John Strutt lived in Glemsford, Suffolk County, England. He was born the middle of the fifteenth century (1450). His wife was named Elizabeth and was called Isabell. These two names were synonymous then, like Elizabeth and Betty are today.

John Strutt was a blacksmith.

John Strutt's Will reads:

12 Sep 1516 the will of John Strutt of Glemsford, County Suffolk … to be buried in the parish church of Glemsford … to the priests, clerks and poor people … to wife Isabell my capital messuage in Glemsford and tenement in Cavendish for her lifetime, then to my son Thomas … to my wife one hundred marks, to my son John forty marks, to son Robert twenty marks … to son Thomas my shop and stuff therein belonging to the smythescraft … and to Thomas Elice and my daughter Elizabeth his wife, three tenements purchased of Master William Ailof, one tenement purchased of Sir John Parson, and land purchased of John Roberd, all in Sudbury … to each of my daughters Katheryn and Margery a bed, a brass pot, a kettle and a steel pan, they receiving yearly from Thomas Elice twenty-six shillings eight pence equally divided … to John Bigge and Elizabeth Bigge which were the daughters of Alice Bigge my daughter, twenty shillings each at age sisteen … Executors to be wife Isabell, sons John and Thomas, and John Roberd of Sudbury, Mercer. Witnesses:

Sir John Waleis, parish Priest

the foresaid Thomas Elice

Thomas Brewster

John Cobb the elder and many others

Proved 05 Feb 1517


Elizabeth (Isabell) Strutt's Will reads:

22 Sep 1526 the will of Elizabeth Strutt of Glemsford, County Suffolk, widow … to be buried in the church of Our Lady Saint Mary in Glemsford … to the church … to daughter Elizabeth Ellice the featherbed with boulster which I lie upon the day of my death and one salt of silver ... To son Thomas Strutt the residue of goods movable and unmovable, he to be executor. Witnesses:

Sir Thomas Dyninge, parish priest of Glemsford

John Disse and others

Proved 13 Nov 1526


In the 1542 subsidy roll of Suffolk for Glemsford his widow was taxed on their property. John and Elizabeth Strutt's children were:

Thomas Strutt

John Strutt

Robert Strutt

Elizabeth Strutt

Alice Strutt

Katherine Strutt

Margery Strutt


Thomas Strutt lived in Glemsford, Suffolk County, England. He was taxed there in the 1542 subsidy. When he made his will he was living at Long Melford, which is adjacent to Glemsford. His wife's name was Joan.

Thomas Strutt's Will reads:

20 Jun 1544 the will of Thomas Strutt of (Long) Melford, County Suffolk, diocese of Norwich, Yeoman ... to be buried in the holy sepulcher of Melford .. to the churches of Melford and Glemsford ... to my wife Joan my capital place and lands in Glemsford, Melford and Welwynfield for her life, then to sons John and Eustace ... to sons Eustace and Erasmus Strutt land in Syldenfield, Longland and Weston Mill ... to wife Joan lease in Foxearth, Essex ... twenty pounds, a featherbed, a brass pot, kettles, pewter and other movables to daughter Audrey Strutt ... shop stuff at Glemsford to be sold ... sife Joan and son Jaon to be executors ... Thomas Robards of Glemsford to be supervisor. Witnesses:

Walter Bright Mr. James Hyll, baker Robert Wright, glasser

John Wacye, surgeon John Bowght, yeoman Edmund Jeffrey

Thomas Bowght, writer cum multis aliis

Proved 10 Dec 1548


Thomas and Joan Strutt’s children were:

John Strutt

Erasmus Strutt, abt. 1525

Audrey Strutt

Eustace Strutt

Ursula Strutt


John Strutt lived in Glemsford, Suffolk County, England. His first wife's name was Catherine. Catherine Strutt was buried at Glemsford on 18 Aug 1578.

John Strutt married 2nd Julian Scott on 21 Oct 1578. Julian Scott was the daughter of Richard Scott, yeoman, of Fynstead, which was part of the parish of Glemsford. John Strutt was taxed on his property in the 1568 subsidy. John Strutt was buried at Glemsford on 22 Apr 1591.

Julian Strutt married 2nd Ambrose Biggs on 30 Jun 1591.

John Strutt's Will reads:

19 Apr 1591 the will of John Strutt of Glemsford, County Suffolk, Yeoman, ... to the poor of Glemsford ... to wife Juliane all houses and lands until my daughter Anne Strutt is eighteen, and at Michaelmas following they are to be partitioned, with wife having half for life .. if Anne dies without issue, houses and lands go to my nephew (grandchild) Thomas Belgrave, he paying twenty nobles each to his brothers and sisters, the children of my late daughter Joan Belgrave deceased ... to my sister Ursula Brewster ten shillings ... to John Goldinge and his son George Goldinge land in Great Wylwyn ... to Richard Scott six shillings and three pence and to each child of Eustace Strutt ten shillings ... my wife and daughter Anne Strutt to be my executors. My brother George Scott supervisor. Witnesses:

William Biggs, clerk Ambrose Biggs

Thomas Gardiner Thomas Gardiner the younger

Richard Symonds and others

On 20 April John Strutt surrender land bequeathed to John Brewster the elder, mentioned land sometime in the tenure of Thomas Strutt father of the said John Strutt.

Proved 12 May 1591


John and Catherine Strutt's children were:

Joanna Strutt,

Thomas Strutt

Ambrose Strutt

John and Julian Strutt's (second wife) children were:

John Strutt, bapt. 16 Aug 1579, buried 23 May 1584

Anne Strutt, bapt. 04 Jul 1585

Joanna Strutt married John Belgrave of Leverington, Cambridgeshire, England on 22 Sep 1560 at Glemsford.

Their daughter Thomasine Belgrave married Edward Frost 26 Jul 1585 at Glemford.

Their daughter Alice Frost married Thomas Blower 19 Nov 1612 at Stanstead.

Their daughter Alice Blower married Richard Brackett in 1634 at St. Katherines by the Tower, London, England. They moved to New England.