LUCINDA5, 1830; m ‑‑‑ Clapp                                


73A. JEREMIAH B4 BARBER, 1816; m/1----; m/2 Catherine F Sterner; r St Lawrence Co NY, and Gerry, Chautauqua Co Nyand New Milford, Winnebago Co  IL.  It is not certain that Jeremiah and his first wife is the same Jeremiah who m Catherine Sterner. [Lt: Marian Thorne]

       First wife:

       MARTHA A5, 1842 –1857

       SARAH5, 1845

       ANDREW JOHN5, 1852

       Second wife:

 120a  HENRY CLAY5, 1842; m/1 Marian F Wight; m/2 Flora (Birdsall) Woodmassee.

       ELLA SOPHIA5, 1846; m Murray Williams.


73B. CYRUS R4 BARBER, 1820; m Elizabeth Parker; res Parishville, St Lawrence Co NY, and Ithaca, Gratiot Co MI..   [Lt: Marian Thorne]

       CYRUS A5, 1844

 120b  ALVIDO S5, 1846; m Frances Swift.

       ANN5, 1849


74. ROBERT4 BARBER, 1815; m Jane Ladd; res Enosburg, Montgomery VT.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1840,1860 CS:Enosburg VT; 1850 CS:Montgomery VT]

 121   MILO E5, 1842; m Lydia E Vincent                       

       ?HARRIET5, 1844                                               


75. WILLIAM CLEVELAND4 BARBER, 1817; m/1 Harriet W (Parsons) Lamb (d in 1852); m/2 Catherine (Balsom)

McAllister; res Benson VT, Hampton, and Hague, Warren Co NY.

[Ref: VR:VT; 1860,1870 CS:Benson VT; BB; Cem:Benson; CHS:Cleveland Gen;1850 CS:Hague]

       HELEN ADELAIDE5, 1844; m Charles Henry Mahana                  

       SARAH ALMA5, 1846‑1868; unm; drowned (suicide)                                 

       MARTHA AMELIA5, 1848; m Mason Augustus White                    

       WILLIAM CLEVELAND5,  ; res Benson VT


76. GEORGE POMEROY4 (or George Pliny) BARBER, 1818; m Maria Root; r Downer’s Grove, DuPage Co IL.  [1850 CS]

       LUCY MARIA5, b IL 1846; res Wheaton IL; unm

       GEORGE FRANKLIN5, b IL 1849‑1866

       JOSIAH CLEVELAND5, 1854‑1887


76B.  ?MATTHEW4 BARBER, 1777; ?son of William?; m Sally Allen; res Wardsboro VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; VR:Thompson CT; 1810‑1840 CS:Wardsboro VT; LR:Wardsboro (Matthew's Will)]

       ELIZA5, 1807‑1825


 121b  LUCIUS H5,   ; m Lois ‑‑‑                                    


       ROBERT NELSON5, 1815; m  Laura Ann Shumway

HARRIET NEWELL5,    ; m Thompson CT 1836 Abanah Shumway                          


77. JOHN4 BARBER, 1780; m/1 Betsey Clark; m/2 1816 Abigail Learned; res Halifax VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; Hist. of Colrain MA; 1810‑1850,1870 CS:Halifax VT; PR:Windham Co]

       Second wife:

 122   BENJAMIN CLARK5, 1817; m Lucy Nelson                   






78. ROBERT4 BARBER, 1783; m Sarah Taggart; res Colrain MA, Sullivan NY; Murdered.   [Ref:Hist. of Western MA; IGI:MA; Hist of Colrain; DAR Lineage; VR:Colrain, Greenfield; GML:Martin Gen; 1820,1830 CS:Colrain]

 123   MATTHEW5, 1819; m Harriet Martin                      

       LAURA5, 1820; m Solomon Bell                                   

       MARY ANN5, 1809; m John Donelson                              

       JANE DUNCAN5, 182?; m Edward Fish                             

       AMANDA5, 1816; m/1 Joseph G Martin; m/2 1879 Russell Richmond



79. THOMAS4 BARBER, 1790; m Mary Kenyon; res Colrain MA.   [Ref:Hist of Colrain; VR:Colrain; 1820,1830,1840,1850 CS:Colrain]

 124   ROSWELL5, 1818; m/1 Harriet Mather; m/2 Mary Ann Franklin

       MARY S5, 1832; m Orson Curtis                                  





80. JOHN POMEROY5 BARBER, 1820; m Eunice King; res VT, and Batavia, Genesee Co NY.              [Ref:DAR Lineage]

 125   GEORGE M6, 1844; m Mary Lewis

       ANNA6,  ; m George E King

       JAY6, 1849

       ELIZABETH6, 1850-1852


81. CHARLES W5 BARBER, 1830; m Jannette H Peebles; res Howell, Washtenaw Co MI.    [Ref:CSL:Peebles Gen]


       MARY6,   ; m Don McIntire

       JOSIE6,   ; m ‑‑‑ Turko

 126   WILLIAM JAMES6, 1869; m Kate ‑‑‑


82. HEMAN RICHARDSON5 BARBER, 1822; m Mary F (Palmer) Groves; res Benson, Wallingford, Rutland VT, and Whitehall NY.  [Ref: VR:VT; 1850 CS:Benson VT; 1860 CS:Wallingford VT; 1900 CS:Rutland VT; DAR Lineage]

 127   CHARLES H6, 1849; m Annie Biggart                      

       GEORGE H6, 1852‑1854                                           

       MARY L6, 1852‑1852

       FREDERICK W6, 1856‑1861

       CORA ADELIA6, 1859; m William F Crary

       EDWARD GROVES6, 1862; m Paulina Pickard; r Melbainsville NY.

              MARY AGNES7, 1899                            


83. JOSHUA D5 BARBER, 1835; m Mary A Conroy; res Pittsford, Sudbury VT.     [Ref: VR:VT; 1880 CS:Pittsford VT; 1900 CS:Sudbury VT; VR:Middletown CT]

 128   DAVID6, 185?; m Fanny Fredette

       ADELINE M6*, 1862; m Humphrey C Spaulding                    

 129   MARCELLUS J6, 1872; c Lillian Edith Hewitt                

       CHARLES H6, 1872; d Middletown CT                             

       CHARLES6, 1873(?)‑1873                                                  


84. JAMES PLINY5 BARBER, 1840; m Mary Ann McLoughlin; res Benson VT.    [Ref: VR:VT; Cem:Benson VT]

       FANNIE A6, 1873‑1873                                                  


85. CHARLES POMEROY5 BARBER, 1850; m Kendall Co IL Lillian Webster; res Benson, Middlebury VT.           

[Ref: VR:VT; 1900 CS:Middlebury VT; GML:Greeley Gen; Kendall Co Marr.]

       LYLE WEBSTER6, 1888                                            

       MARY L6,   ; m ‑‑‑ Chapman                                     


86. JOSEPH W5 BARBER, 1825; m/1 1849 Almira E Clarke (d Apr 1861); m/2 Martha ‑‑; res Hookset  NH,

Addison VT, Crown PT NY, Vernon CT.    [Ref:VR:New Ipswich NH; 1880 CS:Vernon]

       First wife:                                                           

 130   GEORGE W6, 1849; m Angeline Ariel

       CHARLES W6, 1859‑61

       Second wife:                                                         

       CHARLES W6, 1863

       MARY J6, 1865

       ALICE6, 1869

       MARTHA6, 1871

       ELLEN6, 1873

       JOSEPHINE6, 1875

       BENJAMIN6, 1876


87. JAMES5 BARBER, 1809; m Harriet Warner; res Perrysburg, Wood Co OH, and Detroit MI.

[Ref:IGI:NY,OH; Lewis Hart Gen,1923:J S Torrance; Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

       ANN NANCY6, 1834; m/1 Robert A Sturgeon; m/2 Russell Hervey Bullis; res Wood Co OH.

       HARRIET HALL6, 1836; m William Schuyler Van Valkenburgh; res Wood Co OH.

 131   JOHN WARNER6, 1838; m Harriet Francisco

       SARAH LOUISE6, 1840; m/1 Joseph Bullis; m/2 James Arnold King

 132   GEORGE WASHINGTON6, 1842; m Mary Esther Barber, dau. of Oscar Bennett Barber

 133   WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON6, 1842; twin; m Nancy Ann Lowry

       MARGARET6, 1843

 134   JAMES MARTIN6, 1844; m Jennie Supple

       CHARLES6, 1845

       ELIZA JANE6, 1846‑47

 135   IRA ELLIOTT RICHMOND6, 1848; m Mary Ann Bradley

       EUGENE6, 1850

       HELEN M6, 1851‑53


88. OSCAR BENNETT5 BARBER,  ; m Abbie Johannah Mason; res Wood Co OH.    [Ref:IGI:MI]

       MARY ESTHER6,  ; m at Middleville, Barry Co MI George Washington Barber (above)


89. RICHMOND ISAAC5 BARBER, 1812; m/1 Deborah Lander; m/2 Landa Malvina Baker; res Orange Cuyahoga Co OH.                                      

[Ref: NB; IGI:OH; Lt:Virginia G Miller; 1850 CS:Orange]

       First wife:                                                          

 136   ORISON FORD6, 1834; m Eliza Ann (Marlett) Taylor.      

 137   GEORGE CHAUNCEY6, 1836; m Esther L Baker                 

       MARY P6, 1839‑1843                                                  

       WESLEY6, 1841‑1843                                                  

       MARY JANE6, 1843; m/1 Charles F Stevens; m/2 Horace J Barrel; res Orange OH

       S ADALINE6, 1846; m James Edward Perry                         

       JOHN6, 1846; ?d yg.

       Second wife:                                                         

       SARAH ELIZABETH6 (ESTHER?), 1850; m Henry Chauncey Hitchcock   

 138   HENDRICK HALSEY6, 1853; m Olive Holcomb                   

       EMILUS RICHMOND6, 1857; m Sophronia ‑‑‑; res Speed KS         

 139   LLEWELLYN PHELPS6, 1860; m/1 ‑‑; m/2 Mary Malinda (Young) Scott; m/3 Ione Lowe (Lessek).

              JAMES ERNEST6, 1861; m Florence Pauline Jones; res Pawtucket RI


90. JAMES WILSON5 BARBER, 1822; m Nancy Robertson; res Perry, Lake Co OH.  [Ref: NB; IGI:OH; 1850 CS:Perry]

       ADELAIDE FRANCES6, 1846; m Eugene Augustus Stone                     

       PERSIS ADELINE6, 1848‑1862                                            

 140   GEORGE MERRIMAN6, 1849; m Lady Jane Bosley                

       CLARA JOSEPHINE6, 1852; m Chilon Clark                        

       MYRA JANE6, 1854‑1855                                                

       WILLARD E6, 1856; m Ann E Warner; had a foster child.                

 141   MARTIN LUTHER6, 1860; m Sarah A Densmore                 

 142   ROBERT GUY6, 1868; m Mable Margaret Flora               


91. MATTHEW KITCHELL5 BARBER, 1832; m Achsah J Barber (#1559); res Bridport VT.    [Ref: VR:VT; 1870,1900 CS:Bridport VT; PR:Rutland Co]

       JAMES CARLTON6, 1868; m/1 Eva M Pratt; m/2 Frances A Cook

       GIRL6, 1871‑71                                                        

       ACHSAH IRENA6, 1874‑1875                                               


92. ISAAC R5 BARBER, 1830; m Mary C ‑‑‑; res Boston MA.    [Ref:1880 CS:Boston]

       GEORGE R6, 1871


93. DAVID CHAMBERS5 BARBER, 1831; m Mary Elizabeth Rice; res Bridport VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1860,1870,1900 CS:Bridport VT]

       NELLIE RICE6, 1859; unm;                                           

       CHILD6, 1863                                                          

       ALICE EVELYN6, 1864; m D Herman Bennett                        


94. FREDERICK SOLOMON5 BARBOUR, 1853; m Annie M Morrison; res Charlestown NH.      [Ref:VR:Charlestown; 1880 CS:Charlestown]

       KARL M6, 1878

       ROBERT THAYER6, 1881


94A. EDWIN JOEL5 BARBER, b Cornwall VT 1829; m/1 Sarah M Rockwell or Kipp; m/2 Arabella ---; r Yates, Orleans Co NY, and Onarga IL.   [CSL: Boutin Gen; Lt: Deborah Barber]

       First wife:

       JAMES EDWIN6, 1852-1877

       MINERVA SAXE6, 1864-1885

       MARY FRANCES6, 1856; m Todd Pinney; r Onarga IL.

       JENNIE MARIA6, 1859; m Daniel Gleason.  

      CHARLES KIP6, 1867; m Jennie Jeans.

       Second wife:

       KATE6, 1880

       EDWIN JAMES6, 1881; m ---.


              HAROLD WAYNE7, b Onarga IL 1919.


94B. HENRY E5 BARBER, b VT 1818/19; m Marcal J ---; r Ovid, Branch Co MI.   [1850, 1860 CS: Ovid]

       CHARLES H6, b NY 1843/4

       HELEN M6, b MI 1848/9

       DANIEL6, b MI 1849/50

       GEORGE F6, b MI 1850

       HATTIE J6, b MI 1858/9


95. ALVIN S5 BARBER, 1824/5; m Marian White; res Canton NY.

  142a WILLIAM6, 1850;  m. Lucy Rood.

       DELLA6, 1858

       EMILY MARY6, 1862


96. CORNELIUS W5 BARBER, 1844; m Julia Augusta Clark; res Addison VT. [Ref: VR:VT; 1870,1880,1900 CS:Addison VT]

       CORA L6, 1866‑1884; unm.                                           

 143   IRA SPENCER6, 1872; m Frances Nellie Smith                      


97. JOHN N (or W)5 BARBER, 1839/40; m Amelia ‑‑‑; res Canton NY.

       GUBRILLA6, 1861

       JOSEPHINE6, 1865


100. WILLIAM COWLES5 BARBER, 1829; m Eliza Sophia Stewart; res Geneva, Ont. Co NY.

       HARRIET ABIGAIL6, 1850; m Preston A Lerch; res Geneva

       WILLIAM STEWART6, 1851‑64

       MARY ELIZA6, 1854; m Converse McMillan of Canandaigua NY.

       ALONZO HEMINWAY6, 1855; m Alice M Corwin; no ch.

       CLARENCE JAMES6, 1858; m Frances Herbage; res Auburn, Cayuga Co NY.

       MARGARET6, 1860


101. ALONZO SEYMOUR5 BARBER, 1835; m Runette J Dewey; res Providence RI in 1880.  [Ref:1880 CS:Providence]

       WILLIAM H6, 1861; m ‑‑‑

       EDWARD D6, 1866

       CLARENCE DEWEY6, 1878


102. DANIEL ROSWELL5 BARBER, 1817; m Ellen Louisa Bottum; res Benson, Orwell VT, and Minneapolis MN.     [Ref: VR:VT; ?1840 CS:Wallingford VT; 1850 CS:Benson; CSL:Bottom Gen]

       JULIA AUGUSTA6, 1846                                        

       EDWIN ROSWELL6, 1852; m Henrietta E Sible (?); r Minneapolis MN.  Liv. c Harry G Sible.  [1880 CS]  

              Child: HARRY S7, b MN 1877/8


103. ERWIN LOYAL5 BARBER, 1821; m Jane E Adams; res Benson VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; 1850,1870 CS:Benson VT; "Am. Ancestry",Vol 9 1894:Munsell]

       ERWIN6, 1842‑1844                                                  

 145   MARCUS VICTOR6, 1846; m Mary ‑‑‑; res Toledo OH                     

 146   MUNSON JARVIS6, 1852; m Harriet Collins                   

       MARY6, 1853                                                    

       FRANK ADAMS6, 1857‑1858                                              


104. HOMER GRISWOLD5 BARBER, 1830; m Lucy Clarissa Dwight; res Vermontville, Eaton Co MI.              [Ref:Lt:Ellen Harper]

       IDA LOUISE6, 1855; m Fred A Hull

       JENNIE GRISWOLD6, 1856‑1860

 147   EDWARD DWIGHT6, 1862; m Frankie Dancer

       Adopted: LOUISE I, 1866; m William C Alsover


105. ALBERT MYRON5 BARBER, 1846; m Ella Harroun; res Charlotte, Eaton Co OH.    [Ref:Lt:Ellen Harper]

       FRED H6, 1874

       BESS LAURA6, 1878; m Horace Allen Hamilton

       C ROYAL6


105B. DANIEL F5 BARBER, 1827; m Charlotte A ---; res Chicago IL                                  

       MARY T6, 1857

       FREDERICK G6, 1859


106. CHARLES WILSON5 BARBER, 1834; m at Monticello, Piatt Co IL Hannah Cole; res. Flat Branch, Shelby Co IL.

[Lt:Eleanor L Cotton; IGI:IL; BB; 1880 CS: Flat Branch; Donna M Gleave, PO Box 13, Annabella, UT 84711]

 148   OTHO DEO6, 1858; m Fannie Belle Hunley

       LAURA ELMO6, 1869-1864

       ETTA LOU6, 1862-1883; m John Stivers.

 149   WILLIAM MONROE6, 1865; m Jerusha Ekiss.                          

       ALBERT KENT6, 1868; m Mabbie Jane Pierce.

       OWEN MERTIN6, 1870; m Ida Jane Frambis.

       EDMOND E6, 1872; m Hattie ---.

       HELEN ELIZABETH6, 1876; m Cloen Albert Bridgewater.

       MINNIE MIRIA6, 1876; m Oscar Bromley.

       IRA AUGUSTUS6, 1879-1881.

       CLARA MAY6, 1881-1882.


107. GEORGE C5 BARBER, 1846; m 1884 Carrie Slater  [Ref:Lt:Ellen Harper]

       AVIS6,   ; m Roscoe Cox


108. WILLIAM BOWMAN5 BARBER, 1832; m Ann E Jackson; res Castleton VT.   [Ref:VR:VT]

       EMMA6, 186?; m Seymour Burdick


109. CHARLES S5 BARBER, 1840; m Martha A Belden; res Benson VT.   [Ref: VR:VT]

       CHARLES WILLIAM6, 1862                                      


110. JOHN JAY5 BARBOUR, 1831; m Harriet Tuttle Loop; res Farmington, Oakland Co MI and Coleman, Moody Co SD.

[Ref:IGI:MI; Lt James Barbour]

       JULIA A6  (LUA), 1858; unm; d Colman SD

       WILLIAM A6, 1860; m Myrtle R Crane; d Belle Fourche SD

       JOHN J6, 1861 - 1912; unm.; d Colman SD

       THERON T6, 1863; m Mary ---; d Seattle WA

       MARY AUGUSTA6, 1867 - 1957; unm; d Seattle

 149a  ARNOT GATES6, 1869;  m Carrie D Bigalow

       JOHN W6, 1877 (adopted); m Minnie A Jensen; d Seattle


111. CHARLES C5 BARBOUR, 1833; d Grand Rapids MI; prob m Lucy Crandall of Novi MI. He d Grand Rapids MI.   [Ref:IGI:MI]


       HARRY E6


       BERTHA6,   ; m/1 L W Terry; m/2 E Howard

       ?CHARLES N6,   ; m in Oakland Co MI, 1892, Emeline Youngs


112. FRANK W5 BARBOUR, 1840; m Hattie D Matthews;  res Dearborn, Wayne Co MI, SD.   [Ref:Lt:Margaret Whipple; 1880 CS: Dearborn]

       ARTHUR6, 1865

       MAUD6, 1866

       FRANK R6, 1869

       NELLIE J6, 1871

       ALBERT W6, 1875

       ROBERT F6, 1879

       STEPHEN S W6, 1881


113. CHESTER D5 BARBER, 1841; m/1 Genessee Co MI Gertrude L Sumner; m/2 Lucinda (Worden) Bemont; res Livingston Co MI.  [Ref:IGI:MI]

       ELEANOR6, 1879

       DWIGHT6, 1881


114. JACKSON T5 BARBER, 1849; m Gustine Ryan; res Leroy, Ingham Co and Jackson Co MI.   [Ref:IGI:MI; 1900 CS: Leroy]

       EDITH ELEANOR6, b Henrietta 1874

       MAUD THERESA6, 1875

       RUBY ELIZA6, 1878

       GUSTINA6, b Vevay 1880

       WILLIAM J6, 1882

       CATHERINE MAY6, 1886



120A. HENRY CLAY5 BARBER, 1842; m/1 Marian F Wight; m/2 Flora (Birdsall) Woodmansee.

       First wife:

       CLARENCE ELMER6, 1864; m Joelza Gray.

       LIZZIE EUNICE6 1869; m Franklin Birdsall.

       KATIE S6, 1871; m Dolph M Remington.

       CLYDE H6, 1879; d 1883

       LOIS M6, 1881; m Milton Elias Thorne.

       BESSIE MAY6, 1887; m Warren Birdsall.

       Second wife:

       BIRDSALL BLAINE6, 1897; m Cecilia Zimorski.


120B. ALVIDO S5 BARBER, 1846; m Frances Swift; res Ithaca, Gratio Co MI.

       ANNA ELIZABETH6, 1880

       ROSCOE SWIFT6, 1884


121. MILO E5 BARBER, 1842; m Lydia E Vincent; res Enosburg VT.[Ref: VR:VT; PR:Franklin Co; 1860 CS:Enosburg VT]

       EMERY VIOLA6, 1859‑59                                             

       EVA V6, 1859‑59                                                      

       CLARA6, 1861; m Fred Huro                                     


121B. LUCIUS H5 BARBER (Linus), 1825; ?m/1 Ann Elizabeth Fairbanks; m/2 Lois ‑‑; res Townshend VT.

[Ref: VR:VT; 1870 CS:Townshend VT; 1900 CS:Jamaica VT; CSL:Luce Gen; CSL:Fairbanks Gen]

       First wife:

       GIRL6, d yg. 

       ?REUEL L6, 1854‑1876; unm

       ?CARROLL FAIRBANKS6, 1856; m Mary Belle Spencer; res Morgan Park IL

       Second wife:

       ORIANNAH6, 1857‑1864

       FRANK I6, 1859; ? m Mary P                                     

       EDWIN6, 1864; d yg

       SIDNEY6, 1867

       ELLA6, 1869


122. BENJAMIN CLARK5 BARBER, 1817; m Lucy Nelson; res Halifax VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; Hist. of Colrain MA; 1850,1870 CS:Halifax VT]

       MARY A6, 1842; m Capt Alvah Nelson; no ch                      

       MARIA6, 1844                                                

       FRANK H6, 1853‑1873; unm.                                         

 160   GEORGE ALBERT6, 1855; m Emma L Dix                    


123. MATTHEW5 BARBER, 1819; m Harriet Martin; res Colrain MA.   

[Ref: Hist. of Western MA; GML:Martin Gen; Hist of Colrain; IGI:MA; VR:Colrain; BB; 1850 CS:Colrain]

       ROBERT M6, 1840‑1843                                              

       HARLEY M6, 1842‑1863, unm.                                           

       HENRY W6, 1845; m/1 Eunice M Thomas; m/2 Lulah A Warren   

       ANSEL6, 1848‑1863                                                    

 161   ALBERT EDWARD6, 1848; m Martha Francelia Miner                          

 162   JOHN MASON6, 1851; m Clara Bethiah Jones                     

       MARTHA B6, 1853                                               

 163   ?MATTHEW6, 1855; m Alta E


124. ROSWELL5 BARBER*, 1818; m/1 Harriet Mather; m/2 Mary Ann Franklin; res Colrain, and Heath MA and DeKalb IL.

[Ref:CSL:Stowell Gen; Hist of Colrain; IGI:MA; VR:Colrain; 1850 CS:Colrain; Lt: Dean Johnson]

       First wife:                                                          

       DAVID MATHER6, 1845                                         

       ROSWELL PHILETUS6, 1848‑1849                                          

       Second wife:

       SARAH SEVILLA6, 1853; m Frank Ely Cook.

       WILLIAM6, b DeKalb 1856






125. GEORGE M6 BARBER, 1844; m Mary Lewis; res Danville VA.   [Ref:DAR Lineage]

       FRANCES L7, 18??; m Frank L James Forrest


126. WILLIAM JAMES6 BARBER, 1869; m Kate ‑‑‑.

       MARY J7, 1893


127. DR CHARLES H6 BARBER, MD, 1849; m Annie Biggart; res Rutland, Burlington VT.            [Ref: VR:VT; 1900 CS:Burlington VT]

       GRACE LILLIAN7, 1895‑1896                                          

       ROBERT7, 1899                                                   

       MILDRED7, 1900                                                 


128. DAVID6 BARBER, 185?; m 1870 Fanny Fredette.

       ELBERT7, 1873

       GIRL7, 1876


129. MARCELLUS J6 BARBER, 1872; children by Lillian Edith Hewitt; res Pittsford, Brandon VT.             [Ref: VR:VT; 1900 CS:Brandon VT]

       GIRL7, 1901                                                       

       ELLEN HARRIET HEWITT7, 1903                                           

       MARCELLA OLIVE7, 1903‑1905                                             


130. GEORGE W6 BARBER, 1849; m Angeline A Ariel; res Addison,Burlington VT, Crown Pt NY, Vernon CT.   [Ref:VR:VT; 1880 CS:Vernon; 1900 CS:Burlington]

       GEORGE FREDERICK7, 1878‑1898; unm.                            

 164   CHARLES A7, 1880; m Nellie Hatin                          

 165   WILLIAM H7, 1883; m Mary B Monarche                       

       ETTA M7, 1886; m William H Wade                                


131. JOHN WARNER6 BARBER, 1838; m Harriet Francisco; res Montrose, Genesee Co MI.    [Ref:IGI:MI; Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

 166   LEWIS T7, 1868; m Effie Alwilda Lee

       MINNIE7, 1870; m/1 Edward Kinney; m/2 Roy Musselman; res Montrose MI

 167   CLARENCE WARNER7, 1872; m Florence L Farr

       FLORENCE MAUDE7, 1874; m Emory Thomas Allen; res Montrose MI

 168   JOHN WARNER7, 1878; m Bertha Tripp

       HARRIET MAY7, 1887; m Eber Isaac Burgess; res Onoway MI

 169   HAROLD RAY7, 1887 (twin); m Bertha May Leach

       CORA ANN7, 1891; m Don Francis Allett; res Detroit and Flint MI


132. GEORGE WASHINGTON6 BARBER, 1842; m Mary Esther Barber; res Caledonia, Kent Co MI.            [Ref:IGI:MI]

 170   WILLARD J7, 1871; m Minnie Deno

 171   ALBERT GEM7, 1873; m/1 Sarah McLean; m/2 Nina Amanda Stauffer


133. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON6 BARBER *4154*, 1844; m Nancy Ann Lowry; res Lebanon and Laclede Co MO, and Belgreen AL.


 172   GEORGE EDWIN7, 1878; m Katie Bell Noland

       JOHN WILLIAM7, 1882; m Oro Catherine Blacklidge; res Tuscumbie AL

       MARTIN LAFAYETTE7, 1885; m Pearl James; res Belgreen AL.

       JAMES CURTIS7, 1889; m Clara Ethel Best

       CHESTER H7

       CLARA BELLE7, 1894; m Whitt Reid; res Florence AL


134. JAMES MARTIN6 BARBER, 1844; ?m/1 Sophia Bellville; m/2 Jennie Supple; res Detroit MI.

 173   GEORGE HERBERT7, 1883; m Ruby Ethel Ramage

       FLORENCE EVELYN7, 1886

       HARRIET IRENE7, 1891


135. IRA ELLIOTT RICHMOND6 BARBER, 1848; m in Acton MA Mary Bradley; res Toledo OH.              [Ref:IGI:MA,OH]

       ELIZABETH ANN7, 1883

       HARRIET WARNER7, 1885; m George Arthur Emch; res Toledo OH


136. ORISON FORD6 BARBER, 1834; m Eliza Ann (Marlett) Taylor; res Rockford IL.   [Ref: NB]

 174   WILL JEROME7, 1862; m Emma Koplin                      


137. GEORGE CHAUNCEY6 BARBER, 1836; m Esther L Baker; res Central Lake, Antrim Co MI.             [Ref: NB, IGI:OH]

       IDA7, 1858; m Edward Clark                                     

 175   ORION PHELPS7, 1861; m/1 Josephine Washburn; m/2 Adeline ‑‑‑

       ELLEN7, 1864; m/1 Thomas Deverick; m/2 Luther Deforest    

 176   ALMER J7, 1866; m/1 Esther Jane Clark; m/2 Marian ‑‑      

       CORA MAY7, 1870; m William Grant Washburn                       

       MAUD7, 1872; m Francis Richmond Stevens                        

       EFFIE ETHEL7, 1876; m/1 Horace C Sanborn; m/2 Martin Stevens; m/3 John Calflash; m/4 Daniel Lewis Folsom                               

 177   CLIFFORD RICHMOND7, 1879; m Louisa Wruth Hoyle            


138. HENDRICK HALSEY6 BARBER, 1853; m Olive Holcomb; res Montville, Geauga Co and Cuyahoga Co OH.          [Ref: NB; IGI:OH]

 178   JAMES GLENN7, 1876; m Alice Gertrude Neville           


139. LLEWELLYN PHELPS6 BARBER, 1860; m/1 ‑‑; m/2 Mary Matilda (Scott) Young; res Boulder, Rocky Ford CO.            [Ref: NB]

       MARY MALVINA7, 1904; m Theodore Sanford Shaw; res Burbank CA

 179   ROBERT LLEWELLYN7, 1908; m Mary Evelyn Conwell            

 180   JAMES RICHMOND7, 1908; m Artha Elizabeth Tyler             


140. GEORGE MERRIMAN6 BARBER, 1849; m Lady Jane Bosley.  [Ref: NB]

 181   GRANT WILSON7, 1885; m Maude Leeds Ballard            

 182   ALBERT ARLINGTON7, 1888; m Leona Elsie Grantz            


141. MARTIN LUTHER6 BARBER, 1860; m Sarah A Densmore.  [Ref: NB; CSL:Luce Gen]

       LURA ASENATH7, 1904                                        

       PERSIS VERA7, 1907; m Orville J Frey                          


142. ROBERT GUY6 BARBER, 1868; m Mable Margaret Flora.            [Ref: NB]

       RUTH ROBERTA7, 1906; m Howard Jackson                      

       ROBERT WILSON7, 1910                                          

       JAMES WILLARD7, 1913                                          


142A. WILLIAM6 BARBER, 1850;  m. Lucy Rood.; r Mooers, Clinton Co NY.    [Frederick Alan Barber:]

       DAVID H7, 1877/8

       WILLIAM R7, 1880


       FRANK7,  ; d yg.

  182a HARRY HOUSE7,  ; m Gertrude Gill.

       RUTH7,   ; m --- Hurdic.


143. IRA SPENCER6 BARBER, 1872; m Frances Nellie Smith; res Addison,Panton VT.   [Ref: VR:VT;]

       CORA AUGUSTA7, 1896; m Dwight Joseph Palmer                      

       HAZEL MUSA7, 1900-1903.

       DONALD ROBERT7, 1906-1944.                                                   

       STUART WILLARD7, 1909; m Virginia Dally Afferbach; r Grafton Co NH.

              DAUGHTER8,   ; m --- Ellsworth.

              SON8,  ; m Doris Hand.                                          


145. MARCUS VICTOR6 BARBER, 1846; m Mary ‑‑‑; res Toledo OH.     [Ref:1880 CS:Toledo]

       BERMALINE7, 1879


146. MUNSON JARVIS6 BARBER, 1852; m Harriet Collins; res Benson, Fairhaven VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1900 CS:Fairhaven VT; Cem:Benson VT]

       BESSIE WENTWORTH7, 1886‑1890                                       

       ETHEL ALLEENE7, 1887; d yg                                            


147. EDWARD DWIGHT6 BARBER, 1862; m Frankie Dancer; res Vermontville, Eaton Co MI.          [Ref:Lt:Ellen Harper; Lt: Elmer Sanborn]

       VANCE FRANK7, 1887

 182b  KEITH LAWRENCE7, 1889; m Eula Louise Scott.

       PHILLIP HOMER7, 1897


148. OTHO DEO6 BARBER, 1858; m Fannie Belle Hunley; Shelbyville, Shelby Co IL.   [Ref:IGI:IL; Lt:Eleanor L Cotton]

       PAUL PARKS BERNARD, 1893; m/1 1911 Nellie Hazel Cecil; m/2 1918 Jessie Bowles; m/3 Herminia Salgado .

       SILAS EARL7, 1895; m Grace Young.

       RUTH ALVA7, 1896; m Clifford Seeley.

       MARY MAY7, 1898; m Samuel F McLaren; res Cherryvale KS


149. WILLIAM MONROE6 BARBER, 1865; m ‑‑‑.    [Ref:BB]

 183   FRED BALLARD7                                        


149A. ARNOT GATES6 BARBER, 1869; m Carrie D Bigelow; r WA.

       JAY A7, 1891

 183a  HAROLD CLYTUS7, 1894; m Ethel A Treacy.

       VIVIAN7, 1896

       THERON T7, 1902-1904


160. GEORGE ALBERT6 BARBER, 1855; m Emma L Dix; res Halifax VT.   [Ref: VR:VT; 1900 CS:Halifax VT]

       LIZZIE M7, 1888‑1889                                                  

       DORA LEMIRA7, 1889; m Floyd L Gerrish                      


161. ALBERT EDWARD6 BARBER, 1848; m Martha Francelia Miner; res Colrain MA.

[Ref: Hist. of Western MA; CSL:Miner Gen; GML:Martin Gen; Hist of Colrain]

 191   WILLIAM ALBERT7, 1870; m/1 Isabelle Herron Black; m/2 Edith Helen Getchel


       CHARLES H7


162. JOHN MASON6 BARBER, 1851; m Clara Bethiah Jones; res Brattleboro VT, Greenfield MA.

[Ref:CSL:Speare Gen; VR:New Haven CT; 1880 CS:Greenfield]

       CHARLES MARTIN7, 1877; m New Haven CT 1906 Addie F Cilley; she m/1 ‑‑‑ Scott

       EMMA JOSEPHINE7, 1880; m Louis S Baker

       LOTTIE DAVIS7, 1887‑1887

 192   RAYMOND JOHN7, 1890; m Estelle Margaret Robertson

       WALTER ALLYN7, 1893; m Eunice Elizabeth Rollins


163. ?MATTHEW6 BARBER, 1855; m Alta E; res Colrain MA.    [Ref:1880 CS:Colrain]

       HATTIE L7, 1878

       FLORENCE L7, 1879

       GEORGE M7, 1880     





164. CHARLES A7 BARBER, 1880; m Nellie Hatin; res Winooski VT.   [Ref:VR:VT]

       MARY HELEN8, 1902; m/1 Ralph S Paquette; m/2 Ralph Herbert Denio

       HENRIETTA8, 1902; m William F Arcand                           


165. WILLIAM H7 BARBER, 1883; m Mary Blanche Monarche; res Burlington VT.   [Ref:VR:VT]

       MARY BLANCHE8, 1902                                         

       BEATRICE8, 1903; m Frank O Lavigne                             

       MARY RUTH8, 1905; m Camille M Daignault                        

 193   WILLIAM HOWARD8, 1909; m Edith M Lavalle                  


166. LEWIS T7 BARBER, 1868; m Effie Alwilda Lee; res Montrose, Genesee Co MI.   [Ref:Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

 194   LEWIS LEE8, 1894; m Iva Luella Ryan

 195   LLOYD LAVERN8, 1896; m/1 Esther ‑‑‑; m/2 Marian Prowse; m/3 Jessie ‑‑‑

       FLORENCE MAUDE8, 1898; m/1 ‑‑‑; m/2 Howard Moody; m/3 ‑‑‑; m/4 Bert ‑‑‑; m/5 Larry Magnus;       she

 d. San Jose CA.


167. CLARENCE WARNER7 BARBER, 1872; m Florence L Farr; res Montrose, Genesee Co MI.  [Ref:IGI:MI]

 196   HAROLD ALBERT8, 1907; m Ethel Lintz


168. JOHN WARNER7 BARBER, 1878; m/1 Bertha Tripp; m/2 Mamie ‑‑‑; m/3 Birdie ‑‑‑.          [Ref:Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

       First wife:

       BERTRAND8, 1901‑1904

       Second wife:

       GRACE8, 1902; m Joseph Green


169. HAROLD RAY7 BARBER*, 1887; m Bertha Mary Leach; res Genesee Co MI.   [Ref:Lt:Marguerite Kalec]

 197   DONALD E8, 1921; m Leola Grosephend


170. WILLARD J7 BARBER, 1871; m Minnie Deno; res Saginaw MI.

       HAROLD DENO8, 1903

       BERT DUDLEY8, 1908


171. ALBERT GEM7 BARBER, 1873; m/1 1902 Sarah McLean; m/2 1912 Nina Amanda Stauffer; r Byron Center and Ross MI.

       First wife:

       FRANCES ELEANOR8, 1904

       Second wife:

       MAX BURTON8, 1915

       MARY ELIZABETH8, 1917       HELEN AVIS8, 1919


172. GEORGE EDWIN7 BARBER, 1878; m Katie Bell Noland; res Spruce Pine AL.

       BESSIE MAE8, 1912


173. GEORGE HERBERT7 BARBER, 1883; m Ruby Ethel Ramage; res Detroit MI.



174. WILL JEROME7 BARBER, 1862; m/1 Emma Koplin; m/2 Maude Seaton; res Brookfield MO, Lodi OH.       [Ref: NB]

       VERA EMMA8, 1887; m/1 Bert Strom; m/2 James Hugh Scroggie; res Chicago IL, Berea OH


175. ORION PHELPS7 BARBER, 1861; m/1 Josephine Washburn (d 1931); m/2 Adeline ‑‑‑.                   [Ref: NB]

 198   CLYDE CHAUNCEY8, 1893; m Hazel Bacon                   

       ETHEL J8, 1895; m Ira A Bennett                                

       BEATRICE8, 1898; m/1 John McMillan; m/2 Ole Olson              

 199   LEON F8, 1900; m Ida Smith                                


176. ALMER J7 BARBER, 1866; m/1 Esther Jane Clark; m/2 Marian ‑‑‑; res Central Lake MI.              [Ref: NB]

       MINNIE MAY8, 1887; m George King                            

 200   ORSON JOHN8, 1889; m Eva McDowall                         

 201   BYRON EDWARD8, 1891; m/1 Minnie Schubel; m/2 Rose ‑‑.     

       MARY MAUD8, 1893; m Rex Dunlop                                 

       FLORENCE ESTHER8, 1896; m George Parker                        

 202   WILMER GLEN8, 1899; m Janet Mae MacMillan                 

       ALMER LEE8, 1900‑1929                                                 


177. CLIFFORD RICHMOND7 BARBER, 1879; m Louisa Wruth Hoyle; res Carnduff Sask.                [Ref: NB]

 203   GEORGE HOYLE8, 1912; m Marjorie Laura Dempsey          

 204   LAWRENCE RICHMOND8, 1913; m Nellie Myrtle Wilmot          

       CARL DEFOREST8, 1914; m Marie Josephine (Meunier) Demas        

 205   GARRETT EARL ROBERTS8, 1915; m June Pauline Schafer       

       VIOULA MAUDE8, 1916; m William Garnet Kendall                  

       GERTRUDE ESTHER8, 1918; m William Wallace Armstrong            

 206   ERNEST RAY8, 1920; m Dorothy Mary Mann                   

       IDA MADELINE8, 1921; m William Cliffe                          

       JOSEPHINE CAMELA8, 1923; m John Duncan Bussey                  

 207   REGINALD MUNROE8, 1925; m Helen Mildred Gustafson         

       ELSIE BETH8, 1926; m Nicholas Palynchuk                        

       MARY MATILDA8, 1927; m Robert Alexander Armstrong              

 208   ALMER ELIJAH8, 1929; m/1 Jean Elizabeth Niven; m/2 Mary Elizabeth (Winkleman) Coughlin


178. JAMES GLENN7 BARBER, 1876; m Alice Gertrude Neville.   [Ref: NB.]

 209   LLEWELLYN PHELPS8, 1898; m Mary Elizabeth Morgert      

       OLIVE MARY8, 1900; m Ralph W E Darling                          

 210   MARION NEVILLE8, 1901; m Sarah A Greene                   

       HELEN ELIZABETH8, 1902; m Harold A Cattell                     

       JAMES GLENN8, 1903                                             

       ALICE MARIE8, 1907; m Raymond C Landon                          

       GERTRUDE LUELLA8, ‑‑; m Charles I Green                        

 211   ROBERT HENRY8, ‑‑; m Betty E Weinsz                       


179. ROBERT LLEWELLYN7 BARBER, 1908; m Mary Evelyn Conwell; res La Mesa CA.            [Ref: NB]

       JAMES ROBERT8, 1941 (adopted)                                         

       JOHN NICHOLAS8, 1943                                        


180. JAMES RICHMOND7 BARBER, 1908; m Artha Elizabeth Tyler; res San Diego CA.  [Ref: NB]

       LLEWELLYN TYLER8, 1938‑38                                           

       ARTHA LINDA8, 1939; m/1 Bill McAllister; m/2 Robert Corbin Peters

       ELLEN ELIZABETH8, 1941; m Vernon Claude Safford                

       MARY GERTRUDE8, 1943; m William Arthur Truax                   

       RICHMOND TYLER8, 1948                                         


181. GRANT WILSON7 BARBER, 1885; m Maude Leeds Ballard.  [Ref: NB]

       CHARLES MERRIMAN8, 1916                                     

       ELIZABETH GENE8, 1917‑1922                                            

       GRANT WILSON8, 1919                                            

       CLAIRE LENORE8, 1921                                           


182. ALBERT ARLINGTON7 BARBER, 1888; m Leona Elsie Grantz.        [Ref: NB]

       IDA MAE8, 1908                                               

       VIVIAN IRENE8, 1909                                            


182A. HARRY HOUSE7 BARBER, 1892; m Gertrude Gill; r Mooers, Clinton Co NY and Schuyler Lake, Otsego Co NY.   [Frederick Alan Barber:]

       HARRY HOUSE8,   ; m Evi ---; r Ilion NY; no ch.

       DONALD8,  ; m several times with children; disappeared in 1991.

       SON8,  ; d young.

       ALAN GILL8, 1920; m/1 Doris Jean Voltermann; m/2 Patricia Garcia Marsac;  r Buffalo and Garrison, Putnam

 Co NY

              HOLLY JEAN9, 1958; m Gregory John Bentley; r FL.

              MERRY LEE9, 1962; m Donald Trznadel; r Lockport, Niagara Co NY.

              FREDERICK ALAN9, 1965; m Alice McCulley; r NY, D.C., Johannesburg So Africa, and TX.


182B. KEITH LAWRENCE7 BARBER, 1889; m Eula Louise Scott.

 211a  EDWARD DWIGHT8, 1912; m Ethel Arletta Ragla.

       HOMER GRISWOLD8, 1915


183. FRED BALLARD7 BARBER, ‑‑‑; m ‑‑‑.                     [Ref:BB]

       BETTY LOU8, ‑‑‑ ; m John Pankey                             


183A. HAROLD CLYTUS7 BARBER, 1894; m Ethel Ann Treacy; r WA; d Seattle.

       DOROTHY A8, 1918

       CATHERINE L8, 1919

       JOHN H8, 1920

       MARGARET E8, 1922

 211b  JAMES PATRICK8, 1924; m Mary Theresa Cleary.

       MARY J8, 1926


191. WILLIAM ALBERT7 BARBER, 1870; m/1 Isabelle Herron Black (d 1901); m/2 Edith Helen Getchell; res Colrain MA.

[Ref: Hist. of Western MA]

       First wife:

       ALICE ISABELLE8, 189?; m 1920 Clyde Cummings

       Second wife:

       ROBERT LAWRENCE8, 1904; m Gladys Florence Butler                           

       IDA MAY GRACE8, 1907

       ALBERT GETCHEL8, 1912


192. RAYMOND JOHN7 BARBER, 1890; m Estelle Margaret Robertson; res Springfield MA.             [CSL:Speare Gen]

       HEROLD JOHN8, 1908  








Mark Johnston:  3619 Mariner, Waterford MI 48329

Frank Fergason:  FranknJane@aol

Pat Griffiths:  

Heads of Family (Barber);

Birth year; Family number:

Cassius E; 1870; 15   

Cyrus Reuben; 1860; 13     

Daniel; 1772; 1   

George F; 1856; 12   

Henry Jefferson; 1879; 17

Hiram Jefferson; 1826; 4   

Hiram Sidney; 1872; 16   

John; 1801; 2   

John B or C; 1828; 5   

John F; 1867; 14   

Julian; 1857; 9   

Lawrence S; 1854; 11   

Newman J; 1862; 10   

Reuben B; 1834; 6   

Richard; 1846; 8   

Samuel B; 1841; 7   

Sylvester; 1887; 18   

William D; 1823; 3 


Spouses; Family number:

Barnett, Juliette; 13   

Biroich, Dolly; 5   

Chambers, Edith Ann; 13   

Goff, Nancy; 8   

Haggurdorne, Harriet; 9   

Harrington, Effie T; 11   

Hicks, Nancy; 6   

Jay, Lydia Caroline; 4   

Lewis, Abigail; 2   

Looney, Millie; 15   

Murphy, Mary J; 15   

Reid, Lena; 16   

Shoemaker, Marie L; 7

Smith, Julia; 3   

Soper, Mary Ann; 8   

Stevens, Ann Elizabeth; 10   

Stone, Irene; 18   

Taylor, Mary A; 14   

Terrall, Lydia; 6




1. DANIEL1 BARBER, b RI 1772); m Hannah ---); among first  settlers of Oakland Co MI. 

Res. NY State first.   Daniel may have been a son of Joseph2, Robert1 Barber of MA, and brother of Joseph3 of Benson VT, who also went to Oakland Co MI, and died at Waterford, Oakland Co at age 99 in 1865.  But John2’s family went to Oxford, 1853, late. [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston; Lt: Frank Fergason]

       JAMES LEWIS2, 1795

       DANIEL2, 1798

 2     JOHN2, 1801; m Nancy Burros

            BETSEY E2, 1803

       OLIVE2, 1809





2. JOHN2 BARBER, b NY State 1801, born "to ‑‑‑ and Abigail (‑‑‑) Barber, b RI 1776, d 1860 Oxford Twp, Oakland Co MI." 

This John is probably the son of Daniel and Abigail (Lewis) Barber; John m Nancy Burros; res NY State, Huron Co OH, and Oxford, Oakland Co MI.   [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston; Lt: Frank Fergason]

       ELIZA ANN3, b NY c 1821; d 1852; m Fitchville, Huron Co OH 1836 William Fergason

 3     WILLIAM D3, b NY 1823; m Julia Smith

 4     HIRAM JEFFERSON3, b NY 1826; m Lydia Caroline Jay

 5     JOHN B or C3, b NY 1828; m Dolly Biroich

       ABIGAIL3, b Williams Co OH 1830; m Daniel Arnsbarger; res MI

 6     REUBEN B3, b Williams Co OH 1834; m/1 Nancy Hicks; m/2 Lydia Terrall

       SARAH A3, b Huron Co OH 1836; m Heman P Lawrence; res Oxford.

       PHEBE ADELIA3, b Huron Co OH 1839; m 1857 William Fergason; res Fitchfield, Huron Co OH.

 7     SAMUEL B3, b Huron Co OH 1841; m Marie L Shoemaker

       NANCY JANE3, b Huron Co OH 1843; m Henry L VanWagoner; res Lapeer Co MI.

 8     RICHARD SOLOMON3, b Huron Co OH 1846; m/1 Nancy Goff; m/2 Mary Ann Soper





3. WILLIAM D3 BARBER, 1823; m Julia Smith; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.   [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       NANCY4, 1847; m William Noble; res Oxford MI.

       MARY4, 1847; d before 1860.

       HARRIET A4, 1850; m Oren E Stanton; r Oakland Co.

       BETSEY4, 1852; m John W Hallett; r Pontiac, Oakland Co.

       ALICE4, 1856; m/1 William G Allen; m/2 Edgar Harris; res Oakland Co MI.

 9     JULIAN4, 1857; m Harriet Haggurdorne   

 10    NEWMAN J4, 1862; m Anna Elizabeth Stevens

       FIDELIA L4, 1866; m Marshall W Kessell, res Oakland Co MI.


4. HIRAM JEFFERSON3 BARBER, 1826; m Lydia Caroline Jay; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.

[Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       NANCY A4, 1849; m James M Angle; res Lake Orion, Oakland Co MI.

       ROSE A4, 1852; m William Everett Banghart; res Lake Orion MI.

 11    LAWRENCE S4, 1854; m Effie T Harrington

       ELLEN ESTHER4, 1856; m John Joseph Rorick; res Oxford.

       CHRISTINA CAROLINE4, 1858; m Charles W VanWormer; res Oxford.

       ROYAL HIRAM BURDELL4, 1864?‑1876

       HENRY S4, 1867; m Rosie M Parkhurst; res Oxford.


5. JOHN B or C3 BARBER, 1828; m Dolly Biroich; res Oakland CO MI, and OH.   [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       DELIA A4, 1851

       MELISSA AMELIA4, 1853; m Henry Grover; res Alma, Gratiot Co MI.

       RICHARD4, 1855

       MARY4, 1858; m John H Piersons

       JOHN S4, 1862; m Mary A ---.

       JENNY4, 1865; m Barnay C Curtis.

       REUBEN W4, 1868; m Emma ---.

       RACHEL4,   ; E N Green.

       EMORY4, 1848


6. REUBEN B3 BARBER, 1834; m/1 Nancy Hicks; m/2 Lydia Terrall; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.         [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

       SARAH ALICE4, 1855; d before 1867.

 12    GEORGE F4, 1856; m Marion V.

       ELPHA ELISHA4, 1858; m Frank VanWagoner; res Tuscola Co MI.

 13    CYRUS REUBEN4, 1860; m/1 Juliette Barnett; m/2 Edith Ann Chambers

       ELECTA LOUISE4, 1862; m James Lynk; res Oxford.

 14    JOHN F4, 1867; m Mary A Taylor

       SARAH ANN4, 1868‑1876

       CARRIE DELL4, 1869

       CLARA DELAH4, 1870; m Leonard A Thompson

       MINNIE4, 1871; m George L Bailey; res Oxford.

       Second wife:

       LENA4, 1883

       PEARL4, 1886; m Hoyt C Allen


7. SAMUEL B3 BARBER, 1841; m Marie L Shoemaker; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI. [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       A SHERMAN4, 1869; d infancy.

 15    CASSIUS E4, 1870; m/1 Millie Looney; m/2 1913 Mary J Murphy


8. RICHARD SOLOMON3 BARBER, 1846; m/1 Nancy Goff; m/2 Mary Ann Soper; res Oxford and Brandon, Oakland Co MI.   [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

       ELNORA4, 1871; m Emmett Flansburg

 16    HIRAM SIDNEY4, 1872; m/1 Annie ‑‑‑; m/2 Lena Reid; res Oxford.

 17    HENRY JEFFERSON4, 1879; m Bertha ‑‑‑; res MI.

       MYRTLE4, 1881; m Albert Reid

 18    SYLVESTER4,   ; m Irene Stone

       Second wife:

       EDWARD4, 1893‑1910

       WILLIAM4, 1895; m Geneva ‑‑‑

       JENNIE4, 1897; m Floyd Ward.

       RUSSELL ALBERT4, 1906‑1927

       LESTER4, 1905-1905.

       SYLVIA GEORGIA4, 1901; m Jerry Girard

       HAZEL MARY4, 1905; m John Esancho.

       MILDRED ELEANOR4, 1907; m Floyd Ward.

       RICHARD4, 1912             






9. JULIAN4 BARBER, 1857; m Harriet Haggurdorne; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.  [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       LESTER C5, 1878

       EVA5, 1880; m J W Fox. She also m. Albertus Bogardus.


10. NEWMAN J4 BARBER, 1862; m Anna Elizabeth Stevens; res Hadley, Lapeer Co MI.

[Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

 19    CHESTER5, 1888; m Edna R ‑‑‑


11. LAWRENCE S4 BARBER, 1854; m Effie T Harrington; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.

[Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       CLYDE5, d yg.

       CHARLES5, 1879

       LILLIAN5, 1882

       EASOL R5, c 1901


12. GEORGE F4 BARBER, 1856; m Marion V.; res MI.    [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       GLENN A5, 1884

       BESSIE M5, 1886

       RUTH E5, 1892

      EASOL R5, 1901


13. CYRUS REUBEN4 BARBER, 1860; m/1 Juliette Barnett; m/2 1894 Edith Ann Chambers; res Tuscola Co MI, and Flint, Genesee Co MI.             [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

       LELIA MAY BARNETT5, 1879; m ‑‑‑ Owing

       IRENE5, 1883; m Hector Robinson

 20    NEWMAN FREDERICK5, 1887; m Grace Opal Davis

       LULA5, 1889; m William Emery

       Second wife:

 21    EARL WILLIAM5, 1895; m/1 Matilda Pettie; m/2 Nancy ‑‑‑

       BERNICE MARIE5, 1897; m Omar C Berry

 22    ARTHUR GRANT5, 1898; m/1 Alta Hammond; m/2 Alma Komerau

       LUTHER B5, 1900‑1900

       ADA MAUDE5, 1902; m/1 Burton Ottoway; m/2 Claude House

       VERNIA MAY5, 1905; m Aaron Blakley

       CELISTA MURIEL5, 1907; m Gordon Soldan; res Lake Orion, Oakland Co MI.

 23    MAURICE ELMER5, 1911; m Ethelyn I Renshaw

       EVA BELLE5, 1913; m Floyd W Collins; res Oakland Co.

 24    FREEMAN ROY5, 1915; m Evelyn Rozetta Pulsifer

       FLORENCE ELSIE LUCILLE5, 1917; m Willard Richard Eimers

 25    HARRY BERTRAND5, 1919; m/1 Una May Smith; m/2 Wilma Whitlock; m/3 Gladys Clemens; m/4 Viola Henrion.


14. JOHN F4 BARBER, 1867; m Mary A Taylor; res North Branch, Lapeer Co MI. [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       DONNA5, 1903; m William Dennis Slattery


15. CASSIUS E4 BARBER, 1870; m/1 Millie Looney; m/2 1913 Mary J Murphy; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.           [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       GLADYS JEANETTE5, 1901; m Mathew George Mersino.

       BERNICE5, 1904‑1910

       KENNETH S5, 1904; m Ollie D ‑‑‑


16. HIRAM SIDNEY4 BARBER, 1872; m/1 Annie ‑‑‑; m/2 Lena Reid; res Oxford, Oakland Co MI.          [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

       FRANCES5, 1899; m Samuel Burtman

       Second wife:

       INA5,   ; m/1 Leonard Shulg; m/2 LaVerne Robinson

       HIRAM HENRY5,   ; m Helen ‑‑‑


17. HENRY JEFFERSON4 BARBER, 1879; m Bertha Heninecke; res MI.  [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       BERTHA M5, 1903; m Morris J Brew.

       ELEANOR E5, 1907; m Tack White.

       HENRY F5, 1909


18. SYLVESTER4 BARBER, 188?; m Irene Stone






19. CHESTER5 BARBER, 1888; m Edna R ‑‑‑; res MI.     [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       ELIZABETH6, 1915


20. NEWMAN FREDERICK5 BARBER, 1887; m Grace Opal Davis; res Cleveland, Klickitat Co WA and Sunnyside, Yakima Co WA.       [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

 26    ELMER ELTON6, 1914; m/1 Mildred B Morfield; m/2 Eileen Hudson

       WILLIAM FREDERICK6, 1914; m/1 Sarah Arzenberger; m/2 Genevieve Vardoski; res WA.

       EDNA MAY6, 1916; m/1 Alvin E Boyd; m/2 Orval Reynolds; res Sunnyside WA.

       RAY ALBERT6, 1918

       RUBY ROSE6, 1921; m/1 ‑‑‑ Matclif; m/2 Hubert Ronald Metcalf; res Tacoma WA

       GEORGE ROY6, 1923; m Leona Hopkin; res WA.

       BONNIE BIRDIE6, 1925; m Frank Warner

 27    EARL LEROY6, 1935; m Donna Heying


21. EARL WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1895; m/1 Matilda Pettie; m/2 Nancy ‑‑‑; res Tuscola Co MI.                [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       ANNA6, 1919; m Charles Kile

       ETHEL M6, 1920‑1920

       CYRUS S F6, 1922‑1922

       LUCY LORETTA6, 1923; m/1 William Geroud; m/2 James Moore

       DOROTHY MAY6, 1931; m/2 Horace Amos



22. ARTHUR GRANT5 BARBER, 1898; m/1 Alta Hammond; m/2 1937 Alma Komerau.    [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

 28    JOHN GRANT6, 1921; m Ila Heath

 29    JAMES6, 1924; m Delores Parker


23. MAURICE ELMER5 BARBER, 1911; m Ethelyn I Renshaw.     [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       DONALD ELMER6, 1932; m/1 ‑‑‑; m/2 Elizabeth Semenuk

       IRENE GLADYS6, 1934

 30    CLIFFORD ALLEN6, 1938; m Nancy Meyers

 31    HAROLD RALPH6, 1941; m Marilyn Jewell

 32    GLENN MAURICE6, 1943; m Patricia Ann Fitzpatrick

       NANCY ALMA6, 1946; m Donald Florkey

       MARIE ANN6, 1950; m Allen Woolever


24. FREEMAN ROY5 BARBER, 1915; m Evelyn Rozetta Pulsifer; died at Colton CA.

[Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       EDITH REBECCA6, 1940; m Robert Eiker

 33    FREEMAN ROY6, 1942; m/1 Kat Marie Kumpula; m/2 Linda Gail Fleming

       DOROTHY LUCILLE6, 1944; m Robert Harris Lipscomb

       FLORENCE EVELYN6, m Glen Albert Crum


       MARTIN LEON6, 1954‑1954


25. HARRY BERTRAND5 BARBER, 1919; m/1 Una May Smith; m/2 Wilma Whitlock; m/3 Gladys Clemens; m/4 Viola Henrion.       [Ref:Lt:Mark Johnston]

       First wife:

 34    LEONARD6, 1935; m ‑‑‑

       MARY LOU6, 1940

       LINDA LEE6, 1941