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Ancestors of Julia Ann Flanagan

Generation No. 4

      8. James Winwright Flanagan, born June 1752 in Louisa co, VA; died Aft. 1830 in Louisa co, VA. He married 9. Serena Whittle 1748 in Louisa co, Va.

      9. Serena Whittle, born Abt. 1725 in Louisa co, VA; died Aft. 1752 in Louisa co, VA. She was the daughter of 18. Francis Whittle and 19. Sara.

Notes for James Winwright Flanagan:
In 1747, James received a land grant of 400 acres in Louisa Co, VA from King George II. He probably did not live on this track. The property was divided among three sons, Ambrose, James and Whittle, each with 133 1/3 acres.
Whittle and his wife, Judith, made their home there and probably built the home called Red Hill. It is a story and a half frame house with a brick basement. It has a gabled roof with three dormer windows, massive free-standing brick end chimneys, a small four-columned front portico and six-over-six windows on the first floor.
It was passed down through Whittle's daughter Elizabeth, and in 1873 to her daughter, Julia. Julia deeded it to her daughter, Ida, in 1911. In 1964, Ida deeded it to two of her children Ruby and Graham. When I visited in 1986, Ruby and her niece Sarah Amick and her husband J.R. Amick still lived in the house.

Children of James Flanagan and Serena Whittle are:
  i.   Ambrose Flanagan, born Abt. 1747 in Louisa co, VA; died Abt. 1834; married Elizabeth.
  4 ii.   James Whittle Flanagan, born November 18, 1749 in Louisa co, Va; died Aft. 1830; married Judith Ferguson April 12, 1773 in Louisa co, Va.
  iii.   Mary Flanagan, born Abt. 1751 in Louisa co, VA; died November 11, 1796.
  iv.   James Winwright Flanagan, born 1752 in Louisa co, VA; died April 10, 1838 in Fluvanna, Va; married Phoebe Simpson.

      12. John Bybee Sr., born January 5, 1706 in Goochland, Va; died 1758 in Fluvanna, Va. He married 13. Sara Judith Jane Giles 1732 in Goochland, VA.

      13. Sara Judith Jane Giles, born 1711 in Goochland, Virginia.
Children of John Sr. and Sara Giles are:
  i.   William Bybee
  ii.   David Bybee, born 1736 in Fluvanna, Va.
  iii.   John Bybee II, born 1739 in Fluvanna County, VA; died 1819 in Barren Co., Ky; married Elizabeth McCann 1763 in Fluvanna, Va; born 1737 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died 1784 in Augusta Co., VA.
  More About John Bybee II:
Military service: served in the 15th Virginia Regiment under Captain William Grimes

  iv.   Thomas Bybee, born March 24, 1760.
  v.   Cornelius Bybee, born Abt. 1741.
  vi.   Samuel Bybee, born 1743.
  vii.   Edward Bybee, born 1746.
  viii.   Joseph Bybee, born 1749 in Virginia.
  6 ix.   Pleasant Bybee, born 1758 in Fluvanna Co.VA.; died July 16, 1835 in Near Ballenger's Creek; married Mildred Priddy September 3, 1789 in Fluvanna Co.VA..
  x.   Jean Bybee, born Abt. 1762.

      14. William Priddy, born 1734 in Virginia. He married 15. Jean Hunter February 5, 1755 in St James Northam, Parish, Goochland Co, Virginia.

      15. Jean Hunter, born Abt. 1738.
Children of William Priddy and Jean Hunter are:
  i.   Robert Priddy, born 1755.
  ii.   Mary Priddy, born 1756.
  iii.   Judith Priddy, born 1757.
  iv.   John Priddy, born April 8, 1758.
  7 v.   Mildred Priddy, born November 23, 1759 in N. Carolina; died 1841 in Fluvanna Co.VA; married Pleasant Bybee September 3, 1789 in Fluvanna Co.VA..
  vi.   Littleberry Priddy, born April 9, 1762.
  vii.   George Priddy, born April 27, 1764.
  viii.   Sally Priddy, born October 1, 1766.
  ix.   William Priddy, born January 8, 1768.

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