Elwell is of English derivation.  It is thought to come from the old english “Hael” (omen) + “Wella” (spring) and is a reference to pagan river worship.  There is a place in Dorset County, England named Elwell.  The surname today is found in the west midhighlands of England.


In England about 1450 there were two manors with similar names.  One of these was Elwell in Dorset County and the other is Elvill or Elfael, which appears to be in Wales.   Some feel the Elwell family name predates the location of that name and others believe the family name is derived from the place name.  I have found the place name goes back into the 1200s and originally appears to have been Elfael.  The place name in Dorset County developed into Elwell by the 1450 s.


On "July 21, 1452 Henry VI granted to his Queen Margaret diverse castles, lordships, towns, lands".  Some of these were "our manors of Porland alias Portland, Weymouth, Weeke and Elwell, co. Dorset, which came into our hands in right of our Crown of England".


There was a Hildebrand Elwell who under Henry VI's reign was a grocer.  On 02 May 1425 at Westminster there is a court record which reads:  "John Redeler late of Welles, co. Somerset, clerk, for not appearing before the king's justices of the Bench to answer Hildebrand Elwell, grocer of the town of Wells, touching a plea of debt of 40s"


Hildebrand Elwell was once again mentioned in the court records on 28 Feb 1427 at Westminster:  "Grant, by advice of the council, and pursuant to letters patent of 30 October, 3 Henry VI, to John Stourton and John Reynold, for whom Hildbrand Elwell of London, 'grocer', and Martin Jacob of the county of Somerset, 'gentleman', have become sureties, of all the issues, rents, farms, profits, and commodities of the temporalities of the bishopric of Bath and Wells, from 27 October, 3 Henry VI, when Nicholas, late bishop, died until 12 May following, paying therefor 872 l. 7s. 9 d.  They may also set off against this sum, any amounts paid by them or by Walter Hungerford, knight John Juyn. Richard Martyn or Mayn or Thomas Shelford, on any tallies levied at the receipt of the Exchequer on the custody of the said temporalities, and also the 400 l. which have been lent to the king by the said Stourton, Reynold and Shelford."


Hildebrand Elwell is again in the court records on November 15, 1433 at Westminster:  "Thomas Mountagu of Exeter, co. Devon, 'mercer', executor of the will of Robert Hore, late of Bridpord, co. Dorset, 'chapman', for not appearing before the same, when sued with Robert Norton of Exeter, co. Devon, 'belyetter', Stephen Frakke of the same, 'husbondman', William Tauntfere of the same, “carpenter”, and Hildbrand Elwell.

of London, 'grocer', his co-executors, to answer William Olyver, citizen and grocer of London, touching a plea that they render to him 17 l."


Hildebrand Elwell appears to have been from Wells (1425) in Dorset County  and later (1427) lived in London.  I believe these are one in the same persons.  In the 1660, there is a John Elvill of Exeter who is a "merchant".  The Treasury Books indicate that on October 22, 1662 "Warrant from Treasurer Southhampton to the Customs Farmers to permit John Elvill, of Exeter, merchant, to make an entry of vinegar on paying Customs according to the Book of Rates" again on May 20, 1664 "to discharge a seizure of some drapery and calf-skins seized at Exeter belonging to John Elwill.  Prefixing: Note of said John Elwell's petition and report thereon from the Custom Farmers."  Note the name is spelled Elvill, Elwill and Elwell in the same document.  This Elwell of Exeter, England would have been a contemporary of Robert Elwell of New England and may have been a relative.


The some of the family groups that follow were borrowed from work done by Stephen T. Elwell and his work can be seen on the web at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/e/l/w/Stephen-T-Elwell/odt1-0001.html

There is also a book compiled and edited by Elizabeth Starr Versailles of Williamsburg, Massachusetts in 1974 that contains the memorabilia of Levi Henry Elwell, 1854-1916.  This book is titled Elwelliana.


According to the book series, Immigrants To America, Robert Elwell came to New England aboard the ship “Recovery”.  This record is dated 31 March 1633 and reads:  Planters carrying with them household goods, clothing and provisions for themselves, their wives, children and servants, valued at L 920 (pounds) and allowed to pass free of custom by His Majesty’s patent, to be shipped on the Recovery of London, Mr. Gabriel Cornish, from Weymouth to New England:  Thomas Newbery, Thomas Long, Davide Phippen, Jonathan Gillet, Elizabeth Parkman, Mary Coggen, Thomas Wakely, Daniel Norchat, Joseph Androes, Robert Dible, John Pope, Stephen Terrey, Robert Elwell, John Wotts, William Bowne, John Hardy, Sarah Hill, John Woolcocke, Thomas Shawe, Anthony Eames, Thomas Swift, George P…, Thomas Biscomb, Ezechia Hore, John Elderman, John Pinny.


Robert Elwell is thought to have been in Dorchester, now part of Boston, as early as 1634.  It is believed that Robert Elwell was born about 1612 in England.  According to the Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English immigrants To New England 1620-50 by Charles Edward Banks, Robert Elwell came to New England from Stokes Abbot, Devonshire, England.  Robert is seen in New England records as early as1634.  He owned land in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1634.  Robert Elwell died in Gloucester, Massachusetts on 18 May 1683.  He was admitted as a freeman on 13 May 1640 in Boston.  According to the Genealogical Guide To The Earlty Settlers of America, “Robert Elwell, of Dorchester, 1635 removed 1638 to Salem, there had baptized, besides two others not named, John Elwell, 1640; and Isaac, 1642”.  Robert Elwell removed to Gloucester, Massachusetts and was a selectman there in 1648 and was elected selectman several times after that.  Robert Elwell is included as an inhabitant of Gloucester, Massachusetts from the time of its settlement.  Robert Elwell married Joanne Dalliber or Dolliver possibly in Stoke Abbot, Dorset, England.  Joanne was born about 1617.  Joanne Elwell died in Gloucester, Massachusetts 31 January 1675.  The Gloucester Death records indicate “Elwell, Joan w. Robert, 31:1m:1675”.  Her name is also seen as Jane?  Their children were thought to be:

Mary Elwell b. abt 1634

Samuel Elwell b. 1635 in Dorchester, Massachusetts

unknown b. 1639 d. at age six months

John Elwell b. 23 Jan 1639/40 in Salem, Massachusetts

Isaac Elwell b. 27 Dec 1641/2 in Salem, Massachusetts                                                          Josiah Elwell b. abt. 1644

Joseph Elwell b. May 1648

Sarah Elwell b. 1651 d. 1651

Sarah Elwell b. 1652 d. 1655

Thomas Elwell b. abt. 1654

Jacob Elwell b. 10 Jun 1657

Richard Elwell b. Apr 1658


 On 29 May 1676 a Robert Elwell married Eals Leach the widow of Robert Leach. The Court Record spells her name Alce Leach.  This name may also be Alice?  She died in 1691.  This is thought to be Robert's second wife.


Note:  There is some controversy over Robert Elwell’s 1st wife’s maiden name.  Some of the family believes it was Doliver/Daliber and others do not.  There is no proof of her last name.


According to the Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Robert Elwell took the oath to be a constable on 30 Jul 1640.  The oath was:  "Whereas you are chosen to the office on constable within the town or liberties of Salem for the space of one year until a new be chosen in your room, you do here swear and take God to witness that you will faithfully serve this Commonwealth in the said office, during all the said tim, you shall carefully see to the preservance of the peace, you shall arrest all such as in your presence shall go about to disturbe the same and crry them to the next magistrate, you shall duly execute all warrants and sommands delivered to you from Lawfull authority.  You shall endeavor to find out and present all disorders in common victualling house and all offence of drunkenness and you shall see that true weights and measures be kept and used by all men in your town.  So help you God."    In 1641 Robert Elwell was sworn as the Constable for Marblehead.  In 1647 Robert Elwell was involved in a court case concerning a boat they had borrowed and lost.   In 1648/49 he was involved in a court case where one "Thomas Bowin" abused him with "reproachful words, being as it was supposed, in drink".  In November of 1651 Robert Elwell was "chosen and sworn a commissioner for Gloster to end small causes".  As late as 1662 he was still serving as a commissioner in Gloucester.  In 1658 William Vinson was sworn as the Constable for Gloucester and Robert Elwell signed the certificate.


If  Robert Elwell’s wife's maiden name may have been, Dolliver or Dalliver.  There were others of this name mentioned in these same Essex County Court Records as early as 1642, the first being Tristam Dalebar.  There was also a Joseph Dalebar and a Samuel Dallabar both in 1642. These are assumed to be Robert Elwell's wife's relatives.  This name gets spelled:  Doliver, Dalebar, Daleber, Dalibar, Daliber, Dallabar, Dallebar, Dalliber, Dallivar, Dalliver, Dalabarr, Daulover, Doliber and Dolliver.  The Dolliver family was also from Stoke Abbot, Devonshire County, England.  According to the Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English immigrants To New England 1620-50 by Charles Edward Banks, “Dolbear, Samuel and Tristram” came to New England from “Stoke Abbot”.


Isaac Elwell lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he married Methitable Millet.  Isaac was baptized in Salem, Massachusetts on 27 Feb 1641/42.  Methitable was born 14 Mar 1640/41 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  Mehitable was the daughter of Thomas and Mar (Greenaway) Millett.  Their children, who were born in Gloucester, were:

Isaac Elwell b.  15 Jan 1665/66

Jane Elwell b.  21 Nov 1668

Jonathan Elwell b.  21 Oct 1670

Eleazer Elwell b. 16 Jul 1673

Abigail Elwell b. 13 Apr 1676

David Elwell b. 10 Mar 1677/78

Bethiah Elwell b. 05 Apr 1682

Joanna Elwell b. 04 Feb 1685/86

Joshua Elwell b. 04 Feb 1686/87

Jemima Elwell b. ?


Isaac Elwell had married 2nd, Mary (Prince) Rowe on 02 Dec 1702 and they may have had children.  Mary (Prince Rowe) was the second wife and widow of Hugh Rowe by whom she had several children.  Isaac Elwell was a sea captain.  He is also seen in records as a “shoemaker”.  He resided on what is known as “High Street”.  He and his son Isaac received town allotments of land on 27 Feb 1688.  He sold to his son Joshua, a “cordwainer” land in Gloucester on 21 May 1709.  The children mentioned in his will are, Eleazer Elwell, Joshua Elwell, Abigail Stover, Joanna Tucker, Bethia Uran and Jemima Elwell.


Joshua Elwell was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts on 04 Feb 1686/87.  He married 1st Alice Low on 24 Dec 1709.  She was born in 1686 in Ipswich, Massachusetts and was the daughter of John and Dorcas Low. Alice (Low) Elwell died on 08 Jan 1717 and Joshua Elwell married 2nd Abigail Riggs on 28 Nov 1717.  Abigail Riggs was the daughter of Thomas Jr. and Abigail (Wheeler) Riggs.  Joshua Elwell had the following children; all of who were born in Gloucester, Massachusetts:                     


Bethiah Elwell b. 10 Dec 1710

Alice Elwell b. 21 Apr 1712

Isaac Elwell b. 31 Oct 1714

Joshua Elwell b. 16 Dec 1716

Thomas Elwell b. 18 August 1718

Moses Elwell b. 01 Sep 1720

Ann Elwell b. 23 Jun 1722

Sarah Elwell b. 11 Aug 1725

Abigail Elwell b. 08 Oct 1727

Mark Elwell b. 17 Sep 1730

Aaron Elwell b. 16 Oct 1732

Mehetable Elwell b. 16 Dec 1735        



Thomas Elwell born 18 Aug 1718 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  He was the son of Joshua and Abigail (Riggs) Elwell.  Thomas Elwell died in Hardwick, Massachusetts on 27 Jan 1798.  Thomas Elwell married Lucy Pierce who was born on 12 October 1722 and was the daughter of John and Ruth (Hilton) Pierce. They married on 22 Oct 1740.  They lived for a time in Gloucester, then moved to Dudley and on to Hardwick, Massachusetts.  Thomas Elwell married 2nd Elizabeth Stratton on 25 Apr 1762, in Hardwick. Elizabeth was the daughter of Ichabod and Elizabeth Stratton.  Thomas Elwell had children:


Thomas Elwell b.  22 Feb 1741 in Gloucester

Abigail Elwell b. 25 Mar 1742 in Dudley, Massachusetts

Joshua Elwell b. 15 Oct 1744 in Dudley

Jabez Elwell b. abt. 1747 in Dudley

Lucy Elwell b. 1749 in Dudley

Moses Elwell b. 1751 in Dudley

Thomas Elwell b. 1753 in Hardwick

John Elwell b.1758 in Hardwick

Jonas Elwell b. 16 Jul 1759 in Hardwick

Mark Elwell b. 02 Feb 1763 in Hardwick

Anna Elwell b. 14 Aug 1764 in Hardwick

David Elwell b 01 Jun 1766 in Hardwick


            Soon after their marriage Thomas and Lucy (Pierce) Elwell moved from Gloucester to Dudley, Massachusetts and he leased lands there on 15 Apr 1743.  He also owned lands in Kingsfield, now Palmer and in Quabbin, later Greenwich.  He was elected to town offices in Hardwick from 1761-1786.  Thomas Elwell served at two different times in the French and Indian Wars.  In 1758 he served with Capt. Joseph Warner’s company under Col. Timothy Ruggles.  Thomas Elwell also served in 1761 with Capt. Zenas Huggins company.  Thomas Elwell’s first will is dated 30 Dec 1784 but after the death of his son Mark it was replaced by a second will dated 12 Jul 1790.  Children mentioned in the wills are sons, David, Joshua, Moses, Thomas, John, Jabez and Jonas.  He also mentions son-in-law Moses Olmstead and daughter Lucy Rice.  He also mentions the children of his deceased son Mark, Polly Elwell, Lucy Elwell, Ruth Elwell and Roxany Elwell.  His wife, Elizabeth and son David were administrators of the will.  


            Joshua Elwell born 15 Oct 1774 in Dudley, Massachusetts married Abigail Jones of Killingy, Connecticut in Mendon, Massachusetts on 02 Oct 1765.  Joshua Ewell resided at different times in Hardwick, Massachusetts and New Hartford, Connecticut.  Joshua Elwell served during the “Lexington Alarm” during the Revolutionary War.  He is listed as one of the “other 84 men” who served from New Hartford.   Joshua Elwell was one of 28 signers of a petition for the incorporation of Barkhamsted, Connecticut on 10 Jan 1774 at Westhampton, Massachusetts.  He also lived in Glastenbury, Vermont and was made a “freeman” at Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Joshua Elwell was the son of Thomas and Lucy (Pierce) Elwell.  It is this Joshua and Abigail Elwell who are later seen in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. 


Joshua Elwell bought10 acres of land from Timothy Miller in Barkhamsted on 30 May 1782 and it is recorded that his was “of Barkhamsted”.   There is also a record in Barkhamsted of Joshua Elwell’s transfer of his cattle brand to Eleazer Kellogg in 1784.


            Jonas Elwell, Joshua’s brother, is seen in New Hartford and Canton Connecticut.  Their other brother Jabez is seen in Vermont and later in New York State.  Another brother, Mark Elwell is recorded as being from Killingly and this is where Joshua’s wife was from..  The towns of Canton, New Hartford and Barkhamsted are very close to each other in north central Connecticutt.  The New Hartford, Connecticut Vital Records show the birth of Jonas Elwell on 18 Jun 1787 and Gains Elwell on 21 Dec 1792 and they were the sons of Jonas Elwell.  The records of the Congregational Church of Canton show Jonas Elwell of New Hartford drowning in New Hartford in 1824.  This was probably Jonas’s son, Jonas.  There was also a David William Elwell born in Canton on 23 Nov 1827 and he was the son of Widow, Mindwell Elwell.  Mindwell Elwell’s death is recorded in these records also in December of 1831.  The Congregational Church records also record the death of a Phebe Elwell, Widow, in 1814.


There were many by the Elwell name who lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The birth records there are many.  Some of them were recorded in the Gloucester death records:

Abigail Elwell died 1748

Abraham Elwell died 1730

Allice Elwell died 1716/17 wife of Joshua

Anna Elwell died 1844 dau. of Andrew and Mary

Asa Elwell died 1819

Benjamin died 1694 son of Jacob

Benjamin died 1829 husband of Sally

Benjamin died 1848 son of Benjamin and Sarah

Betsy Elwell died 1810

Betsy Elwell died 1837 mother of John Williams

Betsy Elwell died 1828 wife of Isaac

Charles Elwell died 1695 son of Ebenezer

Daniel Elwell died 1741 son of Daniel and Mary

David Elwell died 1835

Dorcas Elwell died 1743 dau. of Samuel Jr. and Judith

Eals Elwell died 1691 (2nd wife of Robert)

Ebenezer Elwell died 1720 at sea

Elias Elwell died 1737

Elias Elwell, Capt. died 1752

Elias Elwell died 1834 at the poorhouse

Elias Elwell, Capt. died 1846 at Hong Kong

Elizabeth Elwell died 1848 wife of Robert

Eliza Elwell died 1848 dau. of William and Eliza

Elizabeth Elwell died 1837

Esther Elwell died 1721

George R. Elwell died 1824

George R. Elwell died 1828

Henry W. Elwell died 1820 son of Henry and Sarah

Isaac Elwell Jr. died 1689/90

Isaac Elwell died 1715

Isaac Elwell died 1740 son of Isaac and Susanna

Isaac Elwell, Capt. died 1832

Isaac Elwell died 1832

Isaac W. Elwell died 1829

Jacob Elwell died 1658 son of Robert and Joanne

Jacob Elwell 1710 killed by the French or Indians at Cape Sable

Jacob Elwell died 1713 son of Jacob deceased

James Elwell pressumed dead 1716 lost near Cape Sable

James Elwell died 1825 son of Andrew and Mary

James Elwell died 1825 at the workhouse

Jane Elwell died 1723

Jane Elwell died 1835 dau. of Robert Jr. and Dorcas

Jamima Elwell died 1714 dau. of Robert

Joanne Elwell died 1675 wife of Robert

John Elwell died 1786? son of Andrew and Mary

John Elwell pressumed dead before 1797 lost at sea

John Elwell died 1846 son of George R. and Clarissa

Jonathan Elwell died 1808

Joseph Elwell died 1721

Joseph Elwell died 1849 son of Joseph and Louisa

Josiah Elwell died 1716

Lois Elwell died 1844

Lucy Elwell died 1810

Lydia Elwell died 182? dau. of Andrew and Mary

Mary Elwell died 1680

Mary Elwell died 1717 wife of John

Mary Elwell died 1729 widow of James

Mary Elwell died 1832 widow of Andrew

Mary Elwell died 1837 dau. of William and Hannah

Mary E. Elwell died 1846 dau. of George and Elisabeth

Mary G. Elwell died 1816

Mehetabell died 1699 wife of Samuel

Moses Elwell died 1720/21 son of Joshua and Abigail

Nancy Elwell died 1839 wife of Samuel

Nehemiah Elwell drowned 1716 son of Elias and Dorcas

Payn Elwell, Capt. died 1820

Penallapah Elwell 1688 dau. of John and Jane

Rebecca Elwell died 1815 wife of Payne

Rebecca Elwell died 1828 wife of David

Robert Elwell died May 18, 1683

Robert Elwell died 1715

Robert Elwell, Capt. died 1805 at the workhouse

Robert Elwell, Maj. died 1823

Robert Elwell died 1826

Sally Elwell died 1838 at the poorhouse

Sally Elwell died 1848

Samuel Elwell died 1824 son of Payne

Samuel S. Elwell died after 1748 son of Jonathan and Abigail

Samuell Elwell died 1696

Sara Elwell died 1651 dau. of Robert

Sara Elwell died 1655 dau. of Robert

Sarah Elwell died 1670 dau. of Samuel and Hester

Sarah Elwell died 1692 dau. of Robert

Sarah Elwell died 1808

Solomon Elwell died 1783 son of Solomon and Esther

Susannah Elwell died 1807

Tammas Elwell died 1833 widow of Capt. Isaac

Thomazine Elwell died 1827 wife of Capt. Elias

William Elwell after 1828

Zebulon Elwell died 1820


Gloucester, Massachusetts marriages for Elwell families: 

Abigail Elwell and Isaiah Marsh 21 Nov 1724

Abigail Elwell and John Brock 25 Mar 1736

Abigail Elwell and Nimphas Stacy 29 Oct 1778

Abigail Elwell and Samuel Elwell 16 Nov 1738

Abigail Elwell and Thomas Sherburn 01 Oct 1575

Abraham Elwell and Lucy Mattocks 02 Apr 1755

Abraham Elwell and Rebecca Haskell 03 Dec 1807

Abraham Elwell Jr. and Sally Courtney 02 Oct 1819

Alice Elwell and Abraham Millit 14 Oct 1731

Almira Elwell and John Williams 09 Apr 1808 (intention)

Andrew Elwell and Lydia Gearing 12 Dec 1723

Andrew Elwell Jr. and Hannah Smith 13 Dec 1750

Andrew Elwell and Mrs. Mary Dyer 08 Feb 1780

Andrew Elwell and Nancy Bootman 13 May 1797                                                                                          (intention)

Andrew Elwell and Mary Ann Daniels 14 Apr 1839

Ann Elwell and Abraham Batting 03 Jun 1735

Ann Elwell and Peter Clolin 13 Dec 1766 (intention)

Ann Elwell and William Cornish  Jun 1782

Ann Jane Elwell and Addison Procter 04 Mar 1838

Anna Elwell and Michael Dewley (Dooley) 27 Oct 1777

Anna Elwell and Aaron Stanwood 29 Apr 1784

Anna Elwell and Benjamin Rowe 16 Dec 1817

Anna Elwell and Joseph Smith 03 Nov 1819 (intention)

Anna Watts Elwell, Mrs. and Capt. John Woodward Saunder

14 Aug 1811

Anne Elwell and William Cooper 10 Aug 1768?

Asa Elwell and Abigail Phipps   Sep 1817

Benjamin Elwell Jr. and Anna Rowe 18 Nov 1797 (intention)

Benjamin Elwell and Nabbe Parsons 27 Dec 1812

Benjamin Elwell and Sally Fletcher 25 June 1820

Benjamin Elwell and Sarah Coos 25 Oct 1840

Bethiah Elwell and Abraham Row 17 Jan 1704

Bethiah Elwell and Nehemiah Stanwood 14 Jan 1704/05

Betsy Elwell and Joseph Elwell 04 Sep 1824

Betsy Elwell and Jonathan Parsons Jr. 26 Mar 1791

Betsy Elwell and Robert Elwell 19 May 1798

Caleb Elwell and Sarah Mains 08 Oct 1729

Caleb Elwell and Anne Ingersoll 18 June 1753

Caleb Elwell and Agnis Tarr 12 Apr 1775

Caleb Elwell and Sally Tarr 01 Nov 1803 (intention)

Daniel Elwell and Mary Stanwood 23 Jan 1739/40

David Elwell and Sarah Mariner 28 Oct 1727

David Elwell and Mary Graham Feb 1752

David Elwell and Susanna Somes 17 Jul 1775

David Elwell and Patty Parsons 01 Dec 1795

David Elwell Jr., Capt. and Rebecca Foster 16 Jul 1815

David Elwell (3rd) amd Esther Annis White 09 Nov 1823

Deborah Elwell and Joseph Carlile 01 Jan 1722/23

Dorcas Elwell and John Babson 08 nov 1686

Dorcas Elwell and William Elery 22 May 1719

Dorcas Elwell and Samuel Brown 28 Nov 1765

Eben Elwell and Lydia T. Hodgkins 06 Nov 1838

Ebenezer Elwell and Jean Elwell 02 Jan 1694/95

Elias Elwell and Dorcas Low 12 Nov 1690

Elias Elwell Jr. and Abegail Prince 29 Mar 1735

Elias Elwell and Polly Row 11 Dec 1777

Elias Elwell, Capt. and Tammy Brown 01 May 1814

Elias Elwell and Polly Hardy 09 Mar 1815

Elias Elwell Jr., Capt. and Eliza Redding 31 May 1829

Eliezer Elwell and Eme Da ... 21 Jan 1696/97

Elisabeth Elwell (widow) and Robert Walker 24 Oct 1752

Elisabeth Elwell and William Gourdon 23 Sep 1756

Elisabeth Elwell and John Tucker 22 Oct 1772

Elisabeth Elwell and William Hardy 08 May 1790

Elizabeth Elwell, Mrs. and Simon Thurlow Bray 19 Feb 1824

Elisabeth Elwell and Thomas J. Foster 03 Nov 1834

Elisabeth B. Elwell and Daniel D. Diskell 19 Jan 1832

Eliza Elwell and John Dexter 27 Jun 1818

Eliza Elwell and Thomas A. Lee 22 Sep 1838

Eliza K. Elwell and Moses Lufkin (3rd) 10 Jun 1843

                                    Elizabeth Elwell and John Austin 26 Oct 1734

Elizabeth Elwell and David Day 07 Sep 1788

Ellice Elwell and Thomas Millet 24 Mar 1778

Esther Elwell and Stover Sayward 21 Nov 1798 (intention)

Esther Elwell and Montgomery Sargent 15 Aug 1802

Experience Elwell and Isaac Randell 11 Feb 1711/12 (intention)

Fitz W. Elwell and Caroline Robinson 20 Nov 1831

George Elwell and Rebecca Day 10 Jan 1806

George Elwell and Elisabeth Pulcifer 21 Aug 1836 (intention)

George R. Elwell and Clarissa Haskell 13 Feb 1831 (intention)

Hannah Elwell and Joseph Gardner 02 Jan 1694/95

Hannah Elwell and Nathaniel Duren 07 Feb 1716

Hannah Elwell and John Brown 23 Jan 1720/21

Hannah Elwell (widow) and Capt. Jonathan Elwell Jr. 22 Jul 1779

Hannah Elwell and Cyrus Stevens 17 Dec 1796 (intention)

Hannah M. Elwell and Charles Randall 07 Dec 1847

Helen M. Elwell and Joseph S. Friend 08 Oct 1847

Henrietta Elwell and George Welch 04 Jul 1837

Henry Elwell and Sarah Parsons 03 Sep 1815

Isaac Elwell and Susanna Stanwood 15 Nov 1738

Isaac Elwell and Agnes Nelson 18 Mar 1753

Isaac Elwell Jr. and Martha Brown 17 Nov 1767

Isaac Elwell, Capt. and Mrs. Tammy Davidson 13 Mar 1791

Isaac Elwell Jr., Capt. and Anna Watts Houg 27 Nov 1802                                                                                          (intention)

Isaac Elwell (3rd) and Betsy Burnham 25 May 1805

Isaac Elwell and Ann Maria Cooper 01 June 1827

Israel Elwell and Sally Riggs 02 Oct 1806

Jacob Elwell and Abigaill Vinson 05 Jul 1686

Jacob Elwell and Elisabeth Stevens 25 Dec 1751

James Elwell and Mary Giddings 27 Dec 1714

James Elwell and Sarah Medley 14 Aug 1813 (intention)

James Elwell Jr. and Hannah Lane 16 Apr 1824

James Elwell and Susanna Knowlton 20 Dec 1836

Jane Elwell and Ralph Andros 28 May 1724

Jean Elwell and Ebenezer Elwell 02 Jan 1694/95

Jemima Elwell and William Barns 24 Dec 1724

Joanna Elwell and Joseph Glitten 21 Dec 1795

John Elwell and Mary Joslin 15 Dec 1708/09

John Elwell and Lydia Giddings 15 Dec 1712

John Elwell and Ruth Atwell 16 Nov 1760

John Elwell and Susanna Allen 16 Oct 1773 (intention)

Jonathan Elwell and Abigail Stevens 28 Mar 1737

Jonathan Elwell Jr. and Johanna Coas 30 Oct 1762 (intention)

Jonathan Elwell Jr., Capt. and Hannah Elwell (widow) 22 Jul 1779

Jonathan Elwell Sr., Capt. and ... Grover (widow) 22 Aug 1779

Jonathan Elwell (3rd) and Lucy Meddix 17 Nov 1795

Joseph Elwell and Mary Dutch 22 Jun 1669

Joseph Elwell and Betsy Elwell 04 Sep 1824

Joseph Elwell and Mrs. Sarah Haskell 02 Dec 1828

Joseph Elwell Jr. and Loisa C. Grover 13 Nov 1847

Joshua Elwell and Abigail Riggs 28 Nov 1717 (2nd  marriage)

Joshua Elwell and Hannah Rand 28 Mar 1771

Joshuah Elwell and Alles Low 24 Dec 1709

Judith Elwell and Robinson Hidden 19 Aug 1765

Lois Elwell and Jacob Tarr 25 Dec 1753

Lois Elwell and Abraham Williams 04 Jan 1781

Lucy Elwell and Nathan Fletcher 11 Jun 1733

Lucy Elwell and Stephen Brown 10 Jan 1763

Lucy Elwell and Levi Haskell 04 Dec 1766

Lucy Elwell and Daniel Collins 20 Jul 1767

Lucy Elwell and Humphry Lankester 22 Mar 1804 (intention)

Lucy Elwell and Joseph Foster  16 May 1806

Lucy Elwell and Isaac Story 03 Dec 1833

Lydia Elwell and Jomathan Brown 07 Mar 1727/28

Lydia Elwell and Andrew Woodberry 08 Feb 1734/35

Lydia Elwell and James Holland 06 Apr 1777

Lydia Elwell and Robert Watson 05 Apr 1778

Lydia Elwell and George Watson 12 Apr 1778

Lydia Elwell and William Hales 13 May 1779

Lydia Elwell, Mrs and James Tyler Jr. 29 Oct 1786

Lydia Elwell and David Allen 02 Aug 1797 (intention)

Lydia Elwell and Nathniel Blatchford 09 Jun 1811

                                    Lydia Elwell and William Pulcifer (3rd) 01 Dec 1831

Lydia Ann Elwell and David Saville Lane 25 May 1830

Martha Elwell and John Woodberry Jr.  01 Oct 1790

Martha Elwell and Solomon Tarr 28 Dec 1815

Martha Elwell, Mrs. and Charles Smith Jr. 10 Dec 1828

Mary Elwell and Samuell Dollivar 15 Aug 1654

Mary Elwell and John Cooke 02 Dec 1679

Mary Elwell and Samuell Tubbs   Nov 1713

Mary Elwell and Joseph Brown 02 Dec 1732

Mary Elwell and Philip Babson 24 Jul 1744

Mary Elwell and Richard Touchstone 09 Dec 1756

Mary Elwell (widow) and Alexander Smith 15 Nov 1764

Mary Elwell and David Cunningham 12 Aug 1766

Mary Elwell and James Laha 16 Feb 1772

Mary Elwell and James Brown 06 Aug 1772

Mary Elwell and Daniel Brown 06 Nov 1824

Maryann Elwell and John A. Going 03 July 1842

Mary Jane Elwell and Gamaliel Marchant 11 Jun 1834

Mary Elwell Williams and Edward Parsons 03 Dec 1826

Matilda Elwell and Gorham Parsons Jr. 11 Oct 1825

Mehetable Elwell and James Grant 03 Dec 1719

Miriam Elwell and Thomas Penny 05 Feb 1720/21

Molly Elwell and William Morris 06 Jul 1769

Nabby Elwell, Mrs. and Benjamin Newman 18 Aug 1826

Nancy Elwell and Elias Davison 30 Dec 1797 (intention)

Nancy Elwell and Robert Huntress 30 Jul 1807

Nancy Elwell and Thomas Kimball 08 Nov 1814

Nancy Elwell, Mrs. and William Fellows Haskell 31 Mar 1815

Pain Elwell and Sara Webber 12 Oct 1734

Pain Elwell and Rebecca Webber 26 Jun 1764

Patience Elwell and Thomas Hoadley 21 Oct 1724

Patty Elwell and Cue Kimball 29 Nov 1804

Payn Elwell Esq. and Mrs. Sally Gee Allen 18 Sep 1822

Polly Elwell and Nathaneill Day Jr. 07 Jan 1791 (intention)

Polly Elwell and John Maddox 23 Dec 1797 (intention)

Polly Elwell and Daniel Rowe 10 Dec 1818

Polly Elwell and James Norwood Jr. 03 Jun 1829

Rachall Elwell and Peter Lurvey 29 Apr 1710

Rachel Elwell and Joseph Haskell 19 Mar 1695/96

Rachel Elwell and George Riggs 01 Feb 1743/44

Rachel Elwell and William Hutchins 08 May 1757

Rachel Elwell and John Lang Smith 02 Sep 1813

Rachel Elwell and Isaac Day 14 Nov 1830

Rachel Elwell Dolliver, Mrs. and Cyrus Stevens 17 Apr 1825

Rebecca Elwell and James Gardner 01 Mar 1768

Rebecca Elwell and Daniel Hartley 12 ... 1825

Rebecca Elwell, Mrs. and Isaac Elwell 09 Oct 1834

Rebeka Elwell and James Collins 28 Dec 1743

Robert Elwell and Eals (Alice) Leach 29 May 1676 (2nd           marriage)

Robert Elwell and Sarah Gardner 12 Oct 1687

Robert Elwell and Jemima Smith 01 Nov 1713

Robert Elwell and Mary Broome 07 Mar 1741/42

Robert Elwell Jr. and Sarah Davis 15 Dec 1765

Robert Elwell and Betsy Elwell 19 May 1798 (intention)

Robert Elwell (4th) and Betsy Brown 27 Jan 1801 (intention)

Robert Elwell (4th) and Betsy Webber 11 Dec 1802

Robert Elwell (4th) and Dorcas Day 09 Dec 1824

Ruth Elwell (widow) and David Morrison 22 Apr 1748 (intention)

Sally Elwell and Samuel Bird 11 Sep 1790 (intention)

Sally Elwell and Caleb Herrick 18 Oct 1807

Sally Elwell and John Pool (4th) 26 Jun 1815

Sally Elwell and William Merchant 27 Dec 1827

Sally F. Elwell and Epes Davis Eld. 09 Oct 1831

Samuel Elwell and Rebecca Brown 17 Apr 1718

Samuel Elwell and Abigail Elwell 16 Nov 1738

Samuel Elwell Jr. and Judith Row 14 Dec 1738

Samuel Elwell Jr. and Mary Boynton 07 Jan 1759

Samuel Elwell and Rachel Williams 06 May 1770

Samuel Elwell (3rd) and Elisabeth Newcomb 18 Oct 1774

Samuel Elwell and Mrs. Patty Trask 18 Dec 1798 (intention)

Samuel Elwell and Rachel Dolliver Sawyer 12 Oct 1811

Samuel Elwell Jr. and Nancy Millett 24 Jul 1814

Samuel Elwell Jr. and Sarah Parsons 13 Dec 1835

Samuell Elwell and Hester Dutch 07 Jun 1658

Sara Elwell and William Atkinson 09 Sep 1762

Sarah Elwell and Ebenezer Roberts 13 Jan 1714/15

Sarah Elwell (widow) and James Demerit 25 Jan 1743/44

Sarah Elwell and Benjamin Hadley 09 May 1744

Sarah Elwell and Samuel Thomas 13 Dec 1744 (intention)

Sarah Elwell (widow) and Benjamin Fellows 29 Mar 1749

Sarah Elwell and Benjamin Witham Jr. 10 Nov 1772

Sarah Elwell Haskell and Moses Adams Jr. 11 Nov 1832

Sarah Elwell Riggs and Isaac Day 21 Dec 1830

Solomon Elwell and Esther Woodbury   Mar 1779

Solomon Elwell and Mrs. Betsy Williams 20 Dec 1800 (intention)

Susanna Elwell and Nathaniell Saunders 29 Dec 1790

Susanna Elwell and Benjamin row 11 Jan 1791

Susanna Elwell and John Carter 22 Jun 1794

Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett 23 Nov 1675

Thomas Elwell and Lucy Pierce 22 Oct 1740

Timothy R. Elwell and Isabella Hodgkins 01 Jan 1834

Vinson Elwell and Mary Loury 21 Dec 1732

William Elwell and Ruth York 27 Oct 1720

William Elwell and Elisabeth Butler 18 Oct 1733

William Elwell and Elisabeth Burnam 12 May 1763

William Elwell Jr. and Anna Fear 12 Apr 1766 (intention)

William Elwell and Abigail Sayward 20 Jan 1788

William Elwell (3rd) and Betsy Carter 17 Nov 1792

William Elwell and Eliza Parsons 23 Oct 1826

William Elwell and Hannah W. Fears 20 Sep 1835

                                    Zebulun Elwell and Lucy Ingersoll 20 Nov 1744

Zebulun Elwell and Sarah Grey 14 Jun 1778


Revolutionary War records indicate several by the Elwell name:

Ebenezer Elwell Connecticut Line

Elias Elwell Massachusetts Line

Jabez Elwell Massachusetts Line

John Elwell Massachusetts Line

John Elwell Massachusetts Line

Robert Elwell Massachusetts Line

Samuel Elwell Massachusetts Line

Thomas Elwell Massachusetts Line

Zebulon Elwell Massachusetts Line


Jabez Elwell was born about 1747 in Dudley, Massachusetts and married Thankful Clark who was born 18 May 1752 in Bennington Vermont.  Jabez served in the Revolutionary War.  His records indicate; W17754, MA Line, soldier lived at Old Hadley MA at enlistment and later moved to West Hampton MA and enlisted there in 1781 or 1782, soldier married Thankful Clark 26 Dec 1769 at Hardwick MA, soldier died 17 Apr 1813 or 1817 at Shaftsbury in Bennington County Vermont, widow applied 15 Nov 1836 at Shaftsbury VT aged 85 years and widow stated that while the soldier was in service she lived with her father in Hardwick MA (her father's name is not mentioned).  There were three children but only Jabez was living on 15 Jun 1855 when he stated his mother was dead.  Jabez and Thankful Elwell's children were:


Jabez Pierce Elwell b. 28 Feb 1772 in Hardwick

Asa Elwell b. 28 May 1774 in Hadley

Amasa Elwell b. 30 Mar 1776 in Hardwick

Stephen Elwell b. 27 Jan 1778 in Hardwick

Electa Elwell b. 14 Feb 1781 in Westhampton

Octave Elwell b. 26 Jun 1786 in Chesterfield

Clark Elwell b 26 Jun 1787 in Westhampton

Lathrop Elwell b. 1796

Luther Elwell b. 10 May 1799 in Bennington, Vermont

Minerva Elwell b. unknown

Thankful Elwell b. unknown


Jabez Pierce Elwell was born in Hardwick, Massachusetts about 1772 and married Dorcas Eldridge who was born in Hoosick, Rensselaer County, New York.  This family ended up in Bennington, Vermont.  Their children were:


Everett Elwell b. abt.  1798 in Hoosick

Thomas Elwell b 04 Feb 1800 in Hoosick

Dorcas Elwell b. abt. 1802

Electa Elwell b. abt. 1804

Polly Elwell b. 27 Apr 1806

Catherine Elwell b abt. 1808

Sally Elwell b. abt. 1809

Delia Elwell b. abt. 1810

Roana Elwell b. abt. 1812

Molana Elwell b. abt 1814

Isaac Elwell b. abt. 1816

Dennison Elwell b. abt. 1823 in Bennington, Vermont

Charles Elwell b. 27 Apr 1827 in Shaftsbury, Vermont


In the 1790 Census of New York we find in Southeast Town of Dutchess County, which is on the eastern side of the State: 


Ezra Elwell with his wife and four sons under 16 years of age and 3 daughters


Isaac Elwell with his wife, another adult male, one son under 16 years of age and 2 daughters


Phebe Elwell with one son older than 16 years of age, 2 sons under 16 years of age and 2 daughters


Jabez Elwell with his wife, 4 sons older than 16 years of age, 2 sons under 16 years of age and 4 daughters


Jabez Elwell Jr. with his wife and 4 daughters


The 1800 Census of New York lists:


Abner Elwell                 Dutchess County

Ebenezer Elwell            Dutchess County

Elizabeth Elwell             Dutchess County

Ezra Elwell                   Dutchess County

Jabez Elwell                  Dutchess County

Jabes Elwell Jr.             Dutchess County

Moses Elwell                Montgomery County

Samuel Elwell               Delaware County

Samuel Elwell               Tioga County


The 1810 Census of New York lists:


Samuel Elwel                Deleware County

Abner Elwell                 Dutchess County

Ebenezer Elwell            Dutchess County

Jabes Elwell                  Dutchess County

Jesse Elwell                  Cayuga County

John Elwell                   Schenectady County

Moses Elwell                Saratoga County

Pearce Elwell                Herkimer county

Ruth Elwell                   Dutchess County

Tabatha Elwell              Dutchess County

Thomas Elwell              Delaware County

Thomas Elwell              Schoharie County


The 1840 Census of New York lists:


A. Elwell                      Broome County            Chenango

Eli Elwell                      Broome County            Chenango

Pierce Elwell                 Broome County            Chenango

Phebe Elwell                 Cayuga County Cato

Benjamin Elwell            Columbia County          Hudson

Benjamin Elwell            Columbia County          Hudson

Elmira Elwell                 Columbia County          Hudson

Ira Elwell                      Cortland County           Virgil

J. J. Elwell                    Cortland County           Virgil

L. Elwell                       Cortland County           Virgil

John P. Elwell               Delaware County          Sidney

Everett Elwell               Genesee County           Wethersfield

George H. Elwell          Herkimer County          Schulyerviller

John Elwell                   Kings County               Brooklyn

John Elwell                   Monroe Couty              Henrietta

Abigail Elwell                Monroe County            Rochester

Harrison Elwell             Orleans County            Barre?

John Elwell                   Otsego County             Richfield

Lewis Elwell                 Otsego County             Virgil

Barnam Elwell              Putnam County             Patterson

Hiram Elwell                 Putnam County             Patterson

John Elwell                   Putnam County             Patterson

Noah Elwell                  Putnam County             Patterson

Oliver Elwell                 Putnam County             Philipstown?

Charles Ewell               New York County        NYC

Robert E. Elwell           New York County        NYC

Thomas Elwell              New York County        NYC

William Elwell               New York County        NYC

Event Elwell                  Tioga County                Barton

John Elwell                   Tioga County                Candor


The 1860 Census of New York lists:


Alfred  Elwell                Broome County

Almena Elwell               Cattatarugus County    

Alpha Elwell                 Broome County

Ambrose Elwell            Broome County

Calista Elwell                Chenango County

Charles Elwell               Wyoming County

Dyre Elwell                   Ontario County

Everett Elwell               Wyoming County

Everett Elwell Jr.           Wyoming County

George W. Elwell         Cortland County

Harmon Elwell              Yates County

Harriet Elwell                Broome County

Harvey Elwell               Orleans County

Horace Elwell               Yates County

Ira G. Elwell                 Cortland County

                                                Jacob Elwell                 Allegany County

James Elwell                 Wyoming County

John Elwell                   Chemung County

John Elwell                   Chemung County

John Elwell                   Tompkins County

John P. Elwell               Cattaraugus County

Joseph Elwell                Yates County

Josiah Elwell                 Chautauqua County

King Elwell                   Broome County

Luther Elwell                Yates County

Michael T. Elwell          Cattaraugus County

Noah Elwell                  Orleans County

Orlando Elwell              Chemung County

Pahmel Elwell               Yates County

Samuel Elwell               Chenango County

Stewart Elwell              Yates County

Thomas Elwell              Alleghany County

Thomas Elwell              Yates County

Truman Elwell               Wyoming County

William Elwell               Chemung County

William Elwell               Chenango County

William Elwell               Chenango County

William R. Elwell          Cortland County          


Everett Elwell was born in Hoosick, New York about 1798 and married Almira Minervia Sweet who was born between 1800 and 1806 in Hoosick.   Hoosick is in the eastern part of New York.  This family later moved to western New York where Wyoming County is located and eventually settled in Gainsville, New York.  Their children were:

Harriet Elwell

Rhoda Elwell

Everett Elwell b. 1825

Truman Elwell b. Jan 1830 in North Granville, Washington                                                                                                        County, NewYork

Hiram Elwell b. 1832 in Wyoming County, New York

Charles Elwell b. 1835 in Wyoming County, New York

Janette Elwell b. 1837 in Wyoming County, New York

John Franklin Elwell b. 25 Feb 1840 in Gainsville,                                                         Wyoming County, New York

                                                James Arthur Elwell b. 20 Mar 1846 in Wethersfield,                                                                                                            Wyoming County, New York

Minerva Elwell b. abt. 1848

Mary Elwell b. in 1851 in Wethersfield


In 1840 Everett Elwell is listed as living in Genesse County, New York in Wethersfield, New York.  Wyoming County was formed from Genesse County in 1841.  This Janette Elwell appears to be too young for the one I am searching for but was considered as a possible match.


In 1850 the Everett Elwell family is listed in the census of Wyoming County, still in Weathersfield:

Everett Elwell               age 52  farmer b. in New York

Almira Elwell                age 50              b. in New York

Truman Elwell               age 20              b. in New York

Hiram Elwell                 age 18              b. in New York

Charles Elwell               age 15              b. in New York

Janette Elwell             age 13              b. in New York

John Elwell                   age 11              b. in New York

James Elwell                 age 9                b. in New York


It is this Janette Elwell that I thought was the Jenette Elwell who married William Wooldridge in New York abt. 1865.  I later found that the Jenette Elwell I was looking for was the daughter of Isaac and Thankful (Wilson) Elwell of Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  William and Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge had  children:


Polly Wooldridge b. Nov. 1866 in Chenago Co. N.Y.

William H. Wooldridge b. Jul  1867 in New York

Sarah Jane Wooldridge b. Aug 1873 in Michigan

                                                Berton Wooldridge b. Sep 1875 in Nebraska

                                                Isaac Wooldridge b. Apr 1880 in Nebraska

                                                Martha Wooldridge b. Aug 1885 in Michigan




The Jenette Elwell I was searching for was the daughter of Isaac and Thankful (Wilson) Elwell of Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  In census records she states she was born in Connecticut in January of 1846. Isaac and Thankful M. Elwell are seen in Michigan by 1870.  Isaac and Thankful (Wilson) Elwell had children:


                                    Isabell Elwell b. abt 1845

                                                Francisco Elwell b. abt. 1847

                                                Jenette Elwell b. 17 Jan 1849

                                                Phoebe Elwell b. 24 Dec 1850

                                                Lillian Elwell b. abt. 1852

                                                Charles J. Elwell b. abt 1854

                                                Birton Elwell b. abt. 1855

                                                Justine Elwell b. abt. 1856


This family was living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield County, Connecticut in 1850 and 1860.  They were living in Plainfield Township of Kent County, Michigan in 1870.  Isaac and Thankful were born about 1824.  Litchfield County, Connecticut was not incorporated until 1751 and a considerable part of it was more recently settled than any other part of the state.  In 1830 Barkhamsted had only 1,715 residents. 


According to the Collections Of The Connecticut Historical Society, Volume IX there was a Samuel Elwell who served during the French and Indian Wars in 1755 with the Fifth Company-Capt. Patterson.  The roll indicates he was “Soldier” from Apr. 10th and was discharged on Nov. 24th.  These records also indicate there was a John Elwell who served during this same war with “Lieut. Maltbie’s Company”.  The roll indicates he served in August of 1757 from the 8th to the 23rd and was in the service for 14 days.  Several members of this company were from Branford, Connecticut.


The book, Genealogical Data From Colonial New Haven Newspapers, compiled by Kenneth Scott and Rosanne Conway and published by Clearfield shows a Joseph Elwell of Branford.  He placed an advertisement on 25 Jun 1763:  Joseph Elwel of Branford offers a reward for the return of a strayed mare colt


Looking at the census records of Connecticut you can find in 1790:


                                    Isaac Elwell living in Southington in Hartford County

                                                Samuel Elwell living in Branford in New Haven County

                                                James Elwell living in Guilford in New Haven County

The 1800 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Isaac Elwell living in Torrington in Letchfield County

                                                Zadoc Elwell living in Kent in Letchfield County

                                                Jonas Elwell living in Hartford County

                                                Samuel Elwell living in New Haven County


Note:  Looking at this census it appears Isaac was the older of the two Elwells in Litchfield County.  The spelling Letchfield was taken from that census and later is spelled as Litchfield.  Isaac and Zadoc were more likely brothers rather than father and son.


The 1810 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Zadock Elwell living in Litchfield County

                                                Darius Elwell living in Danbury in Fairfield County

Samuel Elwell living in North Haven in New Haven County



The 1820 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Joseph Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield County

Stephen Elwell living in Winchester in Litchfield County

                                                Jonas Elwell living in Canton in Hartford County

                                                Joshua Elwell living in New Fairfield in Fairfield County

                                                Lucius C. Elwell living in Danbury in Fairfield County

                                                Benjamin Ewell living in Woodstock in Windham County


The 1830 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Joseph Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield County

                                                Stephen Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield County

                                                Hubbell Elwell living in Weston in Fairfield County

                                                Joshua Elwell living in New Fairfield in Fairfield County


The 1840 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Harmon Elwell living in Sherman in Fairfield County

                                                Hubbell Elwell living in Westport in Fairfield County

                                                Mrs. Elwell living in New Fairfield in Fairfield County

                                                Sherman Ewell living in Newtown in Fairfield County


Note:  It is not known why the Litchfield County group is not in this census?  Barkhamsted was searched and neither Joseph nor Stephen Elwell were found.  They may have been missed or may have been living elsewhere at this time?


The 1850 Connecticut census includes:


                                                Isaac Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield County

                                                John Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield Co.

                                                Joseph Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield Co.

                                                Stephen Elwell living in Barkhamsted in Litchfield Co.

                                                Asher Elwell living in Branford in New Haven Co.

                                                Edward K. Elwell living in New Fairfield in Fairfield Co.

                                                Flora C. Elwell living in Danbury in Fairfield Co.

                                                Harrison Elwell living in Bristol in Hartford Co.

                                                Henry H. Elwell living in Meriden in New Haven Co.

                                                Horace Elwell living in Sherman in Fairfield Co.

                                                Hubbell Elwell living in Westport in Fairfield Co.

                                                Lewis Elwell living in New Fairfield in Fairfield Co.


            The 1850 census of Barkhamsted, Connecticut indicates the town had 304 dwellings, 324 families, 1525 inhabitants and covered 32 square miles.  Among those Elwell families listed are:


                                                Isaac Elwell 26 years of age, Farmer

                                                Thankful M. Elwell 26 years of age

                                                Isabella Elwell 4 years of age

                                                Francisco Elwell 3 years of age

                                                Jennette Elwell 1 year of age

All were born in Connecticut.  Francisco Elwell was a male.  Isaac Elwell would have been born in 1824 or 25.


                                                Stephen Elwell, 69 years of age, Laborer

                                                Sarah Elwell, 67 years of age

                                                Curtis Elwell, 39 years of age, Laborer

All were born in Connecticut.  Stephen Elwell would have been born about 1781.  Also living next door was:


William Wilson 55 years of age

Harriet Wilson 47 years of age

                                                Eshter Wilson 23 years of age

                                                William Wilson 10 years of age

                                                Abigail Wilson 12 years of age

                                                Mary Wilson 17 years of age

Note:  Isaac Elwell married Thankful M. Wilson another daughter of this family.


                                                Joseph Elwell, 67 years of age, Basket Maker

                                                Polly Elwell, 53 years of age

                                                Joseph Elwell Jr., 35 years of age, Basket Maker

                                                Catharine Elwell, 38 years of age

                                                Isaac Elwell, 6 years of age

                                                Timothy Elwell, 5 years of age

                                                Lewis Elwell, 2 years of age

                                                Jerome Elwell 8 months of age

All were living in the same residence and all were born in Connecticut.  Joseph Elwell Sr. would have been born about 1783.  Joseph Jr. would have been born about 1815.


                                                John Elwell 35 years of age, Basket Maker

                                                Mary Elwell, 31 Years of age

                                                Susana Elwell 12 years of age

                                                Eunice Elwell 10 years of age

                                                John H. Elwell 8 years of age

                                                Patience Elwell 5 years of age

                                                Mary Elwell 10 months of age

All were living next door to Joseph Elwell above and all were born in Connecticut.  John Elwell would have been born about 1815. 


            Also listed in the 1850 census is the Montgomery Webster family living next to Joseph Elwell Sr.  The reason this family is included is because it has been found the his wife, Sybil was also a daughter of Joseph Elwell Sr.  The census includes:


                                                Montgomery Webster 48 years of age, Laborer

                                                Sybil Webster 46 years of age

                                                Solomon Webster 22 years of age

                                                Minervia Webster 16 years of age

                                                Henrietta Webster 12 years of age

                                                William Webster 10 years of age

                                                Prudence Webster 5 years of age

                                                Samuel Webster 11 months of age


Sybil Elwell married Montgomery Webster of Barkhamsted and he is listed as Mohegan in the records and she is listed as Creole.  Creole was used in these records to indicated mixed Caucasian and Indian.  This would seem to indicate that one or both of her parents were of Native American heritage.  We know her mother. Polly Wilson was a descendant of James Chaugham the “Narragansett Indian” This census creates some problems when compared to Joseph and Polly’s ages.  If Sybil Elwell was born about 1802 Joseph would have been 19 years of age and Polly only 11 years old?  I have seen records that Joseph Elwell Sr was born as early as 1774 and if that is the case that would add another 10 years to their ages?  There is a record that verifies her age in the Episcopal Church of Riverton, Connecticut and it is dated 21 Jul 1851 and reads “Sybbl Webster wife of Montgomery Webster and daughter of Joseph Elwell Sr. died by suicide drowning at Bela Square crossing of the Farmington River.  The night previous being Saturday, she attended a drunken frolic at Pelatich Ransom’s attended by Rev. Luther Barber (Congregational Minister in Riverton).  Sybbl was 46 at the time of her death.”  This would place her birth year as 1805.


Joseph Elwell Sr. married Polly Wilson.  Joseph Elwell’s children were:


                                    Sybil Elwell b. abt 1805

                                    Isaac Ewell b. abt 1824

                                    Joseph Elwell b. abt 1825

                                    John Elwell b. abt 1825


Note:  Sybil Elwell may have been from a prior marriage?


Looking at this census it would appear that John and Joseph Elwell were the sons of Joseph Elwell.  It also appears that Stephen Elwell may have been a brother to Joseph Elwell.  It is recorded that Stephen Elwell was born in Southington, Connecticut about 1774.  There was an Isaac Elwell living in Southington in 1790.  


            The 1860 census of Barkhamsted, Connecticut includes:


                                                Isaac Elwell 40 years of age

                                                Thankful Elwell 40 years of age

                                                Bell Elwell 15 years of age

                                                Francisco Elwell 13 years of age

                                                June or Jane Elwell 11 years of age

                                                Phoebe Elwell 7 years of age

                                                Lillie Elwell 7 years of age

                                                Briton Elwell 5 years of age

                                                Justine Elwell 4 years of age     


Note:  Some records indicate Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge was referred to as Jane and her name was also spelled Genette.


The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records compiled by Lorraine Cook White and published by the Genealogical Publishing Company shows for Barkhamsted:


            ELWELL, Caroline, of Mass., m. William S. Smith of, Westfield, Mass., Sept. 9, 1838, in Hitchcockvill, by Rev. Isaac Jones                                                        pg. 206

                        Charles J., d. Oct. 21, 1860 ae 6                                              pg. 214

                        Jenett, d. Isaac, ae 25 & Thankful, ae 22, b. Jan. 17, 1849 pg. 229

                        Jerome, s. Joseph, Jr. farmer, ae 33, b. Sept. 7, 1849               pg. 232

John, basketmaker, mohegan & Mary, mohegan, had child, b. July 20, 1849                                                                                         pg. 229

Joseph, Jr., of Barkhamsted, m. Catherine Edghcome, of S. Cannan, Sept. 12, 1842, by Rev. Erastus Doty, of Colebrook                      pg. 211

                        Phebe, d. Isaac, day laborer, ae 27, & Thankful, ae 27, b. Dec. 24, 1850

pg. 235

Stephen, b. Southington, d. Jan. 24, 1859 ae 85                        pg. 213


These records seem to indicate that John and Mary Elwell were “mohegan”?  There was a Mohegan tribe of Native Americans in Connecticut.  There are also several Elwell families listed under the town of Branford.  The earliest of these seems to have been a Samuel and Sarah Elwell who were having children there as early as 1690. 


A history of Litchfield County, Connecticut revealed under the section on Barhamsted the Isaac Elwell and Joseph Elwell were “Volunteers of The Southern Rebellion of 1861”.  They served during the Civil War with Company “I” of the 12th Connecticut Infantry of Union Troops.  This may have been Isaac and his brother Joseph Jr. or it may have been Joseph Jr. and his son Isaac.  The record indicates they both enlisted on 24 Feb 1864 and that Joseph died in December of 1864.


I searched through the census records of Connecticut to try and determine the relationships of the Barkhamsted Elwell families.


In 1820 Joseph Elwell was living in Barkhamsted and near by was living Stephen Elwell in Winchester.  Looking at the ages of their children it would appear that Stephen was the older of the two.  Joseph was a farmer and had two daughters under 10 years of age.  Joseph and his wife were between 26-45 years of age.  Stephen had four sons under 16 years of age, one son between 10 and 16.  He also had two daughters under 10 years of age and one between 16 and 24 years of age.  Stephen and his wife were between 26-45 years of age.  Since Joseph has the younger set of children it appears Stephen is the older of the two.  Stephen Elwell was also a farmer.  I believe these two are brothers.  


In 1830 both Joseph and Stephen Elwell were living in Barkhamsted.  Stephen, Joseph and their wives are listed as being between 40-50 years of age.  Stephen’s children appear to be mostly grown and he has one son 20-30 years of age and one daughter 10-15 years of age still in the household.  Joseph has one son less than five years of age and one son 5-10 years of age.  He also has three daughters, one 5-10 years of age, one 10-15 years of age and one 15-20 years of age.  These records also indicate Stephen was the older as most of his family had left home. 


Trying to place Isaac Elwell in one of these two families one has to look at his birth year of 1823 or 24.  In 1830 Joseph has a son this age and Stephen does not.  The 1840 census of Barkhamsted does not include Stephen or Joseph Ewell?  They reappear in the 1850 census along with John Elwell, Joseph Elwell Jr. and Isaac Elwell.  It is clear from the fact that Joseph Elwell, Joseph Jr. and John Elwell are all living next to each other that they are father and sons.  Isaac Elwell is married and living separate from either Stephen or Joseph Elwell.  You would assume that Isaac was Joseph’s son based on his age but both his sons (1830) are accounted for in 1850 and are listed as being 35 years of age.  Both John and Joseph Jr. would have been born about 1815.  Isaac appears to be too young to be Stephen’s son as in 1830 his youngest son living at home was 20-30 years of age.  Stephen had a son in 1820 that may have been old enough to have a son by 1824 or 25.  It is possible Isaac was Stephen Elwell’s grandson.  Isaac Elwell’s parentage cannot be established at this point. 


Note:  Isaac Elwell was found to be the son of Joseph Elwell as was Joseph Jr. and John. 


The Elwell families of Branford, Connecticut appear to be the descendants of Samuel Elwell who was born 14 March 1659 or 1660 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  This Samuel Elwell married Sarah Wheadon and some of their children were: Ebenezer, Sarah, Samuel, Joseph, Mary and Hannah Elwell.  Samuel and Ebenezer Elwell settled and lived in Branford, Connecticut.  Samuel Elwell Jr. married Mary Jones.  His brother Joseph married Lydia Finch and their children were:  Isaac, Samuel, Thankful, Joseph, John, Lydia and Mary Elwell. 


There is a genealogy of the Chaugham family, of Barkhamsted, done by Sherri Lyn which indicates Mary (Polly) Wilson, daughter of Mary (Polly) Chaugham and William Wilson, married Joseph Elwell the son of Joshua and Abigail Elwell.  If this is accurate and Stephen and Joseph were brothers then they would both have been the sons of Joshua and Abigail Elwell possibly of Southington, Connecticut?  There is no inclusion of Isaac Elwell in this genealogy, which may indicate he was not a son of Joseph Elwell.


The books, A Village of Outcasts by Kenneth L. Feder, published by Mayfield Publishing Company and copyrighted in 1994 as well as the book, Legends of The Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Satan’s Kingdom in New Hartford by Lewis Sprauge Mills, published by The Shoe String Press and copyrighted in 1951 both describe this group of our ancestors.       


The marriage record of Fredrick Webster and Mary (Bliss) Price was located in the Allegan County Records.  They married in “Sherman” and were also from Lee Township in Allegan County.  They married 26 Mar 1878.  Fred Webster is referenced as going with his uncle, Isaac Elwell, to Michigan from Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  Fred’s obituary indicates he died in Lawton, Van Buren County, Michigan in 1942.  It says he was born in Riverton, Connecticut in 1852, making him 90 years of age when he died.  It says he married in Shermantown, Allegan County and for a few years lived in Marcellus, Cass County until 1904 when they moved to Lawton.  The obituary also says “ He was the grandson of a Narragansett Indian chief”.  He was buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Lawton.    The records indicate Fred was the son of Solomon and Mary (Wilson) Webster.  Solomon Webster was the son of Montgomery and Sybil Webster of Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  If the reference made about the Narragansett Indian Chief was correct that would reference Montgomery Webster.   In some records, according to Feder, Montgomery Webster was recorded as being “Mohegan” and his wife Sybil as “Creole”.  Mills indicates that Fred Webster “left Riverton at the age of fourteen with his uncle, Isaac Elwell, 71 years ago and drove to Michigan with horses and wagon” and that Fred “lives at Lawton, Michigan.” 


Frederick Webster’s uncle was Isaac Elwell.  It appears Isaac Elwell married Thankful Wilson.  Thankful Wilson would have been the sister of Fred’s mother, Mary.  Mary Wilson was the daughter of William, Jr. and Harriet Wilson.  William Wilson Jr. was the son of William and Polly (Chaugham) Wilson.  The Polly Wilson that married Joseph Elwell was the sister of William Wilson Jr.  Isaac Elwell was Joseph and Polly (Wilson) Elwell’s son making him Thankful Wilson’s first cousins.  These family groups, Wilson, Chaugham, Elwell, Webster were all part of a group known as the “Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe”.  They were mixed blood Native Americans from Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  The legend goes that after Molly Barber married James Chaguham, who was half Narragansett and half Spanish they moved to Barkhamsted.  There were other Native Americans in this area and some were Mohegans.  The Webster family is reportedly Mohegan.  Stephen Elwell and his brother Joseph Elwell of Southington, Connecticut both moved to Barkhamsted and married into the Chaugham descendants.  An article published in the Winsted Hearld in 1868  explains that Stephen and Joseph Elwell were “two white brothers from Southington”.  This group was somewhat isolated and are referred to as the village of outcasts.  There were often close intermarriages in this group.  Feder says that the Wilson, Elwell and Webster families “constitute the core of the villages population” between 1820 and 1860.


Mills quotes an article on The Barkhamsted Lighthouse from the Mountain County Hearld dated Saturday, September 30, 1854.  He states, “Two brothers, Stephen and Joseph Elwell of Southington, married into the William Wilson family and had eight sons who were made voters in the town of Barhamsted.  Stephen and Joseph Elwell were, also, voters in the town of Barkhamsted.  Stephen always voted Democrat and Joseph, usually Republican, but in 1852 he voted Democrat, caught cold on that day and died the same night.  They were both about sixty years of age at the time.  Thereafter Stephen always voted Republican.”


According to Feder, Polly (Wilson) Elwell died about 1867 and was about 84 years of age.  In an interview for two articles by J. E. Mason for the June 23rd and June 30th editions of the Mountain County Hearld she is quoted as saying she married Joseph Elwell, a “white man” and they had fourteen children.  Polly also believed herself to be non white.  She ends the interview with “ We Narragansetts , once great, now poor.  Pale faces got our corn and hunting grounds-killed us with bad liquor-and the Great Spirit takes us to white man’s heaven.  Narragansetts all gone-me last one.”  Polly (Wilson) Elwell was the granddaughter of James and Mary or Molly (Barber) Chaugham.  James was “Narragansett” and Molly was “white” and they had eight children, Samuel, Mercy, Polly, Mary (Meribah), Hannah, Solomon, Elizabeth and Sally.  Molly died 1n 1818 and was reportedly 104 years old.  James died between 1790 and 1800.  Polly Chaugham married William Wilson Sr. and they had 12 children, one of whom was Polly (Wilson) Elwell.  Polly (Chaugham) Wilson died about 1832. 


I spent many hours going over Stephen Elwell’s family charts looking for naming patterns, geographical locations and dates.  The closest match appears to be:


Joshua Elwell b. Dudley, Massachusetts about 1744


Abigail Jones b. in Killingly, Connecticut


Known children:           Thomas Elwell

                                    Deering Elwell

                                    Pierce Elwell b. 06 Jun 1780

                                    Elias Elwell b. 20 Apr 1782

Probable children:         Stephen Elwell b. abt. 1781

                                    Joseph Elwell b. abt. 1783


Deering Elwell married Lucinda Hudson who was born in Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  The names Pierce, Joshua and Elias Elwell appear later in New York and Michigan.  There was a Pierce Ewell living in Chenango, New York in 1840.  Polly Wooldridge, Jenette Elwell’s daughter was born in Chenango about 1868.  Joshua’s brother Jabez was in New York at an early date.  Isaac was a given name that is passed down in this line and Joshua had an uncle Isaac.  Joseph and Stephen may have been the other 2 of their “six children”?  The birth dates for Joseph and Stephen Elwell fit into this family group. 


The line of descent would be Robert Elwell, the immigrant, his son, Isaac Elwell b. abt. 1641 married Mehitable Millet, their son, Joshua Elwell married Abigail Riggs in 1717, their son Thomas b. abt. 1718 married Lucy Pierce, their son Joshua b. abt. 1744 married Abigail Jones. All these were from Gloucester, Massachusetts until Joshua (1744) who was born in Hardwick, Massachusetts where his father had moved.  Lucy Pierce’s parents appear to have been John and Ruth (Hilton) Pierce of Gloucester, Massachusetts.  John Pierce’s parents appear to have been John and Mary (Ratchell) Pierce who married on 12 Aug 1717 in Gloucester. 




Michigan became a State in 1837.  The 1840 census contains the following Elwell families:

                        Darius Elwell                Washington in Macomb County

                        Benjamin Elwell            Sumpter in Wayne County       

George Elwell               Sumpter in Waune County

                        Ingram Elwell                Sumpter in Wayne County

                        John Elwell                   Sumpter in Wayne County

                        John Elwell                   Plymouth in Wayne County

                        Neumiah Elwell             Climax in Kalamazoo County

                        Stillman Elwell              Branch County


1850 Michigan census of Elwell families:

                        Edwin F. Elwell            Flushing in Genesee County

                        Ephraim Elwell              Flushing in Genesee County

                        Edward Elwell              Flushing in Genesee County

                        Harrison Elwell             Flusing in Genesee County

Alfred Elwell                 Climax in Kalamazoo County

                        Nehemiah Elwell           Climax in Kalamazoo County

                        Robert A. Elwell           Climax in Kalamazoo County

Daniel Elwell                 Dryden in Lapeer County

                        Platt Elwell                   Dryden in Lapeer County

                        Ralph Elwell                 Dryden in Lapeer County

                        Savin Elwell                  Lapeer County

                        Hellin J. Elwell                          St. Clair County

Nelson Elwell               St. Clair County

John Elwell                   Ypsilanti in Washtenaw County

                        George Elwell               Van Buren in Wayne County

                        John Elwell                   Plymouth in Wayne County

                        Ingram Elwell                Sumpter in Wayne County

                        Benjamin Elwell            Sumpter in Wayne County

                        Edwd. Elwell                Wayne County


1860 Michigan census of Elwell families, by county and place of birth:


Name                           County                         Township/Town                        Place of birth


Chandler Elwel             Calhoun                        Athens                                      New York

Emmett Elwell               Calhoun                        Athens                                      Vermont

Ishamul Elwell               Calhoun                        Athens                                      New York

Martha Elwell               Calhoun                        Leroy                                       Michigan

Edwin Elwell                 Genesee                       Flushing                                    Vermont

Ephraim Elwell              Genesee                       Flushing                                    New York

Harrison Elwell             Genesee                       Flushing                                    Connecticut

Stillwell E. Elwell          Genesee                       Forest                                      Massachusetts

George Elwell               Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

Robert Elwell                Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

?chemir Elwell              Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

Joshua Elwell                Kent                             Wyoming                                  Vermont

Reuben Elwell               Kent                             Wyoming                                  Vermont

Clark Elwell                  Lapeer                         Mettamora                               New York

Derias Elwell                Lapeer                         Dryden                                     Vermont

Phoebe Elwell               Lapeer                         Dryden                                     Connecticut

Isaac N. Elwell             Lapeer                         Dryden                                     New York

Platt Elwell                   Lapeer                         Mettamora                               Michigan

Lucette Elwell               Lenawee                      Cambridge                               Vermont

Piere (Pierce) Elwell     Livingston                     Marion                                     Vermont

Augusta Elwell              Oakland                       Novi                                         Michigan

Mary Elwell                  Oakland                       Oakland                                   Michigan

Harry Elwell                 Oakland                       Addison                                   New York

S.W. Elwell                  Oakland                       Oxford                                     New York

Volney C. Elwell           Oakland                       Addison                                   New York

Almer Elwell                 St. Joseph                    Leonidas                                  Vermont

William Elwell               Washtenaw                  Ypsilanti ward 5                       New York

John Eluell                    Washtenaw                  Ypsilanti ward 4                       Michigan

John Elwill                    Washtenaw                  Ypsilanti ward 5                       Maine

John Elwill Jr.               Washtenaw                  Ypsilanti ward 5                       Michigan

Eugene Elwell               Wayne                         Canton                                     Michigan

Benjamin Elwell            Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Maine

George E. Elwell           Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Maine

George Elwell               Wayne                         Van Buren                                Maine

Isaac Elwell                  Wayne                         Sumpter                                   New York

Grace Elwill                  Wayne                         Detroit ward 5                          England

John Elweell                 Wayne                         Plymouth                                  Connecticut

William Elwell               Wayne                         Plymouth                                  -blank-


1870 Michigan Census, Elwell families by county and place of birth:


Name                           County                         Town/Township                        Place of Birth


Clark Elwell                  Bay                              Bay City                                   Michigan

I.N. Elwell                    Genesee                       Flint ward 3                              New York

Edwin Elwell                 Genessee                      Flushing                                    New York

Ephriam Elwell              Genesee                       Flushing                                    New York

Ralph Elwell                 Genesee                       Forest                                      New York

Derias Elwell                Genesee                       Mount Morris                           New York

Harrison Elwell             Genesee                       Flushing                                    Connecticut

Mark Elwell                  Genesee                       Forest                                      Michigan

John S. Elwell               Genesee                       Mount Morris                           Michigan

E. H. Elwell                  Kalamazoo                   Charleston                                New York

Geo Elwell                    Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

N. Elwell                      Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

Robert Elwell                Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      New York

Edward Elwell              Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      Michigan

Edward Elwell              Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      Michigan

Emma Elwell                 Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      Michigan

Julia Elwell                    Kalamazoo                   Augusta                                    Michigan

Morilla Elwell               Kalamazoo                   Augusta                                    Michigan

Homer H. Elwell           Kalamazoo                   Climax                         

Israel Elwell                  Kalamazoo                   Climax                                      Michigan

A. Elwell                      Kalamazoo                   Pavilion                                    Michigan

Susan Elwell                 Kalamazoo                   Wakeshma                               Michigan

Isaac Elwell                Kent                            Plainfield                                 Connecticut

Reuben Elwell               Kent                             Grand Rapids ward 3               Vermont

Myron Elwell                Livingston                     Cohoctah                                 Vermont

Pierce Elwell                 Livingston                     Cohoctah                                 Vermont

Mary Elwell                  Macomb                      Sterling                                     Michigan

Elias Elwell                   Newaygo                     Barton                                      Vermont

Harry Elwell                 Oakland                       Addison                                   New York

John Elwell                   Oakland                       Pontiac ward 2                         New York

Newell Elwell               Oakland                       Pontiac ward 2

Ingraham Elwell            Saginaw                       Fremont                                   Michigan

Elmer Elwell                 Saint Joseph                 Leonidas                                  Vermont

Harrington Elwell          Saint Joseph                 Leonidas                                  Vermont

Ishmael Elwell               Saint Joseph                 Leonidas                                  Vermont

Platt Elwell                   Shiawassee                   Owosso ward 2                        Michigan

Addison Elwell             Shiawassee                   Venice                                      New York

Hector Elwell                Shiawassee                   Venice                                      New York

Ann E. Elwell                Washtenaw                  Ypsilanti ward 5                       New York

Isaac Elwell                  Wayne                         Van Buren                                New York

George Elwell               Wayne                         Van Buren                                Maine

Benjamin Elwell            Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Maine

Benjamin Elwell            Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Michigan

Eliza J. Elwell                Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Michigan

George Elwell               Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Michigan

Joseph Elwell                Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Michigan

Melvin Elwell                Wayne                         Sumpter                                   Michigan

Abram Elwell                Wayne                         Plymouth                                  England

John Elwell                   Wayne                         Wyandotte ward 2                    England

William Elwell               Wayne                         Wyandotte ward 1                    England


After looking at the names of Elwell families in the 1840-1870 Michigan census records it appears that they mainly descend from two of the sons of the third generation of Elwell families.  Those two sons were Thomas Elwell and Aaron Elwell the sons of Joshua Elwell.  Joshua Elwell was the son of Thomas Elwell, the son of Isaac Elwell, the son of Robert Elwell, the immigrant ancestor.   These children left Gloucester, Massachusetts to points west.  Thomas’s son Joshua appears in Connecticut and his descendants appear later in New York and Vermont and later still in Michigan.  The descendants of Aaron’s sons, Jesse and Harrison, appear in Vermont, later in New York and later still in Michigan.  Harrison Jr. was in living in Flushing Township in Genesee County, Michigan at the age of 77 years in 1870.  Harrison Elwell Jr. was living with his wife Mary in their son Ephraim’s household.   He indicated in this census that he had been born in Connecticut and is seen there in early census records.  Chandler and Darius are sons of Thomas Elwell, son of Jesse Elwell, son of Aaron Elwell.  Many of these Vermont and Connecticut families moved into New York State before coming on to Michigan and several of their children were born in New York.


            The Elwell families that came from Maine are the descendants of Jacob Elwell who was another son of Samuel Elwell, who was the son of Samuel Elwell the son of Robert Elwell, the immigrant ancestor.  Jacob’s son Benjamin Elwell lived in Maine and had sons William and George.  These names also appear in these Michigan records.  The George E. Elwell of Sumpter Township in Wayne County in 1860 was 74 years of age and would have been born in Maine in about 1786.


            Two sons of Robert Elwell; Samuel and Isaac appear to be the second generation in this line of descendants.  Three of their children; Samuels’ sons, Samuel and Jacob and Isaac’s son Joshua would have been the third generation.  The fourth generation would have been Samuel’s sons Ebenezer, Samuel and Joseph of Connecticut, Jacob’s son Benjamin of Maine and Joshua’s sons Aaron and Thomas of Connecticut, Vermont and New York.  The fifth generation would have been Ebenezer and Samuel Elwell of Branford, Connecticut, Joseph’s son Isaac Elwell, Aaron’s sons Jesse and Harrison and Thomas’s son Joshua.  Those in Michigan appear to be the sixth and seventh generations. They were Harrington Elwell, Harrison Elwell Jr., George Elwell, Ishmael Elwell, Chandler Elwell, Benjamin Elwell, Isaac Elwell, Ephraim Elwell, Platt Elwell, Pierce Elwell, Ingram or Ingraham Elwell and Darius Elwell.


            The 1870 census of Plainfield Township, Michigan includes:


                                    Isaac Elwell age 48, works on farm

                                    Thankful Elwell age 48, keeping house

                                    Birton Elwell age 15, works on farm

                                    Justine Elwell age 14

                                    Phoebe Elwell age19, domestic servant


All were born in Connecticut.  Interestingly both of his neighbors were from Connecticut:  Charles Curtis and Leroy Ellison’s with his wife Lily.  Lily Ellison was Lillian (Elwell) Ellison and they had only been married seven month, since October.  It appears it was Charles Curtis who owned a large farm on which Isaac Elwell and Leroy Ellison worked.  It would be interesting to know if they are somehow related to Charles Curtis.  He may have been Isaac’s brother-in-law?  This Phoebe may also have been the daughter of Isaac and Thankful as the age is right?  Thankful’s maiden name has been determined to be Wilson.


Isaac Elwell died in Columbia Township of Van Buren County on 25 Sep 1907.  According to this death record he was 95 years 3 months and 16 days old when he died.  This record would indicate he was born 09 Jun 1812.  He was listed as a farmer and having been born in Connecticut.  His father was recorded as Joseph Elwell and his mother was Polly Wilson.  This would make him the son of Joseph and Polly Elwell in the 1850 census of Barkhamsted, Connecticut.  Some say that Joseph Elwell’s father was Joshua Elwell and his mother’s name was Abigail.  It appears Isaac Elwell died on a farm owned by a Francis Elwell in section seven of Columbia Township, Van Buren County, Michigan.  The plat map for this township for 1895 shows this farm as being owned by “Fraces Elwell” and in 1912 by F. C. Elwell.  The 1910 census of this township did not reveal this Fracnes Elwell but part of those records are missing.  This may have been Francisco Elwell, Isaac’s son?  Census records place Isaac’s birth year between 1822 and 1826.  Maybe they were using Thankful’s birth year and assuming Isaac was the same age?  Sometimes the age at time of death get exaggerated also.


Isaac and Thankful (Wilson) Elwell had children:


                                    Bell Elwell b. abt. 1845

                                    Francisco Elwell b. abt. 1847

                                    Jenette Elwell b. abt. 1849 m. William Wooldridge

                                    Phoebe Elwell b. abt. 1851

                                    Lillie Elwell b. abt. 1853 m. Leroy Ellison

                                    Charles J. Elwell b. abt. 1854 d. 1860

                                    Berton Elwell b. abt. 1855

                                    Justine Elwell b. abt. 1856 m. Josiah Arbogast


Some time shortly after1870 William and Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge moved to New York, Michigan, then on to Nebraska, about 1880, and back to Michigan by 1890.  Lillian (Elwell) Ellison died 01 Feb 1876 in Genesse Township of Allegan County, Michigan.


The 1900 census of South Haven in Van Buren County, Michigan shows living on Lagrange Street:


Woldridge, Genette    b. Jan 1846 in Connecticut   who was 54 years of age  day laborer

        Polly       b. Nov 1866 in New York   who was 33 years of age  day labor

        William  b. Jul 1867   in New York    who was 32 years of age  day labor

        Berton     b. Sep 1875 in Michigan      who was 24 years of age Basket Maker

                    Isaac       b. Apr 1880  in Nebraska      who was 20 years of age Basket Maker

        Bertha     b. Aug 1885 in Michigan      who was 14 years of age at School


According to this census, Genette (Elwell) Wooldridge was a widow and had been married 34 years.  She had six children and all six were living in 1900.  Polly had been married for 16 years and had seven children and all seven were living in 1900 but not at this address?  According to this record Genette would have married in 1865 or 1866.  This record indicates her husband was born in New York State.  They were renting the place they were living in.  It is interesting that the Elwell families of Barkhamsted were also involved in Basket Making.


The 1910 census of South Haven shows the Wooldridge family living on Eagle Street:


Wooldridge, William  42 years of age who was born in New York, Engineer, Basket Factory

                     Mary J.  23 years of age who was born in Michigan

                     William H. 2 months of age who was born in Michigan

                     Isaac      30 years of age who was born in Nebraska, Laborer, Basket Factory

Wooldridge, Burton E. 31 years of age who was born in Nebraska, Laborer, Basket Factory

                     Eva J.     18 years of age who was born in Michigan (his wife)


This record indicates William had been married three times.  Jennete (Elwell) Wooldridge has not been found in the 1910 census records.


Woolridge, Sarah 17 years of age who was born in Michigan, “Top Maker”, Basket Factory


Sarah was the daughter of William H. and Olive (Powell) Wooldridge.  She was the granddaughter of Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge.  Sarah was listed in this census as a “niece” and she was living with:


Arbogast, Josiah 54 years of age, his wife Justeena 53 years of age and their two children, George 22 years of age and Charles 18 years of age.  Justeena was born in Connecticut in about 1857.  It is believed this is Justine Elwell, sister of Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge.  This was Justeena’s 2nd marriage but this record indicates she had been married to Josiah Arbogast for 30 years.  The record also says she had six children of whom five were still living.  Josiah and Justeena would actually have been Sarah’s great uncle and aunt.


Josiah and Justuny (Elwell) Arbogast were living in Lee Township of Allegan County when their son, Syrus Arbogast died on 04 Oct 1881.  He was 1 year and 3 months old when he died.  The record indicates he was born in Iowa.  He would have been born in July of 1880.  


Lillian (Elwell) Ellison died on 01 Feb 1876 in Lee Township of Allegan County.  She was 31 years and 1 month old when she died of Consumption.  Her parents are not recorded in this record.  Just after her entry is one for Alexander Ellison also of Lee Township who died on 09 Jul 1876 of Cholera.  Alexander was 7 years, 4 months and 3 days old when he died.


Francis Elwell had a deed, in Columbia Township, transferred to him on May 25, 1899.  The death record for him is under the name “Fran Elwell”.  He was 73 years of age when he died in South Haven Township of Van Buren County on 19 Jan 1915.  This would make his year of birth about 1842 and in Connecticut.  It says he was married at the time and he was retired.  I could not find his wife’s death record.  The record did not include his parent’s names.  This was Francisco Elwell. 


Record #6840 of the Allegan County Death Records is for Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge and they have her last name spelled Woolbridge.  “Jeanett Woolbridge” died on 09 Jun 1916 in Casco Township.  The record indicates she was born in Connecticut, as were her parents.  The record indicates her father was “Isaac Elwel” and her mother was “Thankful Wilson”.  Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge was 69 years, 4 months and 24 days old when she died.  This record would make her birth date, 16 Feb 1847 and this does not match her birth date in the Barbour Collections.  Jenette (Elwell) Wooldridge probably died at the home of her daughter who lived in Casco Township.  You can find them there in the 1910 census Burr and Martha Abrams and in 1920 as Warren B. and Martha Abrams.  It does not appear they had any children.  


The Townships of Lee and Casco of Allegan County are right next to South Haven Township, Geneva Township and Columbia Townships of Van Buren County.  These townships are only separated by the County line. 


Sarah (Wooldridge) Brackett was born in Aug of 1873 and it is recorded that she was born in Michigan.  This family was in New York until about 1870, in Michigan until about 1880, in Nebraska until about 1884 and then returned to Michigan by 1890.


Sarah Jane Wooldridge married Edgar Lacey Brackett in Berrien County, Michigan in 1890.  William H. Wooldridge married Olive Powell in a double ceremony with his sister Sarah.  Olive Powell was Edgar Lacey Brackett's half sister.  Their mother's maiden name was Sarah Jane Brant.


Edgar and Sarah Brackett had two children:


Walter Madison Brackett and

Adeliah M. Brackett who married Peter Ferry and lived in Weesaw Township, Berrien County, Michigan


Walter M. Brackett married Cora E. Upson in 1915 in Weesaw Township, Berrien County, Michigan.


Their son Harold Earl Brackett married 2nd Arvena Daniel (nee Hambrick) in 1947.


Their son was William Brackett (1949).  He married Jane Hauch in Lakeside, Berrien County, Michigan in 1970.